先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 17

JiYuan was silent for a moment, “That is too much now.”

Why did this task seemed to be testing him by pushing him towards OOC?! How to ask Ye Junchi for the silkworm ah?!
‘Big brother, I am a bit curious towards that thing that nearly blinded me, could you let me take a look?!’
Ignoring that silkworm for so many days, it would be too strange if he is to suddenly ask for it.
JiYuan felt like his heart was being scratched by thousands of claws.
Even until they arrived in the vicinity of JinHe, and Ye Junchi stopped outside the city where the Jiang family was stationed in, he still could not bring himself to talk about it.
Ye Junchi’s plan was to wait until Jiang Miao Miao returned back to the Jiang family to go and find her. So, they have to rest in an inn for these few days while waiting. JiYuan doesn’t mind and just let him decide everything. When they entered the city, his eyes couldn’t help looking all over the place.
JinHe was really similar to the Jiangnan from his original world. The continuous dreamy scenery, green tiles and blue bricks (yes, 绿瓦青砖), and the everflowing water. The weather gradually entering autumn has raised a light shower of rain. Just like accidentally wetting an ink painting, the blurred effect gave the scenery a hazy feel. The light rain annoyingly hung around, but doesn’t cause people to feel cold. The people on the street were holding up bamboo-boned umbrella, the rain felt like silky soft and sweet, like a mouthful of wine with a right temperature…. wait wait!
JiYuan’s eyes were flashing, he was busy enjoying the scenery in his heart. Then, his head suddenly felt a pressure. Stunned, he turned around to look at Ye Junchi, not understanding why did Ye Junchi took off his own outer robe in the public and covered it over his(JY) head.
Ye Junchi’s stature was tall and slender, his bearing was calm. Him taking off his outer robe doesn’t make people feel anything wrong, instead it expressed a romantic characteristic on him, the young ladies passing by couldn’t stop looking back. On his face was a look of leisure, Ye Junchi rubbed on JiYuan’s robe-covered hair and said, “You are so delicate, what if you caught a cold from the rain?”
After a moment of silence, JiYuan tartly replied, “…I’m not that weak.”
Really, at least not as delicate as a little maiden. But Ye Junchi was quite thoughtful….then again, what with his attitude treating him as a girl? It was not easy for him to change back to men clothing, how come he still get treated as a girl?
“You always have been indifferent, and ignoring people or things in the surrounding. Just now you keep looking here and there, are you getting spirited?”
When JiYuan heard that, he felt a bit nervous. The owner of the body had rarely taken a few steps outside his small courtyard, ever since he was young. Then he transmigrated to this body, but he almost spent all the days rushing here and there, not a chance to enjoy any scenery. Just now, he was a bit absent-minded because the surroundings were similar to his world, not sure if this counted as OOC.
System calmly said, “Just like what you thought, the owner of the body has been kept inside a small yard ever since he was young. Although he looked indifferent on the surface, he was actually very curious of the outside world. There are nothing wrong with your movements just now, don’t worry.”
Extremely touched, JiYuan uttered a word “Thanks” to System, then turned to meet Ye Junchi’s pair of profound eyes. He paused a bit and lightly replied, “No.”
Ye Junchi didn’t continue to ask. After walking for some time on the long street, they finally found a deserted little inn. The waiter’s voice was slow and soft, with a bit of laziness in it. The innkeeper was actually a young woman. The moment she saw both of them, she sounded an ‘Aiya’ and instructed people to boil water and prepare tea. Looking back, she asked, “How many rooms do this guest needed?”
In his heart, JiYuan felt a bit of tension for fear of Ye Junchi would said one in a slip of the tongue. Luckily, Ye Junchi still have some integrity. He smilingly handed the money, nodding, “Two rooms.”
The female innkeeper took two room tags and handed it to Ye Junchi. Her gaze was focused on the ‘soaked wet but yet still calm, who doesn’t feel the slightest embarrassment of his sorry figure’ Ye Junchi. Although he was wearing a ridiculous rabbit mask, his exposed lips and jaw still could let people imagine how handsome the face was behind the mask. This charming and handsome face, his aura was not ordinary, he shouldn’t be any ordinary person. She bit her lips, then called out to the Ye Junchi who was about to go up the stairs.
“This guest….are you an immortal being from the cultivation sect?”
Ye Junchi looked back at her, not saying anything.
“These few days, there are quite a number of immortal beings coming into Jinhe. I heard that the cultivation sect is having an Immortal Swords Assembly?”
