先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 27

Although JiYuan couldn’t see Ye Junchi’s expression, he could deduced from the look of the female cultivator on the other side that the killing intent in Ye Junchi’s tone was true.

He has no doubt that Ye Junchi would kill her at the next moment.
The female cultivator was looking very pale in her face. Her body stiffly rooted on the ground where she stood, seemed to be unable to lift up even her fingers, her eyes reflecting the terror deep in her soul. Women’s intuition has always been exceptionally accurate, she was aware that this masked man who suddenly appeared could take her life with just a wave of his finger.
Ye Junchi’s gaze was frosty, he retrieved his slender finger and slowly caressed JiYuan’s cheek which was injured with small cuts. He asked in a waveless voice, “Does it hurt?”
His heartbeat was beating quickly due to his whole body being shrouded inside the familiar light rosin smell, JiYuan was speechless from the stress and tension.
He shook his head, and paused for a while. Then, blankly replied in a hoarse voice, “Doesn’t hurt.”
There was no expression on Ye Junchi’s face when he said, “But I’m hurt.”
As soon as Ye Junchi finished his words, a fragment from the broken sword flew up from the ground and zoomed towards the female cultivator in a speed of light. She stared with wide eyes, her mouth opened not sure to call for help or curse and scold. Immediately, two red lines appeared on her white cheeks. The red lines spread out, like two blood centipedes suddenly exploded on her face. Her unsaid words turned into a shrill scream, the sharp voice piercing the spectators’ eardrums, so painful it hurts. The spectators who were watching the fun shivered at the same time, they felt a chill rushing down their back.
JiYuan frowned, then his eyes were covered again.
“If you are scared, then close your eyes.”
Ye Junchi’s voice turned soft and gentle.
Looking at the darkness in front of his eyes, JiYuan blinked a few times. His long lashes swept up and down at Ye Junchi’s palm. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but pinched his waist, and whispered in a low voice, “Stop making trouble, I’m taking revenge on your behalf.”
JiYuan swallowed, “Wait, don’t kill her.”
Ye Junchi : “The idiom ‘to have tender, protective feelings for the fairer sex’ is not meant for woman like her.”
Pulling away his hand, JiYuan looked at the woman who was screaming painfully but couldn’t move her own body. In his heart, he was feeling calm, not the slightest mercy appeared. He is not some ‘silly white sweety’ (naive people), and he is not a Father (priest) either. How could he be merciful to people who single-mindedly wanted to kill him? There was too many people around, JiYuan hesitated for a moment before reaching out to pull at Ye Junchi’s collar. Ye Junchi followed the gesture and bowed down, reaching down to place a kiss on JiYuan’s head along the way. His gaze was unpredictable, “Told you not to run around, what are you doing here?”
“I was wrong.”
JiYuan quickly admitted his wrong, then went to whisper quickly what he guessed of the current situation at Ye Junchi’s ear. Yun Cheng suddenly coming to the inn to look for him, it should be the work of those casual cultivators. Then he(YC) still haven’t make sure if he is really JiYuan before pulling him to the assembly and pushing him into the fire pit the next. Plus the challenger onstage was actually that female cultivator –
Yun Cheng’s attitude was also weird, there must be something wrong with him. This female cultivator might have some link to him(YC), so she is a bit useful. It would be better to let her keep her life a bit longer. Moreover, killing someone in front of so many people would inevitably get themselves marked. What both of them needed right now was not high-profile actions but low-key identities.
Actually before JiYuan started speaking, Ye Junchi has erected a voice barrier around them but seeing the youth who rarely take any initiative coming over to him, his heart was moved so he decided not to tell him about the barrier. The youth had gotten a bit too close to him so his soft and warm lips accidentally touch his(YJC) ear. His warm breaths lingered around his(YJC) ear’s auricle, unlike the person himself(JY) who looked cold and icy.
Ye Junchi felt like a lot of ants were crawling in his heart, the tiny itchiness spreading out all over his heart. His hand unconsciously stroke JiYuan’s thin waist. He only came back to his senses after JiYuan finished talking. Nodding his head, he whispered, “I also gotten some information… Ah Yuan, don’t ask first and listen to me. We need to get to the top 10 rank in the assembly.”
Stunned, JiYuan obediently behaved and didn’t ask anything but just said, “Then, you go ahead. Don’t be so heavy with your attack.”
Ye Junchi exposed a smiling-but-not-smiling expression, “Who said I’m going to do it? It’s you.”
JiYuan : “…” System, Big bro’s brain has gone bad.
Ye Junchi : “You will win.”
JiYuan : “…” Fxck.
