先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 38

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His sensitive earlobe was suddenly bitten, JiYuan felt a burst of soreness straight down to his back. He almost turned jelly soft and start falling backwards into the arms of the person behind him, but he managed to quickly grab onto the hand circling at his waist.
His heart was beating very fast and his breathing was disordered. JiYuan blankly raised his head to look and saw the big spider which was baring its fangs and brandishing its claws earlier, now collapsed on the ground with all 8 legs scattered around its body. The ground was covered with green oily liquids. That big spider seemed to have just finished a big meal not very long ago, so being opened apart at this moment, some unknown substances still continued to flow out….
System ‘took the credit for someone’s achievement’ and said, “See that?! Your man is super handsome!”
JiYuan : “I see your grandfather.”
“… I don’t have a grandfather.” System spoke in a small voice.
Taking another glance at that pool of liquid, JiYuan felt his own stomach churning.
He frowned in discomfort, then his eyes were covered by a large hand. Following that movement, the large hand pushed his head backwards into the embrace behind him.
“Don’t look. It’s disgusting.”
JiYuan pulled a face and said, “…then why you still deal such a heavy blow?”
“I’m worried about you.”
The low and magnetic voice sounded beside his ear, people couldn’t help but relaxed their mind from hearing that voice.
“Were you afraid?”
JiYuan lied with eyes wide open and said, “Not afraid.”
After a moment of hesitation, he pulled Ye Junchi’s hand away from his head and turned around to look at him.
Ye Junchi was taller than him, so he need to look up. His gaze swept up from his(YJC) delicate lower jaw to his pair of profound eyes. Both people stared at each other for a short moment, then JiYuan softly asked, “Did you get hurt anywhere?”
“I should be the one to ask you this question.”
Ye Junchi smiled. Looking at JiYuan’s bright eyes when he(JY) raised his head to look at him(YJC), Ye Junchi couldn’t help bowing down and bit on JiYuan’s lips. His voice was hoarse, “I want to kiss you, don’t tempt me.”
JiYuan was expressionless, “…”
You already kissed, why still ‘throw the black pot over’ (putting the blame on him)? Ye Junchi, kudos for you.
“What are we talking just now? En … how could I get hurt?”
Ye Junchi intimately pinched JiYuan’s cheek, lights were shining brightly like stars in his eyes.
Ye Junchi : “How about you? Are you okay? I was sent to the depth of the secret ground when we crossed over. And I grabbed that spiritual herb that you wanted along the way. It took a bit of effort, so I just managed to come here now.”
As he said that, Ye Junchi sighed. He bowed down and buried his head at the side of JiYuan’s neck, rubbing against it.
“You really scared me, fortunately you are alright…”
JiYuan was feeling itchy from being rubbed, he reached out to push away Ye Junchi’s head and asked, “Tasteless Grass, you found it?”
Demon lord daren really… wherever he goes, he acted like there’s no one around him. [T/N : PDA]
Ye Junchi nodded with smiles, “Any rewards?”
Accustomed to JiYuan’s cold treatment, Ye Junchi really doesn’t have any expectations towards getting any rewards. He was just casually asking. As he straightened his back wanting to stand up properly, his collar was suddenly grabbed. He has yet to react on it and JiYuan already pulled it downwards, a pair of soft lips were firmly stuck together.
Ye Junchi was stunned, revealing an expression of surprise and disbelief.
Seeing that JiYuan didn’t proceed any further, he(YJC) took over the kiss to ‘feed himself to the fullest’. He pressed firmly behind JiYuan’s head and wildly kissed him.
It was a bit chaotic in JiYuan’s mind. His mind being stretched taut by tension for nearly 1 day and 1 night, plus he even dreamt of JiSi, JiYuan felt really exhausted. System doesn’t have any opinions of him being intimate with Ye Junchi anyway, so he reached out circle his hand at Ye Junchi’s neck. The other of his hand reached out to cover Ye Junchi’s eyes.
He doesn’t want Ye Junchi to see his face covered in tears.
No matter it’s human or animal, most of them craved for warm things(affection) all the same. In this 2 lifetime of his, he has only 1 JiSi and 1 Ye Junchi who really treats him nicely.
Of all the choices he can choose from, the one he chose was to leave Ye Junchi, and go back to the world where JiSi was already dead. No matter how he think about it, he still feel sad.
Having so many things to think about in his mind, JiYuan has unconsciously leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms and fell asleep.
Ye Junchi caressed his hair. He took a look at the depth of the dark forest, then carefully picked up JiYuan to search for a place to rest.
