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JiYuan : “…” Why did he felt like he was being teased?
This thought went a lap in his gradually feverish mind, until it heated up. JiYuan has always been fast to either accept/reject something, so he immediately kicked this idea out of his mind. Remained calm and collected, he pulled back his hand but when he couldn’t, he only looked at Ye Junchi and said, “Demon lord should be tired ba, should go and rest.”
Not expecting to receive this reaction, Ye Junchi became silent for a moment, then said, “Are you avoiding me?”
His palm was being forcefully pushed against that person’s chest. He seemed to be able to feel the slightly rapid heartbeat of the person in front of him.
JiYuan lightly said, “Demon lord treated me very well, why would I avoid?”
Ye Junchi frowned, “You are trying to avoid me, why?”
This development is a bit not right ah…
JiYuan secretly swallowed his saliva, using his almost zero relationship experience, he speedily thought of what to do so not to offend the Big bro and tactfully avoid to answer. It should be because he was in female clothing before this, it can be understandable that Big bro has an error of judgment. He was still deep in thoughts, Ye Junchi’s gaze keep flickering at him for a while, before walking forward and pulled him into his arms.
Touching the real thing and smelling the pure and serene fragrance, Ye Junchi couldn’t help but rested his chin on top of JiYuan’s soft hair. He was surprised to find his dead still heart (not literally) fluctuates even more. The worries that had been floating in his heart these 3 days slowly disappeared.
“You had me worried to death for you.”
Ye Junchi finished his words in low voice, thinking about JiYuan’s attitude in indifferently trying to escape, he felt a bit funny and a bit good mood. Ruthlessly taking a bite at JiYuan’s earlobe, his voice sounded hoarse, “Really unable to tell good from bad.”
This inn has always been very cold and desolate, JiYuan and Ye Junchi were the only long-staying guests on the second floor. At this time, the originally gloomy weather has turned dark, all four corners of the surrounding fell into darkness. The surrounding was so quiet that you could hear a pin drop. JiYuan closed his eyes, and could clearly hear Ye Junchi’s light and shallow breathing.
The scene was too easy to be seen as ambiguous.
System : “The thunder from the sky cause a fire.”
JiYuan : “The pagoda subduing System.”
System : “…”
[T/N : Alright, time for a random internet slang lesson. The original sentence is this 天雷勾地火, 宝塔镇河妖 – The thunder from the sky cause a fire, the pagoda subduing river demon. The author just has to make me research this sigh Just a disclaimer, I might not get it correct but let us just ignore that ya.
The first part of the phrase is rumored to be talking about the relationship between male and female or even homo. The desire between two people is too intense that it burst into fire of passion.
The second part of the phrase is rumored to be talking about ‘organs’ ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) . Like ‘pagoda’ equal to men’s part ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) a while river demon supposed to be the female V-part. So pagoda subdue demon river … need I say more?
Anyway, JiYuan changed the keyword from river demon to System just to shut it up.
Just like someone laughed at you with ‘curiosity killed the cat’, you can retort with ‘but satisfaction brought it back’ :v Sorry, explanation too long 😛 Now go up and re-read it .]
Swiftly dealt with System but he couldn’t deal with Ye Junchi. JiYuan felt a bit headache, he doesn’t know how to push Ye Junchi away. After thinking for some time, he tried his hardest to maintain a cold tone, “Many thanks for the demon lord’s concern. Can you tell me why we need to participate in the Immortal Swords assembly?”
Quickly changing the topic is always the right thing to do, JiYuan secretly praised himself for his wittiness.
System laughed with a ‘he he’ sound.
Ye Junchi was helpless, he could only let him go. Walking into the room, he snapped his finger and the candle was lit. Minding his own business, Ye Junchi sat by the table and self-served himself a cup of cold tea, drinking it to calm down.
JiYuan dragged himself slowly to the table and sat down. He vigilantly stared at Ye Junchi, to prevent him from suddenly taking any actions.
Ye Junchi finished half of his tea, some of his irritation has calmed down. Taking off that funny and naive rabbit mask, his peach blossom eyes squinted. Under the candlelight, those black eyes looked like a type of precious gem. He revealed a smiling-but-not-smiling expression and said, “I told you before, don’t stare so intently at me. I won’t be able to restrain myself.”
“…” Goddamned pervert.
JiYuan went to complain with System out of habit, but didn’t expect System to coldly laughed and said, “The earlier he tops you, the better.” [T/N : Yes]
Goddamned bad System.
The JiYuan who suddenly lost System and Big bro (‘s sanity :v) helplessly slumped on the table. He turned around to see the tanghulu which has been abandoned for a few days and couldn’t be eaten anymore. Reaching out, he quickly took the tanghulu and prepared to throw it away somewhere but his hand was abruptly pressed down.
