先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 33

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After turning a whole round and still didn’t see Ye Junchi, JiYuan’s heart sunk a bit. He inattentively listen to Jiang Xuesong giving those standard stage opening talk, and fished out a wooden stick (lottery to pick who is his opponent). When he looked at the name on the wooden stick, JiYuan couldn’t help calling out a word ‘Lucky!’ in his heart. He actually got Sun Shiyu for his first battle. Forcefully pressed down the strong feeling of unease in his heart, JiYuan patted Gui Chi, quietly said a sentence, “It’s fine as long as you don’t take his life.” Gui Chi’s sword body shook, seemingly to understand what he said and looked kind of excited.

After 20 people has finished picking their lot, they will start battling it out. For the 10 people who lost the battle, they could randomly challenge a winner. If they won against the winner, they could participate in the final round to determine the Top 10. JiYuan was very confident with Gui Chi, he doesn’t worry at all of whatever tricks one would use in the battle later.1

System : “Big bro, safe.”

Carrying the sword up the stone stage, JiYuan asked in a slow tone, “Since ‘Big bro, safe’, then no matter what tricks JiSan had up his sleeves, he(YJC) shouldn’t have any problem ba.”

“That might not be absolutely correct, Big bro is also human ah…”

Sun Shiyu also went up the stage. The Sun family doesn’t practice cultivation with swords, he used a jade flute as his weapon in battles. One blow could snap metals and stones, it could also shatter lungs and organs.

JiYuan carefully mobilized some spiritual powers to block his own ears, then let Gui Chi control his body to rush forward, swiping a slash towards the jade flute by Sun Shiyu’s lips. Sun Shiyu has yet to start blowing at the flute, he was already forced back 3 steps. Gui Chi was ‘not overlooking, nor sparing’ and attacked fervently. Movement natural like flowing water, Gui Chi ruthlessly struck out sideways. Sun Shiyu flipped his hand to fish out a talisman but it has yet to show its effect, the sword has already split it into two.

Seeing the sword in JiYuan’s hand was extremely sharp, Sun Shiyu doesn’t want any part of himself to get into contact with Gui Chi, not even one thread or one hair; he could only continue to retreat backwards. His handsome face looked aggrieved, he lightly chuckled as he let go of his jade flute and said, “Little brother is so aggressive and pressuring, isn’t that not very good?”

JiYuan has his hearing blocked earlier so he only can see him talking. In his heart, he thought it must not be anything good, so he let Gui Chi directed himself to stab forward at Sun Shiyu’s face.

Sun Shiyu dangerously turned away and evaded it, but the sword qi from the sharp blade still managed to cut off a lock of his hair. On his face was a shallow line of injury.

JiangXin from another high stage screamed out an ‘Ah!’, subconsciously turned to face her father and said, “Father!”

Jiang Xuesong waved his hand, his expression was calm and quiet. His deep eyes were following JiYuan who was in the middle of the stage. To be exact, his gaze was on the sword in his hand. Yesterday someone reported an interesting news to him, he really did not ‘expect it to be so easy’1 – He already received that thing from the Zhao family, it would be more than perfect to have it accompanied with a godly sharp blade.

JiYuan was not aware of the spying from the higher stage. His body has inherited the sword stances that the original body had secretly learned. The original body didn’t give up the chances to cultivate from the start, he would secretly go and learn some random stances to practice. Along the way, he came to create a set of stances by himself. That night when Ye Junchi poured some spiritual power into him, his body instinctively was able to use the sword stances on the day. His sword-wielding skills were a bit more tidy and refined now, he was also not afraid if anyone would discover where his moves came from. In the end, it was still sword controlling the person instead of person controlling the sword. No matter how good it was, it still couldn’t be compared with real cultivator with some experience under his belt. JiYuan’s skills could win against normal people, but against the young master Sun Shiyu from a big clan, he(JY) soon revealed some weakness.

Sun Shiyu grasped the opportunity and escaped the attack area of JiYuan’s sword. A sword is a short arms, even though it could produce sword qi to supplement the length, it still couldn’t attack far. Unlike sound, there was no place sound couldn’t penetrate, attacking opponent like an invisible sword. He(SSY) placed the jade flute at his lips, and blew out a note of desolated whimper.

As JiYuan paused, his movement turned sluggish. If wasn’t for Gui Chi blocking right in front of him, he maybe unable to move a single step at all. JiYuan was a bit surprised, “Didn’t I blocked my hearing?”

“There’s no place sound couldn’t go. You are just blocking your hearing so that you couldn’t hear, it doesn’t mean that sound suddenly disappeared.”

System wanted to give him a lecture right from the start, so its voice was cold with a bit of contempt, “Isn’t you right now the same as ‘covering one’s ears whilst stealing a bell’2?”

