先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 25

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Sleeping deep into the night, JiYuan suddenly shivered. He was woken up by a vague sound of water dripping, he still shivered even though he was covered with a thick quilt. The surrounding was strangely quiet. Not sure where it came from, a gust of eerie wind blew over. JiYuan was just sitting up when the wind blew, goosebumps raised on his arms and he couldn’t help but gently sucked in a breath of cold air. Nothing couldn’t be seen clearly in the dark, JiYuan randomly thought of the time before he went to bed when Ye Junchi passed by his room, and the seemed-fake-and-true words he said.

… really haunted?

JiYuan’s teeth chattered, “Sy sy sy sy System ah ah ah ah should be no ghost ba? Even if there is, I’m staying next to Ye Junchi. The sword Gui Chi, those kind of thing shouldn’t appear ba…”

System went silent for a moment, thinking that some things are better off untold, calmly said, “Logically, your bed is separated too far from Ye Junchi’s bed. Gui Chi couldn’t prevent ghosts from scaring you.”

JiYuan wanted to cry. He could only use the quilt to cover his whole body, then carefully looked around the room, visibly trembling. He absentmindedly recalled back the time when he was young and locked in a haunted house. Every corner also seemed to be emitting a scary atmosphere, as if all sorts of strange and evil spirits would jump out at any moments. There seemed to be eyes from all directions in the room, staring at him. They used voices that he couldn’t hear to playfully size him up….

JiYuan could even feel a cold breath in close proximity. Then, there was something ‘unclean’ stretching slowly below his bed, checking out how to attack him in one fell swoop. JiYuan’s body froze, his throat tightened, “System, what to do? I can’t sleep, I would be scared to death.”

“Go to Ye Junchi’s room. Both of you are men anyway, it’s nothing to sleep together.”

“… I’m gh-ey ah.”

“What can a weak chicken like you do to him?”

JiYuan : “…” Sounds about right.

JiYuan went silent for a while, then said, “Still can’t.”

System was a bit headache, “Baby, what now? Ye Junchi won’t do anything to you.”

“… I don’t dare to get out of the bed.” JiYuan said in a small voice, after holding back for a moment.

System : “… what a baby.”

Still shivering, JiYuan continued to burrow into his quilt. He felt like there were eyes staring at him no matter where he looked at. Scowling miserably, he pleaded, “System, please help me. You don’t want to see me being scared to death here, right? I didn’t OOC and also didn’t finish the tasks, under this circumstances you couldn’t get the bonus, right?”

System thought for a moment, sighed, “Alright, I’ll help you run out of the room.”

JiYuan emitted some crying sound, “You are so nice, if you are a man, I’ll will marry you.”

System was silent, not replying him.

Not a moment later, JiYuan felt his body automatically moved and sat up, wrapping himself tightly with the quilt. Then his body quickly got out of the bed, ran to the door and pushed it open. The moment he was out of the room, the control of his body returned. It was already midnight, the corridor in the inn was shrouded in darkness. Tonight the stars was not much, logically the moonlight should be bright but it was enveloped tightly within dark clouds, giving off a ghostly atmosphere. JiYuan moved his arms a bit, then walked in quick steps towards Ye Junchi’s room. His gaze accidentally swept over at the end of the corridor, he seemed to see two dark green lights.

…something over there was peeping at him!

His scalp felt numb, JiYuan even skipped the part to knock at the door, quickly push at it – it actually opened. Rushing into the room, he closed the door with a ‘Peng!’. His heartbeat rapidly sprinted, his body was trembling and he was completely soaked in cold sweat. Both of JiYuan’s legs were shaking, “System! Did I just saw a ghost?!”

System thought later you might see a lot more ghosts until someone have his wishes fulfilled, opened its mouth to comfort JiYuan, “Don’t be afraid, Ye Junchi is here. No demons or ghosts will dare to come close to you.”

JiYuan wrapped himself tightly in his quilt, and groped his way to the side of the bed. He camouflaged himself for so many years after all (pretending he was not scared), so even if he was scared witless, he still retain a bit of his thinking ability a moment later. Getting into Ye Junchi’s room, he was starting to feel little doubts.

