先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 29

Ye Junchi was still smiling, but his smile caused JiYuan’s scalp to prickle all over his head. His voice was also gentle and magnetic, “Ah Yuan?”

JiYuan : “….” Big bro, I was wrong.
Slowly pinching the feet in his hands, Ye Junchi let go after checking that it weren’t cold anymore. Just as he let go, he raised his body and went back to press JiYuan on the bed, lightly said, “That night you were looking for the silkworm? Why didn’t you asked from me directly? Really not following rules, fortunately I have good mental/determination power.”
That night, he(YJC) just kissed JiYuan until he was satisfied, considered himself collected some interest.
JiYuan’s ears turned red from being stared with an unconcealed boiling gaze, and shifted away his eyes uncomfortably. He was simply crying without tears, really wanted to chop off his own hand which had groped everywhere on Ye Junchi’s body that day. Originally, he was being so unrestrained because he thought Ye Junchi was drunk, so no matter how OOC-ed he acted, it was up to him. Plus recently System became more and more generous. For small details, it would ‘close one eye, open one eye’. But… if Ye Junchi was awake, touching here and there means the OOC offense wouldn’t be any small case.
The more he thought about it, the more flustered JiYuan became. Forcing himself not to think any further about what he did that night, he asked System with rapidly pumping heart, “Am I(my soul) going to be destroyed?”
System became silent for a moment, “… You won’t. This is a mistake on my part, forgot to check if Ye Junchi is awake and didn’t issue warning, disregard it ba.”
Pausing, System’s tone was cold, “Just this once.”
JiYuan instantly felt that System is the world’s loveliest non-biological living thing, and immediately accepted the pardon. When he came back to his senses, he has to face the dilemma in front of him again.
Ye Junchi almost pressed his whole body on top of him. His(YJC) knee, not sure if intentional or unintentional, forced open his(JY) legs and placed his other leg in between. One of his(YJC) hands was stuck to his(JY) waist, massaging and kneading, while the other hand pinched his chin. Light smell of rosin fully enveloped his sense of smell, and their breathing was mixed together. Ye Junchi’s long hair scattered on him was wound together with his own. Chest was pressing another chest, both heartbeats were accelerating as if they were answering a question in their soul.
JiYuan was a bit dazzled.
Previously, he was thinking why Ye Junchi would so harmlessly laid on the bed and let him grope wherever, turns out he was pretending to be drunk … so when he came over to settle that casual cultivator, then hugged him(JY), kissing him, biting him, was he crazy from being drunk?
Giving this a thought, JiYuan immediately affirmed this guess with a clap from a mental clapperboard. He blinked, and locked gaze with that very near pair of beautiful eyes for a moment. Seeing that the gaze was turning more and more dangerous, he immediately tried to struggle to get down from the bed. But Ye Junchi suddenly bowed down his head, his voice was hoarse, “Close your eyes.”
JiYuan subconsciously closed his eyes.
Right after he closed his eyes, he was lightly kissed. A light murmur was heard beside his ear, “Your eyelashes are very long…”
Cannot let this continue!
JiYuan felt half of his body was numb, his long lashes shook and he lightly breathed in, suddenly gathered all the strength in his body and punched at Ye Junchi’s unprotected lower abdomen.
Demon race’s body has always been tough like magic weapons and not like human race, which was easy to get hurt. Especially a demon at Ye Junchi’s level, normal magic weapon couldn’t hurt his body at all. So with JiYuan punching out with all his might, it was reasonable to say Ye Junchi should not be feeling any pain or itchiness, and could even continue to lightly flirts.
He didn’t expect Ye Junchi to give a muffled grunt, and fell directly onto him.
Ye Junchi lightly sucked in a breath of cold air, his teeth was slightly clenched.
His body tightened for a moment, then his breathing started to ease up. Gnashing his teeth, he said, “I said that you have no conscience, and truly you don’t. You actually have the heart to strike out.”
JiYuan felt a bit muddled when he saw Ye Junchi was frowning from the pain, and forehead covered with cold sweat. He doesn’t know if Ye Junchi was acting or was in pain for real. Hesitated for a moment, he still decided to seize the opportunity and pushed him(YJC) away. Jumping out from the bed, he wanted to run back to his room but his hand was caught.
Ye Junchi snappily ordered, “Put on some shoes before leaving.”
His(YJC) hand was no longer as warm as earlier, it was a bit cold. JiYuan unconsciously squeezed his(YJC) fingers, and blankly asked, “… really that hurt?”
Ye Junchi’s face was pale white, “What do you think?”
JiYuan asked System(for permission), then carefully sat back on the bedside, “Let me see.”
Could it be the fact that demon race’s body is tough was a wild boast from the human race?
