先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 35

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The air felt like it was frozen in mid-air.
JiYuan felt regretful, thinking that he said too much and a bit mean. But thinking deeper of it, he felt like he was not wrong. Pursing his lips, JiYuan lowered his eyes and reached out to break away from Ye Junchi’s hold at his waist.
Ye Junchi paused. Not only he didn’t leave JiYuan, his hold at his(JY) waist was tightened even more.
“What if I don’t let go?”
JiYuan repeated his words in a low voice, “Let go.”
Ye Junchi wordlessly turned JiYuan’s face towards himself and stared for a moment.
Confirming that JiYuan’s eyes remained ‘wave-less’ (no emotion), he couldn’t help but heaved a long sigh, “Little heartless thing…”
As JiYuan calmly looked at Ye Junchi’s face when he sighed, a thread of pain appeared in his(JY) heart. He constrained his breathing tightly and forced himself to exhale slowly, maintaining his usual cold and calm expression. But his hands inside his sleeves slowly tightened into a gripped fist.
It should be like this, Ye Junchi should come to his sense immediately, and take back those feelings that he shouldn’t have at the first place. Then he(JY) won’t have to say words that hurt both other people and himself anymore. He(JY) could peacefully finish all his tasks and go back to where he came from. As for Ye Junchi, he could continue being the carefree demon lord. How nice it would be.
Strangers meeting by chance, merry meet merry part1.
JiYuan was blankly thinking if he would come to think of Ye Junchi when he returned back to his own world, when his lips was ruthlessly bitten onto. Surprised, JiYuan immediately came back to his sense and saw Ye Junchi staring at him, evilly and ruthlessly said, “How could you be colder than a demon? It is not easy for me to find someone who could make my heart beats, don’t even dream for me to let go.”
It has been quite a while since the demon lord daren last displayed a fierce expression at JiYuan, as he(YJC) usually would show a frosty expression when he was angered. So awkward-looking. For Ye Junchi who didn’t practice the expression of an almighty demon lord for so long, then purposely revealed a fierce and ruthless expression out of the blue, he(YJC) actually looked unexpectedly … cute instead. [T/N : XD ]
JiYuan thoughtlessly hahaha-ed, “System, why didn’t I realize before this? Ye Junchi feels like a big cat ah ha ha ha ha ha.”
System followed his action and hahaha-ed, then coldly said, “You nitwit.”
Ye Junchi was hugging JiYuan, but he still felt empty. He keep feeling that JiYuan would slip away whenever he didn’t pay attention to somewhere out of the scope of his ability.
This kind of feeling was the easiest one to cause panic. When Ye Junchi recalled again that JiYuan said they will part ways after they found the murderer, even if he is the Big bro, he couldn’t help preventing the trace of panic for surfacing.
Looking at JiYuan with a frown, he suddenly really wanted to disregard whether the time is right or not, and instantly make the youth in front of him as one of his own, bring back to his palace to raise, and not let anyone to see him(JY) at all.
Keenly aware of something dangerous in Ye Junchi’s eyes, JiYuan felt a prickling sensation in his heart. With a flourishing sweep, he placed Gui Chi between both of them. He lowered his eyes and whispered, “I should go back.”
“Doesn’t dare to face me?”
Ye Junchi pinched his(JY) earlobe for a moment then moved his hands away. He pinched his(JY) lower jaw and said in a deep voice, “Ah Yuan, you know that I’m not any good person. The time you give me is not much, and the time I gave you is also not much. You want to part ways with me? It’s not possible, but once I reached the bottom of my tolerance, I may not take account of your feelings anymore.”
Feeling a bit headache, JiYuan said, “I…”
His words have yet to come out but were strongly pressed back. The feeling of lips pressing together was warm and comfortable. JiYuan didn’t even want to push Ye Junchi away, he just stared at him with wide-opened eyes. The feelings of his(JY) lips and teeth being looted, bit and sucked were exceptionally clear.
Ye Junchi couldn’t help reaching out to cover his(JY) eyes. After a long while, he said with a hoarse voice, “You said you don’t hate me. I treated you like this, would you hate me?”
Tilting his head to the side, his eyes were misted with tears, JiYuan pondered for a long time but he still honestly replied, “No.”
The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up, he chuckled loudly and said, “I’ll let you go today, but I won’t do the same next time.”
JiYuan returned back to silence.
Temporarily leaving Ye Junchi’s side, JiYuan returned back to the stone stage alone.
He came back right on time as the 10 matches has just ended. The cultivators who lost their battles were constantly sweeping glances at the 10 winners. They probably were thinking who among the 10 winners looked like ‘soft persimmon’, easier for picking.
Surprisingly, Sun Shiyu actually gave up his chance and left the matches. Sprinkling smiles at the audience, he went back to the higher stage to accompany his ‘beloved’ wife after winning the hearts of a bunch of female cultivators.
JiYuan looked at the higher stage and smiled. What a sight of a young couple with the picture of ‘appearing as united, but divided at heart’. He chuckled lightly in his heart, then turned around to see the rest of the winning cultivators. Yun Cheng and ZhaoHe indeed was here, and surprisingly, JiShen and JiSan as well.