… let’s not say how Ye Junchi was not aware of ghosts and spirits causing trouble, but he was so loud when he rushed into his room, Ye Junchi didn’t notice? He frowned, an unlikely idea passed through his heart. JiYuan ignored it and simply reached out and touched the bed, instantly cold sweat started running down again.

Ye Junchi was not there.

“System Ah Ah Ah Ah Ah I’m gonna die!!”

System maintained its calm, saying, “First, close your mouth. If Ye Junchi saw you like this, I wouldn’t be able to not punish you OOC.”

The moment JiYuan heard that, he immediately shut up. His eyes were swimming in tears, “Then where is he?”

“Behind you.”

The room abruptly basked in the warm candlelight, dispersing the chill and darkness. Just as JiYuan tried to turn around, his whole body plus the quilt was pulled into an embrace. Smelling the familiar smell of rosin, JiYuan’s speeding heart started to calm down.

“Personally sending yourself right to my door?”

The person hugging him lightly chuckled, and his voice was low and magnetic causing JiYuan’s ear to become feverish hot. His righteous rebuttal has yet to be said, and he was half-pushed half-hugged onto the bed. He ‘gu ru ru’ rolled across the bed, then was ‘gu ru ru’ pulled back by Ye Junchi into his arms.

Ye Junchi : “Are you afraid?” Even when separated by the quilt, Ye Junchi could feel him(JY) trembling.

Thinking about the fear that deeply seeped into his soul, JiYuan couldn’t ignore his conscience and say ‘Not afraid’, so he changed the topic, “Where did you go just now?”

“There was some movements outside, so I went out to see.”

Seeing how badly he(JY) shook, Ye Junchi felt some regret. Heart aching, he hugged JiYuan even tighter. JiYuan didn’t push him away either. His scare was not light, so naturally he won’t push away this embrace which gave him a peace of mind. The doubts in his heart disappeared and he nodded, lightly said, “… I … I am a bit cold.”

“Told you that my arms are very warm. Sleep with me ba, I won’t do anything to you.”

Ye Junchi blinked and loosened his hold of JiYuan. He attempted to open JiYuan’s little quilt, wanting to truly hug him in his arms(sans quilt). JiYuan put some efforts to tighten his hold on the quilt. Firmly upholding the belief ‘Nobody could separate me from my little quilt’, he stubbornly stared at Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi silently looked at JiYuan, both of them staring at each other for a moment.

So cute, want to give a kiss.

This person(JY) was usually cold and frosty, like a layer of fake shell. Only by his teasing and provocation could make him reveal his real side. One day, he would be able to make JiYuan no longer looking at him with a cold face. Ye Junchi touched his own chin, full of confidence. No longer pulling at JiYuan’s quilt, he grabbed both human and quilt into his arms, whispered, “Sleep ba, I’m here.”

Experiencing such a shock, his mind was tightly wound and tense. Originally he thought he won’t be able to sleep tonight, but who knew upon entering Ye Junchi’s arms, he gradually relaxed and fell asleep after a moment.

Ye Junchi lightly opened JiYuan’s quilt and took the person out from the bundle. He looked down at the youth’s fair cheeks with transparent pink tinge, thinking something. As if he was making a promise to someone, he said, “Just one kiss”. He bowed down and pecked the youth’s smooth forehead. A moment of silent, then Ye Junchi make a solemn vow again, “Just one more.” This time, he bowed down his head towards the bright, red lips that he had desired passionately for a long time. One kiss came after another, rubbing and kneading for a long time. Seeing that the lips were a bit swollen, Ye Junchi finally satisfied and put the person in his arms down. He carefully covered him with the quilt, then got up to the door.

Outside in the darkness, a bunch of ghosts and spirits trembling. They squatted in a corner, looked up with reverence towards the tall slender man who just opened the door. Quite different from when he was facing JiYuan, the gentleness and perverseness was not visible. Ye Junchi waved his hand to disperse the greeting. His expression was like ice and his gaze was chilly. The invisible pressure caused the bunch of ghosts not dare to look at him. Ye Junchi’s voice was faint, “A bit too over, he keep shaking from the scare.”

