先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 39

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JiYuan abruptly turned around, and coincidentally walked into Ye Junchi’s arms.
Even Ye Junchi was stunned from this sudden act of ‘throwing oneself into someone’s arms’. His eyes was filled with happiness and worries at the same time.
[T/N : Happiness from getting hugged, worries in case it’s a misunderstanding]
“What happened?”
JiYuan held back for a moment, he doesn’t know how to explain why he inexplicably knew that JiShen was in deep danger all of a sudden. Ye Junchi blinked, and very understandingly asked, “Need my help?”
Hesitating a little bit, JiYuan nodded.
“Just say it ba, but …. I have a small request.”
Laughing gently, Ye Junchi bowed down and whispered something at JiYuan’s ear.
The tip of JiYuan’s ears turned red, the speed of the changes was almost visible to naked eyes. Terrified, JiYuan said, “System!”
System : “Hey, it’s useless even if you called me ‘Father’.”
“Agree first ei, Big bro didn’t ask you to do that right now anyway.”
“You won’t punish me with OOC?” JiYuan carefully asked, and what he received from System was a sneer.
“Who was the one that gave me a long talk with big words, which sums up as human can always change? Since JiYuan’s personality has changed, there’s nothing to punish OOC with.”
Not waiting for JiYuan to burst into happiness, System coldly continued, “But the changes must be done slowly. All the things you have done still fall within a feasible range, if you dared to act out of the ordinary, you will still be punished with OOC.”
JiYuan instantly felt that System is a little angel, and agreed in haste. Next, he pursed his lips towards Ye Junchi, who has the expression of smiling yet not smiling in his eyes. Nodding slowly, he(JY) replied, “Alright.”1
“I’m looking forward to it.”
Ye Junchi rubbed JiYuan’s hair. After asking and confirming the intended location, Ye Junchi took JiYuan with him on sword flight.
Generally, people would be careful in places with unknown danger, so they won’t use sword flight as it could easily expose their own location and there was not much feeling of security up in the air. But this unspoken practice of the cultivation world was useless when it comes to Ye Junchi.
JiYuan couldn’t help but sighed, “Couldn’t be Big bro is the most powerful being in both realms?”
System took a look at the basic data of this world, and seriously replied, “One of the very best.”
JiYuan never expect that Ye Junchi would be such a mighty figure. After the feeling of surprise, he felt a strange feeling of dissatisfaction, “One of the very best? Big bro is not ‘The best’? Who else can be included in this ‘Very best’?”
“The other being is also from the demon realm, another demon lord called Yuqiu. He is the most loyal and capable subordinate of the demon ruler. He only appeared once after the demon ruler died. After that, no one ever saw him anymore. I cannot confirm if this person is really one of the very best because Big bro has never fight with him before.”
Acknowledging with an ‘Oh’, JiYuan became silent again and stared at the arm gently hugging his waist for a while. He whispered, “System… say, if I choose to stay here, will JiSi blame me?”
“You finally come round?”
JiYuan closed his eyes, not talking.
Whenever he was idle, he would keep recalling back the dream and wondered what Jisi actually said at the last moment. Just now, he mimicked a few times the shape of his(JS) mouth and found out that JiSi was saying ‘Don’t take revenge’.
This conclusion has scared him to break out in cold sweat all over his body.
In the end, was this really JiSi coming into his dream to ask him not to get revenge? Or his stance wavered, using JiSi’s name to convince himself?
The few years after JiSi died, JiYuan was living in pain, regret and guilt. He lived in the dark side of the world, grappling with himself in the darkness of the night and just staggered along while living. JiSi was a bright light in his life. But he was fearful and suspicious, afraid that the light was just drawing him towards the fire and burn himself to death (like moth drawn to fire).
After that light was extinguished, he almost attempted suicide. But he forced himself to live on, repeatedly instilled the idea of revenge in his mind.
Perhaps it was not JiSi who needs a revenge on his behalf but just JiYuan wanted to do it because his own spirit was too fragile. He needs a purpose to support his will to live on. JiYuan doesn’t know if he really gave up going back, would what was left in him be a muddled him with a collapsed will?
[T/N : Meaning JY has been using revenge as the fuel to continue living. If he stopped thinking about getting revenge, will he collapse because there’s no purpose in life anymore?]
What Ye Junchi liked about him?
If Ye Junchi knew underneath this body was a soul riddled with gaping wounds, would he still say he liked him?