Ye Junchi and JiYuan went on their journey in a hurried pace for these few days, they have no idea what was the situation of the current happenings. Seeing the female innkeeper asking cautiously, his(YJC) eyes squinted and he smiled, “We are just passing by so we don’t know about this matter. Have to trouble innkeeper to send up two set of clean robes to our rooms.”
The female innkeeper doesn’t believe it but she couldn’t make him to confess anything, so she could only helplessly look on as Ye Junchi carried JiYuan up the stairs.
When JiYuan entered his room, the hot water has already been prepared. After a comfortable bath and changing into a set of clean clothing, he discussed with System.
“Say, if I took down Ye Junchi and grabbed the golden silkworm from him, does it count as task completed?”
System : “….It counts.”
JiYuan happily readied himself to go downstairs, when System coldly said, “Are you sure you can take him down?”
JiYuan paid no attention to that, “I can’t, but wine can ah. Luckily, Mid-Autumn Festival is coming soon, I could thank him for his efforts during these days and buy him a good wine. The original body’s character has this ‘repaying help with gratitude’. Nothing wrong with that, right?”
System thought about it for a moment, felt that there was nothing wrong with it. A moment of silent later, it asked, “You have money?”
JiYuan’s relaxed and happy footsteps paused for a bit, then continued dwelling in his happiness as he went downstairs, “I don’t, but Ye Junchi have ah.”
System : “….” Spending people’s money to buy wine so that he could take out the person, that’s JiYuan for you.
Downstairs, a few people were sitting in the foyer. System alerted him in a whisper that they are cultivators. JiYuan gave a glance, not wanting to get into any troubles. Although his appearance after he changed back to men clothing was a big difference from his female appearance, who knows if someone could see through his disguise? Fortunately the female innkeeper was at the desk so he walked over and knocked on the counter, lightly said, “Later please send up a few jars of strong alcoholic drink to the room.”
The female innkeeper nodded, she glanced at the youth a few time. Just now, he was covered by the black robe so his appearance and stature was unable to be seen. Now that he has changed his clothes, his youthful snow white handsome face was exposed. His light-colored eyes were like glacier, his lips were a captivating red color and looked tender like petals. His stature was slim and tall, looking quite spiritual. Her heart thumped and she smiled, asking, “The gentleman just now is this guest’s .. ?”
JiYuan really wanted to answer ‘My house’s donkey’1. After being silent for a short moment, he answered, “Senior brother.”
“Are both of you immortal beings? And coming here to join the Immortal Swords Assembly?”
The female innkeeper was not giving up yet, she lowered down her voice, eagerly looking at JiYuan. JiYuan was a bit surprised by the dedication, he shook his head, ready to go back upstairs. Unexpectedly, he was stopped by a few people nearby, “That little brother over there, are you participating in the Immortal Swords Assembly too?”
JiYuan turned around without any expression, “System, I need some social science lesson.”
“Didn’t you read a few cultivation novels before? It’s almost the same. An assembly that only be held once every four years, all clans and families would send some people over to participate. People with weak cultivation level also can participate. If they are lucky, some high-leveled faction might take fancy on them and accept them under their wings. In the past, the assemblies were always presided by the Alliance and held at South Lake…. not sure what happened this time, they came all the way here and it is still months away from the assembly date.”
His luck was that bad? Just barely arrived at JinHe and stumbled upon a horde of cultivators? If they get found out, this much of cultivators might band together and attack. Not sure if Ye Junchi would be able to escape successfully with him in tow.
JiYuan trembled in his heart. Shaking his head at the few cultivators, he turned to head upstairs.
System suddenly smiled evilly, “Do you know what did those people said when you went upstairs? They probably are some weak cultivators who used to stay in the wilderness, so they could not understand your attitude.”
JiYuan knew it definitely would not be a good thing, so he cruelly rejected System’s request to repeat the words of those men. But System ignored his resistance and replayed the scene in his mind. JiYuan now found out that System actually has a recording function.
“… not sure which family’s pampered little young master was that, look at his arrogant attitude, tsk.”
“Didn’t you see his icy cold face? Still went ahead to make a move.”
“Looking at his body without any spiritual power flowing within, he should be just a mortal (common folk).”
“Mortal? That’s great, you guys don’t allow me to go to a brothel, then should let me ‘hit on some wild game’ ba? Looking at that pretty boy with a whiff of cold and strong spirit, I really wanted to ‘open him up’ and see how he looked like, crying for mercy under my body….”
