先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 40

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Goosebumps raised up all over JiYuan.
He stared unbelievably at JiShen who was smiling weakly, doesn’t know what to say from the impact of the shock. He only came back to his senses after a long time. Abruptly grasping JiShen’s shoulder, the words he wanted to say were about to come out but JiShen frowned before fainting away.
JiYuan could only swallow back his words. Blankly staring at JiShen’s face, he doesn’t know what kind of emotions he was feeling now. Underneath the fright was utmost joy. He felt like he falling down into a cliff but was pulled back by someone at the last moment. The danger of falling into an abyss and the feelings of his life hanging on a thread, he really couldn’t differentiate between reality and illusion at the moment.
After Ye Junchi cleaned his hands, he caught a few fishes while he was at it.
When he came back, he saw JiYuan absentmindedly holding onto JiShen’s hand and was sitting beside him(JS). Leaning over, Ye Junchi rubbed JiYuan’s hair and asked, “What is it? I just gave him the medicine, he will be alright after he wakes up. Don’t worry.”
JiYuan’s mind returned to the present, and he retrieved his hand like he was frightened. Seeing that Ye Junchi has caught some fishes, he stood up unstably and said, “I’ll go to pick some firewood…”
“You go? I’m afraid something else will pick you up instead.”
Ye Junchi teased with a sentence, but frowned when he found that JiYuan seemed to be out of it, “What happened? You don’t look very good.”
Shaking his head, JiYuan threw a glance at JiShen then stared at Ye Junchi for some time. Following that, he opened his mouth and lightly said, “…. I just, feel a bit surreal.”
“Where did you found not real?”
Ye Junchi smiled. He didn’t mind not getting a response, he just lightly kissed the corner of JiYuan’s lips. Erected a barrier and left Gui Chi behind, Ye Junchi turned around to the woods to find firewood.
JiYuan released a long breath, still feeling his own blood boiling.
“System… did you see that?”
“Saw it.”
System’s tone was solemn, “While you were zoning out just now, I applied from the headquarter for some basic information of this world.”
“What’s going on…. that was JiSi just now right?! It’s JiSi!”
“JiYuan, you believe that humans have soul and would reincarnate, right?”
System continued, “In fact, there are a lot of things that cannot be explained with science. Science and those mysterious forces do exist and are coexisting.”
“What do you mean?”
“I mean, JiShen is JiSi. After JiSi passed away, he reincarnated into this world.”
“This world? This world is … not fake?” [T/N : Lol]
Having said that, JiYuan quietly sat down to hug his knees, looked a bit dazed. From the first day he came into this world, he thought everything in this world was fake.
System was surprised.
“Who told you it was fake? There are tens and thousands of worlds out there, here is a world parallel to your world. Cultivation world like this is not just one. Sometimes, the world that you imagined can come true. I have a colleague which is a role-playing experience system, which is also known to you as Novel Transmigration System. It has also silently matched a pair of martial elder and younger brothers… they are real. Ye Junchi is real, you are real too.”
[T/N : Lol, transmigrating into novel? Matched a pair of martial brothers? I’m sure the author was just stating some general example XD But ‘Mob Character Rehabilitation‘ comes to mind XD]
JiYuan was silent, not talking.
It was extremely chaotic in his mind now. He didn’t expect that the JiSi he keep thinking for days and nights would appear in this world. Moreover, this child has once again sacrificed himself for the sake of his brother(JiChen).
Two lifetimes but he still couldn’t change his fate, really a … silly child.
His eyes became inexplicably hot, he has an urge to cry, “System, you mean JiSi is alive in this world…”
System : “Tsk, if not for Big Bro, 80% confirmed he would be dead by now.”
Pausing, System asked, “Do you still want to go back and take revenge?”
“JiSi is right here. Rather than going back to the world where JiSi is gone and Big bro is not there for revenge, how about staying here? You can also take care of him(JS).”
“I keep feeling that it’s not very real…”
JiYuan forcefully suppressed the flow of a bizarre excitement from all over his body. After murmuring a few words, his gaze became stern, “Did you controlled JiShen to trick me?!”
“You really looked too highly of me. As a system, I have no power to intervene the world from the given tasks, I could only watch the scene unfold from the side. Moreover, aren’t you familiar with Jisi’s gaze and tone?”
System persuaded patiently, and gave a lengthy speech. Seeing that the confusion in JiYuan’s eyes has scattered, it knew he has make a decision so it didn’t continue to speak any longer.
System is a set of data, it could mimic the feelings and working style of the person it has chosen. And the person System picked was Ye Junchi.
[T/N : Meaning, System was being calm and analytical because it mimicked YJC’s style of acting/thinking.]
Just as he finished chattering with System, Ye Junchi came back. Sitting on the ground, JiYuan turned his head around to look at Ye Junchi. As if this was the first time they met, JiYuan seriously looked Ye Junchi over, from head to toe.