Although JiShen’s talent was good, his age was too young. He lacked experience and not crafty enough, plus he doesn’t think much of battle plans. Last time he won against JiYuan was also because Gui Chi listened to JiYuan’s instruction to give a handicap. JiYuan didn’t expect JiShen would be able to last all the way to the end.
JiShen doesn’t care about the probing stares from all around him, he maintained his stance playing with a dagger in hand. His lips were carrying a smile, while his body was taut from tension like a guarded leopard. There was nothing wrong with him(JS), and yet JiYuan couldn’t help taking a few more glances at him, keep feeling something strange.
System : “He suffered a heavy internal injury. 80% confirmed if you are to push him now, he will collapse. He is just putting up a front for those defeated cultivators. Such a silly child, for the sake of his brother, could throw away life…”
JiYuan was frightened from what he heard, “Very serious?”
“Although he is not dying yet but he is also not very far from death. If he don’t hurry up to heal himself, I’m afraid he would become a waste by the time the Immortal Swords assembly ended.”
System thought for a moment, “But if he don’t try so desperately, JiChen would die by the end of the year.”
JiYuan couldn’t help but lightly frowned, he couldn’t ignore the JiChen who looked alike with JiSi. In his previous life, he has to watch JiSi dying miserably in front of him, now he has to see the person with the same face again in this life dying from sickness?
System could guess what was on JiYuan’s mind, continued to speak, “It’s not that you cannot give them a hand. The reason why JiShen persevered to go to the secret grounds because there is a type of spiritual herb called ‘Wuwei Grass'(Tasteless Grass). It is said to be able to cure all kinds of diseases, extend lifespan and also repair cultivation. Although it was not those legendary whatnot which could revive the dead and grow back muscles and bones, it is absolutely a rare item.”
“The Jiang family allows other people to take those items?”
JiYuan was a bit stunned, no matter how you see Jiang Xuesong, he doesn’t seemed to be any kind of magnanimous person, warm-hearted helper or selfless model citizen.
“Naturally not allowed, but then the Jiang family doesn’t have any other way. From very long time ago, the secret grounds are separated to outer ground and inner ground. The Jiang family was just lucky to chance upon the secret ground and monopolized it, but they only studied the outer ground as the inner ground is very dangerous, they doesn’t dare to enter blindly. That ‘Tasteless Grass’ is located in the depth of the secret ground.”
“… Can Big Bro not do anything about this?”
JiYuan was despaired, “But I just offended him…”
System : “Then use your body as the repayment ba, Ye Shangyuan.”
Ye Shangyuan? Why mention Ye Shangyuan again?
JiYuan was stunned, his reflex arc could be said has just returned after rounding the cultivation world 3 times, and he finally reacted. Instantly, his face turned black.
[T/N : Author just wanted to use a roundabout way to say JY is dense.]
Ye Junchi, never knew you are such a Ye Junchi.
Anger is to be felt, and things are to be done.
JiYuan was angry but it was just for a moment, then he was ready to do serious business. Because JiShen doesn’t look like he could persevere any much longer, his face gradually became pale.
“System, I am going to do serious things here. Don’t punish me with OOC ah.”
“Whatchu trying to do?”
JiYuan didn’t answer, he lowered his head and lightly coughed twice, immediately attracted those cultivators who were looking to ‘pick persimmons'(picking weakling to fight).
System instantly understood what happened, it considered a little bit and felt that this is not breaking the rules so it quietly watched JiYuan’s acting.
Noticing that himself(JY) has ‘accidentally’ attracted some attention, JiYuan lightly frowned and his hands unconsciously crossed at his chest. But he couldn’t help coughing a few more times, his breathing was weak and messy.
Right on that moment, a cultivator was already standing up and walked towards him, “Fellow Ye, hope to exchange teachings with you.” (T/N : Standard polite form to ask someone to fight with you.)
And so, JiYuan weakly coughed while kicking that cultivator down the stage.
After that match, JiYuan revealed an even weaker appearance, clearly showing a powerless look. The Immortal Swords assembly never restricted that one couldn’t repeatedly challenge one person, so from within the bunch of defeated cultivators who only have the aim to win in their mind, another one immediately walked out(to challenge JY).
And once again, JiYuan kicked the cultivator down the stage after giving him a round of beating.
Thinking for a moment, JiYuan afraid that he would scare off those remaining cultivators so he ruthlessly bit down on his own tongue. The original body was fear of pain, his tears almost gushed out from his eyes but at least he managed to bite out some blood. Following that, a line of exceptionally beautiful red blood flowed down from the corner of his lips.
Even when he knew that JiYuan was not in trouble, the Ye Junchi who secretly observing in the dark almost couldn’t control himself, wanting to just rush up the stage and grab away the person(JY) on the stage.
JiSan’s expression darkened right away, and sneered, “Fellow cultivators are really ‘bullying the weak and fearing the strong’.”
ZhaoHe, the person who has been hostile with him(JiSan) sneered back, “The family which produced a prostitute who colluded with the demon race, still have the guts to speak out with righteousness?”
