先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 21

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JiYuan : “…” Big brother, you are so upright that people couldn’t help but moved to tears.
Staring blankly at Ye Junchi, the signal bomb in Jiang Miao Miao’s hand fell on to the ground with a ‘pa ta’ sound. After a long moment of silence, she slowly asked, “You are Ye Junchi?”
Ye Junchi nodded.
Jiang Miao Miao laughed out loud, her red eyes caused by previous sad moments were flashing with (laughing) tears. Smiling out of breath, she rolled from the ground to a sitting position, “You said you are Ye Junchi? Ha ha ha ha ha ha you, have you not heard of the origin of Ye Junchi’s name?”
Rumors said Ye Junchi is a dark and gloomy person with a twisted character. He is a bloodthirsty murderer who kills people like scything flax. As for this person in front of her, he looked tall and handsome, his temperament was warm and gentle. So it was worlds apart for him to claim as such.1
Jiang Miao Miao laughed until she get hiccups, but JiYuan shivered. Towards Ye Junchi with cold indifferent eyes, he thought this big Biaojie really have unprecedented guts, to have neither predecessors nor successors, one of a kind (referring to her guts).
Finishing getting worried about Jiang Miao Miao, JiYuan started worrying for himself.
“Wo kao (Goddamn), System I was nearly scared to death. He directly fished out the golden silkworm from my clothes…. I almost kneel down (to beg for forgiveness). Don’t tell me he remembered that night ba?”
System : “Maybe not.”
“Don’t use the word ‘maybe’ ah, it makes me feel very guilty.”
System : “Probably?”
“You should stop talking…”
The guilty JiYuan doesn’t dare to speak, he just silently shrunk himself at the side. When Jiang Miao Miao finished laughing, she suddenly took a few steps forward. Reaching out to raise JiYuan’s chin, she said, “Moreover, although this child looked quite similar to my little aunt, the cousin I have is a Biaomei, not Biaodi.”
[T/N : Raise your hand if you remember what I informed about the female/male cousin titles :3 It’s okay if you forgot, let me refresh your brain. Biaomei = Younger female cousin / Biaodi = Younger male cousin]
JiYuan silently slapped away her hand and took a step backwards.
Sorry, big Biaojie. It’s really Biaodi, not Biaomei.
Jiang Miao Miao doesn’t mind it, she tidied up her messy hair and threw a glance at Ye Junchi.
“You said this silkworm was taken out from that cheap thing ZhaoYang’s coffin? Means someone deliberately put it in? Why? And how does this relate to saving my Biaomei?”
Ye Junchi doesn’t mind being laughed at upon revealing his identity, he casually pinched the silkworm, readily following the conversation, “Because the man was not killed by Ye Junchi. He and JiYuan wanted to find the killer. There is a sword injury on the body that matched Ye Junchi’s sword Gui Chi. They wanted to investigate the sword mark on the body but was a step too late. The corpse was stolen and replaced with golden silkworm.”
“You mean the corpse was not stolen by Ye Junchi?”
Hearing that, Ye Junchi was a bit unhappy, “Is his corpse that cute?”
Jiang Miao Miao : “….” She was a bit speechless ah.
Struggling internally for a while, Jiang Miao Miao said, “Word says Ye Junchi destroyed the corpse…”
Ye Junchi became even more unhappy, “If he really wanted to destroy the body, why make it so clean? Wouldn’t thousands of knives cut be better?”
Jiang Miao Miao choked on her words again. That’s right, Ye Junchi was described as demon and monster in the rumor. He has a love for torture so if he really wanted to destroy the body, there are plenty of cruel methods to use. Disappearing the body into thin airs is nothing, that really don’t match up to the rumors. But then, those enthusiastic cultivators wouldn’t pay any attention to this little detail. Being choked on her words twice, Jiang Miao Miao no longer dally in this matter, “So?”
“So, the reason someone put the silkworm in the coffin, was not to secretly ambush Ye Junchi and JiYuan, but to lead them to JinHe and push the blame onto the Jiang family.”
Jiang Miao Miao became silent for a while, “Why do I feel like you are talking like you are Ye Junchi?”
Ye Junchi kindly smiled, “Miss Jiang, I am Ye Junchi.”
Rushing towards him and baring her teeth, Jiang Miao Miao revealed two little canine tooth, “Stop trying to cheat this Great aunt. Listening to your words, it seemed logical so I’ll believe you this once. Leave the silkworm with me, I will check it out.”