JiYuan rested well inside Ye Junchi’s arms, he slept the whole night without any dreams. When he woke up, the sky was already bright. He opened his eyes in confusion. Raising his head and saw Ye Junchi’s face, he then recalled what has happened yesterday. Instantly, he wanted to get up but was pressed back into the embrace by Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi didn’t open his eyes, his voice was lazy, “Don’t move, I’m sleepy.”
“… I’m not sleepy.”
“I want to sleep.”
“I don’t want to sleep.”
With a little aggrieved feeling, Ye Junchi kissed the top of JiYuan’s head, “Baby, accompany me to sleep for a while.”
Goosebumps stood up from being called ‘Baby’ by Ye Junchi, JiYuan stayed silent for a bit before saying, “I’m hungry.”
Ye Junchi opened his eyes, and helplessly sighed. He let go of the warm JiYuan in his arms and stood up, “Wait here, I’ll go and see if there are any game/wild animal nearby.”
He has just taken 2 steps forward, Ye Junchi turned back and returned again. He bent down and carried the JiYuan who was preparing to tidy up his own wrinkled appearance in a princess-carry. Towards JiYuan’s stunned gaze, he felt delightful, “I’m worried to leave you here alone.”
JiYuan was indifferent, “Then don’t you feel awkward, carrying a man and walking here and there?”
“What is so awkward about it? You are someone I liked.”
Ye Junchi answered it as it was a matter of course, “Besides, I said it before that I will carry you and won’t let go. Carry you while walking, carry you while eating, carry you while bathing….”
JiYuan interrupted him, “Stop that.”
Ye Junchi’s skills were still flexible as usual, even while carrying JiYuan. When he saw some small animal fit for eating, he violently gave them a kick. The small animals immediately fell down onto the ground, and was carried away by the Gui Chi which came flying down right after.
So easily acquired a source of food, Ye Junchi finally looked down onto the youth who shrunk himself inside his arms.
“Ah Yuan, you don’t let me say it. Is it because you afraid you will fall in love with me?”
Pausing a bit, his voice was containing smiles asked, “Or you have fallen for me?”
System : “Baby, have you fallen in love with the demon lord?”
JiYuan ignored System with a black face. After some internal struggling, he saw that Ye Junchi wanted to speak again, immediately blurted out, “I need to leave in the future.”
Ye Junchi thought over it a few times in low voice, his face gradually turned cold, “Ah Yuan, I said it before that one of my bottom lines is that you don’t leave. Did I treated you badly? Why do you keep thinking of leaving me?”
Ye Junchi said those words after they returned to the place they rested last night. He let go of JiYuan then turned his back at him(JY), and proceed to silently handle the small, weird-looking animal he has caught just now.
JiYuan stiffly sat down beside him, and hesitated for a while. He could only explain as much as he can, “I’m not ‘leaving you’ … I’m just ‘leaving’.”
JiYuan coldly gave a sound of acknowledgement.
System speculated what was turning inside Ye Junchi’s mind with excitement, “Big bro must be thinking now whether to go back and lock you in a gold room or silver room, whether to tie you up with a beast’s tendon or lock with iron lock…”
JiYuan shuddered without any expression. He doesn’t dare to think much of Ye Junchi, and desperately shifted his train of thought, trying to think about Jiang Xuesong and the person controlling behind him. The Jiang family couldn’t fully control the secret grounds. At most, they were only familiar with the outer ground. So if they wanted to take any action, they would choose to act at the outer ground.
Concerning to Ye Junchi being sent to the depth of the secret ground, it shouldn’t be one of Jiang Xuesong’s work. It seemed that the Jiang family was not very thorough with their knowledge of the outer ground. At the very least, they couldn’t master the mechanism to determine the entrances to the secret grounds. So, even though both Ye Junchi and him have entered the secret ground for more than a day, they still don’t see any actions being carried out against them. There is a high possibility that those people were in the middle of preparing some small tricks.
The person behind Jiang Xuesong, what actually does he/she wanted from Ye Junchi?
JiYuan didn’t notice that his thoughts wandered back to Ye Junchi again. His gaze also shifted from looking at afar to staring at Ye Junchi’s back. He stared unblinkingly at that wide shoulders and narrow waist, and his thoughts wandered again. Until Ye Junchi turned around to look at him, JiYuan abruptly wakened up; horrified by the fact that everything on his mind were about Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi’s gaze was serene and his voice was calm, “Do you know that in the demon realm, if you stared at a demon, it means you want to ‘go to bed’ with him/her? You stared so intently at me, to refuse would be impolite.”
