先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 37

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Let Me Tease You – Chapter Thirty Seven

“Ye Shangyuan?”

Yun Cheng condescendingly looked at JiYuan. His hand was still holding a long sword and his face has a hesitating expression. It was obvious that he doesn’t understand why would this someone surnamed Ye, who was one of the Top 10 winners of the Immortal Swords assembly could be bounded by just a minor tree demon.

JiYuan brushed away the tree roots from his own body without changing color in his face, then rescued Gui Chi from the roots that has lost its demonic power. In his heart, he silently apologized to Gui Chi. Hugging Gui Chi tightly, JiYuan became more at ease in his heart. He raised his head with a frown and met Yun Cheng’s eyes for a moment, then lowered back his gaze and said, “Just a moment of carelessness.”

Yun Cheng looked like he really don’t have any impression towards him. This person clearly pushed him(JY) up the stage at the Immortal Swords assembly not very long time ago, and his(YC) smile seemed to acknowledge that he knew his(JY) identity, expressing a threat. It was really not long time ago, and this person changed again. Yun Cheng doesn’t give much doubt to his words, he(YC) just smiled and stretched a hand towards JiYuan, “Fellow cultivator Ye, the secret ground has dangers lurking everywhere. How about moving together?”

Indifferent, JiYuan replied, “No need.”

Yun Cheng doesn’t seemed to be too concerned from being bluntly refused. He was casually inviting anyway. In this place, the most unreliable thing was human after all, especially strangers. He nodded, when he was about to leave, his mind was suddenly hit with a throbbing pain. His mind felt like something was forcibly poured inside, it was excruciatingly painful. Yun Cheng’s body shook, and almost fell onto the ground.

JiYuan quickly got up and vigilantly stared at Yun Cheng, just in time to see his struggling expression suddenly revealed a smile. Just within a second, he felt like Yun Cheng has turned to another person. There was a bed of needles hidden in the gaze of that person who was staring at him(JY), as if it could come stabbing anytime.

“Little brother is unwilling to travel with me, is it because of my rudeness last time?”


JiYuan concentrated deeply and said, “System, is Yun Cheng….”

System quietly listened to JiYuan’s wise opinion.

JiYuan : “Schizophrenia?”

System : “Baby, we are in a cultivation world.”

“He was one person just now, then turned to another person in a second….”

System couldn’t tolerate it anymore and said, “You couldn’t think if he is being controlled by someone or what?!”

JiYuan silently laughed, “Finally pried something out from your mouth.”

System : “…” Little bastard.

‘Little bastard’ tried his best to calm down his own smile and looked coldly at Yun Cheng.

Yun Cheng slightly tilted his head, “But little brother has successfully went up to the Top 10 rank, and also entered the secret grounds. This one only gave you a push.”

JiYuan maintained his silent, not talking. The feeling Yun Cheng gave felt very dangerous but he did not reveal any killing intent. The basis for Gui Chi’s protection was whether there are any killing intents or not. If no such intent, that means Yun Cheng doesn’t want to kill him… or should say, the person controlling Yun Cheng doesn’t want to kill him. Then why get close to him(JY)? An idea flashed through JiYuan’s mind, causing his face to turn even colder. He just turned away to go but his hand was pulled back by Yun Cheng.

Yun Cheng frivolously pinched JiYuan’s fingers, he then said with a smiling yet not smiling expression, “Little brother’s fingers really soft, no wonder…”

No wonder what?

JiYuan didn’t think much and directly turned his hand and fished out the dagger from his waist, then stabbed towards Yun Cheng’s shoulder. Not dodging or avoiding, Yun Cheng let the sharp dagger penetrate his shoulder. Scarlet blood instantly dyed his whole upper torso in red.

JiYuan’s hands were covered in blood too. After a moment of silent, he looked at Yun Cheng to see him smiling strangely.

“You got your hit, so shouldn’t be angry anymore ba. Let’s go together then.”

JiYuan couldn’t help but frowned. When Yun Cheng grabbed his hand, he pinched his(JY) wrist and some sort of strange force flowed into his body. He(JY) couldn’t mobilize any of his spiritual powers at all. Obviously, he absolutely couldn’t win against Yun Cheng just by relying on fighting power. The downside at the moment was Gui Chi didn’t detect any killing intents so it couldn’t trigger any restriction set by Ye Junchi. The person controlling Yun Cheng knew who is he(JY) and still did this. Other than wanting to use him(JY) as hostage to threaten Ye Junchi, JiYuan couldn’t think of any other possible reasons.

JiYuan already caused enough troubles for Ye Junchi, does he still want to be a burden to tie down Ye Junchi? JiYuan’s throat moved a bit, his eyes icily stared at Yun Cheng. After a long while, he lightly replied, “Alright.”