“Have to trouble you.” Ye Junchi nodded, then said, “It should be easy for you Miss Jiang to know where are we staying. So, this one will quietly wait for your news.”
“You are not afraid that I won’t help you after taking the silkworm?”
Ye Junchi : “Not afraid.”
“You are genuine and sincere when you said you want to save JiYuan.”
Caressing the youth’s hair beside him, he was about to turn away when he suddenly remembered something.
“Oh right, Miss Jiang. Just now accidentally heard your mutterings… the one you told me before, was that the Eldest Young master Sun?”
JiYuan’s heart gave a thump. Straight man is really a straight man, doesn’t even consider the girl’s sensitive pain from being abandoned by a trash man; just straightforwardly mentioning it.
Unexpectedly, Jiang Miao Miao seemed to have let the matter down after crying it out, nodding her head in a ‘doesn’t matter’ way.
“Have let you seen the laughable scene, it’s actually not any complicated matter. Sun Shiyu originally has a leg disease and have to sit on a wheelchair all the time. When I was young, I went over to the Jiang* residence and blindly fell in love at the first sight with him. Thinking this person wearing an attire of white and sitting on the wheelchair, his laugh was gentle and elegant, and his pose felt like those lover boys described in novels.”
[T/N : Think it’s a typo, it should be she went to Sun residence instead of Jiang.]
“All these years, I kept looking for ways to cure his legs. When I found it, I went to the Sun family with my Tangjie – oh, it’s that JiangXin by the way. I was afraid the people from Sun family wouldn’t let me treat him so I lied and cheated him out from his house, knocked him out and started the treatment. Tiring me for three whole day and nights, I fainted after completing the treatment.”
[T/N : ‘Tang’ means the family from the father side, ‘Biao’ means from the mother side. So Tangjie means elder female cousin from the father side]
Having said until this part, the expression on Jiang Miao Miao’s face became cold.
“Then, the plot went just like his goddamned grandmother (random curses) stories from those storytellers. I fainted, and JiangXin stayed at his bedside. He woke up to see JiangXin and thought she was the one who helped cured his legs. Then she also smiled sheepishly and admitted it, saying that she fear what she did is unallowed in Sun family so could only come up with this strategy…. this Great aunt really wanted to strangle that JiangXin to death! ‘spit Sun Shiyu really have no eyes, blindly wanted to marry that black-hearted lotus. Couldn’t stop him, see how he regret it later!”
JiYuan : “… System, I felt a bit distressed for this little miss.”
System : “It just means that Young master Sun have no luck.”
Ye Junchi went silent for a short moment then said, “I can help you let Young master Sun find out the truth.”
Jiang Miao Miao was surprised, but she waved her hands saying, “No need, for such sad memories, it’ll be fine once I let it go. If he changed his mind upon knowing the truth, I would be disgusted instead.”
Smiling warmly, Ye Junchi said, “So what even if he changed his mind? Your Tangjie is already married to him, ‘the timber has already been turned into a boat'(what done is done). Don’t you want to see what would happen to this husband and wife when the truth is uncovered, Miss Jiang?”
These few days, Jiang Miao Miao was exhausted in both her spirit and energy.
She went to tell the truth to Sun Shiyu countless times but the man rather die than believe in her words. She doesn’t know how many times she has cried over this matter. Jiang Miao Miao was not that selfless, although she had let go of her affection, she didn’t let much of her hatred go. Hearing Ye Junchi’s words, her eyes suddenly shone brightly – to let Sun Shiyu be disgusted with JiangXin, so that he could only ‘hold up his nose’ and spend his life with JiangXin, wouldn’t that be ‘beautiful’?
She immediately agreed. Throwing the golden silkworm in her hand up in the air, she grinned and said, “As soon as this matter settled, I will be waiting for your good news.”
The onlooker JiYuan who witnessed a wicked deal being completed, shivered. Little miss was also not any good characters ah….
After both people reached an agreement, Ye Junchi carried JiYuan and turned to leave. Leaping out from the small courtyard, JiYuan frowned, “Stop carrying me.”
JiYuan’s stature was not too high and not too short, but when he stood side by side with Ye Junchi, their height difference was particularly evident. So, being carried here and there in this manner hurt a bit of his self-esteem.
Ye Junchi threw a glance at him, his lips curved up slightly with an unknown meaning, “Alright.”
JiYuan just sighed in relief, when Ye Junchi’s hand suddenly reached down to wrap around his waist, the other hooked behind his knees, easily picking up the youth in a princess-carry.
JiYuan was expressionless, “….”
