先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 32

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Entering autumn, JinHe started to get more rain. Last night, it rained the entire night, then it started to drizzle again in the morning. The Immortal Swords assembly has established a barrier in the air to cover the venue from rain. One could raise their head see rain splashing in mid-air then slowly flowed down.

JiYuan picked the lot for his tenth opponent. He looked up to see the gloomy sky and walked down from the stone stage. There were two lines of sight sticking to his body, so JiYuan indifferently raised his head to see. He happened to meet eyes with JiSan. JiSan stared intently at him, there seemed to be fire flashing in his(JS) eyes. JiYuan was horrified by his stare, but just when he wanted to turn away, his eyes were being covered.

Ye Junchi sighed, “I still wanted to kill him.”

JiYuan uncomfortably pulled away Ye Junchi’s hand. Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows, then pulled him(JY) into his arms. Facing his(JY) puzzled eyes, he(YJC) bowed down and kissed his forehead. With a calm expression, “Nothing, just want to kiss you.”

Raising his head, JiYuan looked at his(YJC) pale and weak face. His lips moved but he still didn’t say anything, lowering down his head and turned away to go. Just as he wanted to keep up with JiYuan, Ye Junchi seemed to think of something. He looked back at to meet JiSan’s eyes, and his thin lips curled up to reveal a provocative smile.

JiSan’s eyes burned with fire, he was so angry that his chest felt some pain. Lowly spitting a grunt, he heard his father asking beside him, “What are you looking at?”

JiSan immediately retrieved his line of sight, then nonchalantly wiped away the blood from his sword, “It’s nothing.”

JiWen deeply stared at the direction where JiYuan has left, lightly said, “That casual cultivator is very interesting.”

Lowering his head, JiSan didn’t say anything. Then he heard JiWen lightly said, “That little kid JiShen actually managed to hold on until now, really not tactful. Tomorrow is the last session of the Immortal Sword assembly. If you happened to fight against him, no need to give mercy.”

“En.” JiSan coldly looked at JiChen who was sitting on the other far side. He was leaning on the stone steps, his eyelashes hung low and his face was pale, like he would disappear the next moment. Nobody know what caused this sickness ever since JiChen was young. All they knew was it is getting more and more serious. If there were no accidents, he probably could live only until the end of this year.

The Jiang family’s secret ground was a very mysterious place. He heard that there were a lot of exotic plant, herbs and spiritual medicines. JiShen came to participate because he was aiming for the secret grounds. Dying sooner or later, what’s the use of doing such meaningless work? JiSan sneered inside his heart. He saw that JiShen was injured and jumped down from the stone stage.

JiShen wiped away the blood at his mouth, tidied up his clothing then only he walked quickly towards JiChen. JiShen looked at JiChen and frowned, he shook JiChen to wake him up then said something to him with a nonchalant face. JiChen rubbed his own forehead, and revealed a look of worry. JiShen shook his head, and from the shape of his mouth, he should be saying, “Small problem, didn’t get injured.”

Show off.

This scene was a bit annoying for no reason. The dismal breeding at bottom of his heart gradually expanded. JiSan turned around his head to look, JiYuan’s figure has already disappeared.


“System, I have a headache ah.”

As JiYuan walked ahead, the gaze(YJC) behind him seemed to be able to penetrate through his robe and onto his skin, hot and persistent.

System : “Man, you already couldn’t escape from the palm of my hand.”

JiYuan : “…” Your mother, not again.

System : “The person provoked by yourself, you have to bear with it even if you need to lie down.”

JiYuan replied with meaningful and heartfelt words, “You are becoming more and more ‘yellow'(in.de.cent). Help me out here, I still don’t believe Ye Junchi will like me. He will wake up from this sooner or later. He is not the same as me, I’m a g.hey dude…”

“How do you know he is not the same as you?”

JiYuan was speechless.

Reaching to a corner, JiYuan looked around to make sure nobody was around, then he turned around to face Ye Junchi, “Where is that child?”

“I looked all over the Jiang residence but still couldn’t find him. It has been so long, I’m afraid he is already gone.”