Inside the secret ground, there seemed to be forest within a forest. The surroundings in the forest seemed peaceful and calm but the dense woodland was strangely spreading killing intents everywhere. Silently following behind Yun Cheng for a whole day, and under the pressure of fear and trepidation, JiYuan has to admit that if Yun Cheng was not here with him, it would be extremely hard for him(JY) to walk out of the place safe and sound by himself. Upon dusk, they came across a small pond. The water in the pond was calm and clear, one could look straight down to the bottom of the pond. Inside the pond was a few fishes leisurely swimming around.

Yun Cheng lowered down his head to look into the pond for a while. Then, he turned sideways and glanced at the JiYuan who was as obedient as a rabbit. His heart gave a thump, and he reached out to rub JiYuan’s hair.

JiYuan was terrified, he almost pulled out his dagger at that instant. Backing away a few steps, he stared at Yun Cheng with vigilance, “What are you doing?”

Yun Cheng curled his lips, not answering the question. With a swept of his long sleeve, he(YC) pulled out his sword and struck it at the water. At that moment, a fish was flung out from the water and thrown on to the ground, flopping up and down.

“Let’s bear with it and stay here for the night. Does little brother Ye eat fish?”

JiYuan squatted down at a side without saying anything. Tidying up the hair that has been rubbed earlier, he complained a few times in his heart.

System sneered, “Big bro Ye so cheerfully rubbed yours, didn’t see you complaining about that.”

“…this person is not the same.”

“Oh, one hate and one love?”

JiYuan muttered, “Nonsense, both also hate.”

System : “How come I didn’t notice that you are quite an arrogant one?”

JiYuan chuckled ‘He he’.

Yun Cheng looked like he has bad intentions, so the fish he roasted must be just the same. JiYuan thought as such in his mind, so he only relented under Yun Cheng’s magnificent hospitality and request, to take two bites. After that, he went to sit at a side and closed his eyes to rest.

At first JiYuan just wanted to close his eyes for some rest, but he didn’t expect not long upon closing his eyes that he would enter into a dream. The reason he knew it is a dream was because it suddenly became silent all of a sudden; he was chatting nonsense with System before this. His surrounding also changed, it was dark and gloomy everywhere, as if he entered into a scenery of endless night.

This is the first time JiYuan was clear of the fact he was sleeping and he was in a dream. Frowning, just as he was thinking how to get out of this dream, a light flashed in front of him and a blurred silhouette appeared. It was the back of someone in a sorry and broken state. JiYuan squinted to look at it and immediately froze.

… that was the back of someone he would never forget.

That person turned around slowly, on his face was a smile as bright as sunshine. But the left of his head was a bit ‘deflated’ and his facial features were a bit distorted. Bright red blood covered his whole face, his body also looked like he was soaked in a pool of blood. Beads of blood fell onto the ground in plip ploop sound.

Both JiYuan’s hands and feet were frozen cold and it was a complete blank in his mind. Looking at the horrible appearance in front of him, he was actually not afraid. He just felt an overwhelming level of pain and guilt.

JiSi tilted his head, softly said, “…. brother?”

JiYuan painfully closed his eyes.

JiSi’s voice was hoarse, it sounded like his voice was leaking air, “Brother, why didn’t you believe me?”

He(JS) learned that someone wanted to harm JiYuan, so he rushed back to the Ji residence at night to inform JiYuan. But what he received as reply was JiYuan’s frosty inquiries.

“How do you know someone is going to harm me?”

“How do I know that ‘someone’ is not you?”

That day, JiYuan need to attend a meeting. He couldn’t spare any time to talk with this half-brother of his, then ….. he had no more chance to talk to him anymore. An excruciating pain suddenly flared up in his heart, JiYuan instantly felt that he is going to die from suffocation in the dream. He covered his own eyes, then opened back his eyes with clenched teeth.

JiSi has already dragged his broken body to stand in front of JiYuan. His gaze was clear and contained a natural innocence. Stretching out his bloodstained fingers, he slowly approached JiYuan. But just before he could touch JiYuan’s face, his hand trembled and retreated. Dying at the age of 19, the youth was stuck forever in that age. If one looked carefully over his broken and terrible face, then he/she would be able to see a hint of childishness. JiSi murmured in a low voice, “I forgot brother doesn’t like me getting so close to you… brother, don’t be angry. I will leave right away, don’t hate me….”

JiYuan almost shed tears, his trembling voice said, “I’m sorry…”

JiSi was a bit at loss, “Brother, why are you apologizing?”

JiYuan walked forward. After a moment of hesitation, he carefully hugged JiSi in his arms. JiSi was dead for so many years, but he(JY) has never dream of him once. Sometimes, he wondered if JiSi died with hatred for substituting him to die. Otherwise, why didn’t he(JS) come into his(JY) dreams?

