先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 36

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A lifetime?
JiYuan was stunned, he could clearly feel his heart was moved. His lips slightly opened and closed, and calmly said, “A lifetime is too long. Ye Junchi, you still haven’t figure out everything clearly.”
“I am very clear.”
Ye Junchi’s gaze was burning, “Ah Yuan, what are you actually thinking? Can you tell me?”
Remaining silent for a few moments, JiYuan shook his head and said, “Sorry, I can’t do it. The matter about the Jiang family’s secret grounds… you don’t have to intervene.”
He(JY) didn’t even know what kind of traps those people had prepared, asking Ye Junchi to take risks in the secret ground was not very good. This request of his was really lacking in consideration.
Not borrowing Ye Junchi’s power, then it should be fine to borrow Gui Chi instead ba.
JiYuan slightly pondered, in his previous life, the one he owed the most to was JiSi. He also caused JiSi to lose his life, so in this current life, he(JY) mustn’t repeat the same mistake. Ye Junchi has done enough for him. In harsher words, his(YJC) reputation was originally bad enough. Even though he was forcefully made a scapegoat, the cultivators in the human realm couldn’t really do anything to him(YJC). If wasn’t to investigate the murderer and went to the Zhao residence, he wouldn’t be issued a K.O.S order.
Distracted by his own thinking for a while, JiYuan then felt his cheek was being pinched. He looked up to see Ye Junchi still smiling at him, just that this smile was a bit dim, “It’s alright, it’s alright if you couldn’t accept me at the moment. I still can wait. Stop thinking about other things. Hmmm, except giving yourself to me, I don’t want other kinds of repayment. Although the Jiang family’s secret grounds are dangerous, it couldn’t do anything to me. Just…”
Looking at the clearly distinct white and black colors in JiYuan’s eyes, Ye Junchi has always felt that, under that frosty cold shell laid a shackled soul painfully struggling. His(YJC) voice couldn’t help but softened a bit and said, “The pills that Luo Xiuyi refined has left only one. If any important matter happened, then your neck need to suffer a bit.”
No matter what was the reason, biting at the neck has always given him(JY) a passionate/lewd feeling. JiYuan hesitated for a moment, “…. you can only bite the neck?”
“Of course not.”
Ye Junchi tilted his head to a side, smilingly placed a kiss on JiYuan’s nape.
“Because I want to eat you, but I can’t eat. So I can only barely make do with biting your neck.”
JiYuan felt that his neck has turned numb from Ye Junchi’s kiss. He jumped up in a rush and get far far away from Ye Junchi. His(JY) face stiffened for a while, then replied in a low voice, “As you wished.”
In the blink of an eye, 3 days has passed. The 10 winners of the Immortal Swords assembly gathered in the main hall of the Jiang residence. The season was deep in autumn, and the ground was covered with fallen leaves. When the wind blows, rustling sound could be heard, giving the atmosphere an inexplicable lifeless feeling.
Jiang Xuesong crossed his arms, his gaze wandered around the 10 young men in front of him. When it fell on JiYuan’s body, he paused before opening his mouth and said, “The Jiang family has yet to be able to conquer the secret grounds completely. You still could roam around the outer ground, but the inner ground is very dangerous. The secret grounds being opened today, it will be closed again after half a month. The treasures are valuable but your life is even more important. Gentlemen, please take care of yourselves.”
ZhaoHe secretly curled his lips, his face was cold not saying anything while the others nodded their head to express agreement.
JiYuan didn’t pay any attention to what Jiang Xuesong has said because all his attention was focused onto his own waist.
This morning, he was still thinking how Ye Junchi could sneak into the secret grounds without anyone finding out. Who knew when he was changing clothes, Ye Junchi stood behind him and stared at his back for a long time. He(YJC) came nearer and held onto his(JY) waist, then stopped moving. JiYuan thought demon lord daren wanted to act rogue-ish (pervert) early in the morning, but the fact was he(YJC) has turned into a slender little snake. Sliding into his robe, Ye Junchi went to encircle his waist and refused to budge since.
Towards these soft-bodied and cold-blooded animals, JiYuan doesn’t have much fear but he was certainly disgusted by it. Immediately his whole body became stunned and stiff like an ice sculpture. It was until Ye Junchi slowly slithered to the front to face him, and JiYuan saw him looking like a cute little snake, that the conflict inside JiYuan’s heart slowly disappeared. Then, the little snake seized the opportunity to stretch out a little tongue and licked at JiYuan’s lips, before slithered back quickly to his waist.
System ‘Hurhurhur’ laughed, though the electronic sound kinda make the laugh wave-less (no high/low tone) and even sounded a bit cold, “Big bro being a scoundrel is not something you could stop. How about it, retaliate ‘a tooth for a tooth’?”
JiYuan calmly asked, “Being kissed by a snake, so I need to kiss back to gain the upper hand?”
