先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 24

[Translator : I finally have some free time to read the raw so I started with some chapters. Usually when I speed-read a novel, it means copying the entire thing and have the online translator read it to me. Because reading by myself takes time :v

The usual voice from the online translator was a 30 to 40-ish man. All of a sudden, the voice changed to a 60-ish old man who speaks slowly. FriCK! WHAT THE HELL?! That scared the heebie jeebies crap out of me ;3 Do you still remember that this Banana is as timid as JiYuan?]

Ye Junchi’s gaze was scorching hot, still staring at JiYuan like he wanted to tear him open and swallow him into his stomach. His voice was a bit hoarse, “Won’t you personally help me to ‘calm down’?”

Hearing that, JiYuan felt his back was tingling. He took out the dagger from his sleeve and lightly said, “Help you to cut it off?”


Once again, Ye Junchi sighed with disappointment. He turned and start putting on his clothes.

Still maintaining vigilance, JiYuan held onto the dagger and sat down at a side, watching him putting on his clothes. That slender and perfect body was facing him(JY) with the back view. Those scars at the back were covered by Ye Junchi’s long hair, occasionally exposing a hint of heart-shocking view. When he bent over, that slender waist was even more eye-catching. The itch was intolerable in JiYuan’s heart, his face felt a bit feverish, “Am… am I getting a nosebleed?”

System : “Soon.”


“I said, no matter you are getting a nosebleed or not, the time limit for the task is coming soon.”

JiYuan : “…”

Really a bad System, not trying to comfort him at all. He was trying to endure a great temptation here, alright?!

Ye Junchi tied his belt with slow movements. Then, he gave his wet hair a backward flip, revealed a handsome and elegant facial features. In the hazy lighting from the candlelight, he seemed to be basked in a layer of warm glow. At that moment, JiYuan was unable to take his eyes away from him(YJC).

Noticing his stare, Ye Junchi’s mood became better. The corner of his lips curved up and his raspy voice became milder, “The demon race has many interesting tricks. I’ll show you a new one today.” Unable to take his eyes off, JiYuan stared steadily at him. Ye Junchi couldn’t help but reached out to give JiYuan a pinch at his fair white cheek, helplessly saying, “Don’t stare at me like that.”


Ye Junchi’s smile became more evil, his tone sounded true but fake at the same time, “I would be unable to keep myself from ‘eating’ you.” Pausing a bit, he(YJC) then muttered under his breath, “Even if ‘eaten’, it doesn’t matter ba, we are married anyway…”

JiYuan’s scalp felt little prickly, he immediately changed the topic, “Are you taking me back to sneak into the Jiang residence?”

Rubbing his(JY) head, Ye Junchi lightly chuckled and replied, “Soon.”

Then, he drew a small circle on his palm. Beads of blood floated up non-stop into the air like pearls, then it slowly opened up and took form similar to a standing mirror as tall as a normal human. A hint of blood smell permeated the air, and JiYuan was almost frightened to tears by that.

“Goddamit! System, Ye Junchi is not ghost, right?! So scary AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH!” 1

“What kind of ghost have you seen that would get ‘hard’?”

JiYuan : “… p3rvert, shut up.”

The circular mirror floated in the air for a moment, then stood still. Ye Junchi reached out his fingers to give the mirror a rap. His fingers under the contrast of the bloody red mirror, looked even more like a white jade carving; so stunning that it rendered people speechless. JiYuan’s gaze was once again captured, he couldn’t help but scolded himself a few times in his heart. He was walking a completely different direction from his loose, playboy, old father. His father was busy planting ‘seeds’ while his own personality was cold. He has no interest even when seeing a hot, sexy woman stri[pp]ed nek1d and standing in front of him. Later, he came to understand his se[x]ual orientation, but then he was not interested with the men around him. Probably because he was disgusted with his father leaving love everywhere, he was in a predicament. But he was trying hard to restrain himself. If he couldn’t find the person he liked, he wouldn’t go to taste the forbidden fruit and indulge in se[x]ual pleasure. The one who has the most intimate contact with him, with the exception of ‘Miss Right Hand’1, it should be Ye Junchi. These past few years of fooling around after he quit from the inheritance struggle, he had only smiled from a distance watching his fellow friends indulged in booze and s.e-x, while he himself only drink alcohol. Men or women who stripped nek1d and tried to climb onto his bed was too much to count, but this was his first time getting mesmerized by someone’s body and action.

