先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 26 (c)

[Translator : I was running away during translation as usual. Thought I wanna read some other translated novels before coming back to translate this one. But I ended up reading a translator drama instead of their translation. Phew, that moment when everyone wanted to translate the same thing at the same time. Scary. I won’t tell you which title was that, but coincidentally, the urge to translate that same novel crossed my mind before. Glad I didn’t, or else you guys won’t be reading this novel at all :v ]

The main road was quite crowded. Being pushed here and there by the crowd, JiYuan missed the Demon lord Daren1 even more and more –
That someone surnamed Ye has tall and slender stature, so it was extremely easy to shield him(JY) from the crowd. Unlike now, his feet has being stepped onto a few times, not sure whose poisonous feet was that.
Just as he was being pushed until feeling dizzy and confused, Yun Cheng who was beside him raised an eyebrow. Seemed to be unable to watch anymore, he stretched out his hand to pull JiYuan into his arms, shielding him. With a faint smile, he said, “Little brother is really strange, would rather carry your sword than getting on it to sword flight.”
If he could do that, would he still be here?! (JiYuan sarcastic retort)
In his heart, JiYuan secretly roasted Yun Cheng for a while, his mind and body were rejecting Yun Cheng’s embrace. Quietly pushing him away, his face was still calm without waves, and he pursed his lips, not speaking.
Yun Cheng also doesn’t mind, he sighed like he was a bit sad, “Little brother is really cold. The total of words you have spoken to me in these few days was not more than ten words. The longest sentence was when we first met and you asked me who I am.”
JiYuan indifferently uttered an ‘Oh’. Maybe because of his cold attitude towards Yun Cheng (he is 80% sure), Yun Cheng no longer try to speak with him.
The Immortal Swords assembly was not far from the Jiang residence. On that many times enlarged practice field which boasted an extremely large area, a rough glance could see that accommodating ten thousands of people was not an impossible task.
The venue of the assembly looked like a stadium that JiYuan has seen before. In the middle of the venue was a lot of raised platforms, and the surrounding area was stone steps for Spectators to sit down and watch.2
JiYuan himself doesn’t have any cultivation, and he was used to the sight of Ye Junchi’s power. He has no interest in the fighting stances of these cultivators, so he glanced over once and stopped looking at them.
In order to regulate the level of the participants, the casual cultivators won’t be going against the cultivators from prestigious families and clans right from the start. The venue was separated to two parts (lower levels fight first), and the rules of the competition were also simpler and crude. A person would go up the stage, and as long as he/she could win over 10 challengers, he/she would be eligible to participate in the main event.
There were a lot of cultivators who came to the venue, but most of them came to watch the fun. Yun Cheng brought JiYuan to squeeze through the throng of people to the casual cultivators’ part (the lower level stage area), and sat down at the most front line of seats. He(YC) supported his chin with his hand and looked at the casual cultivators fighting with flashy ‘ping ping pang pang’ (sound effect) on the stage. A flash of undetected contempt flitted across his eyes.
“Little brother, when will you be prepared to go up there?”
Pausing, JiYuan turned sideways to glance at Yun Cheng. There were ‘no ripples or waves’ (no emotion) in his light-colored eyes, just like a mirror. Yun Cheng was a bit stunned by his gaze, he felt like he could see his own shadow from that pair of translucent, light-colored eyes. For a moment, he doesn’t know how to start the conversation again.
Seeing that Yun Cheng stopped trying to stir things up, JiYuan turned back to the front. He carefully clutched to Gui Chi, silently praying for Ye Junchi to return to the inn as soon as possible, then come here quickly after reading the note he left on the table.
On the stages, casual cultivators were fighting intensely with various fighting methods. They probably used to fight in the wild so they started the battles with heavy hits. Very quickly, blood started to appear. JiYuan only gave the stages a few glances before shifting away his line of sight.
System gave a ‘tsk’ and asked, “That terrified?”
“… I am a gentleman, not used to killing scenes.”
System uttered a ‘qi’. [T/N : A softer version of Tsk 😛 ]
Yun Cheng was just sitting normally for a while, then his body shook. He pressed at his forehead and lowered his head, his forehead was wet with cold sweat. If someone paid attention, they would certainly find a wisp of black cloud over his face. Yun Cheng clenched his jaw, his expression was quite ferocious. His face showing a painful struggling expression for a long while, then Yun Cheng gradually calmed down. His brown eyes looked empty for a second, before his normal look was restored.
Slowly leaning towards JiYuan, his tone carried a smile, “Who are you waiting for? The person who was with you?”
JiYuan’s pupil shrank.