Ye Junchi leaned against a pillar, the heel of his feet tapped against the ground. His eyes swept over the area around them absentmindedly, his tone was calm, “And Jiang Xuesong still haven’t show up until now. Last time I was separated by a wall when he speak so I couldn’t be sure if it was him or someone else who practiced that method.”

JiYuan thought for a moment, “… someone else? Could it be the person who secretly framed us?”

Ye Junchi was quite enjoyed with his ‘us’ word, he squinted and said, “Perhaps it is. Recently I have a guess, it should be other people who put the golden silkworm into ZhaoYang’s coffin. The purpose is to lead us to the Jiang residence and find out about this fox tail of Jiang Xuesong.”

After all, Jiang Xuesong won’t be so stupid to think a few golden silkworms could finish off the demon lord. This kind of trick which has a very high chance to leave traces is not very clever. But the corpse should be stolen by him or the person behind him.

Who was this person so eager to expose Jiang Xuesong?

Ye Junchi could see the doubts in JiYuan’s eyes. He already has a guess in his mind, but he still need to take care of something so he couldn’t tell JiYuan about it. He quietly leaned a few steps nearer to JiYuan, and while he(JY) didn’t notice it, enclosed him inside a small corner. Then he said, “Perhaps stealing the body is not only to prevent us from checking the wounds but also to prevent the people from the Zhao family. I heard that zhaoYang’s dead body was quite wretched. It was found by someone else at the foot of ChengYang Mountain. Zhao Buchen almost couldn’t breathe from hearing the news, so Yun Wuxiu was the one who prepared the body (to put in coffin).”

What would be on the dead body? Those people were afraid that Ye Junchi would find out something? Or Zhao Buchen would find out something?

Thinking for a while, JiYuan couldn’t think of anything. He sighed, and said to System with a bit of disdain, “Why are you so useless? Not giving any hints at all.”

System : “The headquarter only gave me the basic information of this world ah, what can I do? I am also very despaired ah.”

JiYuan couldn’t help but frowned. The original body has a very handsome face, looking more delicate even when frowning. Looking like he encountered some kind of worrisome matter, the space between his eyebrows was scrunched in worry, making other people felt headache.

Ye Junchi couldn’t help reaching out to smooth the frowning area, and whispered, “Don’t frown, my heart will hurt. Leave everything to me, it’s fine if you just wait for me.”

Turning away from his hand, JiYuan lightly said, “You never seem to ask for my opinion whenever you nonchalantly touched me.”

Ye Junchi smiled, “So next time, I’ll ask for your opinion?”

JiYuan plainly looked at him.

Ye Junchi asked with a smile, “Ah Yuan, can I kiss you?”

The word ‘Cannot’ has yet to get out from his mouth, the back of JiYuan’s head was already being held down. Ye Junchi just gently pecked on his lips, and breathed into the light fragrance. Smiling ever so brightly, “I have asked you.”

Feeling resentful, JiYuan used Gui Chi’s hilt to abruptly jab at Ye Junchi’s lower abdomen. His smile suddenly disappeared, Ye Junchi clutched at his lower abdomen and bent down. He was standing unsteadily, his breathing was trembling and forceful, like he couldn’t breathe. JiYuan didn’t expect the demon lord would be so fragile, and quickly put Gui Chi away. He hesitated for a moment but didn’t went over to help him up, just backed away two steps and said, “You shouldn’t have given me your spiritual power last night.”

Seeing him hiding far away, Ye Junchi was a bit helpless. He forced himself to straighten his back like nothing had happened, “Nothing serious, just now I’m fooling you. Little heartless thing, not even coming to help me up.”

JiYuan couldn’t differentiate whether Ye Junchi was putting on an act or really in pain.

System : “It is definitely real. Big bro must be feeling wronged from being jabbed at his lower abdomen, quickly go over and kiss kiss hug hug to comfort him.”

JiYuan coldly said, “It was not your ‘chrysanthemum’ being targeted so you can say whatever.”