The bunch of ghosts trembled even harder.

But Ye Junchi suddenly smiled, “But well done, you can leave.”

The little spirits sighed in relief, they left after expressing their thanks and a few ‘kowtows’ (knocking head on the ground). After they left the premise, the previously gloomy inn turned warmer and brighter. Even the dark clouds which engulfed the moonlight have scattered. The moonlight shone brightly down on the earth, like a layer of holy light.

System who was silently listening at a corner tsk-ed, “No next time? So considerate!”

Quietly closing the door, Ye Junchi returned to the side of the bed and gently got on it. Then he put the sleeping person into his arms. Sure enough, (one) need to be scared to behave.


Sleeping on the same bed with another person for the first time, JiYuan’s mood was quite complicated. Especially he found out after waking up that both his hands and feet were wrapped around another person. His face was glued to the person’s chest and his so-called ‘morning’ ‘wood’ appeared like usual. He ran away under Ye Junchi’s smiling yet not smiling gaze. Afterwards, JiYuan deliberately avoided Ye Junchi for a long time. Ye Junchi worried that he(JY) won’t be able to sleep at night, specially brought Gui Chi for him to carry by his side. Hugging Gui Chi, JiYuan heaved a long sigh.

System couldn’t stand it, couldn’t help but asked, “I thought you don’t hate getting along with Ye Junchi?”

JiYuan weakly replied, “Don’t hate doesn’t mean I like ah.”

“I see you quite liked it what.”

“… no matter I like it or not, I better stay away a bit further from him.”

System calmly stating the truth, “Your heart is moved?”

“Huh, how could it be?”

JiYuan expressionless said that sentence, then felt like self-deception is not good, irritably mussed his own hair and said, “Alright, a bit. But what would that do? I am someone who would be leaving…”

“Going back for what? Fight for the inheritance with your bunch of half brothers and sisters?”

“That’s very tiring.”

“Going back to fool around?”

JiYuan touched his chin, “Yeah, I kinda missed my drinking buddies.”

Not easily fooled, System tsk-ed and said, “You are getting better in telling lies. You wanted to go back and get revenge for your little brother ba?”

JiYuan gave a ‘tsk’ too and said, “Your words are increasing more and more.”

JiYuan nested inside the quilt and bantered with System. As the sky turned dark, there was a sudden knock at the door. Gui Chi trembled slightly with agitation in his arms. Feeling calm in his heart, JiYuan hesitated for a short moment then went to open the door.

Ye Junchi stood with lights behind his back, his stature seemed to be more slender and elegant. When he saw JiYuan, he smiled and said, “Not avoiding from me anymore?”

“I didn’t avoid you.” Feeling guilty, JiYuan was afraid to look at him.

Ye Junchi rested one of his hands at the edge of the door. After staring at JiYuan for a long time, he suddenly bowed his head and placed a kiss on the top of his(JY) head. Then, he sensitively aware that JiYuan was shaking. Frowning, he pinched JiYuan’s jaw and forced him to raise his head. When Ye Junchi saw that there was no disgust on that clean and handsome face, his mind relaxed a bit. With a gentle tone, “Come on, there are news from Jiang Miao Miao.”

Over past few days, there are more and more cultivators going over so the Jiang family decided to just open up an area in their residence for the cultivators to stay over. Where there are a lot of people, no matter common folks or cultivators, there will be disputes. The Immortal Sword assembly will begin in a few days time, but undercurrent conflict has started some time ago. Jiang Miao Miao was waiting at the back door of the Jiang residence. Diverting the guards away, she sat down on the gate threshold; her face was a bit emotional. Seeing Ye Junchi and JiYuan coming from a distance, she immediately stood up. She went over with quick steps, her gaze was sharp, “Where did you get this silkworm?!”

“From ZhaoYang’s coffin.” Ye Junchi replied in his usual not-fast-not-slow speed.

Jiang Miao Miao turned quiet for a while, her expression increasingly ugly, “Who are you?”

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