Ye Junchi was staring at JiYuan’s face for any changes of expression, and discovered some vivid changes. He almost laugh out loud, and yet his(YJC) expression was becoming even more serious, “I cannot use my skills, it would be easily found out that it is demonic skills. Rest assured, Gui Chi will support you with its power.”
As soon as he finished his words, Ye Junchi reached out to hold JiYuan’s hand which was holding Gui Chi. JiYuan looked down out of reflex, and saw that Gui Chi has changed appearance in the blink of an eye. Big bro already done with the preparations, JiYuan could only helplessly nod his head. Their conversation ended so Ye Junchi removed the sound barrier. He tilted his head towards the judge who has been watching the commotion by the side, his straight lips slightly bent, “Ge-xia (Sire)1, so who won just now?”
Being smiled at by Ye Junchi, the judge felt a sudden burst of coldness. In his heart, he was whining ‘Is you ah’ but seeing him(YJC) ‘intentionally or otherwise’ looking at the youth in his arms, the judge quickly pointed at JiYuan and said, “Him! He won!”
The moment these two people met, they intimately talked and embraced each other. One glance at the taller one will know that he was not someone to mess with. In the Immortal Sword assemblies, the casual cultivators were always not taken seriously so things like violating the rule happened all the time. The Alliance as the host also ‘close one eye’, and the judge doesn’t want to offend someone with higher cultivation for no reason.
Ye Junchi nodded with satisfaction, he rubbed JiYuan’s hair with a smile in his eyes, “Counting on you then, Ah Yuan.”
Bitterly being forced, JiYuan went to System and complained, “System, Big bro pushed me into a pit.”
“This is Big bro’s love towards you.”
“I don’t want.”
System coldly said, “Did anyone asked if you want it or not?”
JiYuan decided to ignore System this ‘unscrupulous accomplice’ of Ye Junchi. He turned his gaze to the spectator area, Yun Cheng was indeed gone. The female cultivator has fainted from the pain and was carried down by other people. The stone stage was cold and desolate, there was only JiYuan standing muddle-headedly on it.
Waiting for some time, still no one went up to challenge JiYuan. He awkwardly glance at the spectators and happened to meet Ye Junchi’s eyes. He(YJC) was under the stone stage, reclining by a tree while watching him. He(JY) could vaguely see that under the mask, in Ye Junchi’s eyes was calm and indulging, seemed gentle.
Darned heartbeat! It started to accelerate again. JiYuan immediately retrieved his gaze and turned his body away. He took a deep breath, but still keep feeling embarrassed. Fortunately, someone finally jumped onto the stage this time. He carefully looked at Ye Junchi who was at the spectator area, then said in a loud voice, “This Brother(polite form), this one won’t hurt this person from your family. Please be magnanimous and not get involved, so not to break the rules.”
Ye Junchi indifferently nodded.
Just now when JiYuan was being chased all over the stage by that mediocre female cultivator, anyone with eyes also could see what happened. So one would naturally think as long as the masked man down the stage doesn’t get involved, the JiYuan on the stage would be an easy picking.
JiYuan felt kind of nervous, it was not because of the cultivator in front of him who just pulled out a sword, but because of the hot, unbridled gaze from behind him.
That gaze surrounded him, not allowing him to flee.
System gave a ‘tsk’ and said, “Man, you have succeeded in capturing my attention.”
JiYuan : “…”
System continued, “Man, you cannot escape.”
JiYuan : “…”
“Man, you…”
“Shut up!”2
Gui Chi seemed to sense JiYuan’s little fury, it controlled JiYuan’s hand which was holding the hilt and ruthlessly beat up that ‘eager to challenge’ cultivator. That morning, JiYuan won 10 matches as expected, and received a jade token which enables him to formally participate in the Immortal Swords assembly. He casually created a name to fill into the list, then followed Ye Junchi to return to the inn. The assembly will officially began tomorrow, JiYuan blindly followed behind Ye Junchi while playing with the jade token, keep feeling that Ye Junchi was a bit strange for rushing over to make him fill in the pseudonym ‘Ye ShangYuan’3.
System emitted strange ‘Hurhurhur’ laughter.
JiYuan felt that System has completely broken. The once icy cold System, seemed to have been infected with virus, now running full speed towards the OOC highway.
It rained during the afternoon, and the sky was gray from the drizzle. With the cold winds and rain sweeping past, no much people can be seen on the street; most of them has went back to their house for shelter.
JiYuan was a man after all, fighting with other people using real weapons could still provoke a bit of blood lust in him. His mood was soaring, but when this excitement almost reached his mouth (to shout out in joy or something), it was pressed down by one cold ‘OOC’ word by System. He was feeling at loss here and there. Restraining his excitement, he thought for a moment and whispered to Ye Junchi, “How’s Jiang Miao Miao? Where did you go these 3 days?”
