先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 31

Ye Junchi became silent for a moment, gently speaking through clenched teeth, “Sometimes, I really wanted to catch you and lock you back at home.”1

System laughed with an unknown overtone, “Imprisoned, tied up, ‘little black house'”
JiYuan : “System, you are really a system with heavy taste.”
Ye Junchi poured two cups of wine with a black face. Pushing one in front of JiYuan, he lifted his own cup and took a sip, then returned to gaze at the moon outside the window. The moonlight was clear and cold, shining on his handsome smart face. It caused JiYuan’s heart to skip a beat, he lifted his cup in confusion and drank a mouthful.
The wine was specially prepared by the innkeeper, it was mild and mellow. It was not spicy when he drank it, just felt warm. The aftertaste stayed quite long in his mouth. For someone who died from alcohol poisoning, JiYuan still has a psychological trauma from it so he didn’t dare to drink much. After taking a sip or two, he put down his cup. He softly asked, after some deliberation, “The matter I mentioned just now, it seems that you know something.”
Ye Junchi downed his wine in one gulp, and gave JiYuan a slant glance. Some kind of unknown boiling light was flashing in those quiet eyes. Pursing his lips, he waved at JiYuan, “Come here.”
JiYuan carefully walked forward two steps, but was caught by Ye Junchi and dragged into his arms. Just as he wanted the struggle, the injured area at his back was covered by a warm hand. JiYuan’s head was resting at Ye Junchi’s chest, he could feel the slight vibration when he(YJC) spoke.
“Don’t move, I’m checking your injuries.”
JiYuan was a bit embarrassed, “Just light injuries, let me go ba.”
Ye Junchi didn’t speak, just carefully inspecting his injuries. Then whispered, “If you want to get rid of me, don’t let yourself get hurt. I have asked Luo Xiuyi, I can give you some spiritual power. So tonight, I will give some to you.”
Surprised, JiYuan vaguely remembered Luo Xiuyi said that aside from intercourse, any other methods would harm Ye Junchi’s body….
JiYuan’s face was red hot, his voice faintly trembled, “…. no need.”
It doesn’t matter if he has spiritual power or not. After they found the murderer, he would leave to a place far away from Ye Junchi and quietly complete his tasks.
Not caring about anything, and finally leave the world. This is better for everyone.
“Which direction did your thoughts went to?” Ye Junchi smiling-but-no-smiling said, “If you wanted to use ‘that’ method, it’s also okay. I am looking forward to it.”
JiYuan : “… shut up.” Pervert.
The word ‘Pervert’ just appeared in his mind, when his clothes were torn open with a tearing sound. The sudden attack of cold air caused JiYuan to shiver, he almost jumped up.
“What are you trying to do?!”
Ye Junchi held him back, and took out some medicine. Using one hand, he hugged the struggling person tightly in his arms, while the other hand helped to smear the medicine on the injured area. His mouth not sparing the chance to say, “I really would like to do ‘something’. Unfortunately, Ah Yuan doesn’t allow me. Rest assured, without your permission, I won’t go until that step.”
Meaning other than ‘home base’ (going all the way), he(YJC) could anything else?
JiYuan felt a chill down his back from his own wit, and struggled even vigorously.
“How did you get the bruises on your wrists?”
Pausing, JiYuan hesitated for a long time, but still mentioned JiSan in the end.
A chill flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes. He coldly laughed once, then hugged the disheveled JiYuan even tighter. Resting his lower jaw on JiYuan’s head, he said in a low voice, “Want to snatch you away? He doesn’t know the limit of his own ability. Ah Yuan, can I kill him?”
JiYuan frowned, didn’t answer his question but asked one question instead, “You went to the brothel today?”
Ye Junchi blanked, “Just as you wished, I went.”
“Embraced any ladies there?” Both of them stuck to each other so close, JiYuan could smell an overly sweet smell of rouge and makeup.
Ye Junchi looked happy and laughed, “Have embraced.”
“How do you feel?”
“Very soft.”
JiYuan : “The feeling is different from hugging me?”
“… not the same.” Ye Junchi suddenly has a bad feeling.
Indeed, JiYuan raised his head and looked at him without expression, “Now you got it clear ba? Ye Junchi, I am not a woman. Those women are who you should like. Let go of me, I’m tired.”
It could be clearly felt that the hand by his waist suddenly tightened. JiYuan was scared stiff, “System, did I said anything wrong?”
System coldly replied, “Nothing you said is correct.”
Ye Junchi’s face turned black, his eyes heavily locked gaze with JiYuan for a moment. Suddenly, he raised the wine bottle and gulped down a few mouthful of wine.