JiYuan : “….” Open.Your.Friggin.Godfather
This feeling of being inexplicably targeted was really unsettling. JiYuan pondered for a while and figured those cultivators wouldn’t really run over to harass him. Sitting quietly inside his room for some time, a servant came to deliver the requested jars of strong alcoholic drinks. JiYuan picked up two jars and walked to Ye Junchi’s room but then, he found out that something was wrong when he reached his(YJC) room. Both of his hands were occupied, how to open the door? Don’t say he has to kick the door open to go in? When he was about to put down the jars, the door opened with a creak.
Ye Junchi leaned at the door. His clothes were loosely worn and his hair was casually tied. On that handsome face was an expression of laziness, it was quite a feast for the eyes. Gay dude JiYuan silently swallowed his saliva. He maintained a cold face and said, “Treat you some alcohol.”
On Ye Junchi’s face, there was a smile that doesn’t seem like a smile, “Spending my money to buy me a drink?”
“….” The courage that JiYuan painstakingly mustered was gone. He turned to leave, “Fine.”
Then, he(JY) was tugged backwards by his collar into the room.
There were two jars of alcohol and two cups on the table. The wine was the color of clear jade, and the fragrant was very strong. JiYuan who died from alcohol poisoning, looked down at his murderer, his expression was very complex.
After pouring a few cups and drinking it by himself, Ye Junchi raised his eyebrows when he saw that JiYuan was not moving.
“You said you bought me a drink, just to see me drinking it alone?”
JiYuan’s line of sight left his murderer, his tone was calm, “Yes.”
He answered so calmly that even Ye Junchi couldn’t help but choked on his wine. He smiled and shook his head, gulping down one more cup. His gaze was quite dark.
“The Immortal Swords Assembly seemed to be held in JinHe this time, all kinds of cultivators have arrived at this city. Hmm, we came to JinHe by chasing the only clue of the murder. Then came along this stampede of cultivators, such luck…”
“Coincidence?” JiYuan frowned, he looked a bit puzzled. It might be too much to say this is a coincidence.
“And I heard that the Jiang family is going to organize an auspicious ceremony soon. So when the invited parties from all sorts of clans and sect come to attend the event, bad or good people are mixed in; the Jiang family is bound to be strict with their surveillance. I’m afraid it won’t be easy for us to move around when we go to the Jiang family.”
…. all these news, none of them were good news.
Feeling a bit depressed, JiYuan subconsciously raised his cup and took a sip. The spicy wine ran down his throat down to his stomach, felt like a fire has been lit all the way down. Immediately, his face turned red and warm. JiYuan quickly put down his cup, not daring to drink anymore. His face was the color of peaches, but his half-lidded eyes were still holding a cold light of calmness. Probably because he drunk some wine, his lip was glittering, like he had some rouge on it.
Ye Junchi stared at the youth for a moment. A strange thought abruptly flashed through his mind. He paused a bit, then he downed another cup of wine with a smile.
Seeing that two jars of wine has been emptied, and Ye Junchi finally collapsed, JiYuan went to support him to his bed. Thinking for a moment, he reached out with his trembling hands, towards Ye Junchi’s chest. His fingers came in contact with a smooth and tight skin. Out of reflex, JiYuan wanted to retract his hand but was captured before he managed to do so. Ye Junchi opened his blurry eyes, seemingly smiling but not really smiling, “Little beauty, what are you doing?”
JiYuan completely blanked out (from the nerve), then he heard System calmly said, “He is drunk now, doesn’t have much consciousness. So, taking advantage of the moment, stun him!2
Without a moment of hesitation, JiYuan took the porcelain pillow and conked Ye Junchi at his head. Ye Junchi gave a grunt and fell down, but his hand was still tightly wrapped at JiYuan’s wrist.
System : “…. Baby, you are really obedient.”
The author has something to say:
YJC (full of expectation) : Wifey got me knocked unconscious what he want to do is it forceful climb up is it bondage so excited quickly come quickly come I have prepared myself!
JY : ….mdzzzz

  1. 驴子 = Donkey/Ass . Now imagine if I used the word ‘ass’. My house’s ass? Mmmm~ #DemInnuendosAreHittingTheRoof ↩
  2. Now here’s a thing that I wanted to explain about the stun part. The chinese words were (打/hit) (晕/faint) (他/ him). Like that karate chop that hits the back of a person’s neck and the person blackout? English doesn’t seems to have a word for this action. So I followed Google Translate’s suggestion = Stun :v ↩

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