System went silent for a moment, then replied in a small voice, “I don’t have ‘chrysanthemum’… ”

Their dialogue ended with System’s word in dividing the species. JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi, the question in his mouth was swallowed down. He lowered down his eyes, his tone was calm, “Tomorrow is the last day of the Immortal Swords assembly. The top ten cultivator could enter the secret grounds of the Jiang residence. Will you be following along?”

“I will follow you wherever you go.” Ye Junchi’s deep eyes were flashing like there are many stars flowing in it. Pieces of light gently flashing, “How could I not worry if you are alone?”

His heart felt like he was suddenly hit, causing JiYuan who had been alone since young – with the exception of JiSi staying by his side for a few years – to be in a trance for a while. One thought pierced into his mind like a thunder, but was forcefully ejected by him. He seemed to be in a panic and avoided Ye Junchi’s line of sight. He doesn’t know what his heart felt, feeling bitter in his mouth.

How could you be able to follow me to everywhere?

He will leave this world, at that time he will return being a dandy and rich second gen who was in a drunken stupor, hiding in the dark and waiting for opportunity to topple the Ji family. As for Ye Junchi… he could only be the demon lord of this world. After he left this world, Ye Junchi would be able to forget about him after some time…

Thinking about this, JiYuan couldn’t help to ask System, “After I left, what will happen to this body?”

“The original soul has already went to reincarnate. Then after you left, naturally it will turned into an empty shell, commonly known as dead body. It will start to rot after a while and disappear.”

“… couldn’t you find another soul to stay?”

System scoffed, “What kind of game do you think this is? At that time, Big bro most probably could only hug your dead body and cry. I say you are not determined to leave, are your heart not moved by Ye Junchi? What are you asking these questions for?”

JiYuan paused, then slowly uttered a heavy ‘Oh’, not even turning back to look at Ye Junchi this time. In his heart, he has secretly decided no matter what, he would leave Ye Junchi right after they found the murderer. Although Ye Junchi’s feeling towards him might not be necessarily deep, but seeing him(JY) suddenly not breathing, he(YJC) probably can’t take it well…

System sighed, “You are really cruel.”

JiYuan declined to comment.

In the blink of an eye, the next day has arrived. The Immortal Swords assembly this year has changed from being hosted by the Alliance to the Jiang family instead. Some families and clans who had some rift between them afraid that the Jiang family would manipulate under-the-table so they didn’t send any people to participate at all. Hence, the quality of the participants for this year Immortal Swords assembly was much worse compared to previous year. The top ten was decided to battle through lottery method. From these few days of screening, there were only 20 people left on the stone stage.

JiYuan roughly glanced over the participants and found several familiar faces. From the Ji family, there were JiSan and JiShen. The other side stood Yun Cheng and ZhaoHe, while beside him was the scum who rejected Jiang Miao Miao, Sun Shiyu.

Noticing JiYuan’s gaze sizing up himself, Sun Shiyu gently smiled (towards JY), his appearance like a modest gentleman.

JiYuan felt his tooth aching from that, he rather face a real villain than smiling with a hypocrite. But if the lottery he drew was to face Sun Shiyu, then he would consider beating him up on behalf of Jiang Miao Miao…

Talking about Jiang Miao Miao, JiYuan came to notice that he has not seen her for a long time. Today’s battle has attracted a lot of attention, the Jiang family Head who hasn’t appear for so many days was seen bringing along his madam and his beloved daughter on the stone stage. JiYuan only spared a few glances at that direction, then suddenly felt a cold breath of air climbing up his back. He turned to look, and saw JiSan grinning at him, his laugh was creepy. He(JS) mouthed a few words, when JiYuan finished reading it, he couldn’t help but frowned.

JiSan said, “Today, the demon would die without a doubt.”

A burst of fear gripped his heart, he subconsciously looked around. Ye Junchi came along and was hiding in a corner, looking at him. He(JY) doesn’t know why but his heart had a disturbed premonition from seeing the words JiSan mouthed. He wanted to find Ye Junchi and ask him to leave the ground immediately.

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