先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 18

Banana: Not sure which word triggered the almighty sensitive b o t , so I have to change the keywords. U n c e n s o r e d version here~

JiYuan has a weakness. That is when he gets agitated, he is very likely to immediately do what others tell him to do. For example, listening to System’s words and knocked out Ye Junchi with a porcelain pillow…. He only managed to react after that person fainted. JiYuan burst into tears, “I just listened to your order, that doesn’t count as OOC ba?”

System : “… I won’t count you as OOC, you should think about how to explain this to Ye Junchi when he wakes up.”

The grateful feeling in JiYuan was so full, it was incapable of further increase, “You are a good system.”

‘Arrow that was shot couldn’t turn back/What done is done’, JiYuan lowered his gaze onto the man who seemed to be frowning a bit in his sleep. Towards the Ye Junchi who doesn’t looked like he was sleeping deeply, JiYuan reached out to mol-est touch all over his body. The body under his hand was slender and flexible. Smooth and tight skin, not frail at all. Muscles were not exaggerated, absolute perfection. As JiYuan continued his ‘touch-ing’, he muttered under his breath, “One….two….three….five….eight… System!

He has eight abdominal muscles!” [T/N: Did this Banana told you about her love for abs? <3 ]

System coldly asked, “Are you here to take advantages or complete the task?

“Why not both?”

JiYuan said in a small voice, his hands dishonestly crept back to Ye Junchi’s abdomen, any lower he would reach the ‘restricted area’. His fingers paused, the shred of dignity left in him had him retracted his hand. He thickened his face and stated the conclusion, “The silkworm doesn’t seem to be on his body.”

“You only come to this conclusion after gr-o-ping all over people’s body?”

“Not whole body.” His cheeks were red but JiYuan pretended to be calm, “Other conclusions? His abdominal muscles are very strong and firm. Feels great to touch.”

System : “….” Gerddamed ghey dude.

Since the silkworm was not on his body, it must be in the clothes he worn before this. JiYuan turned around and looked at the other side of the bed, there were some clothes that has been dried off. Then he looked at his right hand (the one being grabbed by YJC). He struggled all he could but he just couldn’t free his hand. A thin layer of sweat gathered at his forehead. Angered, JiYuan simply opened his mouth and bit on Ye Junchi’s hand. Probably because he was bitten by something while in the midst of his sleep, Ye Junchi loosened his grip. JiYuan immediately retracted his hand, then walked to the other side of the bed and patted the clothes. After a while, he found that golden silkworm.

System’s voice sounded beside his ear, and JiYuan acted accordingly and put the silkworm into his clothes, at the chest area. No longer chatting with System in his mind, he looked back at Ye Junchi and whispered, “Nice body.”

It was not considered as OOC, as long as no one can see it anyway.

JiYuan fixed Ye Junchi’s front lapel and covered him with a quilt. He(JY) felt guilty as a thief so he quickly left the room and headed towards his own room. Just as he pushed open the door of his room, beside his ear came System’s rapid and tense warning, “Be careful! Someone’s here!”

The candle that he lighted before leaving his room earlier seemed to have burned out, and the room was shrouded in the dark. JiYuan’s heart tightened, he quickly retreated but his arm was suddenly pulled back into the room with a strong force; forcing him against the wall.

JiYuan was feeling very dizzy, “System, I have always been a low-key person. Now where did this debt collector came from… the cultivators who wanted to kill me? Not right ah, even if our identities were exposed, those cultivators should be slashing down right away when they saw both of us.”

System calmly said, “It’s the one who wanted to ‘inti-ma-tely’ chat with you.”

JiYuan : “…” Gerddam! He really came!

Of all the chances, he just had to come when Ye Junchi was drunk…or should JiYuan say ‘was knocked out by a porcelain pillow’.

JiYuan was painfully brainstorming when he felt someone moved in closer to him. That person was smiling darkly, “Little beauty, why did you went out so long? It makes me anxious waiting for you.”

After he said that, he pinched JiYuan’s chin to kiss him but JiYuan quickly blocked with his hand. His palm was kissed instead with a pair of lips, a nauseating feeling of being kissed by a sticky and greasy organism rippled from JiYuan. Goosebumps raised up, JiYuan clenched his teeth and his knee ruthlessly shot upwards. The man pressing on him gave a painful gro-an and the hand holding him loosened. JiYuan immediately lowered his body and make a run to the door. He has yet to get two steps away when he was grabbed and held back by his waist. The man caught a whiff of the youth’s light fragrance, he couldn’t help sniffing with all his might for more, grinning as he did.

