先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 12

[Translator : I ran away during the translation of this chapter many times. It was a bit hard ;w; ]

System recalled back its memory to when JiYuan escaped from the demon palace to the back mountain; his terrified-to-the-max expression. Then, it turned back to look at the JiYuan who was shivering like a little chicky, and promptly went speechless. After a long while, System said, “Weren’t you a good socialist youth who bathed in the glory of materialism?”

JiYuan : “Shut up, thank you.”

His heart was shaking like a leaf, but he dedicatedly maintained his usual iciness. His pale eyes turned towards Ye Junchi, as if he was silently condemning him(YJC).

But Ye Junchi was very sensitive and aware of what was happening, “Are you afraid?”

JiYuan pursed his lips and bowed his head.

A rare genuine smile flashed through Ye Junchi’s eyes. He casually patted the tombstone and said, “It’s just a dead person and was not done in by you, what are you afraid of?”

Expressionless, JiYuan asked, “Digging his grave, don’t you afraid you would dream (nightmare) of him at night?”

He(JY) heard that people who died from violence has a heavy aura of grievances, after death they would become evil spirits. This world is so mysterious, there could be really ghosts existed here….

“So what if I dreamt of him?” Ye Junchi was a bit surprised, “Could he win over me?”

JiYuan was choked and became speechless, “….” Very good.

Then, Ye Junchi discovered a hint from JiYuan’s words. Looking oddly at JiYuan for a moment, he laughed out loud with a roar.

“You….you, couldn’t be you are afraid of ghosts?”

JiYuan stiffened his face and maintained the indifferent expression. Listening to Ye Junchi’s laughter spreading over the deathly stillness of the cemetery, he really wanted to go and beat him(JYC) up. Just when he started to worry if the dignified demon lord would laugh himself to death, Ye Junchi finally ended his frenzy of laughter. He rubbed JiYuan’s hair and said with a gentle voice, “Go and dig ba.”

God his mother throwing this sentence to me after laughing for the whole damned day?! JiYuan glared at Ye Junchi. The pair of very light-colored eyes were stained with rare emotions, became darker in color and contained anger.

The youth’s white handsome face was like a small deer. Staring at people in such manner, there were no power in it but making people feel that it was cute instead. Cute things are meant to be bullied. That was Ye Junchi’s principle – so he returned a smile back to JiYuan, “What, I just promised to help you investigate the murderer. But I didn’t say I would take charge of the whole thing all by myself, are you planning to do nothing at the side?”

… JiYuan weakly vexed in the wrong.

After a moment of silent confrontation, JiYuan bowed his head and silently moved to the newly buried grave. As his finger just touched the ground, like being electrocuted by lightning, he immediately shrunk back like he was unhinged, his fingertips couldn’t help trembling. Suddenly, characters from countless horror movies came out to perform a play in his mind, their ferocious faces looked horrifying. His innate fear caused him to stiffly half-kneeling in front of the grave. Even his body started to feel cold, he couldn’t force his hands down onto the grave no matter what.

Seeming him in such a terrified state, System sighed, “Do you want me to help you?”

JiYuan’s eyes were swimming in tears, “Yes!”

System : “Close your eyes.”

JiYuan immediately closed his eyes. Then, what emerged in front of his eyes were red color as the background, the socialism core values.

System : “Just look at them, and move your hands. Don’t be afraid!”

JiYuan : “I have an F-word that I must say it out.”

Relying on himself was better than relying on System. JiYuan bit on his teeth and mustered the effort to overcome the overwhelming fear in his heart. Just when he started to move his hands, his hands were pulled by a warm hand. Faint smell of rosin lingered at his nose, and JiYuan opened his eyes with a stunned look. Turning around, he doesn’t know since when Ye Junchi stood behind him.

At this moment, Ye Junchi was bending his waist and holding his hand. His head was at his(JY) neck, the warm breaths sprayed on JiYuan, causing him to feel a bit itchy. The man behind him has an expression not sure if to laugh or not to laugh, “Useless little thing, I’ll do it.”
[T/N : squeal Ehem, no. I’m not writing this to squeal. Just wanna give a note that the raw say ‘没用的小东西’ which doesn’t sound that insulting as in English.]

