先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 30

ji fam
The males from the Ji family (as far as we know from the story)

[Translator : If anyone got themselves confused with the similar names between the Ji males, I made a random family chart for you guys 😀 And also to jolt some memories in case you forgotten~]

The pure and naive youth has an expression of blankness. He doesn’t understand why System called out his pseudonym with a heavy tone. Shaking his head, he decided to just ignore it and refocused his attention back to JiShen. Although he doesn’t have much deep connection with this pair of brothers (JiShen & JiChen), but because JiShen looked 60%-70% similar to that person from the depth of his memory, he couldn’t bear to attack at all.
He has been afraid to recall the voice of that brother, so he was really shocked when he met JiChen (in the dungeon). Facing JiShen’s somewhat similar face was also extremely uncomfortable. Not to mention both the brothers didn’t treat him badly, and those two have deep brotherly feeling; it makes JiYuan want to protect them when he looked at JiChen and JiShen.
Thinking for a moment, JiYuan poked System, “Can sword be counted as a person?”
System : “Are you a sword?”
JiYuan : “…” Why did he felt like he was being scolded?
He was depressed for a bit, then raised Gui Chi up. Doesn’t care if the sword was spiritual enough to understand human speech, said in a small voice, “Don’t hurt that child on the other side. Let’s lose this round and fight from the bottom again later.”
Gui Chi shook and buzzed, almost left his hand, like a dissatisfied child.
JiYuan quickly appeased it, “You want to fight, right? If we lost this round, you can fight even more rounds. Isn’t that a good thing?”
After a moment of silent, Gui Chi seemed to agree with him. It lowered down its body and happily shook in JiYuan’s hand.
In the eyes of the outsiders, JiYuan was expressionlessly staring at the sword in his hand with concentration, seemed to be contemplating a very profound problem.
JiShen waited for a while but JiYuan still didn’t move, he frowned and loudly said, “What are you muttering over there? I’ll sneak-attack if you are still in a daze ah.”
… truly a honest-to-God child, sneaking attack the enemy still would inform it first.
JiYuan was between laughter and tears in his heart. Just as he wanted to raise his sword and start attacking, he was suddenly aware of a burning gaze observing him.
Pausing, he looked up and his gaze swept over JiShen, and saw JiChen with JiSan below the stone stage.
The one staring so intently at him was JiSan.
Those familiar eyes were fanatical and contained prejudice. JiYuan has goosebumps raised up from being stared by him, a layer of uneasiness hovered in his heart. JiSan shouldn’t be able to see through his current appearance…at most, his face should only looked somewhat similar only. JiYuan comforted himself in his heart a few times, no longer thinking much and ignored JiSan’s gaze. He patted Gui Chi, deftly rose and rushed forward, striking towards JiShen’s shoulder.
A crafty light twinkled in JiShen’s eyes. He turned and evaded JiYuan’s attack. As both of them passed by each other, he turned his hand and fished out a talisman, sticking it at JiYuan’s back.
JiYuan was stunned. The casual cultivators he encountered these few days were poor and impoverished people so things like talisman was rarely used. Most of them were using attacks from those martial arts novels, he has forgotten the existence of such things. He was still in a daze when he heard a ‘BANG’ sound from his back. An immense pain instantly spread from his back throughout his whole body. JiYuan sucked in a breath of cold air, and swayed for a while before kneeling on the ground.
JiShen was just trying to interfere with JiYuan’s move, he didn’t expect to injure him to kneel. Momentarily stunned, “You you you … why didn’t you used spiritual power to protect your body?”
JiYuan : “…”
JiYuan cried pitifully at System, “What did this bear-like child pasted on me? Am I wasted?”
“It is just some ordinary blasting talisman. Gui Chi blocked a bit of it, no problem.”
System checked his body for a moment, then coldly humph-ed, “Because you angered Big bro away. If he was here, such situation won’t happen.”
The moment he heard Ye Junchi’s name, JiYuan immediately calmed down and smiled, “This is nothing, I have decided to lose anyway.”