“The people that this Great me wanted, never had one who could successfully escaped. What are you getting proud for, as a mere mortal? Tonight I’ll let you get a taste of my power….”

The fck who are you?!

JiYuan already felt like vomiting. The man behind him keep kissing his neck while he talked. The feeling the man gave was completely different from when Ye Junchi did it. Now he could only feel goosebumps all over his body, he rather get beaten to death than having this man touch even the tip of his fingers. But of course, the person behind JiYuan wouldn’t give JiYuan any opportunity to refuse. He lit the candle on the table and flung JiYuan onto the bed. The man’s fairly handsome face seemed darkly evil.

[T/N : Halt! Sorry to break the mood here but this banana felt the need to ask since the author kinda half-broken the mood already. All the while I thought this evil man is a middle-aged uncle with an ugly face. Not sure why the author decide to ‘beautify’ every character he/she created. Everyone seemed handsome in this story, don’t you think? I remember the author wrote JiSan was kinda handsome. Then sickly JiChen too, and also JiShen. Man… Wanna know how this per-vert looked like to me? HERE]

JiYuan retreated and shrunk backwards on the bed, coldly gave the man a stare. Not sure what did he do to anger the man, he gave a swipe and clawed open JiYuan’s robe. Then, scolded out in a string of curses, “Just a mere mortal! After a hundred years, you will be nothing but a bag of white bones! What gives you the right to act haughty like a young master from a spiritual family?! Disgusting face! You are treating us weak cultivators like stray dogs!”

At the current moment, all JiYuan could move was only his hands. So he went ahead and gave the man a slap.

That weak cultivator abruptly evaded. Just as he was trying to strangle JiYuan, his eyes suddenly swept over the golden silkworm by JiYuan’s chest. Bells were ringing in his mind, he quickly picked up the silkworm. The man was actually well-informed about things in the cultivation world, and knew how to differentiate between a real and fake silkworm. He held it against the candlelight, and promptly turned pale white like paper.

“You…what is your relationship with the Jiang family?!”

JiYuan expressionless tidied up his robe. He opened his mouth, was about to explain and scare off this person, a gust of ill wind burst in and extinguished the candlelight. The moon in the sky was covered by dark clouds, throwing the room into darkness. The man with weak cultivation had his nerve tightly strung. He pinched the silkworm and asked again while trembling, “What is your relationship with the Jiang family?!”

JiYuan has yet to open his mouth to intimidate him, and an indifferent voice sounded out at the bedside, “Why don’t you go and ask the Jiang family?”

JiYuan shivered. The weak cultivator’s voice has disappeared in the midst of the darkness. Sitting silently in the dark for a moment, a faint smell of rosin mixed with a hint of wine suddenly wafted over. JiYuan only has enough time to block with his hand, the same place in his palm was kissed again. Just that this time, the soft and moist lips did not cause him to feel disgusted. He knew who is this man in the dark, but he doesn’t know if he woke up from being knocked on his head or just sobered up. His mouth felt a bit bitter, then he felt the sensation of a soft slippery tongue gently sweeping at his palm.

JiYuan was stunned, subconsciously blurted out the word, “That person just now also kissed my palm.”

Dead silence.

The air seemed to have solidified.

JiYuan shivered, and edged backwards. He really wanted to give himself a slap in the face. JiYuan of course, couldn’t hide. He was just edging away a little bit and got himself pressed down on the bed. Light kisses were peppered on him, starting from his neck. The kisses slowly advanced upwards until at the end, the lips carrying hints of alcohol covered his own lips. JiYuan began to think if Ye Junchi was sober and came to take revenge right now. The kisses this time was not like those few fleeting kisses they had previously. His lips were strongly sucked at for a moment, then a flexible tongue started probing into his mouth. JiYuan was unable to resist. He gave up minding it and asked System, “Do I ‘lie down’ now?”

System answered back wittily, “Do you want to ‘lie down’?”

