先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 16

[Translator : Reading comments from y’all is really refreshing. I never thought to suspect Biaojie as any evil character even when I read the raw. I wondered if it was because System didn’t react anything out of the norm or Biaojie looked heroic? 😛 ]

… where did this big Biaojie came from?
JiYuan was a bit muddled, then he heard Ye Junchi beside him said in a low voice, a hint of smile was heard from his magnetic voice, “We still haven’t reach JinHe but we already bumped into someone from the Jiang family.”
System timely reminded, “Your mother is from the Jiang family, have you forgotten it already?”
The info of the kinship which has been thrown to the back of his mind resurfaced. JiYuan was a bit surprised, looking at the elegant, moving maiden at the opposite boat.
“I thought everyone is screaming for my death at the moment? How come this big Biaojie wanted to … save me?”
“Who knows?”
JiYuan could only maintain his pre-set personality and kept quiet, wordlessly watching Ye Junchi conversed with the maiden.
“Everyone wanted to kill him, and yet you wanted to save him. Just because he is your Biao (cousin)…”
Ye Junchi paused, then glanced back to the quiet and well-behaved youth sitting beside him. He reached out and rubbed a few strands of hair, said with a smile, “… mei (younger sister)?”
[T/N : I swear to God, this chinese word ‘him (他)/her (她)’ is getting me crazy. Because it only ‘visible’ in written form and not the spoken form, the pronunciation for both words is the same ‘ta’. YJC is obviously using ‘him’ when he was referring to JY but … sigh
Do I correct it or not? :v But it’s not like it’s incorrect, but …
On the other hand, for your info, ‘Biao’ means cousin while the next word means the gender/age ranking. Like Biaoge (older male cousin), Biaodi (younger male cousin), Biaojie (older female cousin, Biaomei (younger female cousin).]
The young girl raised her head, “She is my little aunt’s daughter, how could she collude with the demon race? Furthermore, that ZhaoYang deserved to die long time ago. I really wanted to take look at that demon Ye Junchi.”
…. right in front of you ah.
JiYuan was a bit helpless.
The girl’s eyes were clear and bright. Although she looked at people with a proud gaze, like a pampered princess, it did not cause any disgust. Also, the scene where she take care of the bad guys really impressed JiYuan. Such a girl like this, it was obvious with a glance that she grew up under the care of her family and doesn’t know the sinister side of people’s heart. Otherwise, she wouldn’t explain everything to Ye Junchi just like this…. Ye Junchi’s attitude was a bit strange, couldn’t be he has some devious thoughts?
As JiYuan was pondering about it, Ye Junchi has exchanged a few more words with the young maiden. Then, the subject was abruptly changed. He said, “You are looking for Ye Junchi and JiYuan? I heard that they heading southwards to JinHe.”
The girl’s eyes were wide opened.
“What?! It was not easy for me to run out……forget it, forget it.”
Stomping her feet, she looked back to see the floorboard of the boat being flooded with water. With a gentle jump, she landed on JiYuan’s boat.
“You are looking for them too right? Let’s go together.”
The girl pointed at the boat on the verge of collapsing, “Those two men chipped the bottom of the boat and wanted to rob me of my possessions but was chased away by me.”
The boat was bought by Ye Junchi so it was not JiYuan’s place to speak out. Even according to the pre-set personality, he still would not speak out so he could only silently prayed that the young girl would find another boat and stay further away from Ye Junchi. Although this person(YJC) was not as bad as he thought, but he is certainly not a good person.
The lips that were not covered by the mask curved up slightly, “Of course you can.”
JiYuan gave him a glance, but couldn’t see any emotions from that pair of serene and deep eyes. Trembling, he looked for System, “System, I think Ye Junchi is very scary. I have involuntarily started shaking….”
System went silent for a few seconds and calmly said, “You are cold.”
Oh… the night breeze blowing along the river surface, really quite cold.
JiYuan who was being corrected by System pursed his lips, without a word he turned towards the hold of the boat. But he has yet to take two steps when he was pulled back by that girl.
“Ai, my name is Jiang Miao Miao, what is your name? You looked like my little aunt. It has been 10 years since I last saw my biaomei (younger female cousin). She should look a bit similar like you.”
JiYuan’s eyes flashed.
System : “Jiang Miao Miao is suspecting that you are JiYuan. She is checking you out to see if you are a girl disguising as a young man….ah spit, you are really JiYuan to start with. Just that you has been a male disguising as a girl, so she misunderstood and thought you disguised yourself as male….”