“Don’t wait anymore, he is dead.” Yun Cheng gently laughed, an undisguised malice was shown on his face, “Killed by Jiang Miao Miao -”
A struck of lighting thundered inside JiYuan’s mind. He abruptly stood up and stared at Yun Cheng in surprise, the hand shrunk inside his sleeves couldn’t stop trembling. Although Yun Cheng looked a little bit strange, he looked quite modest overall. Using such strange tone to speak suddenly, is he exposing his true face, or … what?
He(JY) moved his lips to speak but his legs suddenly felt like being controlled, abruptly walked himself up to a fighting stage. JiYuan was feeling a bit blurred, he turned around to look at Yun Cheng and saw him clasping his fist; his eyebrows were thick with gloom, the smile on his lips seemed mocking. In a flash, he has uncontrollably stood on a stage. The moment he reached the stage, a cultivator was already stabbing a sword towards JiYuan. The cultivator was shrouded in black robe, but it can be vaguely seen that she is a slender woman.
JiYuan did not pay attention to what was happening around him, he just absentmindedly asked System, “System, Yun Cheng said Ye Junchi has … died?”
System unhesitatingly replied, “Nonsense! Don’t trust him, trust your man.”
“I trust your mother … ah!”
Just as the sword came very close to his face, JiYuan immediately came back to reality. Knowing that he himself is a weak chicken, and that anyone also could casually poke him to death, JiYuan tried to dodge the tip of the sword when he heard a ‘Dang!’ sound. Gui Chi which was wrapped very tightly with a cloth flew out from his back, steadily blocked the sword.
System was relieved, “Towards you, Big bro really took a lot of trouble. Giving you his own sword, and let such a spiritual sword to protect you. Are you really not considering marriage? If you get married (to YJC), I could get some bonus, it’s the best of three worlds ah…”
When her stab was blocked, the cultivator thrust another stab, each moves were ruthless with killing intent. JiYuan practiced ‘Sanda’ before, so his moves at lowering down his chest, dodging then stood up were quite agile. But his hand that was holding Gui Chi, uncontrollably lifted up and slashed down.
[T/N : Wiki HERE]
He spat out, “pei Marry your grandfather! If you want a marriage, then you marry. After I left this world, you can take this body and play all you want yourself.”
“The thing the other person liked was not your body, what’s the use of your empty shell?”
“…. Ha?” JiYuan’s footsteps paused, “What did you said? Like? Ye Junchi liked me? Ha ha ha ha ha System I am fighting now don’t crack a joke with me now.”
System : “You are having a guilty conscience now.”
JiYuan silently ignored its words. The casual cultivator on the other hand became more agitated when none of her attacks actually hit him. Her attacks became increasingly ruthless, though her stances turned a bit chaotic. They ran a few rounds on the stage, the spectators keep boo-ing and jeering. Taking advantage of an opening from the stance, Gui Chi controlled JiYuan’s attack and ruthless struck out. Looking from the posture, it was aiming to kill.
Surprised, JiYuan used his whole body strength to pull back the uncontrollable sword. Gui Chi was like a willful child, after getting into a stalemate with JiYuan for a short moment, it aggrievedly gave way. But at the same time, JiYuan was pulling backwards with force so he caught unprepared and heavily fell down onto the ground. The pain was so intense, he sucked in a cold breath …
The casual cultivator who just got back her life didn’t stop attacking, but immediately uttered a ‘Ha!’ sound, and stabbed towards the JiYuan who was lying on the ground without any defense. JiYuan didn’t expect that this Miss would be returning good will with hatred, he gently hissed, then subconsciously raised Gui Chi to block the attack. Then ‘RIIIIP’, a sound of cloth tearing could be heard –
The cloth used to wrap all over Gui Chi was ripped.
Gui Chi’s name stayed in the Top 10 Magic Weapon chart in the cultivation world. Even though most people never seen the real thing before, it was quite possible that half of the people in the assembly today who could recognize it in one glance.
JiYuan’s heart thumped, he immediately retrieved the sword back into his arms, rolling to a side in a sorry manner. The sword stabbed deep into the stage’s stone floor. If not for Gui Chi first blocked a portion of the attack, this sword would fiercely pierce through JiYuan’s body. JiYuan couldn’t help frowning, “This Miss, do you have any grudges with me?”
The casual cultivator slowly pulled out her sword from the ground. With a sneer, she flipped open the hood of her black robe, revealing a face that still could be considered beautiful and cute.
… a bit familiar.
Then, it means this is really a enemy?! From the Ji family?
JiYuan was still stupidly stunned, when he heard System’s voice, “Indeed, it’s those few casual cultivators from last time! This is some ‘good’ they have done. This little girl was directing her attack on your sword just now. It seems that she wanted to see the appearance of your sword underneath the layer of cloth. The motive has been identified.”
As soon as System mentioned it, JiYuan started to recall. This person in front seemed to be sister of the dude who Ye Junchi has gotten rid of… no wonder, each attack was fiercely and fatal. JiYuan was a bit helpless, he doesn’t wanted to hit a woman, plus a common mortal like him couldn’t really go against a cultivator.