Terrified, JiYuan immediately turned away. Then he heard a faint chuckle from behind.
It was close to noon after they satisfied their hunger. Ye Junchi casually put Gui Chi into JiYuan’s arms and said, “You want to look for your biaodi, right?”
Nodding, JiYuan looked down at Gui Chi. Ever since he came to this world, Gui Chi has never stay long enough at Ye Junchi’s side. He touched the hilt with a little distress, and handed Gui Chi back, “This is your sword.”
“Ah Yuan, do you know what it means for a demon to hand their sword to another person?”1
Ye Junchi didn’t take back his sword, just asking a question with a serious expression. Seeing JiYuan revealed a blank stare, he shook his head and said, “Keep it ba, I don’t need it now. Let Gui Chi follow you, it can also help out with unexpected situations.”
JiYuan recalled back when Gui Chi was bounded by the tree roots, and also being wrapped by the webbing from the big spider that night. After a moment of silence, he asked with some difficulties, “… can I take off the scabbard?”
“No. Gui Chi is too sharp, without the scabbard to restrain it, it will hurt you.”
The JiYuan who was being given ‘little princess’s treatment’ is having a complicated mood, “….”
It was not difficult to find JiShen, because he has System as the radar. Before this, JiYuan doesn’t dare to move around due to him being afraid that he would randomly die inside the secret ground, in the mouth of some bizarre creatures before he found JiShen. Now that Ye Junchi was here, everything became easier. And so, someone surnamed Ji for the first time in his life, utilized his ‘fox exploits the tiger’s might’2 ability. Resting his hand behind his back, JiYuan walked with swag at the front while ‘tiger’ Ye diligently followed behind.
Ye Junchi stared at the youth’s slender back with smiles in his eyes. His gaze was full of affection and indulgence. Whenever he spotted something wrong nearby, he would casually flipped his finger to stop those creatures from making troubles; they would retreat and scattered.
JiYuan was feeling melancholic, “When can I be as mighty as the Big bro ah?”
System comforted him, “You are now very mighty. Look, you just scared off two wolf demons.”
JiYuan was still feeling down, “I mean by myself.”
“Oh, I see.”
System became silent, then calmly pointed out a ‘bright road’, “‘Do’ it with Big bro ba. Luo Xiuyi said it before, intercourse is the best way to transfer cultivation to you.”
“… forget it.”
JiYuan sadly walked in front. Ye Junchi doesn’t understand why JiYuan suddenly became low spirited, went forward to hug his delicate waist. Muttering a low ‘Need to feed more’, he smiled and asked, “Baby, what happened?”
System keep calling him ‘Baby’ at first, and now even Ye Junchi called him ‘Baby’. JiYuan felt like he had an enormous hatred against the word ‘Baby’. He coldly said, “Don’t call me ‘Baby’.”
“…can you call my name once?”
“That sounds distant.”
Given an inch, want a mile, Ye Junchi proceed to pull the youth into his arms. He squinted his eyes comfortably, really wanted to grab JiYuan just like this and keep him inside his palace.
JiYuan glanced sideways at Ye Junchi who was looking quite happy, he(JY) couldn’t bear to spit out a word ‘We are not familiar’.
[T/N : As in what JY said very early in the novel, we are not familiar with each other so don’t touch me :v ]
It was very rare that JiYuan didn’t coldly shoot him down and cause him to choke back with sadness. Ye Junchi was simply over the moon. He bowed down to peck at JiYuan’s cheek, his gaze was completely gentle, “What my palace lacks is just you alone. You are my most precious, naturally need to call ‘Baby’.”
JiYuan lowered down his head, his expression was showing despair, “… System, quickly help me. I couldn’t control myself anymore!”
System coldly replied, “Very good. Continue to ‘couldn’t control yourself’.”
JiYuan gnashed his teeth in anger. Just as he arranged his words properly in his mind, to harshly criticize System for not attending properly to its duties, System’s voice became serious all of a sudden.
“JiShen in trouble! Hurry up to his side!”
The author has something to say:
YJC : Have you fallen for me yet?
JY (calm face) : En, I have fallen for you.
YJC : …. wifey, you want to be not able to get down from bed for 3 days ba ●v●

  1. Wot?! Wot is it? I need to know (TwT)/ ↩
  2. 狐假虎威 – Meaning, to use powerful connections to intimidate people. In this novel, it means using YJC’s power to scare off monsters (if it’s not obvious enough) :v ↩

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