JiYuan : “Halt! I know what are you trying to express!”
As a cultivator, it was quite easy to investigate someone’s gender with some deliberate efforts. Jiang Miao Miao was a bit startled, then stared at JiYuan with a look of doubt. JiYuan coldly retrieved his hand and said, “Please mind your behavior.”
Once he finished his words, he turned away and directly entered the hold of the boat. The original body doesn’t have any deep feelings towards the people from the Ji family, let alone the Jiang family that he had not contacted for more than 10 years. For this Biaojie who suddenly jumped out and said that she wanted to save him, naturally he wouldn’t give any good expression to her.
System praised, “Your acting is getting better.”
JiYuan sat down at a corner and took out some dry food to eat. He rolled his eyes while munching, “Why is it I felt like you are scolding me?”
Vague voices of Jiang Miao Miao and Ye Junchi could be heard coming from outside. JiYuan perked his ears to listen for a while, he couldn’t help sighing at the power of Ye Junchi’s conning skills. When that man laughed, it was quite gentle. At first glance, he looked refined and cultured. Jiang Miao Miao seemed to ‘eat’ this kind of act, she chatted with Ye Junchi for an hour. Quite a lot of information was gleaned from that. Jiang Miao Miao most probably wouldn’t think, no matter what, that the Biaomei she wanted to save was sitting in the hold of the boat, while the demon lord Ye Junchi that she wanted to see and kill was sitting properly in front of her.
JiYuan sighed, he felt a strange sense of shame.
System : “Getting soft-hearted?”
JiYuan resolutely asked, “Would Ye Junchi harm Jiang Miao Miao?”
Chewing the last bits of the dry food, JiYuan patted the crumble from his hand and wiped the corner of his mouth, “Then, just let Ye Junchi handle it.”
That was what supposed to be said….
But JiYuan was feeling a bit bitter.
Due to the special identity of both people, they couldn’t expose themselves so they could only fool Jiang Miao Miao with a relationship as a servant and master. But a servant like JiYuan who maintained a solemn and unsmiling face, someone who went to sleep after a meal…. it was not a decent behavior of a servant. So, to act realistically, he could only shivered in the cold air while pouring tea for Ye Junchi.
Ye Junchi was perfectly composed, enjoying the benefits as a master.
Jiang Miao Miao has bad tempers and yet, she could chat properly with Ye Junchi. They were chatting happily at the side, JiYuan could only squat at the bow of the boat and sighed deeply. He lamented at the fishes he couldn’t see in the river, “Jiang Miao Miao wouldn’t fall for Ye Junchi, right? Didn’t those novels were written like this? A dignified daughter from an aristocratic family fell in love with an evil villain. They were scorned by the world and were even being chased by killers. Then, at the last breath, gave birth to a son who became the Protagonist….”
System : “…. are you sure you are not talking about yourself?”
JiYuan was furious and ignored System.
Not sure what Jiang Miao Miao was thinking over there, her face suddenly revealed some loneliness. The spirited little face was covered in depression, “The story you said just now reminds me of a person….”
Ye Junchi’s back was facing JiYuan so he doesn’t know what kind of expression he(YJC) has on his face. He seemed very patient to listen to the little girl’s dissatisfaction, ears perked up, “Oh?”
“That person….” Jiang Miao Miao hesitated for a while, “is quite similar to you. Refined in manner, warm like jade…”
JiYuan was standing at the bow of the boat, the moment he heard the words ‘warm like jade’, he almost stumble. Just then, the boat suddenly swayed. He didn’t manage to stabilize his body, so he fell face-down. The word ‘FML’ in his heart hasn’t leave his mouth, when he was abruptly held tightly at his waist.
Ye Junchi was obviously sitting with his back to JiYuan. As if he grew a pair of eyes at his back, the moment JiYuan’s body swayed, he immediately went over and pulled him(JY) back.
JiYuan’s heart slightly tightened, he didn’t even respond even though Ye Junchi had him in his arms. In an unknown panicked state, he went to ridicule the word ‘warm like jade’ to System and complained how much it frightened him. Then, a low and warm voice sounded beside his ear, “So careless, go into the hold.”
[T/N : I really wanted to write the word ‘cabin’ instead of ‘hold’ but due to the author never describe the boat and I have no idea how big/small it is, I don’t think they actually have a ‘cabin’ :v ]
JiYuan turned stiff for a moment, then shook off his(YJC) hands, went into the hold without turning back his head.