JiYuan massaged his temple from the headache, forcing himself not to think about it anymore.
System whispered, “Thought it over yet?”
JiYuan paused, and lightly answered, “Unless JiSi is still alive.”
System sighed.
Ye Junchi’s sword flight was extremely fast, in just half an incense time (around 7 mins) they have arrived at the location pointed out by System. As he landed on the ground, JiYuan’s feet have yet to stand firmly and Ye Junchi already carried him up.
Ye Junchi nodded a smile at him, and his(YJC) feet mercilessly stomped on the ground.
‘PENG! PENG! PENG!’ sound was constantly ringing. Including the area JiYuan was just standing on, there were a dozen more places where the ground has exploded. After the dust have settled, the ground was covered in large patch of blood, flowing out in a gush.
JiYuan carefully looked at the scene, and painfully turned away. It was just like a purgatory.
But with a glance just now, he could see a few monkey-like creatures lying in the pits that were bleeding out on the ground.
Ye Junchi comforted JiYuan and caressed his hair. He raised his legs and started walking, avoiding the bloody area. When he reached a clean ground, he let JiYuan down and said, “These are a type of goblin. The demon realm also have this kind of thing. Luo Xiuyi called them ‘Earth monkey’2. These things lived in the soil and they will drag people into the soil, burying them alive and eat them after they died from suffocation.”
JiYuan shivered from hearing that, “Then… where is JiShen?”
No answering, Ye Junchi walked pass several trees and saw JiSan who just killed an Earth monkey with much struggles.
Earth monkeys doesn’t looked any powerful, but they were quite a headache for people who stumbled into their territory. They monopolized the ground and their numbers were large. Moreover, not much people dared to sword flight inside the secret ground. So the Jiang family pioneer team suffered a big loss when they first came over.
JiSan were gasping for breath, and the rim of his eyes was red. His whole body was bloody too. When he heard the sound of footsteps, he looked up with a darkened gaze.
JiYuan disliked to see that kind of gaze the most. Frowning, he pretended not to see JiSan and looked up to ask, “JiShen is…. mhmm?”
Ye Junchi rested his hand on JiYuan’s waist, then heavily kissed him on his lips. His eyebrows and the corner of his eyes were beaming with childish pride. Smiling happily, he replied, “Underneath our feet.”3
JiYuan doesn’t have time to chitchat with him, “…. quickly save him!”
“Still not dead, don’t worry.”
Ye Junchi leisurely tapped the ground with the tip of his toes. The next moment, the soil automatically moved, and rapidly opened up. Then, seemingly to detect something else, Ye Junchi stomped the ground once again. Just like the situation earlier, the ground exploded and blood pooled into several patches on the ground. The smell of blood immediately permeated the air, causing people to feel nauseous.
Covering his nose, JiYuan stared into the depth of the pit, which has collapsed 1 zhang (3.33m) into the ground in the blink of an eye, unable to take his eyes off.
Following that, his earlobe was pinched and Ye Junchi smiled, “The smell is bad, right? Come into my arms and you won’t smell it anymore.”
JiYuan rolled his eyes at Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi was stunned. This was the first time JiYuan showed him such expression and attitude. He felt joy in his heart instead of anger. Next, he wanted to open his mouth to speak, but was covered by JiYuan’s hand.
JiYuan said without any expression, “Be a bit quiet.”
Blinking, Ye Junchi stretched out the tip of his tongue and licked at JiYuan’s palm.
He could feel JiYuan’s hand shook, and nearly burst out into laughter. But still, he obediently quieted down.
Being ignored the whole time, JiSan’s face nearly become green. But because there were ghosts(guilt) in his heart, he hesitated to look at ‘that youth with brilliant cultivation’ who was now half-exposed from the pit, not daring to go over there. Just now they accidentally entered the territory of these Earth monkeys, they originally could leave the area quickly but he(JiSan) suddenly remember the words from his father – JiShen and JiChen, this two brothers knew too much. They should just die, together with the secrets they have.
JiShen was dragged by the Earth monkeys into the soil because he was trying to save him(JiSan).
In the end, JiShen was just a normal youth with blood flowing inside his heart, with a young innocence and kindness. Although he knew JiSan was not any good people, and their relationship was not good either, but seeing him in danger, JiShen’s first reaction was still rushing forward to save him regardless his own wounds.
JiSan actually had the opportunity to save JiShen earlier, but when he thought of his father’s words, he didn’t move (to help) anymore.