In all fairness, Ye Junchi’s appearance was extremely outstanding. His stature was tall and slender, his looks were handsome and smart. That pair of peach blossom eyes should be full of tender feelings, and yet it was filled with gloomy and cold lights most of the time. Apart from that, he(YJC) was clearly mesmerizing when those thin lips curved up, but it caused people to have cold sweat all over their back instead.
But this person was always gentle and patient towards him(JY). Though sometimes he(YJC) was furious, he would return to normal after a while. At this moment, he(YJC) was crossing his arms and walking out from the woods in a speed neither too fast nor too slow. His black robe was quiet and neat. When the glow from the sunset fell on his handsome side profile, his appearance was very beautiful like a painting scroll from the Imperial court. Behind him were dry firewood jumping one by one, a steady stream of woods from the forest automatically jumped into a pile themselves.
JiYuan couldn’t help wanting to laugh, and immediately pursed his lips. Looking at Ye Junchi lazily making his ways towards him, his heartbeat slightly accelerated.
“Baby, are you looking at me?”
Ye Junchi walked closer towards JiYuan with smiles on his face. JiYuan paused, not answering, just looking at those dry firewood behind his(YJC) back that seemed to have sprung up to life.
“A small trick made by Luo Xiuyi.”
Ye Junchi sat down beside him and laughed, “Isn’t he living alone in the mountains? That man actually lived a life of luxury since young so he doesn’t want to do small chores by himself. He put a lot of efforts to study for a long time before finally created some small tricks like this. Even flaunted it in front of me.”
JiYuan sneered1 in his heart.
He pensively looked forward. Colors were flowing in the small river. The forest, birds and stones wearing a dress of red (light from sunset), everything was quiet and wonderful. JiYuan has always thought that he would be leaving this world sooner or later, so the things he could remember in his mind was not much. As he has never pay any attention to his surrounding, his mood has became quite complex now that he looked carefully.
Ye Junchi uttered a ‘hmm’ sound and asked, “Ah Yuan, what has happened? Why do I keep getting the feeling that you have changed, within this short period when I turned my back at you?”
Before this, he(JY) has always given other people a lukewarm feeling, a feeling that he was seeming neither close nor distant, as if he could disappear any moment. But now, the feeling he gave out was a steady and stable feeling, giving people a confirmation that he really existed.
JiYuan lightly replied, “Just figured out some things… what, is it not good that I’ve changed?”
“No.” Ye Junchi quietly said, “Very good…. can I hug you?”
His words were yet to finish, Ye Junchi has already had his arms around JiYuan and hugged him. He kissed the top of JiYuan’s head, his eyes were gentle, “I feel like I’m a step closer to you now. Then, how is it? Do you like me a bit more today?”
Looking up to meet his gaze, JiYuan’s own gaze were flashing. Just as he wanted to muster some courage to respond, a faint voice from the youth suddenly came from behind, “Much apologies for the disturbance, I have woken up.”
JiYuan almost jumped up from the scare, instantly wilted. Then he remembered that the person behind him was JiSi, he quickly turned around to look. Not sure when, JiSi who was looking half-dead has sat up, just that his wounds were yet to heal. After a few times of struggles but still couldn’t stand up, the youth frowned in distress.
Seeing the eyes of the little beauty in his arms were flashing, Ye Junchi felt like a small crack has finally opened up a bit (in JY’s defenses) and thought he could hear some results. But being abruptly interrupted by JiShen, his(YJC) face instantly turned black, and he looked unkindly at JiShen.
Big Bro’s eyes has always cause one to be fearful, so JiYuan indifferently stretched out a hand to block Ye Junchi’s eyes. He(JY) locked gaze with JiShen for a moment, then slowly asked, “Do you still remember me?”
JiShen scratched his own head, “Remember. You saved me again ah, Ye Shangyuan.”
For JiYuan who has just comprehended the meaning behind the name ‘Ye Shangyuan’, he ‘mentally’ fell down, then coldly threw a glare towards that someone surnamed Ye who was laughing silently at a side. JiYuan once again observed JiShen, and confirmed that JiShen’s impression towards him was just the ‘Ye Shangyuan’ from the Immortal Swords assembly. In his heart, he couldn’t tell if he should rejoice or feel disappointed.
“Don’t get excited, this is a normal occurrence.”
System comforted, “JiSi has already reincarnated, so he won’t be able to remember the things from his past life. Just now he suddenly woke up and remembered you, that’s because he was dying. His soul was hanging in a thread and almost left the body, causing him to remember his past life.”
That means unless JiShen gets his life endangered again, he won’t be able to see JiSi anymore? JiYuan didn’t expect it would be like that. After pondering it for a moment, he decided it was time to let go. JiSi couldn’t remember him anymore, that was a good thing too. As long as he lived well as Jishen, then he(JY) won’t miss him that much.