System uttered an “Oho”, then said, “Your ears are red.”
JiYuan rubbed his earlobes, a bit depressed as he buried his face in his hands, “That was really embarrassing, I am a dude.”
On the outside, the voice of Jiang Miao Miao and Ye Junchi sounded again. It seemed that their topic was about JiYuan. JiYuan shrunk himself smaller before lifting his head up. Looking blankly with an indifferent face for a long while, he ruthlessly destroyed the little bit of thoughts that emerged in his heart just now.
This boat was really unrestrained, what is it shaking about for? There are no waves.
Fortunately, Ye Junchi doesn’t intend to drift on the river for half a month. After a few days on board, he finally *picked up the JiYuan who has been ignored at a side, and nodded at Jiang Miao Miao, “We still have something to do, will go first. I’ll gift this boat to you.”
[T/N : Picked up / 拎起 – to pick up (from the ground with one’s hands) <- purposely letting you guys know so you could mentally picture it.]
Jiang Miao Miao doesn't mind it either, she felt that Ye Junchi's style of conversation was out of the ordinary and it quite suited her taste. Before they parted, she even felt a bit sad, "When you reached JinHe, you could go to the Jiang residence to find me. Just report up my name and no one would dare to stop you."
Pausing for a moment, she smiled brightly and said, "Just, don't be scared by my look at home."
Ye Junchi expressed his agreement, then casually brought out a spiritual sword, leaving with JiYuan on a sword flight.
Half-leaning into Ye Junchi's arms, he has done it numerous times so he doesn't find anything wrong with it. Just that after a moment of silence, he opened his mouth to ask, "What did you found out from her?"
"Just asked a bit about the silkworms."
Ye Junchi's lowered gaze rested on the pale white earlobe, half-hidden under the soft black hair, he really wanted to reach out and touch it. His hand acted to his heart's desire and pinched the soft earlobe. His feelings turned a bit better, even his tone was lighter.
"But, it is a bit pitiful. She is still young and her cultivation is shallow. Her level is not yet the level to refine silkworm so she couldn't answer my questions. Don't worry, since she is not feeling malicious towards you, I won't do anything to her."
JiYuan resentfully swatted his hand away, he looked back with a frown and a layer of frost formed in his eyes, "If that so, why did you talked so much with her?"
It would be bad if the little maiden fell for this scourge.1
Being coldly stared at, Ye Junchi shown surprise all over his face. Thinking for a long while, laughter suddenly flashed through his eyes. He pinched JiYuan's jaw and asked, "Jealous?"
JiYuan was expressionless, "Let go."
The touch of smile deepened in his eyes, Ye Junchi lowered his head and gave a peck on JiYuan's forehead. JiYuan just felt numbness straight down to his bones. Pale with fright, he said to System, "Goddamnit, System! He molested me again!"
System (figuratively) rolled up its sleeves for battle and said, "Attack!"
Then, JiYuan really served a punch at Ye Junchi's lower abdomen.
For Ye Junchi, this one punch wouldn't hurt or itch, but it was enough to astonish him.
System didn't think he would really throw out a punch, it stunned for a moment, "OOC….."
JiYuan retrieved his hand, "No, this is what you instigated me to do."
System : "…"
"You asked me to hit him, it was not what I wanted to do."
"So, it's not OOC."
System : "… your win."
Ye Junchi's laughter was muffled, "I was just forming a good impression with her. That way, we don't have to be sneaking around in JinHe. Just vent out what other dissatisfaction that you have, this is much more lovelier."
In his heart, JiYuan was thinking if not for the fear of OOC, he would have started a fight long time ago. He turned away in silence, the thought in his heart just now has taken roots. On their way to JinHe, JiYuan keep thinking about OOC's standards.
The standard for OOC should be doing things or saying things that do not meet the original body's character…..
But since he is acting as the owner of the body, he could be consider as equal with the owner. People originally could slowly change their personality. If he steadily changed the character bit by bit ….it shouldn't be forbidden?
JiYuan quickly asked System about it and gotten a silent response. Since System was being silent, it goes without saying what the answer was. He suddenly felt good but then he heard System said, "I have just discussed with the higher-ups; think that having 2 long-term tasks crowding the progress bar is not very good. So we slightly changed the rules and let you receive multiple tasks at the same time."
Right after System's cold mechanical voice stopped, the task panel in front of JiYuan refreshed. A new task suddenly jumped out under 2 gray tasks.
‘Ask Ye Junchi for the golden silkworm (0/1)’

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