Ye Junchi : “How about this then?”
“… just carry me like you previously did ba.”
Laughing, Ye Junchi said, “You want me to release you after entering my embrace? In your dreams.”
Then, he simply carried JiYuan up and down between the exquisite loft and corridors of the Jiang residence.
Displaying a dark face, JiYuan said, “Keep holding like this forever if you have the ability.” 2
Ye Junchi doesn’t mind.
“Okay ah, you are not heavy anyway. I will hold you when I walk, hold you when I eat, hold you when I bath, hold you when I sleep, no problem.”
JiYuan was despaired, “System, how to solve this?”
System was also despaired, “Why are you so free to challenge his face (shamelessness) and strength?”
The season has entered autumn, the sky turned dark earlier than usual. Tarrying for a long time, the night has already arrived, and there were stars sparsely scattered in the sky and also a soon-to-be full moon. Not far from them were noises from bamboo pipe string instruments and a big drinking party. It should be that main hall that the newly-wed would be spending the night in the Jiang residence. Tomorrow, they will be leaving to Ping Guang3 after a tea ceremony with the Jiang family.
Then, they would celebrate it some more at the Sun residence.
Ye Junchi complied with his promise, holding JiYuan all the way to the courtyard that the Jiang family has prepared for the newly-wed. He carried ‘Little Ji’ and snuck into the room that was heavily surrounded by the guards. The bride of today’s limelight was sitting straight in the bridal chamber. At first glance, she looked rather gentle and pleasant. Ye Junchi stood silently in front of her, his voice not salty yet not light, “Eldest Miss Jiang.”
JiangXin was shocked, subconsciously pulled away her head veil and saw stranger carrying a man in front of her. She was stunned, her surprise was bigger than her fear. Then only her fear started materializing – she couldn’t move. Even her voice was very light, like she was whispering secret messages, “Who are you?!”
The youth in Ye Junchi’s was being held tightly, so at this kind of moment, JiYuan could only bury his face into his(YJC) chest, close his eyes and watch the live broadcast given by System.
Ye Junchi : “Who am I is not important. But Eldest Miss Jiang, do you know that if you took someone’s thing, sooner or later you will have to return it back?”
JiangXin’s expression changed, “Jiang Miao Miao sent you? What does she want to do?”
She thought for a moment, then from the warm and delicate face, floated a trace of sneer, “She still haven’t given up? Making a move on me will only cause Shiyu to be even more disgusted of her.”
“So Eldest Miss Jiang has no intention to repent?”
JiangXin couldn’t stop sneering, “Since when that bitch learned to find an adviser as a go-between? I don’t care who you are or what methods are you using, if you don’t want to offend the Jiang family, immediately scram and I can pretend you never came here before.”
The second person after JiSan, who dared to ask Ye Junchi to scram has appeared. JiYuan silently applauded in his heart. Very good, compared to Jiang Miao Miao who acted with passion as if she was much pampered, this one in front was the real deal who was really pampered since young. But Jiang Miao Miao deliberately showed it while this one pasted a layer of gentle and grace on her body.
Ye Junchi laughed, he didn’t say anything, just stared into JiangXin’s eyes. A pair of deep and profound cold eyes, seemed to have abruptly turned bewitching. The dark eyes felt like it became a small whirlpool, causing people to unable to shift away their gaze. JiangXin’s cultivation was not bad, but she still couldn’t resist these bewitching eyes. Locking gaze with Ye Junchi for a three-breath time, her face suddenly became at a loss.
His voice was low, it was gentle and lingering like a lover’s whisper. That magnetic voice cause people’s legs to go soft, “JiangXin, all the things you have done, all the lies you have told, tell that to Sun Shiyu, let him share your happiness, how about it?”
JiangXin slowly nodded. This little trick from the demons, a nod could already be considered signing a contract.
The author has something to say:
YJC : … I remained silent today as well
Translator : Now re-read the bottom half again and remember that JiYuan was in Ye Junchi’s arms the whole time, in a glorious princess-carry style~ #YouAreWelcomed #HypnotizingOtherPeopleWhilePrincessCarrying
JiYuan : No! #YouAreNotWELCOMED!! #Wait #WhatAmITalkingAbout
System : #WhyAreYouGuysTalkingInHashtags ?

  1. That moment when you claimed to be yourself and nobody believed it. #IdentityCrisis ↩
  2. “One does not simply challenge a demon lord” – Quoted Thor memes ↩
  3. The Sun family is located at Ping Guang ↩

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