In JiYuan’s heart, he gave Ye Junchi 3 sticks of incense, silently broke away from his hand to stand at the side.

Ye Junchi’s movements were neat, efficiently dug open the grave, revealing a coffin. The golden thread Chinese cedar coffin in the grave exuded a touch of aroma, it dispersed a tiny bit of fear from JiYuan.
Dawdling in his steps to stand beside Ye Junchi, JiYuan looked at the finely carved pattern on the cover of the coffin, he couldn’t help swallowing.

“System, do you think the body inside has already rotted….?”

System gave a tut, “How could that be? Guaranteed as fresh as the live one.”

…that would be much more terrifying ah!

Ye Junchi reached out and slowly pushed the cover of the coffin. But he has just opened a small gap and peeked inside, his expression slightly changed. Pushing back the cover onto the coffin, he shouted, “Step back!”

JiYuan immediately retreated but it was too late. The moment a gap appeared at the coffin, an unknown gold-colored thing flew out. Seemingly to aware that Ye Junchi was not someone to mess with, it ‘avoid the strong, attack the weak’ rushed towards JiYuan. Although JiYuan has retreated as fast as he can, the golden thing managed to rush into his eyes. That moment of piercing pain felt like his eyes were being gouged out alive. JiYuan tightly clenched his teeth, but a cry of pain still leaked out. Tears were flowing from the pain, his mind was blank and he almost lose his consciousness. After a long while, JiYuan slowly recovered. Enduring the pain, he hastened to poke System, “Am I blind now? What is the thing just now?”

System : “A golden silkworm… it flies too fast. Try opening your eyes?”

JiYuan tried to open his eyes, but his tears were muddling his sight. Even if he could forcibly open for a tiny bit, he couldn’t see anything. His head was spinning to the point that he couldn’t distinguish directions. Then, his back abruptly leaned onto a solid chest and faint smell of rosin wafted over, giving an illusion of warm gentleness. His pair of painful eyes were covered with a warm hand, Ye Junchi’s voice sounded beside his ear.

“Sorry, it was due to my carelessness. Didn’t expect them to put traps inside the coffin.”

JiYuan wanted to say ‘It’s alright’ but unexpectedly cried out in pain the moment he opened his mouth. He was so embarrassed that he wanted to curl up into a ball inside the coffin. Ye Junchi’s hand was warm and dry, the heat from his hand was slowly transferred into his eyes, expelling those troublesome silkworm away.1 The pain gradually disappeared so JiYuan tried to open his eyes. His eyelashes couldn’t help fluttering and the hand covering his eyes paused for a moment. Then, the hand pressed down without any gentleness in it.

JiYuan : “…. ?”

Ye Junchi said with a just and forceful conviction, “Itchy!”

JiYuan swatted away his hand with an indifferent face. Slowly opening his eyes, his line of sight was still a bit blurred. JiYuan blinked and drops of tear fell down. The person behind him released him, smiling smugly, “Indeed someone has been raised as a maiden for more than ten years. Even the temper is just like a little girl, shedding tears whenever something happened.”

…why was it my fault that the original body is scared of pain?

The pain caused the corner of his eyes to turn red and tears were falling down like beads from time to time. JiYuan lifted his sleeves to wipe away the tears, but a clean handkerchief appeared in front of him just in time. His eyes followed the slender fingers holding the handkerchief back to its owner, silently staring at him.

Ye Junchi gathered his eyebrows with a bit impatience, “Take it and wipe your tears, crying like that.”

After a moment of silence, JiYuan took the handkerchief and wiped his eyes. His gaze casually swept over to the coffin which has been re-opened and abruptly froze. A chill crept into his heart. Slightly shivering, JiYuan asked in a hoarse voice, “ZhaoYang’s body?”

Please don’t tell me that this person stored it away because it’s fun.

Ye Junchi shrugged, “As you can see, inside this coffin was only a few insects, no corpse.”

People on the other side must be afraid that they would come to check the body, so they secretly put away the body in advance and also left a small ‘gift’. JiYuan dried his tears but he was embarrassed to give back a wet handkerchief. Then, he glanced back at the empty coffin. With a puzzled tone, he asked, “What are those people actually trying to do?”