The gaze in Ye Junchi’s eyes was a bit complicated, “Don’t eat, just throw it away ba.”
JiYuan : “Oh.”
Ye Junchi : “Be obedient, that cannot be eaten anymore.”
JiYuan was flabbergasted, “… I’m not eating.” Really.
The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up, “I’ll buy another one for you tomorrow.”
Pausing for a bit, he went to pinch JiYuan’s long and slender fingers, proceeding to play with it. He squinted, his mood was quite good and his tone became lighter
“You need to know, the Zhao family is very close with the Yun family. Zhao Buchen even married off his own sister to Yun Wuxiu. Yun Cheng is Zhao Buchen’s nephew.”
JiYuan was attracted by the content of Ye Junchi’s words so he was not concerned about his fingers being kneaded at the moment. He pondered for a while, “The relationship between the Zhao and Jiang family is not good. Although the Yun family is not in a good relationship with the Jiang family due to their ties with the Zhaos, but it wouldn’t be bad enough to call them arch enemies. What do you want to say?”
“Something unexpected.”
As Ye Junchi said that, he became bolder and kissed JiYuan’s slender fingers in his hand. The youth immediately pulled back his own hand like he was electrocuted. Shyness and anger rose in the pair of light-colored eyes, even his ears were turning red.
He(JY) looked like an angered rabbit, making Ye Junchi silently feeling happy in his heart but he looked seriously on the outside, “Arguably, the Jiang and the Zhao is like fire and water. It is already a shocking thing that Zhao Buchen would willingly send his own eldest son to attend the wedding reception. But what more shocking is that Zhao Buchen himself has come too.”
Whenever JiYuan started to think about a matter (seriously), he will not pay attention to other matters. So, being shocked by such a news, he was stunned for a moment then a light bulb lighted up in his mind, “You mean, the interesting thing that you and Jiang Miao Miao heard in the secret passage, could it be Zhao Buchen came uninvited to the Jiang residence? And he even ‘shook hands, talk properly’ with the Jiang family Head, having a secret discussion?”
Ye Junchi didn’t answer the question directly, just pinched JiYuan’s cheek and asked, “What kind of reward do you want?”
That’s it. JiYuan was getting annoyed to anger from Ye Junchi’s constant pinching, he frowned and coldly answered, “Let me pinch you back.”
Ye Junchi covered his nose, he couldn’t contain the smile in his eyes, “En? Where do you want to pinch? You want to pinch me while I’m stark naked or fully clothed? You can pinch anywhere on my body, last time you…”
He(YJC) seemed to remember something, and immediately shut up.
This person in front of him was smiling so annoyingly bright. JiYuan didn’t notice the last sentence, he gnashed his teeth and thought ‘Would you believe it if I said I want to pinch your ‘little brother’?’ without expression in his mind. This kind of thought, JiYuan could only entertain it in his mind as the cowardly him naturally wouldn’t dare to do it. He wanted to reach out to pinch (maybe YJC cheek) but one frosty ‘OOC’ from System, he could only hold back his anger and icily said, “Return to serious talk.”
Ye Junchi was obviously disappointed, but he still went back to the previous discussion.
“Just now what did Ah Yuan said again? ‘Shook hands, talk properly’? Naturally, it’s impossible. It is already an amazing thing that they didn’t attack each other the moment they met. When Jiang Miao Miao and I went over there, they have almost finished talking, I just heard a few sentences…”
It was already midnight when Ye Junchi left his room. JiYuan coldly rejected his request to sleep together, and closed his door with a ‘Peng!’ sound. Lying down on his bed, JiYuan burrowed into his quilt with a slightly warm Gui Chi, his brain quickly organized what Ye Junchi has said earlier. Zhao Buchen actually coming to JinHe secretly, and also secretly talking to the Jiang family Head who was completely incompatible with him.
The Jiang family Head indeed has ordered people to follow Jiang Miao Miao, and Jiang Miao Miao should know about it too. That was why when they met that day, she didn’t mention both of their names. But then the news of Ye Junchi and him going northwards to JinHe was not blocked (from the public). Zhao Buchen seemed to be coming to JinHe to do a transaction, letting the Jiang family this local tyrant to look for them.
After all, no matter how arrogant is the Zhao family, they couldn’t ignore the distance and send out the cultivators from their family to do carpet search. Even if they are willing to do that, the Jiang family aren’t. ‘Strong dragon doesn’t repress the local snake’1, the quickest way to look for people in JinHe was still the Jiang family being the most reliable option.
… 80% probability it was really because of the matter happened at his ancestral grave site that angered Zhao Buchen until he became muddleheaded; to ask for help from his arch enemy. Or he came to offer a deal, using something that the Jiang family coveted as the payment to use the Jiang family’s people.