The cloth covering Gui Chi was torn almost to shreds. Later when the girl attack again, and the cloth flies away, the thousands of cultivators present in the assembly would find out that he is holding the demon lord’s sword…
That would be a big news.
When JiYuan thought of the consequences of exposing Gui Chi, he shivered. Tightly clinging to Gui Chi, he said in a low voice, “I admit defeat.”
According to the rules of the assembly, if one side admitted defeat, the other side will not be able to attack again. JiYuan nodded to the girl who was looking ashen. Even though his hair and robe was in a sorry mess, his temperament was cold and quiet as usual. Just when JiYuan almost walked to the side of the stone stage, a hint of confusion flashed through the woman’s eyes. She called out in a high-pitched voice, “You….”
JiYuan turned back to look at her quietly.
The woman blankly looked at JiYuan for a moment, then her expression sharpened. She screamed shrilly, “Slut! Return my big brother’s life!”
As soon as she finished her words, she struck out with any further talking towards the unprepared JiYuan. The moment this sword struck its mark, JiYuan would be pierced and immediately take his last breath.
System sighed, “Don’t be sad, I still remember the reincarnation chants. The first verse is ná mó ē mí duō pó yè, dǎ tā jiā duō yè, dǎ dì yè tā, ē mí lì dū pó pí…” [CN WIKI]
JiYuan heard it until he get a headache, “Shut the fxck up!”
System : “… why didn’t you ask if you should say it?”
JiYuan coldly replied, “Because I need to say it.”
[T/N : For those who don’t understand or couldn’t remember, whenever JiYuan wanted to say the F-word, he usually say ‘I have an F-word not sure if I should say it’ :v But JiYuan really wanted to say the F-word this time XD]
Everything happened in the blink of an eye, JiYuan only have time to converse a few seconds with System. The sword’s killing intent was really forceful, so except from tightly clinging to Gui Chi, he couldn’t even move his footsteps. JiYuan unconsciously opened his eyes widely.
He doesn’t want to die.
His body was trembling a bit. In his eyes, the incoming sword was enlarged numerous times, it felt like an overwhelming sword covering the skies. In trance, JiYuan seemed to notice that the hilt of this high quality sword, there was a small cloud pattern. The next moment, it was all darkness in front of his eyes.
JiYuan’s voice was shaking, “System, why can’t I feel any pain? Am I dead?”
System went silent for a moment, then said, “Didn’t die, what a pity. You only see a piece of darkness, right? That is because someone covered your eyes…”
In the midst of the sudden fear, his 5 senses went on strike but now that they have returned, JiYuan took a deep breath and realized that his eyes were covered by a warm palm. When the sense of sight was blocked, the sense of smell would became much more sensitive. His nose unconsciously twitched, he smell a hint of light and nice smell of rosin. JiYuan paused, he tugged away the hand covering his eyes. That hand was quite accommodating, it left his eyes and turned to clasp at his waist instead.
He(JY) doesn’t care about that and looked up. Then he found out that the man behind him has only lifted a long, slender finger. The finger pointed emptily in the air, suspending that sword which was condensated with spiritual power in mid-air.
A lock of long and soft black hairs hung softly from the man’s head over JiYuan’s face and neck. The itch could be felt deep in his heart. They were standing too close, so much that JiYuan felt like he could hear the sound of that strong heartbeat of that man. JiYuan stood blankly, his lips unconsciously trembled. His nose felt acidic and tingly, the rim of his eyes abruptly reddened.
The man behind him coldly humphed. His finger pointed again and brought the sword down and crushing it on the ground. It scared the female cultivator to turn pale white. The man slowly opened his mouth, in that magnetic elegant voice which usually calm and carrying smiles in it, there was a thread of thick killing intent, “You dared to touch him?”
The author has something to say:
YJC : QAQ Dared to bully my Melon Seed! Very angry! Need Melon Seed to kiss kiss hug hug to release anger!
Translator : shouted along with YJC from behind Yeah yeah, you dared to touch him?!
Ye Junchi : I’m back~
JiYuan : Big bro …. big bro … cries
Translator : How come he doesn’t realize that he has feelings for our Supreme Big Bro?
System : Beats me, I’m left hanging with nowhere to go. He is not dying but also not finishing the tasks and not to mention, not OOC-ing anytime soon…
Translator : pats Soon, let’s head to the end of the novel as soon as we can ;D

  1. I couldn’t remember if I explained what Daren means before. Raise your hand if you don’t know. 大人, if directly translated it means ‘Adult’. It also means ‘title of respect toward superiors’. 
  2. The assembly kinda reminds me of a Hunter x Hunter scene, the Heaven’s Arena~ XD 

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