先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 34

Let me tease you – Chapter 34
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The person who suddenly appeared was the one they have not seen for a while, Jiang Miao Miao.
JiYuan was a bit startled. Raising his head to look at Jiang Miao Miao, he keep having the feeling that the expression on this child’s face was a bit weird. Her eyes were avoiding his, not daring to look directly at him like she was guilt-ridden in her heart.
Ye Junchi calmly swallowed down the words that were almost out from his throat, and released JiYuan. His lips were carrying a smiling yet not smiling curve, “Finally came out? You have gotten your mother properly settled down?”
Taking a short moment to readjust her emotions, Jiang Miao Miao returned back to her usual behavior in the past, refreshing and generous. Just that she was still not dare to look at JiYuan, nodded and replied, “My uncle is so ruthless, he won’t take account of what sibling relationship between brother and sister. If he know what I did, my mother would definitely suffer his wrath. So while he is not aware of this, I must be prepared at my side.”
What did Jiang Miao Miao do?
Even if Jiang Xuesong knew that Jiang Miao Miao was investigating him, he shouldn’t be so furious that he would punish the criminal’s associate which was his own sister, right?
Jiang Miao Miao’s expression looked solemn, JiYuan thought for a while and suddenly a strange guess appeared in his mind. He didn’t hold back his guess, lightly asked, “You knew from the start that the Jiang family Head was acting weird?”
She turned her head to the side, not answering the question, only gently said, “I am sorry.”
As expected.
The vague guess in his mind became real, JiYuan couldn’t help but sighed. He really didn’t expect Jiang Miao Miao would be so deep and profound from what he thought she was. JiYuan doesn’t have to speculate what comes next, as Jiang Miao Miao generously opened her mouth to explain.
“That year, when uncle… Jiang Xuesong brought my father’s body back, my mother already knew who was the murderer. Starting those few years, Jiang Xuesong became very strange, he seemed to have some secrets that he couldn’t disclose. My father accidentally found out his secret and went back to tell my mother. I think he killed my father because my father knew what his secret was.”
Ye Junchi silently pulled JiYuan’s hand to hold. His(YJC) large sleeve covered both people’s hand, giving him the chance to knead those slender fingers without restrain, but also caused him to be ruthlessly pinched at.
Feeling the pain, Ye Junchi’s smile became even more genuine instead, “What secret?”
“I don’t know, my mother didn’t tell me.”
Being smiled at by Ye Junchi, Jiang Miao Miao felt a tremble from the evil aura. She carefully retreated a few steps, then shook her head, “Over the years he(JXS) is getting weirder. Sometime he will bring some stranger children back home and those children would be gone the next day. I think this is certainly not a good thing but he has absolute authority in the Jiang family so no one dares to disobey, no one dares to gossip anything. My mother tried talking with him a few times, and when she came back, she told me that ‘Eldest Uncle has changed, he forgot who he was’.”
“And so, both of you have been waiting for the opportunity to get your revenge. Then I appeared, giving you a chance to ‘sell pig in a poke’1?”
Ye Junchi touched his own chin, thoughtfully looked at Jiang Miao Miao. This maiden was quite bold, just some orphaned and widowed womenfolk, actually dared to embroil him(YJC) in a plot?
The words that Ye Junchi said were too straightforward, even if Jiang Miao Miao has practiced thickening her face to be comparable to the city walls, she still felt embarrassed. Awkwardly scratching her head, “… your big name has been known to us for a long time (polite form), we didn’t do it intentionally…”
Ye Junchi agreed with her words, nodded and said, “En, your meticulous calculations are quite good.”
Jiang Miao Miao became even more embarrassed, “In short, my mother and I doesn’t have evil intention… after I heard about the news about you and Ah Yuan, I noticed that Jiang Xuesong’s concern on this matter was way too high. Fortunately, he was too contemptuous towards me and my mother, so he was not cautious against us. I used a little spiritual bird to spy on him, and found out one night he was talking with a person completely covered in black robe. The little spiritual bird was clever, it spoke of your name when it came back. I could guess that it must be another mystery of its own, maybe someone is blaming you and he is also involved with those people. So…”
“You put the golden silkworm inside ZhaoYang’s coffin.”
Jiang Miao Miao’s head was so lowered down it could touch her own chest.
If only involving Ye Junchi one person in this matter, she wouldn’t have any guilt but it wouldn’t be the same if JiYuan gotten involved in it. She saw JiYuan before when she was young. She was very sympathetic towards this child who lost his mother not long after being born, this child who looked cold and lonely. The child was already so miserable, now he was even framed and couldn’t return home, plus she also used him. Even if JiYuan didn’t show any anger or disappointment, she still felt uncomfortable.