Soon, JiShen appeared in front of JiYuan’s line of sight. The youth’s breathing was already very weak, and his body was full of mottled blood and wounds. It looked like a few anxious Earth monkeys wanted to taste their prey in advance and took a few bites.
Horrified, JiYuan bent over wanting to pull Jishen up but was pushed away by Ye Junchi. He(YJC) personally jumped into the pit and carried JiShen out. Looking at JiShen’s pale face, he fished out a small jade bottle. Then he poured out a pill and stuffed it into Jishen’s mouth. Smiling at JiYuan, Ye Junchi comforted, “It’s alright now. Let’s leave here first, the smell of blood is too thick. You can’t stand it.”
JiYuan carefully stretched out his finger to test JiShen’s breathing. He released a sigh and nodded. Just as they were about to leave, JiSan’s voice sounded from behind, “Stop right there!”
Frowning, JiYuan coldly asked, “Yes?”
JiSan glanced at Ye Junchi, then looked at JiYuan. Whenever these two get together, they always give out a very harmonious and gentle atmosphere, truly dazzling.
“Ah Yuan, don’t continue to follow him!”
Afraid that JiYuan won’t give him(JiSan) an opportunity to speak, JiSan spoke the fastest he could. Staring at Ye Junchi’s back, he fiercely said with animosity filling his eyes, “This demon will be murdered inside this secret ground. If you stay around him, you will be implicated! As long as you come back, the Jiang family will return you your innocence (clean his name) and protect us….”
Upon hearing that, Ye Junchi turned his head around. Giving out a gentle smile, his gaze was calm and icy.
“I really like to see, which cultivator in the human realm can murder me.”
Finished talking, he(YJC) used one hand to carry JiShen at his shoulder, while the other hand pulled JiYuan along, and leisurely left the area.
JiSan’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot. He gnashed his teeth and angrily punched a tree, the anger in his heart was sky high. He also knew that he shouldn’t stay any longer at the current area. So, he turned around and looked at the direction where Ye Junchi and JiYuan has left, then walked away at the opposite direction with feeling of unwillingness.
Ye Junchi brought JiYuan to stop beside a small creek and placed JiShen down. He(YJC) checked JiShen’s pulse and poured out another pill to stuff inside his mouth. Looking up, Ye Junchi saw JiYuan’s eyes revealed a faint worry and concern. He(YJC) wanted to pinch his cheek but remembered his own hands were stained with mud so he slowly took back his hands. With a calm tone, he said, “Don’t worry, I said he won’t die so he won’t die.”
After a moment of silence, JiYuan muffled a question, “… would you really be fine?”
Ye Junchi’s words have always been reliable, so JiYuan was not very worried about JiShen. But he felt ominous when he thought of the words JiSan said with red-rimmed eyes.
Immediately understood that JiYuan was worried about him, Ye Junchi’s smile became even deeper. Looking at JiYuan’s bright eyes, he really wanted to get closer to him.
His voice turned softer, “I will. I’m still waiting to marry you, how can I die in this kind of place?”
Pausing, he tilted his head, “Wait… Baby, we are already married.”
“That doesn’t count.”
Ye Junchi gave a sound of acknowledgement, and wasn’t concerned. His eyes stared passionately at JiYuan for some time, before getting up to the creek to clean up.
Taking a deep breath, JiYuan waited until his erratic heartbeat slowed down then walked to the side of JiShen. Seeing his messy hairs was stained with blood and was sticking to his cheek, he(JY) doesn’t know why he felt kind of distressed. He stretched out his hand, was about to tidy up those messy hairs, JiShen suddenly opened his eye.
Those deep black eyes stared at him(JY), JiShen opened his mouth and a hasty hoarse voice sounded, “Brother…”
JiYuan felt like he was struck by lightning.
The normal JiShen will not call him ‘Brother’, plus JiShen also couldn’t recognize that he was JiYuan. On the other hand, JiShen has never call JiChen ‘Brother’ either.
The gaze and tone of the youth at this moment, was extremely similar to JiSi who used to follow behind him and calling him ‘Brother’ over and over in the past.
He was absentmindedly thinking when he heard JiShen lightly said, “Brother, I missed you so much…”
The author has something to say:
YJC : Wifey, are you proud that I’m so powerful?
JY : Oh, go and sweep the floor.
YJC : Alright, wifey.
Shock! One of the mightiest being between two realms Demon lord daren was actually at the beck and call of a mysterious man, the truth turned out to be … …
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