Ye Junchi wanted JiYuan to get into the Top 10 rank because the top 10 winners could enter the Jiang family’s secret ground. That place was where the Jiang family refined their golden silkworms, there would be a few mother silkworms which includes the family Head’s silkworm.
To make sure what was wrong with the Jiang family head, going into the secret grounds is a good option. More importantly … the Jiang family Head seemed to have guessed both of their identity, afraid that it could be a trap. Sending Yun Cheng out to investigate should be Zhao Buchen’s intention. But by getting into the trap as intended by the Jiang family Head, they might be able to catch the tails of those who were hidden in the dark.
System added some explanation after thinking for a moment, “Actually, the relationship between both Jiang and Zhao family was not so bad a few hundred years ago, you can even say they have a good relationship too. Just that when they went to war with the demon race, the Jiang family Head made some mistakes and caused the death of the Zhao family Head plus another important figure from the Zhao. Thus, both families broke apart until they became like fire and water with each other.”
“Anyway, they are still being fire and water with each other now.” JiYuan touched his own chin, “But it’s so hard on me ah, to also have to be responsible for beating and killing…”
System ridiculed, “You thought it’s only you? If wasn’t for Gui Chi, you would have died under the hand of that female cultivator long time ago.”
JiYuan was surprised, he immediately jumped up, “If you didn’t say it, I would have forgotten!”
As he just used up his brain power to fend off Ye Junchi and also discussed some serious matters, he completely forgotten about the female cultivator. ‘A long night is fraught with dreams — undue delay may bring trouble’, things might change from the delay so JiYuan hastily jumped out of bed and ran out of his room barefooted. As he reached out his hand to knock on Ye Junchi’s door, he thought if he should ask which lake did he sunk the hapless wretched cultivator by the way –
Ye Junchi didn’t lock his door.
Big bro really … doesn’t afraid of night attacks?
Speechless, JiYuan pushed the door open and entered the room, “Ye Junchi, there’s one more thing.”
There was no sound in the room, did he(YJC) went out again?
JiYuan walked past the folding screen, to see Ye Junchi sleeping on the bed and breathing evenly, seemed to be in deep sleep. From this point of view, this person’s face looked smart and straight. His eyelashes were long, quite seductive. JiYuan’s face blackened, he stride towards the bed and reached out to push him(YJC) a bit, “Ye Junchi?”
He made so much movements, Ye Junchi couldn’t be still sleeping from that. Yet, Ye Junchi didn’t move throughout the process. JiYuan’s heart thumped, an absurd idea emerged from his heart – is Ye Junchi dead? His scalp felt numb, but he couldn’t afford to be scare so he quickly stretched out his hand to probe Ye Junchi’s breath.
His fingers were just touched by a warm breathing, when it was caught and held.
His cold fingers being covered by warm hands caused JiYuan to be surprised. His ‘whatchu doing?’ has yet to be spoken out and suddenly his view spun in front of his eyes. When he was able to see clearly again, he has been pressed down on the bed. Ye Junchi was full of smiles leaning onto his body.
His face was so close, almost could touch JiYuan’s face, and a dangerous glint flashed in his eyes, “Night attack?”
JiYuan’s heart was beating fast from fright, he doesn’t even dare to move. Shivering, “…. I just came to say something.”
Ye Junchi ignored him, one of his(YJC) hands was still holding his hand, quite warm.
Seemed to think of something, Ye Junchi got up and pinched JiYuan’s bare feet. Frowning, he asked, “Why didn’t you wear your shoes?”
JiYuan gave him a kick with some embarrassment. Just as he gotten up, his feet were covered by Ye Junchi’s hands. His(YJC) expression looked serious, and he didn’t even raise his head when he said, “What do you want to say, just say it ba. But at this kind of hour, other than to say you want to sleep with me, other thing else will not let me be too happy (I will get mad).”
JiYuan was expressionless, “Where is that female cultivator?”
Ye Junchi : “The blood worm that I planted in her is dead.”
“Then, the person herself?”
“Dead too, most probably because Yun Cheng felt she was of no use so he killed her.”
JiYuan lightly sucked in a breath and shook his head. Thinking for a moment, he carefully asked, “… Do you know about the older brother of that female cultivator?”
Ye Junchi gave him a glance with a smiling-but-not-smiling expression, “Ah Yuan, does my body feels good to touch?”

JiYuan was despaired, “System, your ‘probably’ is indeed fake, you fake System.”
System : “What can I do? I am despaired too ah.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : Want to pinch where? Upper part has been pinched already, should pinch lower part ba?
JY : … (desperate face)
YJC : Or you let me touch you back?
JiYuan expressed that he doesn’t want to speak anymore and flung him away together with a tied-up fake System.

  1. 强龙不压地头蛇 – Idiom, meaning one with great power cannot defeat a local villain. 

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