Immediately, he looked down and pinched JiYuan’s lower jaw before covering his lips with his own.
JiYuan was caught off guard so he swallowed a gulp of wine, nearly choking on it.
His teeth(as the door) was completely defenseless, causing his wet mouth to be instantly besieged. The other person’s hot lips and tongue plundered and conquered ruthlessly without mercy, the tip of his(YJC) tongue wrapping around his(JY) tongue was hardly retreating.
The mellow and rich smell of wine and the faint smell of rosin engulfed his sense of smell, and his lips and tongue were forcefully sucked on. JiYuan begun to feel dizzy. He has no experience in this area to start with, so being continuous kissed on for such long period, his body turned soft. Powerlessly leaned inside Ye Junchi’s arms, he only has enough energy to gasp for breath.
Ye Junchi’s fingers massaged JiYuan’s lips, coldly asked, “Understand now?”
This kind of action brought a xx feel to JiYuan for no reason. He was a bit stunned, blankly staring at Ye Junchi, his wet eyes were reflecting lights and lips were slightly swollen and moist, “… what?”
Ye Junchi’s head prickled all over, and his throat tightened. Taking a deep breath to suppress the impulse of his body, he stared directly into JiYuan’s eyes and said, “I like you. I like you as yourself, and not because you used to dress as a female and misunderstood anything. You underestimated me, Ah Yuan.”
This was the first time Ye Junchi openly confessed to him, JiYuan was at a loss being stared at, not knowing what to do. He turned his head away but was forced by Ye Junchi to face back at him(YJC).
Two person stared at each for a short moment, then Ye Junchi suddenly fished out a bracelet from within his clothes. Bowing down his head, he tied the bracelet to JiYuan’s wrist. JiYuan wanted to escape but he heard Ye Junchi’s light voice saying, “Escape and I’ll kiss you again.” (1 escape = 1 kiss)
JiYuan : “…” Big bro, what happened to you?!
The bracelet was made up of a few dark blue beads which the material was unable to be recognized. It exuded faint blue light, reflecting the youth’s fine white wrist, looking exceptionally nice.
Ye Junchi nodded with satisfaction, and stroke JiYuan’s hair, “You are not allowed to take it off.”
JiYuan silently nodded.
“Angry?” Ye Junchi raised his head with both hands, “You are just like a turtle, just a little poke and you will shrink into your shell. If I don’t take initiative, how could I make you to fall in love with me?”
“… nn?” JiYuan became stunned once more.
The curve of Ye Junchi’s lips contained a smile, “I won’t believe in your nonsense. Didn’t you say that you don’t hate me? Then, I’ll strive to make you like me.”
JiYuan moved his lips with difficulty, but looking at Ye Junchi’s glittering eyes, he couldn’t bear to say any unfeeling words.
JiYuan was despaired, “System, what to do?”
System : “Friendly reminder – if the host chose to stay in this world, then after all tasks are completed, the OOC restriction would be automatically lifted.”
“Who want this friendly reminder of yours?!”
JiYuan struggled internally for a bit when suddenly, a face full of blood emerged in his mind. The young man who died years ago in his memory silently looked at him, clearly looked like he has a lot of things to say and yet, didn’t manage to say any when he died. He was called JiSi, in order to block two shots, was then hit by a car until his body was crushed.
JiYuan silently shivered. The one he owed the most was JiSi, and the reason he(JY) continued living on was also to take revenge for him. Once more strengthening his will to return (to his world), JiYuan calmed down and lightly said, “Then, afraid you will be disappointed.”
Frowning, Ye Junchi picked JiYuan up and carried him to the side of the bed. In a low voice, “Ah Yuan, you acting like this is really annoying. In the future, you will return to me on the bed.2
JiYuan was indifferent, “Really?”
Ye Junchi felt that himself in this lifetime, most of his anger and also tolerance were all given to JiYuan. Feeling helpless, he went to bed and sat cross-legged. He held JiYuan’s hand in his hand, and whispered, “Prepare to start ba.” (transferring of spiritual power, fyi before anyone get high/hopeful)
JiYuan frowned, “Luo Xiuyi also said this method will be harmful to your body.”
“Heart hurting on my behalf?” Ye Junchi smiled, “But you won’t let me touch, I don’t have any other option.”
JiYuan gently withdrew his hands, “So, don’t give me your spiritual power. Use those blood pills to suppress it, and wait until you found the murderer. Then, you can go back to your palace and slowly refine it.”
Ye Junchi gripped his fist until his fingers became pale white. His face darkened, “What do you mean?”