System : “…”
The cold little snake has turned warm from being covered by his clothes, JiYuan also doesn’t dare to tie his belt too tightly. He afraid that Big bro would get suffocated and not happy, then went ‘somewhere else’ to roll around.
After Jiang Xuesong ‘blahblahblah-ed’ for some time, he(JXS) then brought a few people with him to personally escort the winners to the entrance of the secret grounds. His behavior was like the rumor, the kind-hearted and generous Jiang family Head. If not already knew his true face, even JiYuan who used to see pretentious false appearances would be blinded by this act.
At the entrance of the secret grounds, Jiang Xuesong once again reminded the winners with long-winded talk. JiYuan listened to it for a moment, then summed up what the Jiang family Head has said as, ‘Unity and Friendship’, ‘Helping each other’ and ‘Make progress together’. He(JY) felt for a moment that the Jiang family Head has great potential to become a teacher in his original world.
The secret grounds were the ‘urn’ set by Jiang Xuesong and the person hidden behind him in the dark. Now the other side(JXS+X) was trying to ‘lure them into the trap’, while JiYuan and Ye Junchi were trying to ‘get into the urn to catch turtle’.
Would they(JXS+X) be successful in their calculations or would they(JY+YJC) be successful instead in finding out the mastermind behind by ‘following the vine to the melon’? The result was not something they could predict at the moment.
[T/N : Lol, the author is trying to kill me by inserting long-winded idioms in each section separated by commas. The summary for the paragraph above is the bad people is trying to set JiYuan and Ye Junchi up in a trap, believing that they are not aware they are being set-up. While JiYuan and Ye Junchi knew about the trap and get into it anyway, to find out who was instructing the family Head. Who will succeed? Nobody knows :v]
JiYuan glanced at the JiShen who was still putting up a strong front, thinking if he(JY) should knock him out later and hide him in a safe place.
A few people has other people they were familiar with to accompany them, and there were some who was alone. After pausing for a moment, they all walked into the secret ground.
JiYuan followed behind JiShen, and the moment he stepped into the secret ground, the world in front of him instantly changed. On the outside, it was cloudy with bleak autumn wind blowing around but inside the secret ground, it was bright spring weather with singing birds and fragrant flowers. There was no other people around, JiYuan froze for a while, then understood that it seemed like the Jiang family has activated some spell mechanism and all 10 people has been sent to different places.
JiYuan was a bit distressed, “JiShen won’t die right?”
To be honest, character-wise, JiShen would be more similar to JiSi. Sunny and cheerful, tough and stubborn. When protecting their important person, they would act like an angry cheetah ready to pounce forward to bite the enemy to death, or perish together with them. He(JY) was a bit reluctant to let JiShen die.
System has locked target onto JiShen earlier, it observed for a while and said, “Rest assured, he is with JiSan right now.”
That mental brother, no matter how mental he was, he wouldn’t do anything to his cousin ba? After all, this was the Ji family from this world and not the Ji family from his original world which only seek nothing but profit.
A bit relieved, JiYuan reached out to poke the little snake at his waist, “Ye Junchi, you should….”
His voice abruptly stopped.
JiYuan became silent for a while. Looking at the scenery in front of him that seemed to be peaceful and quiet, it actually was hidden with murderous intents1.
Shivering, “System, I seem to have lost Big bro…”
System : “… don’t be afraid, you have Gui Chi. Common monsters and spirits wouldn’t dare to come close to you. Moreover, you have some cultivation now.”
JiYuan cried up a storm, “Anti-demons and ghosts, but not anti-human ah!”
Jiang Xuesong and the person behind him wouldn’t be thinking for a mere secret grounds to finish Ye Junchi. Although he(JY) has Gui Chi in hand, but Gui Chi doesn’t belong to him after all. Plus JiYuan know nothing about sword skills, if he come across a real master, then that master would really finish him(JY).
System : “Don’t be afraid, I’ll search for some sword skills for you.”
“Can temporary cramming be any use? ….. System, say if I get finished here before Big bro found me, what would happen to Big bro?”
“I can only sincerely suggest.” System was calm, “If you really need to die, please die far far away. Do no let Ye Junchi see your dead body. He is really not any good people. This person likes you so much that it’s already difficult to suppress. If he suddenly sees your dead body, it’s not surprising at all that he will start a bloodbath.”
JiYuan became silent a bit, whispered in a low voice, “Use proper words, why mention ‘ghost’ all of a sudden?”
[T/N : It is a random expression words inside System’s words, doesn’t really mean real ghosts but JY picked up the word anyway :v]
Squatting down for some time, JiYuan noticed that there were some rustling sound of movement behind himself. He lifted his feet wanted to go, but slowly retracted back his footsteps and looked down on the soil in front of him. The area he was standing on seemed to be covered with trees, it was a piece of a forest anywhere he looked. The surrounding was teaming with leaves, branches and big trees. Floating in the air was the fragrance of grass and a faint smell of soil was mixed in it.
But when one carefully sniffed, a light hint of rancid smell could be detected.