Suffering a slight injury, when JiYuan raised up his sword again, it was visibly much slower. Facing JiShen who was flexible and quick, JiYuan was soon beaten to retreat and lost this round.
Cultivators who lost a match must battle with other defeated cultivators to be eligible to continue. JiYuan who originally almost ended his battles and could leave in the afternoon, left the venue only at twilight after repeatedly battling here and there. A few casual cultivators came over, probing with a few words for JiYuan’s martial origins (who is his teacher/where did he learnt it from), but they were blocked by JiYuan’s not-salty-but-not-light words. Seeing that they still wanted to keep up with him, JiYuan avoided his usual route and went into a small alley.
After he followed System’s direction and easily get rid of those cultivators who didn’t want to give up, he was already very deep in the alleys. What JinHe city has a lot was dark alleys. At this time, it was already late and all four corners was surrounded by darkness. Wherever he looked at was dark, JiYuan shivered a few times, subconsciously gripped the corner of his clothes tightly.
“System ah…”
“…can you recite some Buddhist chants or list down the socialism’s core values whatnots? I am scared …”
It was very dark everywhere, not sure what was hidden within. JiYuan’s legs were trembling.
System felt a bit soft-hearted seeing him so terrified, “Alright, wait for me to check what kind of chants can prevent ghosts… something is coming! Quickly run!”
The last sentence was so sudden, all the fine hairs on JiYuan’s body stood up from the scare. His legs betrayed his will and turned soft. Taking a deep breath, he mustered the strength to ran backwards. Who knew he has yet to run a few steps, he hit a wall of muscles.
A creepy laughter was sounded, “Ah Yuan, why are you running?”
This time, JiYuan really raised his hackles. Fuck, a freak!
JiSan seized the opportunity to pinch JiYuan’s wrist, his eyes fiercely stared at his(JY) face, “Don’t think of running away and return with me. I can recognize you no matter how you changed yourself… since you are here, Ye Junchi is also here? Is it that man with a mask? That’s great, there are thousands of cultivators here. Everything will be resolved if he is killed, I will bring you away…”
JiYuan went silent for a moment, lightly said, “Mister, who are you? Even if you wanted to know the identity of my teacher, you don’t have to speak nonsense for it.”
“Stop acting! Even if you turned into ash, I still could recognize you!”
In his heart, JiYuan was shivering. His inner mind was near to the brink of collapse.
How big was grudge between the original body and this person?!
System ‘tsk-ed’, “German orthopedic, tsk tsk tsk, true love ah, so powerful.”
Blue veins popped up on JiYuan’s temples, “Shut up… wait a minute, don’t shut up first. Why didn’t Gui Chi alerted me?”
“Gui Chi will only move when someone come to you with killing intent.”
System sighed, “See, Big bro is not here and now you encountered a bunch of troubles.”
JiSan was still muttering with himself like a mental he is. JiYuan pretended he didn’t hear the last sentence from System, and carefully observed JiSan. He found out from his(JS) gaze that he was not as confident as he said he was. JiYuan’s heart gave a thump, and he coldly said, “You must have recognized the wrong person. Just now you said Ye Junchi? Didn’t that demon took the witch from the Ji family and wreak havoc everywhere? How does that relate to me?”
A burst of gloomy wind blowing over them, JiYuan silently shuddered. His wrist was so painful being tightly pinched by JiSan, it felt like it will snap.
JiSan gnashed his teeth, “JiYuan, stop acting!”
JiYuan’s face became colder, “If you want to battle with me, then just let it be. What is the meaning of you humiliating a dignified man like me as a woman? Are you people from the Ji family? Do all people from the Ji family act like you?”
JiSan was stunned.
He just saw the face that he yearned day and night, then immediately followed regardless of anything. What kind of attire or what gender, he didn’t notice those at all. He barely woke up from his crazed mind, only to find the youth in front of him was greatly differed from the maiden he missed.
Got it wrong?