Ye Junchi smiled and yet not smiling, said, “It’s nothing, need to thank you for drawing out this clue for us. But I’m a bit curious, how did you steal Jiang Xuesong’s golden silkworm, and sneak into the Zhao’s residence to put the silkworm into the coffin all by yourself?”
“… because that was not Jiang Xuesong’s golden silkworm.”
Taking a deep breath, Jiang Miao Miao raised her head again and stared at Ye Junchi with her bright eyes, calmly said, “It was refined by my mother and me. I didn’t sneak into the Zhao residence. As long as I’m holding onto the mother silkworm, I could order the golden silkworm to move within a certain distance, and got it to climb into ZhaoYang’s coffin… but I didn’t expect that his body has be taken away. Tsk, such filthy thing, doesn’t need to get any peace even after death.”
As Jiang Miao Miao’s voice faded, the surrounding became quiet. The autumn wind rustled, blowing down dried leaves. JiYuan unconsciously shivered.
There was a large amount of information contained in Jiang Miao Miao’s words, he need to digest the information seriously. He has yet to finish digesting the information, Ye Junchi whose head didn’t even turn suddenly pulled back his(YJC) hand and took off his own robe to cover his(JY) body.
JiYuan was indeed feeling a bit cold, but towards Ye Junchi’s behavior, he couldn’t accept him(YJC) treating and caring for him(JY) like a maiden. Especially when a real maiden was present at the moment. He silently stretched out his hand, wanting to return the robe but Ye Junchi looked at him with smiling eyes, his tone was serious, “Ah Yuan, you still remember it ba. Refuse once and I will…”
“Shut up.”
Pulling tightly at the robe lightly exuding a smell of rosin, JiYuan ignored Jiang Miao Miao’s weird gaze and lowered his head, continued to digest the information.
After a long while, he exclaimed, “System, really cannot ignore the sister’s power….”
System completely agreed, “Jiang Miao Miao is really smart, to be able to guess that you and Big bro would go and check the body, so she put the golden silkworm in advance. I guess the news that you are heading southwards was released by her… your encounter last time was not a coincidence. It should be her waiting there to confirm if you guys are really heading southwards to JinHe. My Biaojie is so powerful, both mother and daughter could help you so much for the sake of getting revenge…”
JiYuan pursed his lips in contemplation. Looking at the direction this was heading, the Immortal Swords assembly suddenly changing venue to JinHe might not be any strange coincidence… can immediately determine that Jiang Xuesong was colluding with those people, and their target was very clear. These thousands of cultivators gathered here shouldn’t be used to help eliminating Ye Junchi, but to coerce him… after all, the amount of cultivators was in thousands, it would be too much even for Ye Junchi.
Jiang Miao Miao was feeling a little uncomfortable, she hesitatingly looked at JiYuan with apologies in her eyes, “… I am sorry, I didn’t mean it.”
JiYuan shook his head.
Rather than blaming Jiang Miao Miao for implicating them into her calculations, it would be better to thank her for her deliberate moves. Otherwise, Big bro and him wouldn’t know when they could catch the tail of that person who framed them and was hidden in the dark.
Ye Junchi pondered a bit then nodded, and lightly asked, “So instead of running away to seek refuge, what are you doing coming back here? Jiang Xuesong has started to doubt you. You still dared to come back, just to tell these to me and Ah Yuan?”
“I was the one who lead you to JinHe.” Jiang Miao Miao’s expression became solemn, “I should be responsible until the end. Listen to me, don’t let Ah Yuan to continue participating in the Immortal Swords assembly, it’s too dangerous. Jiang Xuesong definitely has connection with the person who framed you, so we don’t know how he would deal with Ah Yuan once he entered the secret grounds.”
Jiang Miao Miao : “These few years, I roamed around feigning madness and he doesn’t care much about me. I took the opportunity to collect evidences of the things he did that cannot be disclosed to the public. I am prepared to spread it out when he arrived at the assembly so when all the cultivators would see all the things he did, and you guys also could get rid of your charges…”
Listening until this part, JiYuan couldn’t help shaking his head.
Her thoughts was too simple. If Jiang Xuesong really related to ‘that’ person, how could Jiang Miao Miao topple him so easily? Plus they(JXS + X) could ‘follow the vine to get to the melon’ and catch the person behind this… then afraid at that time, Jiang Miao Miao would become ‘street mouse’ (someone disdained by everyone). As for him and Ye Junchi, their infamous reputation will get even worst.
Moreover, Big bro’s plan was to follow Jiang Xuesong’s will to ‘enter the urn to catch the turtle’2. Running away right before the battle doesn’t sound very good.
Receiving Ye Junchi’s rejection3, Jiang Miao Miao couldn’t help blurting out a question, “Doesn’t it hurts you if Ah Yuan gets injured?”