Ye Junchi lowered his eyes, and suddenly laughed. With one pull, he dragged JiYuan into his arms and covered both of them with the quilt, “Don’t play anymore, tomorrow you still need to go to the assembly and fight a few rounds, sleep ba.”
It was indeed fake.
Didn’t expect that him coming over to say a few things would develop into this situation. JiYuan struggled in depression and Ye Junchi hugged even tighter. He rested his chin on top of JiYuan’s head, deliberately lowered down his tone, “Do you still want a good rest? Move again and we will ‘move together’ the whole night together.”
JiYuan tactfully became silent.
Beside his ears was System’s gloating laughter, JiYuan expressionlessly continued to think how did the situation develop into this.
System : “Nearly bent.”
JiYuan couldn’t even turn his body, he just pointed a middle finger at System in his heart.
“Everything is a misunderstanding, how could a demon race like Ye Junchi will take a liking at me? He is just under the illusion that I am a woman, and that night was because he had some alcohol.”
[T/N : MC keep thinking that the ML doesn’t like himself, anyone come to your mind? Hint : BXX ]
System : “You are explaining it to me, or explaining it to yourself?”
JiYuan declined to comment, muttering a ‘I am someone who will go back’, then rest assuredly closed his eyes and soon fell asleep. These few days without Ye Junchi here, he guarded against fire, guarded against theft and guarded against Yun Cheng.
Not a day relaxed, so he was dead tired from earlier on.
System really wanted to drag out this lad ‘who pretend not to know’ and beat him up one round.
[T/N : Tsk, our long-awaited hot kiss didn’t come. Let me satisfy y’all with this random kiss from a manga I found from Google Image.]
The next morning, JiYuan awoke in a daze from his sleep and saw a half-naked chest.
When he saw Ye Junchi leaning on the bed and staring at him, he was spooked out of his mind and nearly rolled down the bed, breaking down at System with a ‘Ah ah ah’.
“System, did I sleep with Ye Junchi?!”
System : “… you’re lucky he didn’t sleep with you.”
JiYuan became silent, he decided to disregard it. His dull eyes met with Ye Junchi’s for a moment, and he finally awakened from a muddle-headed state. He make a cold expression and prepared to get out of bed.
Ye Junchi maintained his posture and blinked, his eyebrows containing laughter, “Aiyo, Daren is really heartless. After a night of ‘happy time’, you woke up and pretended not to recognize me.”
Throwing a glance at that naked chest, JiYuan swallowed and doesn’t dare to look anymore. Ye Junchi was obviously not his type, but recently he found him(YJC) more and more pleasing to the eye… he must never let Ye Junchi find out this change of his body. Quickly covering himself with his robe wanting to get out of bed, he was caught at the back of his collar again by Ye Junchi, “Wear my shoes back to your room, send it back to me later.”
JiYuan was a bit depressed, he muffled a sound of acknowledgement then wore the shoes in a somewhat panic and ran back to his room. After he closed the door of his own room, he heaved a long relief, a fear lingered in his heart, “System, being gentle and considerate is a scary weapon.”
System has the same feeling, “Correct ah, correct ah. If you take the initiative to go to him a few more times, 80% confirmed that you would be swallowed whole, eaten cleanly.”
JiYuan scoffed, “How could that be? Ye Junchi wouldn’t feel anything when he hugged and kissed me. If really ‘shoot accidentally while polishing a gun’ (accidentally proceed after kissing), then when he sees a man’s body, 80% confirmed that Ye Junchi would be scared wei. I already said it’s a misunderstanding … hiss how come my lips are so painful?”
System was silent, not saying anything.
JiYuan puzzledly went to the bronze mirror to take a look, his lips seemed to be very red and swollen.
JiYuan : “… ah, how can there still be mosquitoes in autumn?”
System coldly said, “Continue acting ba.”
Pretending to see nothing wrong, JiYuan tidied up himself and returned the shoes.
Right then, the innkeeper sent people to deliver food up to them. The little waiter weirdly stared at JiYuan’s face for a while, then left with a strange smile.
JiYuan begun to consider if he need to get a mask for himself to wear too.
Ye Junchi make some giggling sound beside him. He casually caressed a lock of JiYuan’s hair and said, “The people from the Ji family will join the Immortal Swords assembly and you will run into acquaintances. This pair of eyes is too conspicuous … close your eyes, I’ll mask it for you.”
With eyes opened wide and round, JiYuan stared at him with vigilance. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but poked his face, “… I won’t do anything else.”
But seeing him still staring with vigilance, Ye Junchi sighed again and said, “Really.”
Ye Junchi looked so sincere, so JiYuan decided to spare him a bit of the most basic trust between people, half believing half doubting and closed his eyes.
The youth’s long lashes slightly trembled, as if he might open his eyes any moment. His somewhat red and swollen lips slightly pursed. Just now he ate a few mouthful of porridge, that wet and soft lips looked glistening. Ye Junchi’s heart gave a thump, he reached out to cover JiYuan’s eyes and lightly pecked on his lips. Before he(JY) managed to start flaring out, he said, “Don’t move, do you still want your eyes?”