Truly ‘gerddammit’.

JiYuan secretly sighed, then saw images starting to reflect on the circular mirror. There were two person standing in the middle of the mirror, and the images gradually cleared up, even the sound sounded near like it was right beside the ear.

“…. JiangXin, what actually have you ‘not’ lie to me?!”

The moment he heard this, JiYuan immediately perked up to watch the drama.

JiangXin’s mind was clearly awake now, she was aware that she had said something to Sun Shiyu. Her face went abruptly pale white, and her lips was trembling, “No… Shiyu, listen to me. It’s not like that, I was bewitched. I didn’t do it! I didn’t do that kind of thing!”

Sun Shiyu’s warm expression took in the whole scene, his lower jaw tightened and his eyes were raging.

“Yes, you didn’t do it! You didn’t help me cure my legs!”

Her whole body was trembling, JiangXin used all her effort to maintain the usual gentle side of hers. She mournfully looked at Sun Shiyu, “It’s me, Shiyu. How could you forget my kindness to you? I have cured your legs, how could you questioned me?”

She was actually same as Jiang Miao Miao, falling in love with Sun Shiyu at the first sight. Just that she hesitated a bit when she heard that he has a leg disease. JiangXin didn’t tell anyone that she liked him, because she felt disgraceful (for liking someone disabled). She is the daughter of the Jiang family’s Head, her future husband must be at least a match of the same status, someone with outstanding talent and able-bodied. A disabled like Sun Shiyu…. impossible. That few days when Jiang Miao Miao was treating Sun Shiyu’s legs, her heart has been struggling. Sun Shiyu was the eldest Young master of the Sun family, and his talent was also good. With the exception of his immobile legs, other aspects of him were in line with her standards. Since his legs would be getting better….

Then, this excellent Young master should be hers. She stolen Jiang Miao Miao’s thing like it was expected as a matter of course. Seeing her(JMM) causing discord between Sun and Jiang family, she was in fact, feeling proud and arrogant in her heart. Jiang Miao Miao was forever speaking in a straight and rigid manner (not flexible), and her temper was not good, so how could Sun Shiyu believe her?

Sun Shiyu’s face darkened, “I have always believed in you, and thought Jiang Miao Miao was lying, thinking that she looked repulsive….”

Now that he thought of it, he recounted the girl’s bright eyes that was filled with anger and grievances, he felt uncomfortable in his heart.

Ye Junchi turned his head to gaze at the serious-looking youth for a moment, then he quietly walked to him and stretched out his arms to pull him into his arms, his hands rested on his(JY) shoulders. Immediately, JiYuan threw a slap out. Ye Junchi was not angry, and was smiling instead. The power in JiYuan’s slap was nothing, he(YJC) was not in pain or itchy. But that moment their skin touched, Ye Junchi felt that the youth’s palm was delicate and smooth. His heart felt an itch, he wanted to catch that hand back to fiddle and play with it. But …. the time was not right yet for now. Ye Junchi blinked, his gaze was still resting on JiYuan’s cold, handsome, side profile. In a leisurely tone, he said, “Sure enough, he regretted. Humans ah….”

JiYuan was feeling uncomfortable, being stared so intently by him. He put all his effort to maintain his frosty face, lightly said, “The one he wanted to marry all along was JiangXin.”

If Sun Shiyu knew from the start that Jiang Miao Miao was the one who cured his legs, afraid he would only send gifts over as a gratitude. After all, Jiang Miao Miao was not the daughter from the Jiang family’s Head, and he was the Eldest son of the Sun family’s Head. The one most suitable for marriage was JiangXin. His regret at the moment, was probably just angry being cheated by JiangXin, plus a bit of guilty and shame towards Jiang Miao Miao’s feeling.

Ye Junchi was a bit stunned, he reached out to tidy JiYuan’s hair, and softly laughed, “Thought you were being treated like a girl (previously)? How could you see the big picture so clearly? Can’t you just put some imagination in it?”

“I am a man.”

JiYuan coldly gave him a look, then turned away to continue watching the drama.

In the mirror, JiangXin quibbled a few more sentences. Sun Shiyu was not an idiot, the intolerance between his eyebrows gets deeper and deeper. In the end, his tone became completely cold, devoid of warmth, “JiangXin, if you really cured me, then how did you do it? Where did you found the method? Where is the prescription?”

JiangXin was suddenly at a loss for words, Jiang Miao Miao did not tell her these.

