先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 11

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Male lead

Anyway, after JiYuan arrived to this world for more than half a month later, he finally succeeded; leaving behind the pre-set gender as a girl with big ‘bird’ and transformed into a genuine, hot-blooded man with big ‘bird’. Taking off the long dress, he put on a lilac-colored, narrow sleeves satin robe. His entire persona felt like it changed to a whole new person. His stature was tall and straight, the most prominent feature on his fair and smooth face was his bright red lips. The light color of his eyes were thin and cold, as if wherever his gaze has fallen onto would condense into ice. Without the pretentious, soft feminine aura, this androgynous face was even more elegant; there was a clean feeling of being washed with snow and ice.

Ye Junchi touched his chin, his eyes fixated on the youth’s face for a moment, then nonchalantly shifted away. Reaching out and rubbing his(JY) hair, he said, “There is a strange thing on the wound on ZhaoYang’s body. Let’s go and see, while the body has yet to rot.”

JiYuan thought about it for a moment, “…. isn’t he already buried?”

Ye Junchi said with an air of inevitable and right, “Just prying his coffin open, it’s nothing big.”

Speechless, JiYuan quietly followed Ye Junchi to go to YangNing. In order to keep abreast of information, Ye Junchi found a small town on the way and went to inquire about the news. It was similar to what JiYuan has imagined. That day when the escort team returned back to the Ji family, JiSan recounted the news of JiYuan being rescued as it is. The night JiYuan was caught in Ji family, they sent a ‘voice transmission over a thousand miles’ to inform the Zhao family. Now that the said person(JY) was not in here, they couldn’t bear to provoke the Zhao family, so they pushed all the responsibilities on JiYuan and Ye Junchi. The original semi-true and false rumor, ‘The eldest Miss from Ji family has illicit relationship with demon lord Ye Junchi and murdered the Young master from Zhao family’ has become true to life. Many people were getting restless at these times. They couldn’t kill Ye Junchi, so killing JiYuan instead could also raise their fame to the world. Plus, they could also give a good impression to the Zhao family. Everyone in the tea house discussing this matter, each and every one of them has righteous indignation on their face.

“I heard that the Ji family guards who were secretly escorting that whore (to South Lake), only one make it back to the Ji family. Tsk tsk tsk, demon race is indeed bloodthirsty and brutal.”

“Miss Ji is also making people sigh, I heard that she looked very beautiful and rarely appear in front of people. Whenever she did, many of the young master’s soul would be hooked by her… ai, why would such nice woman went to the dark side?”

“A dozen of people…. that demon really have it in him to kill all of them.”

“That was nothing, have you forgotten about the case of Chonghe’s Mingxu Temple three years ago? That demon led a troop of demon soldiers and wiped the whole temple clean of 200 plus people. There were so many blood spilled that it overflowed the door’s threshold. It was said that everyone died miserably… not sure what kind of hatred they had between them. Demon race is really cold-blooded.”

Upon hearing those words, JiYuan couldn’t help but turned around to look at Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi’s lips curved a bit as if he was smiling, but not really smiling. He looked down at the cup in his hands, like he did not hear those discussions about him. After a long while, he lifted up the cup and sipped a bit of the tea. JiYuan frowned, in his heart he knew that rumors were like a snowball. At first, it’s very small but as the rumor getting passed around and people adding ‘oil and vinegar’ along, it would be like rolling down a snowy land; the more it rolled, the bigger it gets, covering the tiny bit of truth in it. He subconsciously felt that Ye Junchi wouldn’t do such a brutal thing and wanted to ask about it. But he does not know how to ask conspicuously and not in an abrupt manner. Hesitated for a long while, he didn’t manage to say out the words he has arranged in his mind because of a sound beside him.

“…. I heard that that demon is the son of the demon ruler. His father is a heinous big demon, how could his son not be one?”

What?! Ye Junchi is the demon ruler’s son?!

JiYuan’s thoughts were even more chaotic. These few days, System disregard his opinions and forced him to read on ‘the general knowledge of this world’ for one sichen (two hours) every day. He could only painfully memorized it mechanically. But he does remembered some things, for example, the demon ruler these people were talking about. It was said that this ruler was a cold-blooded, cruel, bloodthirsty and ruthless to a freaky level demon race. When he was holding the position of the ruler, the hostility aura of the demon race was very heavy. The demon realm was in a state of pressured atmosphere and everyone felt very insecure. Whenever the talk about the ruler came up, the color on their faces changed. The ruler’s freakiness was off the chart. It could be just someone’s appearance that he felt like an eye-sore, that person would be thrown into the furnace and get refined alive. Never knew that Ye Junchi would actually be a son of such terrible man…..