JiSi blinked, he suddenly realized after half a day time, “I forgot. I’m dead… brother, is this your dream?”

He(JS) rubbed JiYuan at the back of his collar, and whispered, “I’m sorry, I know you afraid of ghosts… am I scary?”


JiYuan was feeling unbearable with the sadness in his heart that he wanted to burst out loud in tears. Strongly holding back in, he said in a low voice, “Those people who harmed you will go down to accompany you. JiSi, I will go down to accompany you too.”

Stunned, JiSi abruptly shook his head and said, “Don’t!”

Don’t what?

JiYuan wanted to ask but a low voice suddenly called out at him. That voice keep ringing beside his ear so he could only see JiSi’s lips moved but couldn’t hear what he said. The next moment, JiYuan opened his eyes and heard System’s cold and urgent voice, “JiYuan? JiYuan? Wake up!”

Shuddering, JiYuan opened his eyes widely. Right in front of his eyes were the fire sparkles from the camp fire. His eyes were a little moist, after getting absent-minded for a while, he realized he was lying on the ground with a robe covering his body.

“‘sob System, what happened to me?”

System heaved a sigh, “Just now your soul suddenly become unstable, and almost fly out from this body. Don’t act rashly, your soul has yet to be recognized by this world. If you leave this body without permission, you would be directly destroyed by the rules of this world.”

Even JiYuan’s eyebrows were shaking from hearing that.

“How did I suddenly fell asleep?”

“There is something wrong with the fish that Yun Cheng gave you.”

System thought for a moment, “Fortunately, you only took 2 bites. Some drugs have been put into the fish. Originally it is meant to put people into deep sleep, but your soul was not completely aligned with this body. So, if you eat any more of that fish, your soul will leave the body straight away.”

JiYuan shuddered, “Little bitch tried to harm me!”

System calmly said, “Taking of the advantage that Yun Cheng is not here, let’s make a run for it. Yun Cheng thought you were in dead sleep, so he went to the nearby river to bath.”

“En? There is a pond here.”

System : “Inside the pond are man-eating fish. It’s all bones at the bottom of the pond, white and raw.”

JiYuan didn’t really take a good look at the bottom of the pond earlier. Now that he heard System’s explanation and thought of himself has eaten the fish, he almost vomited it out. No wonder Yun Cheng also didn’t touch much of that fish. Truly WTF1.

After a short moment of feeling uncomfortable, JiYuan pulled off Yun Cheng’s robe from himself and flung it into the pond. Then he raised Gui Chi up and found a path. He took a deep breath and walked away in large steps. In the night, the trees were in a deadly stillness. Occasionally, he could hear some sounds, and it also felt like something was breathing beside his ears. JiYuan was terrified, he hugged Gui Chi tightly and his feet were slightly trembling. The moment he thought of Yun Cheng’s strange accent and smile, he hardened his heart and broke into a small run. Not sure how much time has passed, all of a sudden JiYuan felt goosebumps standing up at the back of his head. As if he was being stared by something, he almost shrunk his head out of reflex. Just then, he heard a weird roar of a beast coming from the top of his head.

JiYuan swallowed, he slowly raised his head then couldn’t help cursing out ‘Goddamned!’. Above his head was a big spider. It was pitch black in color, 4 eyes were glowing in green shade and there were sharp barbs on its legs. If that thing(legs) stabbed at him, it would pierced cleanly into his heart. JiYuan ran without hesitation, but he has yet to run more than a few steps and some sort of things pulled him down onto the ground.

System : “Baby, spiders can spit thread/webbing.”

JiYuan : “Shut up!”

JiYuan was expressionlessly lying on the ground. His limbs were wrapped around in spider webs, slowly being dragged back. That spider actually possessed a human face. At this moment, there was a smile on that face. It stared at JiYuan then emitted a hissing roar.

After a few glances, JiYuan closed his eyes in desperation. There was no one around anyway, so he muttered in a low voice, “Can get something with nicer appearance to eat me? This is too ugly…”

System didn’t say anything.

The spider seemed to understand what JiYuan said. Its legs abruptly moved, wanting to stab into JiYuan’s head.
System suddenly opened its mouth and said, “Baby, quickly open your eyes!”

Surprised, JiYuan immediately opened his eyes to see a horrifying spider leg jabbing towards him.

JiYuan was furious, “System, you fxck…”

His words were not finished when suddenly there was a flash of white light. JiYuan was stunned for a moment, and spider webs on his body were swept away by the white light. His body lost the support and fell down on the spot. But right at the next moment, he was pulled into a warm embrace. His earlobe was lightly bitten by someone, a familiar voice sounded with a hint of tease, “My appearance looked quite nice, can I eat you?”

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  1. 日了狗了 – For those people who are interested to know more about this expression, and can read Chinese [HERE] ↩

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