Seeing that she was unable to answer, Sun Shiyu sneered. With one grab, he pulled off his wedding robe and threw it onto the ground, then turned to leave. JiangXin became increasingly panic, her tone sounded sharp, “Sun Shiyu! Are you going to find Jiang Miao Miao? Don’t forget that you and I have already completed the wedding ceremony!”

Sun Shiyu paused.

JiangXin was happy when she saw that this method was working, continued saying, “The Jiang family and Sun family has tied the knot, what are you trying to do? Want to cancel our marriage and marry Jiang Miao Miao? You think the Jiang family could be played around by you like this?! Want to get ‘mutual divorce’ with me? Don’t even dream about it in this lifetime!”

Sun Shiyu was silent for a long time. He turned around, his cold eyes met with JiangXin’s eyes that were revealing hints of joy, he couldn’t help shivering. Then the man’s light voice could be heard saying, “JiangXin, I have always felt that Jiang Miao Miao was rude, arrogant and unreasonable. Why is it only now that I feel she is actually cutely straightforward? Unlike you, your appearance and heart is so malicious, it makes people felt nauseous.” Finished his words, he turned and pushed the door open without hesitation, leaving JiangXin alone, her face keep changing back and forth in the shade of white and green.

“He want to look for Jiang Miao Miao?” JiYuan frowned.

Logically speaking, JiYuan couldn’t see how Sun Shiyu come to like JiangXin, what more towards Jiang Miao Miao. Sun Shiyu probably wanted to compensate Jiang Miao Miao out of self-esteem and guilt. As JiangXin said, after their marriage, whatever happened between them will no longer concern only two of them but between both of the family instead.

The round mirror gradually dispersed, and the beads of blood dissipated in the air. Ye Junchi looked indifferent, “Probably 8/9 out of 10. Unfortunately, I only gave some blood worms to that little girl, so we couldn’t see how Jiang Miao Miao would treat Sun Shiyu.” Pausing a bit, he smiled and pinched JiYuan’s cheek, “Ah Yuan, what do you think Jiang Miao Miao will do?”

JiYuan let him(YJC) rub/knead his cheeks, lightly replied, “Start cursing a blue streak, sneer with indifference, reward him with a kick.” Although it was impossible to do exactly like he said, it should be around there. JiYuan probably couldn’t imagine that Jiang Miao Miao was someone who dares to do whatever she wanted to do.

The excitement just ended, JiYuan then remembered his task. He quickly look for System to ask about the time. System coldly said, “Are you happy watching the drama? Still remember the task ah? Let me give you a countdown, 60, 59, 58 …”

The room quieted down, Ye Junchi looked at the youth sitting uprightly at the side. His gaze was on his(JY) long and black lashes, straight nose and soft red lips; sweeping past by them one by one. Understanding that his own mind couldn’t stop being a bit restless, he asked again, “Really don’t want to sleep with me? The weather has become cooler, don’t you feel cold sleeping alone?”

JiYuan was scared witless by System’s countdown. He looked indifferently at Ye Junchi, then turned to rush out from the room.

Ye Junchi went silent for a while. He went downstairs to request for people to clean up the bathing barrel. When he came up, he passed by JiYuan’s room. His feet was a bit reluctant to leave. All his life, he has never stopped for anyone. He originally thought him being good to JiYuan was because of guilt and a trace of distant and faint feeling of gratitude, plus he(JY) is needed to fix his cultivation. Now, he became aware that JiYuan was not the same (previously), all of those (feelings) … were not the same anymore. His toes involuntarily turned towards the door(JY’s) but he held them back. Thinking about how the youth was fearful of ‘certain things’ back in the Zhao family’s ancestral graves and also in the small forest, his eyes flashed brightly. Smiling mischievously, he knocked on the door and said, “Just now at the lobby, the innkeeper said the inn is haunted sometimes. Are you sure you don’t want to come over? My arms are very warm.”

JiYuan resolutely and decisively threw out one word, “Scram.”

The author has something to say:
JY sharpening knife : Help you cut it down?
YJC : … do you still want a good s[e.]x life?
JY : What you have, I also have. I can give you.
Then JiYuan was [BEEP] a thousand times.

#AreYouHappyThatYouGetToMarryYourDisabledLove ?
#EhmergerdHaunted ?! T^T

  1. Not sure why JiYuan used the word ‘Miss/姑娘’ rather than ‘Mister’, since he is a gh-ey dude. 

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