There was indeed no basic trust between people.
JiYuan secretly gnashed his teeth.
When Ye Junchi put down his hand, the color of JiYuan’s eye has changed. From light-colored to glossy black, just like black pearls soaked in water, gentle and bright.
Just a change of eye color, his(JY) whole person’s disposition has undergone tremendous changes. If not for his stiff face, that handsome face could even be called ‘mild and well-behaved’.
Even if the people from the Ji family come close to observe, they will only feel that the ‘JiYuan’ in their impression looked a bit like him.
Supporting his own chin, Ye Junchi observed JiYuan for a moment and smiled, “As expected, you looked even better.”
JiYuan doesn’t care what changes occurred in his eyes, he secretly decided to treat Ye Junchi words in the future as ‘wind beside the ears’ (words one no need to pay attention). This habit of ‘will be uncomfortable if didn’t tease within 3 sentences’ is too scary.
[T/N : Meaning, YJC must tease JY at least once every 3 sentences in their conversation or else YJC will feel uncomfortable :v that is what JY thought of YJC]
On their way to the assembly, Ye Junchi actually remembered the tanghulu and bought a stick. He gave it to JiYuan with a face full of smiles, “To wish you victory in a single move.”
JiYuan shook his head, didn’t take the tanghulu. Deliberated for a while, he whispered, “I have Gui Chi with me. Demon lord, you should walk around in JinHe these few days. I heard JinHe has a lot of beauties, if someone caught your eyes then your demon palace won’t be so empty anymore.”
Stopping in his steps, Ye Junchi lightly said, “Beauties? Who could be more beautiful than Ah Yuan?”
Pausing, he asked indifferently, “Could it be Ah Yuan like those so-called beauties?”
JiYuan’s face was calm, continued, “How many men out there who doesn’t like beauties? After settling all these troublesome matters, I will certainly get a wife and have kids.”
Every word he spoke, Ye Junchi’s face would get colder by a point. When he finished his last sentence, even System couldn’t help sounding out, “Baby, if you say anymore, Ye Junchi will get enraged.”
JiYuan paid no attention, “… so you should really look around. Maybe you will really run into someone you like. Don’t worry, I won’t exposed your identity.”
Ye Junchi sneered.
JiYuan quietly hugged Gui Chi tightly.
Ye Junchi’s temper was a bit haughty and arrogant to start with. With JiYuan so heartlessly threw those words to turn his back at him, he(YJC) coldly stared at him for a while. He(YJC) whispered ‘As you wished’, then turned around and walked away.
The long street was bustling with people coming and going, so not long after, his figure disappeared in the crowd.
JiYuan turned around to look for a while, then he slowly walked towards the assembly site.
System : “You are too much.”
Just as JiYuan wanted to say something, System used a cold mechanical voice filled with cadence of feelings to say, “You are heartless, you are cold, you are unreasonable.”
JiYuan : “…”
System returned to normal and said, “Ye Junchi probably starts to have the urge to strangle you to death.”
Smiling, JiYuan said, “Well, I’m still here right? Isn’t it a good idea to take advantage of the time now and nip the feeling in the bud as he still hasn’t consider himself to really like me? I said I liked women, he shouldn’t be like that with me again.”
“What kind of good man are you taking him as? If you provoked him, he might forcibly bind and imprison you. Then you can only cry.”
JiYuan still doesn’t care.
The screening for the Immortal Swords assembly from yesterday has almost finished. Those who obtained the qualification to formally participate still left a few hundreds of them. Most of them were casual cultivators, the smaller part was made up of the young cultivators from prestigious families and renowned clans. The early stage for the assembly was done through lottery to decide the opponents. It was still using the format of ’10 consecutive wins to proceed to next round’. People who lost could continue taking turns to fight, or challenge people who won to get the qualification to proceed to the next round. From now on, the casual cultivators are very likely to encounter those cultivators with strong backing so most of them was a bit nervous. After all, whether from their magic weapons or cultivation techniques, they couldn’t compete with those cultivators, it would be very easy for them to suffer losses.
JiYuan’s memory was quite good, and he was flexible too. After observing a few fights, he combined those with his Sanda stance, and wielded Gui Chi with good posture and style. At least one wouldn’t be able to easily find out that it was the sword controlling the human, not the human controlling the sword.
Easily winning a few games, JiYuan encountered his first trouble.
Seeing the opponent wielding a sword and got onto the stage, who was actually JiShen with an eager expression, JiYuan’s face darkened.
“System, do you think I should lose or win?”
System was still sulking, its tone was frosty, “Whatever you want, Ye Shangyuan.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : …. angry, don’t want to speak.
JY : (:з」∠)

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