“We will part ways after the murderer is found.”
JiYuan fearlessly looked back at Ye Junchi but in his heart, he was shaking like a leaf. Still shaking, he asked System if he would be strangled to death.
If System has a face, it would be sporting a black face too, “You are really dedicated, even when refusing Ye Junchi, you managed not to OOC. Rest assured, that person is now spoiling you. He hold you in his hands, keep you in his heart. If you are to stab him a few times with a knife, he wouldn’t really get angry with you.”
JiYuan became silent, he couldn’t even laugh at that, “System, don’t say it like that ah. It will be hard for me …”
“Can’t you give up your revenge?”
“Cannot.” JiYuan finished his words in a resolute and decisive manner, then looked at Ye Junchi. Seeing him with a terrible expression, he(JY) tactfully changed the topic, “Oh yeah, what happened to that kid?”
Ye Junchi quietly stared at him, then spoke without thinking much, “There is one cultivation method in the demon realm, it needs the blood from human child with good cultivation aptitude. These kids are called ‘Blood jars’. This cultivation method is too crooked, it could easily cause the practitioner to lose their mind and become mad. Generally, no one would practice this method… the demon ruler who passed away 13 years away was practicing this method. Long time ago, there existed organization which specialized in capturing children who could be ‘Blood jars’. They cooperate with the demon ruler, every year they would send hundreds of children to the demon realm.”
JiYuan went silent for a moment, “… then those children?”
[T/N : Some mildly disturbing description in paragraph ahead, if you are eating then come back later.]
Ye Junchi lightly said, “Those who was sucked dry of their essence and blood were dead. There are also those who were abused to death, starved to death, poisoned to death, died from sickness, died from cold weather… all those were kids from the age of 5 to 8 years old. In places like the demon realm, it’s easy to die. The bodies of these dead children would be used by the demon ruler to refine medicine or feed to poisonous insects. The xx (rejects) from the refining process would be forced onto the remaining children to eat it.”
JiYuan didn’t expect the rumored insane and cruel demon ruler would be so insane and cruel. Thinking that Ye Junchi is his son, he really think he(YJC) was incredible.
Although Ye Junchi was indifferent most of the time, he was not bloodthirsty nor cruel. People who bathed in blood all the time would be contaminated with a hostile aura which couldn’t be wash away in their whole lifetime, but Ye Junchi doesn’t have it. Growing up in an environment with such a father, Ye Junchi actually didn’t turn crooked, that was something worth celebrating.
But System felt something was wrong when it heard it, “… why did I felt like Big bro explained the matter like he experienced it before?”
JiYuan sucked in a breath of cold air, a chill ran through his body, “Don’t speak nonsense.”
System went to comfort him, “I just casually said it, don’t mind me.”
Maybe because JiYuan’s gaze was too strange, Ye Junchi paused for a bit and revealed a weird smile, “Rest assured, I have not been abused by him and I didn’t learn his crooked ways either. Haven’t you always wondered why I massacred MingXu Temple 3 years ago?”
“That organization is MingXu Temple?” JiYuan was once again shocked by the impact.
Ye Junchi was silent for a while, his slender fingers lightly caressed JiYuan’s cheek.
“Those who deserved to die are dead and those who didn’t, they don’t need to know the truth. Earlier today, I went to a brothel and found out some information. I heard someone said in recent years, children within JinHe area would often went missing. The Jiang family had sent so many cultivators out there but still couldn’t find them. I was skeptical that time, sure enough…”
His tone was icy, “These people, all of them deserved to die.”
Looking at his expression, JiYuan suddenly felt a doubt that System’s words were true. The hate in Ye Junchi’s eyes were too obvious, if only hating his father for his crooked ways, it won’t be this extreme ba?
The two of them went silent for a long time, then Ye Junchi pressed onto JiYuan’s nape, and whispered, “Alright, don’t talk about these anymore. I will handle it. Close your eyes, I will give you the spiritual power.”
JiYuan opened his mouth to refuse but his lips was blocked. Smiles were floating in Ye Junchi’s eyes, “Same as before, refuse once and I will kiss you once.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : ●v● being shameless is better, can kiss kiss hug hug hold high high wifey~
JY : …System, quickly come and see this freak

  1. Random, but if this is an otome game, I bet the imprisonment is a Bad End route XD (Well, unless we are talking about Amnesia – Toma, then it’s just a route) 
  2. 以后你要在床上给我还回来的 – I wondered if it’s typo or something else because I couldn’t really grasp the correct meaning here. It sounded awkward in Cantonese too. 

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