This idea only flashed in his mind for a second, then he sneered, “That devil has so many abilities. I won’t be surprised no matter how he changed your appearance. Ah Yuan, you must go with me today…”
His words have yet to finish, and Gui Chi flew out from JiYuan’s arms, its hilt ruthlessly hit JiSan’s wrist. Human can still feel pain, so when he(JS) subconsciously loosened his hand, JiYuan immediately escaped from the grip. Then making a decent hand gesture looking like a real thing (real martial art), he casually pointed a finger to JiSan. Gui Chi emitted a vibrating sound, abruptly xx JiSan’s shoulder.
Bright red blood quickly spread and covered JiSan’s shoulder, dripping on the ground.
JiSan has a look of astonishment on his face.
JiYuan was a waste, couldn’t cultivate not to mention controlling swords. The flaws in one’s physique, even if Ye Junchi’s abilities could reach the sky, he still wouldn’t be able to supplement JiYuan’s weakness.
He(JS) was a bit at a loss at the moment, disregarding the pain on his shoulder, he stared at JiYuan with his eyes rimmed in red. After a long moment, he said with a trembling voice, “I will make you confess … (sooner or later)”
[T/N : German ort-]
JiYuan expressionlessly gave him a glance, the idea to ‘kill him to cover mouth’ flashed past like a thunderbolt. But when he thought to act on it, he couldn’t do it – no matter what, JiSan has never do anything to harm him. He(JY) is someone who could clearly separate between grace and grudge. On the other hand, JiSan couldn’t do anything even if he suspected him as JiYuan, because JiYuan was known to the world as a woman. He doesn’t mind to be forced to take off his clothes for those cultivators to see, if the situation requires it.
Wordlessly went to retrieve Gui Chi, JiYuan carried great courage with him and headed into the dark alleys. He followed System’s instructions to go here and there, passing various twist and turn until his legs were a bit sore from the walk. It was when the moon is high on the sky that he managed to get back to the inn.
The moon in the sky was as round as a jade plate, JiYuan froze for a moment as he just thought of one thing, “…System, today is the Mid-Autumn Festival?”
System : “Right ah, such a good day. In order to help you finish the tasks, I couldn’t go back for gathering at home. Quickly complete the tasks ah, or OOC ba, I missed home…”
JiYuan held back for a while, but still couldn’t help darkening his face, “Are you not made out of data?”
System : “Correct oh, if you didn’t mention it I would have forgotten. Recently, I imitated too much of human’s emotion and accidentally delved too into it. The emotions of human are truly interesting.”
Decided to ignore System which was clearly showing a sign of collapse (breaking down), JiYuan walked into the inn to see the female innkeeper was still at the counter. He went over to order a plate of moon cakes and a bottle of good wine. Just as he wanted to turn away, the female innkeeper asked, “This guest, what happened to your eyes?”
JiYuan calmly fooled, “Got poisoned previously and my eyes were almost blinded. Was healed recently so my eyes were restored.”
This reason sounded reasonable so the innkeeper nodded. Noticing his slightly sorry appearance and Gui Chi in his arms, she couldn’t help opening her mouth again to ask, “This guest went to participate in the Immortal Swords assembly?”
She asked about this assembly again and again ever since they first arrived. Even if JiYuan wanted to deliberately ignore it, he couldn’t ignore her anymore. He asked with some doubts, “Innkeeper seemed to care a lot of this assembly?”
The female innkeeper clenched her teeth, hints of sadness were flowing inside her eyes. Like she has just grabbed at life-saving straws, her voice trembled a bit, “This small female here has a child with my deceased husband. Last year I took him to JinHe to visit relatives. He was too naughty, ran into the crowd … and he never appear again.”
JiYuan nodded with a serious expression on his face. He didn’t expect that this young innkeeper was actually married and had a child. Not to mention her husband died young, now she even lost her son … quite pitiful.