Although it was not good to treat a person as another person, JiYuan has already made mental preparations to treat JiShen like JiSi. He made the decision very quickly in his mind so as he looked down at JiShen, his gaze was quite gentle, “You are still injured, where do you want to go?”
JiShen pursed his lips, and his gaze was firm, “I have something that I need to do. If I can go back alive, I will certainly give my gratitude in the future.”
“Are you going to find Tasteless grass?”
“How do you know about it?”
JiShen was a bit surprised, he couldn’t help giving a few more glances at JiYuan; inexplicably felt that the more he looked at JiYuan, the more familiar and pleasing he thought. So he didn’t think anything else and directly answered, “My brother’s body couldn’t stand it any longer, need the Tasteless grass to save his life.”
“Coincidentally, I…”
JiYuan paused. He turned around to look at Ye Junchi, not sure how to address him in front of JiShen.
Ye Junchi felt extremely depressed to see JiYuan treating JiShen with such gentle attitude. So when he heard JiYuan’s words, he calmly took over the conversation and replied, “I am his husband2. Coincidentally, I passed by and picked up some Tasteless grass. I have no use for it, so just take it if you want ba.”
As he finished his words, he took a jade box out from his storage ring, then threw it at JiShen without any concern.
JiShen quickly caught it. He opened the jade box and carefully checked the few stalks of jade white spiritual herbs. He also carefully sniffed the smell, then his pair of eyes turned bright. When JiShen entered the secret grounds, he brought with him a ‘Do or Die’ determination. He always felt that if JiChen died, his life would be meaningless. JiShen didn’t expect his luck would be so good, to have picked up such a big advantage.
JiShen was not someone who like to take advantages of someone else. But Tasteless grass was very important, he doesn’t want to cause JiChen his life just because of his own principle.
When Ye Junchi, who claimed to be JiYuan’s husband saw that JiYuan didn’t oppose, his heart secretly felt comfortable. His emotions also turned better, the corner of his lips curved up and even the gaze he directed at JiShen was softer, “Keep it ba, you need it urgently, I don’t.”
JiShen clenched his teeth as he stored away the jade box. Following the motion, he bent his knee to kneel down in front of JiYuan and Ye Junchi. His ‘long of speech of gratitude’ has not even started, and he was forced to stand with by a strange force.
JiYuan threw a side glance at Ye Junchi, and took back his own hands that was going to pull JiShen up.
Ye Junchi cupped his fist as an indication for JiShen to leave, his mouth was curved up but he was not smiling.
JiYuan helplessly shook his head, he was used to Ye Junchi’s childish jealousy. Looking at JiShen who doesn’t seemed to plan to sit down and rest, he frowned and asked, “Where do you want to go again?”
JiShen’s gaze was serious, “I want to leave the secret grounds in advance… my brother’s body is extremely weak. To drag another day means to shorten a day of his life. There’s no time to lose, I need to rush back now.”
“En, then you should leave quickly.” Ye Junchi cut off JiYuan’s words and pressed him into his embrace. Laughing in a low tone, Ye Junchi used one hand to encircle JiYuan’s waist, in case he struggled. The other hand stretched out and lightly poked at JiShen’s forehead.
A faint black light flashed, and JiShen gave a low hiss. Then he(JS) stared with his eye opened wide, as he felt a surging spiritual power that he never had before pouring into his body.
Ye Junchi lightly said, “Lend some spiritual power to you. It’s enough for you to reach the exit of the secret grounds and rush back home. If you encountered any trouble along the way, you should be able to resolve it quickly.”
Touching his own forehead, JiShen pursed his lips and deeply stared at Ye Junchi and JiYuan. He didn’t say anything else, just turned around and ran. This kind of ‘lending spiritual power’ technique, only the demon race knew it. He had a moment of enlightenment and understood everything.
Ye Junchi doesn’t mind being exposed of his identity by a small trick. He cupped JiYuan’s face upwards and smiled, “Angry?”
JiYuan shook his head. Since Ye Junchi could lend some spiritual power to JiShen, he felt more at ease. Because the secret grounds were filled with danger, he felt more assured for JiShen to leave earlier.
“You are so nice to him.”
Ye Junchi muttered in a low voice, then bit down on JiYuan’s lower lip with some anger and dissatisfaction.
Feeling pain, JiYuan gave him a kick. JiYuan’s body trembled from locking gaze with his(YJC) deep and passionate eyes. Even his voice was a bit shaky, “… Ye Junchi, you are really a scourge.”
Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows and smiled, “En, I am a scourge. Do you want to keep/take charge of me, so that I don’t harm other people? I just want to ‘scourge’ you alone.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : (:з」∠) what actually should I do to send myself to wifey’s bed, ai, worrying.
JY : …. don’t say it in front of me, thank you.

  1. It means JiYuan was thinking ‘Damm, you’re really lazy, LXY.’ kinda thoughts. I don’t know what word is milder than sneer. ↩
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