Both people cursed out each other regardless the skin of their face(dignity) in front of so many people. When their eyes met, there were killing intents contained in them.
JiYuan who was ‘getting shot even when lying down’ : “…”
But also thanks to JiSan’s words, the rest of the cultivators were too embarrassed to pick on the ‘soft-looking’ JiYuan and JiShen anymore.
JiShen almost couldn’t hold back himself to spit out a mouthful of blood but when he saw his brother(JC) down the stone stage, he immediately swallowed down his blood.
He told himself in his heart that the sin JiChen suffered was for his sake, so he would rather die than let JiChen die. Meditated for a while, JiShen calmed down his breathing. He recognized the person who seemed to have inadvertently helped him was JiYuan who he fought against before. He felt surprised in his heart but still gratefully nodded his head at JiYuan.
JiYuan saw his(JiShen) face was so pale that it was scary, really wanted to persuade him not to enter the secret grounds but he doesn’t know how to say it to him. After all, aside from his identity as ‘JiYuan’, he has no other rights to ask JiShen to give up. However, he couldn’t disregard Ye Junchi and freely expose his own identity to other people.
He could only rely on Big bro….
Ai, Big bro.
JiYuan lowered his gaze, reached out his hand to wipe away the blood from the corner of his lips. Then he unconsciously touched his own lips that was a bit swollen from being kissed(earlier), his gaze was slightly gloomy.
In the end, none of those defeated cultivators managed to win a match with the winners. JiSan whose plan has failed, has been sporting a gloomy face the whole time. It was Yun Cheng who seemed strange, he(YC) didn’t even spare a glance at JiYuan from the beginning until the end. But he should know JiYuan, because he was the one who pushed JiYuan up the stone stage (earlier).
However, that ignoring attitude of Yun Cheng doesn’t looked like he was acting at all – he(YC) was indeed doesn’t know JiYuan. Or should say, he(YC) has never met JiYuan before.
JiYuan has a guess in his heart, he only has to wait until Yun Cheng becomes strange again to confirm it.
Jiang Xuesong went down from the higher stage, and loudly gave a standard talk of ‘young heroes have emerged’ to close the ceremony. Then, he let everyone (the winners) to stay in the Jiang residence to nurture their health back from the fights for 3 days. 3 days later they will all enter the secret grounds, regardless dead or alive.
The Immortal Swords assembly has finally ended. Comparing to the assembly from last year, this year’s assembly was quite a failure. But for some people, it was extremely satisfactory.
When JiYuan walked into the guest room that was prepared for him, the first thing he did was to check the entire room for anything suspicious.
System : “Jiang Xuesong’s intention is to let you and Ye Junchi enter the secret grounds, so to ‘easier to catch prey in a trap’. These 3 days should be quite calm and peaceful. He won’t do anything, don’t be worry.”
JiYuan thought of it to be as such, the tension in his heart loosened. He turned around to look and when he saw the person sitting beside the table, he was not very surprised. Walking over, he sat down for a while. The words he wanted to say has yet to come out when he got abruptly cut off.
“You have something need my help?”
Ye Junchi poured himself a cup of cold tea, carefully looking at the jade-colored tea, but he didn’t drink it, just covering the cup with a cover. His head was not even turned as he continued, “Is it related to your little ‘Biaodi’ or ‘Biaoge’? Last time you pleaded me to give them a hand and save them, what about this time?”
[T/N : Biaodi (Younger male cousin) / Biaoge (Elder male cousin)]
They were neither relatives nor friends, JiYuan who couldn’t produce any substantial benefits for Ye Junchi was a bit embarrassed. He only whispered in a low voice regarding JiChen’s sickness and also JiShen’s condition.
Ye Junchi slightly considered it, then nodded and said, “Alright.”
That means he agreed?
JiYuan was thinking that it was unbelievable, hesitatingly said, “The depths of the Jiang family’s secret ground is very dangerous…”
Ye Junchi reached out to hold JiYuan’s hand, and lightly kissed the tips of his fingers. His gaze was deep as he said, “Ah Yuan, I have never liked anyone and also don’t know how to treat someone nicely. So, I will do everything within my power, including agreeing to all your requests – don’t use that kind of eyes to look at me. Asking me to let you go is unreasonable, how could I promise you?”
The corner of JiYuan’s lips was twitching, and the sense of helplessness was rushing up in him. He doesn’t dare to meet Ye Junchi’s eyes, and shifted his gaze, lightly asking, “How do you want me to repay you?”
Having making mental preparations to get answers like ‘Give me a kiss’ or ‘Accompany me to sleep’ from Ye Junchi, JiYuan took a deep breath. Then, he heard him(YJC) slowly said, “Accompany me for life ba, Ah Yuan.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : I’m not any good people.
JY : Oh.
YJC : But I’m wiling to be a good person just to you.
JY : …. ???
Caught off guard from the love words???

  1. 好聚好散 translated to English as ‘Merry meet merry part’ but does JiYuan know the last part of this sentence in English was ‘until we merry meet again’? XD ↩

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