“I have searched the whole city of JinHe but still couldn’t find him. Originally, I have given up hope thinking he might be kidnapped by beggars or he fell into that small river…”
The corner of the innkeeper’s eyes was wet, “But my cousin told me that he coincidentally saw my son in the Jiang residence, and was even together with the Jiang family Head… The Jiang family is a residence for immortals (cultivators), my son being looked up upon by immortals, his future would be very successful. I’m only a mortal, couldn’t enter the Jiang residence. I know he won’t get into any troubles, but I missed him so much … this guest, you are an immortal. Could you help me a bit? Could you help me search for my son in the Jiang residence? I really missed him so much…”
As she continued talking, she covered her mouth and sobbed. JiYuan felt something was not quite right as he listened on. The Jiang family Head was no benevolent type of person, how could he accept a mortal child and keep him by his side for no random reason? Plus he never heard of the Jiang family Head to start accepting disciples or accepted any before. This matter is certainly not as good as what the female innkeeper thought it was.
Although he has some speculations in his heart, JiYuan didn’t say it out. He asked for her son’s name, age and some idenfication features. Nodding to express his acknowledgement, he then carried the bottle of wine and plate of food upstairs.
JiYuan hesitated a bit when he passed by Ye Junchi’s room.
“System, is it alright if I go to look for Ye Junchi now?”
System whispered, “If even you doesn’t want to go in, you need to talk to him regarding the innkeeper’s matter. Also need to remind him to pay attention to JiSan. Business matter and personal affair must be separated clearly.”
JiYuan thought about it and agreed. But he doesn’t have free hands at the moment, he wanted to call Ye Junchi’s name but afraid ‘the walls have ears’, he doesn’t know what to do. In a conflict for a short while, JiYuan felt discouraged and thought of going back to his own room first, when the door opened.
Ye Junchi was clothed in black, his eyes were lowered and he was leaning against the door, his slender legs crossing at the bottom. His voice was indifferent, “Looking for me?”
It has been a long time since Ye Junchi last looked at him like this, he abruptly felt some sorrow and grief. But when he realized that this was what he wanted to be, he calmed down. Ignoring the faint uncomfortable feeling in his heart, he nodded and hesitatingly asked, “Can I talk inside?”
Ye Junchi didn’t reply, he only turned back into his room.
JiYuan quickly followed him into the room. He put the moon cakes and wine down onto the table, then bowed his head to sort out his thoughts. Suddenly, he felt a burning gaze sticking on his body. He looked up, but only saw Ye Junchi indifferently tilted his head to look at the moon outside the window.
He doesn’t know why but he really doesn’t want to tell Ye Junchi regarding JiSan. He thought for a while and felt that it wasn’t any big deal so he simply skipped the whole matter. He only briefly said the matter about the female innkeeper.
Ye Junchi seemed to recall something as his face suddenly darkened, his eyes were emitting chill, “As expected…”
JiYuan saw Ye Junchi looking like he wanted to kill someone, immediately wanted to leave for fear of being affected, but was called back by Ye Junchi, “What with the injury on your body?”
JiYuan froze for a moment, and recalled the injury from the talisman JiShen stuck at his back during the day. He shook his head, “Just minor injury…”
Ye Junchi was silent for a while, then lightly asked, “Then what about the bruises on your wrist? Is this what you said by not getting into trouble? Ah Yuan, even when you are hurt, you still not willing for me to follow beside with you?”
His tone was clearly flat and ordinary, and yet JiYuan felt uncomfortable in his heart when he heard it. He opened his mouth but quickly tightened his lips, not saying anything.
Still not getting any replies, Ye Junchi heaved a long sigh. He put away his indifferent expression, and helplessly rubbed his forehead, “Today is Mid-Autumn Festival. You already brought wine with you, no matter how much you hated me, you won’t refuse to drink a cup with me right?”
JiYuan’s eyes darkened, he retrieved back the foot in the midst of going out and sat down at the opposite of Ye Junchi. In a low voice, “I do not hate you.”
Both of Ye Junchi’s eyes flashed.
JiYuan doesn’t dare to look directly at his bright eyes, he looked slightly at a side and lightly said, “But I do not like you.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : …. QAQ so sad, still don’t want to speak….

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