The corpse was gone, and there were no ways to check the sword wounds. That means the trail of their clue was broken. Couldn’t be Ye Junchi need to bring in demon troops to South Lake? Just to save his father? That sounded too bizarre. If they really did it, then a story about ‘angrily going against the monarch for the sake of the beauty’ featuring Ye Sangui and Ji Yuanyuan would be spread around in the next generations.
[T/N : Oh noes, JY is referencing other weird stuff again T^T This time, it’s a story about someone called Wu Sangui and Chen Yuanyuan that gave birth to this saying ‘冲冠一怒为红颜’. If you know chinese, you can check HERE. If you don’t, just be like me, ignore that and read it as that :v]

System coldly pointed out the error, “It should be the story of King ‘Ye’ Zhou and ‘Ji’ Daji, the reputation is smellier.”
[T/N : Many thanks to System who used an example that existed in the english Wikipedia. ;D For Daji’s story, please click HERE.]

JiYuan : “…. only you have so much to say.”

Ye Junchi seemed to be thinking of something and stared at the coffin for a moment. He opened his mouth, was about to speak but suddenly frowned. With one hand, he pulled JiYuan into his arms and flew up with his sword. The next moment, a dozens of swords abruptly appeared at the ground they were standing on earlier. Each sword was deeply embedded into the ground. One could imagine if Ye Junchi was a step late, JiYuan would be nailed down onto the ground.

Footsteps came from all sides and JiYuan’s gaze swept over, his eyebrows couldn’t help but twitched.
…. surrounding them were, monks dressed like xx, priests dressed in robes, practitioners holding spiritual swords. A rough glance, there were at least one or two hundred people. There were not just people from the Zhao family! Ye Junchi suddenly sneered. Those people stared at Ye Junchi floating in the air. In their eyes were restrained fear, not daring to rush in indiscriminately. After a long while, the practitioners wearing the robe from Zhao family slowly parted and two middle-aged men walked out from the group. The man on the left was wearing a robe from the Zhao family. His eyes were slender, the light from his eyes was like a poisonous snake, giving people an uncomfortable feeling. The man on the right wore an azure long gown. His face was elegant and warm. When meeting people, there would be a three-point smile on his face, giving good impression to other people.

System : “The one on the left is family Head of the Zhao family, Zhao BuChen. The one on the right is his sworn brother. Coming from one of the four major families, the family Head of the Yun family, who is also the chief of the alliance, Yun WuXiu.”

Taking note of the faces of the aforementioned men, JiYuan didn’t express any comments.

Zhao BuChen’s gaze when he looked at them was too scary. If Ye Junchi’s gaze when he was angry could be described as a cold sword silently unsheathed in a dark night, then this family Head over there could be described as a poisonous snake staring intently, couldn’t wait to rush in and ruthlessly take a bite. But Zhao BuChen didn’t say anything, he just scarily swept his gaze back and forth from JiYuan to Ye Junchi. He could restrain his temper but it doesn’t mean the others could do the same. After a long while of silence, a Daoist priest suddenly jumped out. Pointing at Ye Junchi, he shouted at a slew of curse.

“Demon! You massacre my Mingxu temple three years ago. Since then, you holed up in the demon realm, not daring to come forward. So, today you finally dared to come out and die!”

His words just finished but there were people at his side who shouted out and continued the scolding. Every one present at the scene seemed to have an absolutely irreconcilable enmity with Ye Junchi. That stunned both Ye Junchi and JiYuan for a moment, both of them were a bit confused.

At loss, JiYuan looked at Ye Junchi : …. why does it feels like you started feuds with all kinds of people around the world?

Ye Junchi returned the look in a daze : How do I know?

The author has something to say:
Then ‘what’, let’s go _(:з」∠)


Lil bit on the major 4 families of the cultivation world and their family Head
Zhao family   – Zhao BuChen
Yun family     – Yun WuXiu
Jiang family   – ???
??? family       – ???

  1. I’m not very sure if the author make a mistake or didn’t set the amount of bugs properly in his/her mind. Because at first, it was said only one silkworm flew over. But when YJC was trying to expel the bugs, the author used the word ‘those’ instead of ‘that’. And I googled, worms by itself couldn’t fly, and silkworm moth is too fat to fly either :v But cultivation world, anything goes. :v ↩

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