Ye Junchi didn’t even raise his eyes, just reaching out and knocked on top of JiYuan’s head.
“Little thing with no conscience, the first question from your mouth is actually for someone else.”
Pausing, he said, “That day after Jiang Miao Miao finished talking with us, she found out that she was being followed. The person who was following her is also smart, knowing that he himself has been found out, he immediately wanted to kill her to erase proof. The weird thing is that night the night guards didn’t went to her side. She doesn’t want to cause trouble for her mother, so she send message to me asking for help as she leads that person away.”
JiYuan’s heart coldly thumped.
To be able to act without restraint in the Jiang residence, not much people could do it. JiYuan could almost instantly determine who was that person.
“When I went there to save her, we encountered some problem and accidentally fell into a secret entrance in the Jiang residence.” Ye Junchi paused a bit, then continued, “It was a bit tricky inside the secret passage, and it was not good for me to break open the entrance flashily. But then, we found out that this secret passage covered the whole underground area of the Jiang residence. Connecting to everywhere, Jiang Miao Miao and I happened to hear something interesting by chance.”
It was obvious that Ye Junchi doesn’t intend to tell him what he heard, so JiYuan nodded and didn’t ask any further; he(JY) has always been tactful. And the problem that Ye Junchi encountered when he went to save Jiang Miao Miao….. he(JY) doesn’t have to guess as it definitely must be his blood rioting inside him. Plus within the half-a-cup-of-tea period after he ate the pills, they must have not met any good things.
Finished telling his side of experiences for these few days, Ye Junchi threw a glance at JiYuan, “Explain to me, who is this Yun Cheng you told me about? Where did this ‘little white face’ (pretty boy) came from?”
“… we have seen him before.”
JiYuan felt like Ye Junchi was acting like an aggrieved husband who is suspecting his wife to have an extramarital affair. He secretly pinched himself, destroying this strange idea which came out from nowhere. Then, he roughly explained who Yun Cheng was to Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi thoughtfully nodded.
After they returned back to the inn, JiYuan pushed open the door wanting to go into his own room. Suddenly, he thought of something and turned around to see Ye Junchi still standing behind him. He touched the small cuts on his own face, then asked with doubt, “Are you hurt?”
Ye Junchi was surprised, he couldn’t help laughing out, “How could I?”
“Then where did you said you’re hurt (earlier)?” JiYuan’s face was expressionless, egg pain?
(Egg = Balls ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Get it?)
Ye Junchi’s gaze fell onto JiYuan’s face. That white jade-like face has a few cuts, it was scratched by the energy of the spiritual sword when JiYuan was struggling with the female cultivator. His eyes were deep, Ye Junchi bowed down his head and pulled away JiYuan’s hand, seriously and carefully kissed those small wounds.
JiYuan’s scalp felt prickly, seemed like all the blood in his body rushed to his face. He almost bit his own tongue, “What are you doing?!”
Pursing his lips, Ye Junchi took his(JY) hand and pressed it against his own chest, his voice was deep, “My heart hurts.”
The author has something to say:
YJC : Heart feeling painful on behalf of wifey, kiss kiss hug hug hold high high.
JY : … freak, go away.
System quietly passed by : Ye Shangyuan.
[Translator : I was so used to System being inside the story that I felt funny (like ‘Yeah hor’) whenever I remember that Ye Junchi sees JiYuan as one person. Like how pitiful he must have looked like when he got dragged away by Yun Cheng and battle on the stage ALONE, but we see JiYuan as he is accompanied by System :0 ]

  1. 阁下 – For those who read the recent chapters of ‘The Legendary Master’s Wife’ would find this word familiar 😀 I’m leaving the chinese word here so anyone who want to check can google it yourself. I will be using the word Sire or anything equivalent in the future, should any other Ge-xia appears in order not to confuse people with more non-chinese words. 
  2. Lol, because it was not clear what happened (the author didn’t specifically mentioned name or explained anything), let me share my theory – That hot gaze belonged to YJC , and System is teasing JiYuan who was always saying our male lead is straight and was just being muddle-headed sometimes. Further proof is that System keep using the word ‘男人/Man’. 
  3. 叶尚元 – Time to dissect the name. 叶 is Ye, same surname as Ye Junchi. 尚 is Shang, means value/admire. 元 is Yuan, it is the China currency but anyone noticed it’s the same spelling as JiYuan’s name? XD Piece the thing together and you will get why System went ‘Hurhurhur’. And also, it’s natural for wifey to follow husband’s surname yo~ <3 

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