One-sided gay love being suddenly uncovered, JiYuan turned his head around without any expression. Jiang Miao Miao, you are really a scary woman who could see beyond the facade.
Ye Junchi was surprised, then he smiled before pulling JiYuan into his arms. He proceed to kiss the top of JiYuan’s head without any hiding anything. His tone was steady, “I won’t let Ah Yuan get injured. If you really wanted to help, how about telling us more about the Jiang family’s secret grounds? Those information of Jiang Xuesong that you wanted to spread out, don’t do it now. Wait until the time comes first.”
Jiang Miao Miao clenched her teeth, “Now is the best time to act! Thousands of cultivators gathering here, once the information is spread out, Jiang Xuesong would suffer a complete defeat and fall from grace!”
“Are you very sure that the information you have in your hands could topple Jiang Xuesong?”
Ye Junchi’s voice abruptly turned cold, “Even if you managed to cause Jiang Xuesong to suffer a complete defeat, so what? The person behind the scene wouldn’t mind breaking off this tail of his, and maybe would even gain a momentum from it. Then all the ‘dirty water’ will pour onto Jiang Xuesong alone. Your big revenge get accomplished, but what about Ah Yuan?”
His voice was clearly not severe, and he spoke in a cold and calm tone. But when Jiang Miao Miao heard it, her heart tightened and goosebumps stood up at her back. When their eyes met, Jiang Miao Miao could vaguely see sharp and hostile aura hidden at the bottom of Ye Junchi’s quiet gaze. She then finally came back to her sense and remembered that this person standing in front of her was the rumored volatile, bloodthirsty, and terrifying demon lord. Ye Junchi acted too warm and gentle in front of JiYuan, like he feared he would scare off JiYuan if he revealed even a bit of his ‘claws and teeth’. Over the time, it caused Jiang Miao Miao to forget who he(YJC) actually was.
Body stiffened for a while, Jiang Miao Miao bowed down her head in embarrassment, “I could not confirm… apologies, I am too impatient.”
10 years of waiting, seeing the big revenge is about to be realized, it couldn’t be helped that she became excited and lost the ability to judge for a moment.
Ye Junchi lightly nodded. He disregard how the person in his arms struggled about, and rubbed the top of his(JY) black hairs like caressing a big cat. Then he retrieved back his intimidating aura, and let go of JiYuan.
“Your revenge can be fulfilled, Ah Yuan and I can also clear the discord between those people. Go back and take of your mother, don’t come out for a temporary period. Jiang Xuesong still could jump around for some time.”
He finished his words slowly, looking up to see the sky, “It’s about time to go back. Ah Yuan, let’s go.”
JiYuan looked back at the Jiang Miao Miao who was pursing her lips and not talking. He brainstormed for a moment to give a reaction that the original body would give and wouldn’t go wrong. After a moment of thought, he lightly said, “Please send my regards to my aunt.”
Jiang Miao Miao was stunned for a second, it was quite some time before she managed to react. With some surprised and happiness mixed in it, she madly nodded.
JiYuan then followed Ye Junchi to walk towards the stone stage.
Both people was thinking of something in their mind, so they didn’t speak until they vaguely heard noises from a commotion. Ye Junchi went to press at JiYuan, hugging him from behind and whispered, “I couldn’t appear (in public), but I have been following beside you. Ah Yuan, wait until the matter at the Jiang family’s side settled for time being, and I’ll tell you a bit of my story, alright?”
JiYuan moved his lips, almost replied a word ‘Alright’ but then he clenched his teeth and swallowed the word, using silence to respond.
Ye Junchi : “Ah Yuan, you are too heartless.”
JiYuan’s expression was cold, “Oh.”
Behind him(JY) was a long sigh, “You felt particularly warm when I hugged you. I have not experience such warmth for years… Ah Yuan, what do you want me to do?”
JiYuan felt that his whole head was prickling, he frightened-ly aware that he absolutely mustn’t respond. Moreover, he mustn’t indulge inside Ye Junchi’s wide expanse of warmth.
He(JY) went silent for a moment, then said, “I want you to let go of me.”
The author has something to say:
JY : I want you to let go of me.
YJC : QAQ … wifey, you don’t want me anymore? My heart hurts…
JY expressionless : Since when I wanted you?
YJC : QAQ it’s alright if you don’t want me, because I want you.
JY : …ai
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  1. 冤大头 – Meaning someone who spent money in the wrong way, spendthrift. The English equivalent was said to be ‘buying a pig in a poke’ [WIKI]
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  2. 入瓮捉鳖 – Should be meaning entering the trap to catch the prey easier. I think there is an English equivalent idiom but couldn’t remember what was it. ↩
  3. It’s not mentioned in the raw, I guessed it’s not stated in the novel that YJC rejected her idea. ↩

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