JiYuan : “…” To tell the truth, he doesn’t resent being inti-ma-te with Ye Junchi. [T/N : Then please lie down ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ]

Fortunately, his lips were only ‘invaded and occupied’ for a short while. The man with long arms and legs fell down, grabbing JiYuan into his embrace and quietly asleep. JiYuan would like to get up and see where did the weak cultivator who proclaimed himself ‘a man of his words’ went to. But he really couldn’t get out from the embrace so he gave up struggling and started to think how to explain himself when Ye Junchi wakes up later. Not sure if Ye Junchi’s embrace was too warm and reliable or something else, he was just pondering for a little while, then his eyelids fell shut tightly. When he opened his eyes again, the sky has already became bright. He was the only person in the bed and his gaze was dull for a while. Recalling what happened last night, he abruptly jumped up from the bed. He didn’t expect he would see Ye Junchi the moment he climbed down from the bed.

Ye Junchi was sitting by the table and was holding a cup of hot tea, looking down at something with a serious expression. JiYuan’s heart was pumping hard, he was scared witless. From the inside, he was cautious but on the outside, he looked cold and calm, asking, “Why are you in my room?” Just let what happened yesterday pass off as a ‘spring-dream/wet-dream’ and disappear.

Ye Junchi raised his gaze and looked at JiYuan. Not sure if JiYuan misinterpreted it, he saw a hint of scorching hot and complex emotion in the gaze. Then, the gaze turned into the usual indifferent look, “I seemed to be drunk last night. Maybe accidentally went into your room.”

JiYuan continued to be careful, “You don’t remember anything from last night?”

It was hard to imagine how painful it is, for a straight man to recall himself nibbling another man in his drunken stupor.

Ye Junchi shook his head, then puzzledly rubbed his forehead, “Forehead is a bit painful…. did I hit anything?”

JiYuan replied at once, following the flow of the conversation, “You hit the pillar beside the bed.”

Not seeing the weak cultivator from yesterday, he hesitatingly asked, “No other people in the room?”

Ye Junchi’s tone contained a smile, “If ‘you’ counted as one.”

….Fine, not sure if that person was released or buried alive, but looking as Ye Junchi like this, 80% he won’t answer the question. JiYuan fixed his robe and washed his face. Suddenly he felt his lips were a bit painful, like being repeatedly sucked, grin-ded and rubbed by someone. He lightly hissed, “System… did Ye Junchi kissed that strongly last night?”

System’s voice was freezing cold, “The one he kissed was me?”

Feeling wronged, JiYuan doesn’t dare to ask anymore. When he finished washing up, breakfast has already been sent into the room.

Ye Junchi sat by the table holding a bowl of porridge. He idly and gently blew on the porridge. Waiting for JiYuan to finish dawdling about and sit on the chair, he moved the porridge with an optimum temperature before JiYuan. There were hints of smile in his eyes, watching JiYuan eat the porridge. After a long while, Ye Junchi suddenly said, “The golden silkworm is gone.”

JiYuan almost spit out the porridge in his mouth.

“Maybe it dropped out somewhere.”

Ye Junchi supported his chin with both hands, giving off a look of ‘doesn’t matter’ and said, “It’s a month before the Immortal Swords Assembly starts, while the Jiang family’s auspicious ceremony will start in a few days. Let’s go join in the fun when the time comes.”

JiYuan quietly ate the porridge, not saying anything.

Ye Junchi : “Ah Yuan, do you think someone is trying to frame the Jiang family? Or Jiang family is actually not any good thing?”

The golden silkworm was extremely precious. Jiang family’s people who could refine and use it, there was only a handful of them. And each silkworm could recognize their owner and only listen to him/her. If they can find who is the owner of the silkworms placed as an ambush in ZhaoYang’s coffin, then maybe they could unravel a bit of the mystery. In his heart, JiYuan understood what Ye Junchi meant. He frowned and thought for a moment, then shook his head, “Can’t simply jump to a conclusion.”

Although he doesn’t know what is Jiang family’s style (how they roll), but Jiang Miao Miao was there so JiYuan’s current impression towards the Jiang family was not bad. Soon, the day of Jiang family’s happy event has arrived. Before they go out, Ye Junchi took out a small, finely-made dagger and handed it to JiYuan.

“This is the same as your dagger, could cut iron like mud. Keep it.”

“…. return that one to me.” JiYuan vaguely remembered that dagger which ‘perished before accomplishing its task’.

Ye Junchi’s eyes flashed, the corner of his lips lightly curved up, “Not giving.”

Pausing for a bit, he reached out to tidy JiYuan’s stray hairs, “Be obedient.”

The author has something to say:
YJC os : How can you return love token, wifey be obedient


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