JiYuan went silent for a moment, then uttered an ‘Oh’, “I can’t move now, what to do? Roll over like a flipped car?”

System : “Big bro put so much effort into your body, how could you so easily…”

System has yet to finish its words, and Sun Shiyu has rushed up to JiYuan. Flipping his hand to pull out the sword from the side of his waist, Sun Shiyu slashed at JiYuan with a murderous killing intent – JiYuan suddenly opened his eyes wide and round.

He watched Sun Shiyu’s matches once or twice before these few days. In order to preserve his image as a gentlemen, he never use that sword by his waist, just using his jade flute to defeat the opponents. How could he suddenly wanted to kill him(JY) with such heavy killing intent? Could it be Gui Chi forced him too much and caused him to lose face, now his anger got into his brain? Countless thoughts ran past JiYuan’s mind. Just as the blade approaching his face, a thought jumped in his mind. JiYuan couldn’t bother with other people(SSY), his lips moved and said in the tiniest voice, a word ‘Stop’. Afraid that Ye Junchi doesn’t listen, he repeated his word again with his teeth clenched.

The black-clothed man who was hiding in the midst of the crowd paused. He reacted after a second, and retrieved back his finger in pinching position, ready to take action. The worry in his eyes slowly faded, returning back to the usual coldness.

Shu Shiyu was being instructed to do that, the purpose was to force him(YJC) to act. People who could instruct Sun Shiyu at the moment was only that old man on the higher stone stage. He still has some patience and didn’t do anything, instead Jiang Xuesong couldn’t bear it anymore and started probing? No, this old fox Jiang Xuesong has been hiding for so many years, he shouldn’t be that impatient. It should be the person behind him that couldn’t bear to wait. To be so urgently tried to let him(YJC) expose himself in front of thousands of cultivators, resulting him to besieged to death – why?

Seeing Sun Shiyu really didn’t proceed further, Ye Junchi lowered his eyes. He looked at his slightly pale palms and slowly gripped it, sneering with a ‘wu’ sound.

JiYuan’s heart was racing, as he stared at the sharp silver blade stopping 1-inch away from his eyes. Cold light was condensed at the edge of the sharp blade, if it was any nearer, he would be blinded. A strange pain throbbed in his eyes, JiYuan held back the urge to close his eyes, then coldly looked at Sun Shiyu.

Sun Shiyu stared blankly, he smiled after a moment of hesitation, “Little brother, admit defeat ba. You have no power to reverse the situation anymore.”


JiYuan has just calmly uttered a word, and the stiff sword by his side suddenly moved, flicking away the sword in Sun Shiyu’s hand. Then, it went to attack his arm. Sun Shiyu’s response was extremely fast, he was able to move his jade flute on the path to block Gui Chi almost at the next moment. But he did not expect that Gui Chi only shook a bit and didn’t wait and care for his next move, it went for his neck and tightly sticking to it. JiYuan easily carried the sword in his hand, he doesn’t looked like he was suppressed by his(SSY) temperament earlier. The flowing black pupils blinked, and the youth’s voice was faint, repeating the words Sun Shiyu has said earlier, “Young master Sun, admit defeat ba. You have no power to reverse the situation anymore.”

Sun Shiyu’s expression was stunned, he only showed a mild smile after stiffening for a long time, “My skills are not as good, this one admit defeat.”

Calmly putting back Gui Chi, JiYuan turned around and proceed to get down the stage, but was called back by Sun Shiyu.

“Little brother, can you tell this one what is the name of your sword? It’s so spiritual, it shouldn’t be any nameless sword ba.”

JiYuan turned back with an indifferent expression, “Young master Sun doesn’t know ‘outside a mountain is another mountain’3? My sword, coincidentally, is called Wuming (Nameless).”

Upon getting down from the stage, JiYuan went to sit down and rest at a place without any people nearby, secretly heaved a sigh. He looked back at the higher stage, couldn’t help but frowned. He keep thinking about the reason Jiang Xuesong suddenly let Sun Shiyu take action and the reason why he was so anxious to expose him and Ye Junchi. He could vaguely guessed that the person hidden in the dark who wasted so much effort to frame and shift the blame to Ye Junchi, should be seeking something from Ye Junchi’s body. Plus, they still couldn’t find where Ye Junchi has hidden ‘that thing’ or they still couldn’t steal it away. ‘That thing’ that they coveted must be something very important, they won’t let Ye Junchi besieged by thousands of cultivators without careful consideration. After all, under the influence of mob anger, those who really wanted to kill Ye Junchi probably won’t leave him(YJC) a complete body. Other than that, someone would ‘fish in troubled water’ in the middle of the chaos and secretly sneak out something. For Jiang Xuesong to show such a hand today, JiYuan afraid he must have heard some kind of news, and also from his impatience too.