JiYuan picked up a stone without any expression, and threw it onto the ground somewhere nearby, about 3 steps away from himself. The stone immediately sunk into the ground without a sound. He then leaned over to pick up a few more stones and threw it at different directions on the ground. Some of the stones sunk into the ground, while some made a ‘thud’ sound, then rolled on the ground with a ‘gululu'(rolling) sound.
System was stunned, “Swamp? Not right ah, if it is a swamp, I should be able to detect it and warn you….”
Pausing a bit, System tsk-ed, “I know now, this secret ground is really dangerous. Pray that Big bro will hurry up and find you. I’ll take back my words earlier. Gui Chi could only protect you against demons and spirits that could move, and not this kind of lifeless bizarre abnormalities. Be more careful, the moment you stepped onto the wrong ground, you will dragged inside and eaten until not even bones are left.”
This thing(ground) is also a monster?
JiYuan felt chilly in his heart, secretly felt moved by his own vigilance. Next, he leaned over again and picked up all the stones at his surrounding and hugged it in his arms. He threw the stones to check the ground while walking forward, System also carefully probed(with its sensor). Not sure how long has the time passed, JiYuan was covered in sweat with his ‘pick stone, throw stone’ actions. System was finally relieved and said, “Alright, you can leave the area now.”
JiYuan still threw out the last few stones in his arms, confirming that there were no mistakes, then he dared to step out. He has just went into this place and it was so tiring, no need to talk what will happen in inner ground.
System keenly pointed out a fact, “That is because you are too weak of a chicken. If the situation is changed to Big bro, he would absolutely walk like normal grounds, because that thing won’t be dare to eat him even if offered.”
Vigilantly carried Gui Chi while walking, JiYuan replied, “You already said I’m the weak chicken and that is Big bro, how can we be the same?”
Pausing, JiYuan was worried.
“I am more worried about Ye Junchi if my blood in him suddenly becomes chaotic, and if he ate the last pill and couldn’t find me….”
That consequence was too horrible to contemplate.
“Don’t think nonsense, Big bro will find you quickly soon.”
System gave a comfort word, then didn’t say anything anymore, and let JiYuan to focus on checking his surroundings.
JiYuan shook his head. After walking for a long time, he became tired so he went to get some rest under a tree. He supported his forehead, he was a bit exhausted. Whenever he thought of the possibility that Ye Junchi could be in trouble, he felt all the blood in his body turned cold, even breathing became a little difficult. The more he thought of it, the more he felt he owned Ye Junchi. He was the one who gave his blood to Ye Junchi to drink. He was also the one who carelessly involved Ye Junchi into this crisis…. if something happened to Ye Junchi…
It was clearly not cold inside the secret ground, and yet JiYuan trembled as if a bucket of cold water was poured on him.
Seeing him at a loss, System didn’t say anything.
In the end, for which option to take, the right to choose is in JiYuan’s hands. It could predict what will happen if JiYuan choose to return to his original world. From the compassion it achieved from imitating human emotions, System really wanted JiYuan to think clearly. It wanted JiYuan to peacefully stay and live well in this world.
Being quiet for some time, JiYuan was still being absent-minded. Then, suddenly he heard System’s urgent voice, “Someone is coming… be careful, behind!”
Goosebumps raised up behind his back, JiYuan wanted to immediately jump up but didn’t expect that his body was completely immobile. Looking down, he only found out that unknown to him, both his hands and feet were wrapped around by some small flexible tree roots, even Gui Chi was tightly bound. He tried to use spiritual power to shake away these roots, but it doesn’t have any effects. On the contrary, he seemed to have angered the roots and the grip became tighter.
Sudden pain throbbed from his skin being cut into, JiYuan lightly cried out. He then turned around to look behind him, and found the normal-looking tree earlier could now vaguely be differentiate out its eyes, nose and mouth features. It was extremely ugly, and also extremely horrifying.
JiYuan wanted to cry, “… System!!!”
System was despaired, “Fxck, why is this whole place so bizarre? Gui Chi and I couldn’t detect this kind of threat ah… you don’t move around ah, 80% confirmed that this big tree thinks that you looked good, very suitable to be its nutrient.”
“You shut up.”
JiYuan desperately looked at Gui Chi and trembled.
Brother Chi (Gui Chi), put some effort on it. Quickly unsheathe yourself ba.
Gui Chi shook a bit, the spiritual power of a sword was quite limited. Without any strong spiritual power to support, it couldn’t break away from these root wrapping around it like cocoon.
More roots were wrapping around his body, and it was becoming more and more tight. JiYuan almost couldn’t breathe. However, just as his eyes began to see black, he suddenly heard some footsteps. Then his body was loosened from the grip, those roots were neatly chopped off by someone.
Ye Junchi?
He took a deep breath, and raised his head with some excitement. When he saw the youth with the lights behind his back, 4 words abruptly emerged from his heart.
冤.家.路.窄 – ‘Meeting enemy on narrow roads’
It was actually Yun Cheng.
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