Those news …

JiYuan secretly gritted his teeth.

Truly didn’t expect JiSan would actually went to see Jiang Xuesong. The Ji family and the Jiang family was just ’empty relatives’ by name, and no much people really remember that. To be honest, Jiang Xuesong could be regarded as the original body’s uncle. The Jiang family treated the Ji family with coldness and indifference, fancy that arrogant and proud JiSan was willing to put down the enmity and report news to Jiang Xuesong. Just as he was thinking deeply, someone suddenly stuck close to him from behind. Warm fingers went to the space between his eyebrows and gently rubbed, “Didn’t I say not to frown? It will hurt my heart.”

This kind of sappy words were obviously nauseating, and yet Ye Junchi could say it so very naturally. JiYuan rubbed away the goosebumps from his arms, and pulled away Ye Junchi’s hand, “Looking for me?”

“En”, Ye Junchi smiled, “Didn’t see you for a short while, kinda missed you. Let me kiss a bit?”

With a zoom, JiYuan jumped back 1 zhang (3.33 meter), just like a frightened rabbit. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but laughed.

“Just teasing you, don’t be afraid.”

JiYuan was just a bit relaxed when Ye Junchi opened his mouth again to say, “But me saying that ‘I missed you’ and ‘I want to kiss you’ is real…”

JiYuan : “… Mother. System, I really want to hit someone ah.”

System : “Go ahead, your little power towards Ye Junchi was not painful nor itchy. Once you attack, it would be just like ‘throwing oneself towards somebody’.”

“Not painful nor itchy? I hit him twice already, and each time he looked like he wanted to die?”

“If I have a body myself, and ruthlessly hit your belly twice, I guarantee you would wanted to die also.”

“Oh, so Ye Junchi really is not from the demon race?”

“Yes… ah ‘spit* , the demon lord is domineering and formidable, how could he not from the demon race?”

JiYuan : “Hehe.”

Seeing him suddenly became silent, Ye Junchi couldn’t help going over and pinch his cheek, “What is it? Angry? I still haven’t kiss you, why are you angry? Really, I’m used to you…”

JiYuan suddenly raised his head, and coldly asked, “Ye Junchi, are you from the demon race?”

Ye Junchi was surprised, then smiled, “How could I not be? If I am not a demon, how could I dominate the realm and become a demon lord? Ah Yuan, what are you thinking about all day long?” Seemingly not wanting to listen to JiYuan’s answer, he continue to speak on, “Just now that moment with Sun Shiyu, it really scared me until my blood turned cold… how do you know that I wanted to act?”

JiYuan lightly replied, “I know you are looking at me.”

Ever since JiYuan accidentally suffered a slight injury from the battle with JiShen, Ye Junchi has been following him. Whenever there were chances JiYuan could be injured, he would secretly do something to JiYuan’s opponent. This kind of sneaky tricks, the demon lord did it very smoothly. But as the number increased, no matter how stupid JiYuan was, he would find that his opponents always suddenly falling down at the critical moment was no coincidence.

Ye Junchi with a look of seriousness said, “Whether you like it or not, the you right now is too easy to be hurt. I just wanted to completely protect you. Wait until you become strong, then I won’t do that anymore.”

JiYuan lowered down his eyes, “Don’t say these kind of words.”

The corners of Ye Junchi’s lips were contained smiles. He leaned against JiYuan, half-circling him and sniffed his fragrance between his hairs. Ye Junchi squinted his eyes in enjoyment, “What is it, do you like me a little bit now?”

“You think too much.”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Don’t change the subject, and answer me. The demon ruler is your father? You are really a demon?”

Ye Junchi moved away his line of sight, there was a complex feeling swirling in his eyes. Like snow silently falling suddenly set off with a storm, like it must scratch the ground until it’s worn and battered. The secret he kept in his heart for so many years, he never tell anyone about it. At this moment, he suddenly have the urge to tell JiYuan. If he could get some sympathy from JiYuan, that’s great. But if JiYuan was unmoving and felt nothing, that’s fine too. He hid it for so long, he just wanted to talk about it. But, came along a burst of light footsteps and a calm voice sounded, “You really make me work hard to find you.”

The author has something to say:
YJC : Wifey gets shy so easily, not letting me say even love words.
JY : … shut up.

#GoodThingForBanana ;D

  1. 踏破铁鞋无觅处,得来全不费工夫 – Meaning, to travel far and wide looking for sth, only to find it easily. The author only used the second half of the idiom, but I think it’s pretty much the same thing :3 ↩
  2. 掩耳盗铃 – For anyone who wanted to know more about this idiom, click HERE. ↩
  3. 山外有山,人外有人 – Meaning, there’s always someone better than you out there. Be modest. JiYuan only used the first part of the idiom. ↩

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