System quickly comforted the JiYuan who trembled a bit, “Don’t be afraid. If Ye Junchi is really as mental as his father, you would have died so long ago.”

…. System’s way of comforting people always left him feeling so complicated.

JiYuan raised eyes to look at Ye Junchi again. Not sure how does these words ‘son of the demon ruler’ touched his(YJC) nerve, his face tightened. Then, he got up and walked away. JiYuan took big steps to chase Ye Junchi, pursing his lips in silence.

Ye Junchi seemed to know what was on his mind. When they were out of the tea house; using one hand, Ye Junchi grabbed the youth whose figure was slim and weak towards his front, to prevent those people on the road who ‘doesn’t have eyes’ from bumping into him(JY). Then, he slowly opened his mouth to say, “Really the mouth of glib tongues, no effort is needed to open the mouth and talk. Mingxu Temple has only a total of a hundred plus people, even if I were to kill all of them, I couldn’t kill a sum of two hundred headcount.”

Seeing JiYuan raised his thin eyebrows, his(YJC) voice was faint, “I just killed those who deserved it.”

JiYuan really wanted to ask how could a Taoist priest deserved to be killed, but when his peripheral vision saw Ye Junchi’s icy expression, he felt horrified and doesn’t dare to ask anymore.

“What else do you want to know?”

“…. demon ruler is your father?”

The two of them gradually walked out from the bustling street. Their surrounding was quiet, not many people passing by. Ye Junchi’s gaze looked faraway, his expression getting colder, “En.”

JiYuan swallowed, not daring to say anything. The youth’s silent look was very much like a white porcelain doll, though it was icy cold but it strangely provoked a feeling of fondness.

Ye Junchi quickly recovered from the shadow of his unpleasant past memories. He casually pinched JiYuan’s snow white ear lobe and felt slightly better. He then carried him(JY) and flew up on the sword. YangNing has a lot of mountains, and the Zhao family’s residence was located in YangNing’s highest mountain, ChengYang mountain. In these recent years, the Zhao family was very close to the leaders of the alliance of practitioners. Some of them were sworn siblings and some of them were tied in marriage, putting some pressure onto the other 3 families. So even if people from Zhao family acted ruthlessly and arrogantly, not much people dare to come out pointing fingers at them, for the fear of not able to see the sun rising on the next day.

System babbled away to JiYuan about social science.

“That is quite normal, the alliance was originally formed to resist the invasion of the demon race hundreds of years ago, and their status naturally were high. But there are no movements from the demon race in this few hundred years so the alliance gradually deteriorated. By being involved with the matters of hundreds of families, they became the invisible big boss of the cultivation world. The Zhao family has always been a large family, now that they are close to the leaders of the alliance, it would be strange if they are not arrogant.”

JiYuan gave an ‘Oh’, then quietly stood straighter. Sword flight was indeed very cool, the only downside was he need to stick close to Ye Junchi. Although this man was not as brutal as his father but he was not a good person either. When JiYuan thought about the massacre of Mingxu daoist, his goosebumps raised up.
The consequence was his earlobe was pinched, the voice behind him gently said, “One more step forward, and you would be able to fly away with the wind.”

Traveling in a high altitude plus motion sickness, JiYuan considered his words for a moment. He really doesn’t want to be blown to stupidity so he carefully retreated back. Not getting any OOC reminders from System gave him a slight relief.

Soon, they reached ChengYang mountain. ChengYang mountain was shaped like a pyramid, as the top of the point was surrounded all over. Even if other people erected their residence in the mountains, they would allow commoners to operate and move around at the foot of the mountain. But the Zhao family actually make the whole mountain as their own territory. All four corners of the mountain were guarded by magical beast. The foot of the mountain was covered with magic arrays while the top of the mountain were protected by barriers; it was a completely airtight protection. Except the leaders of the alliance, if other people would like to pay a visit, they would have to hand in a card a few days in advance. If their identity was not high enough, then they could only drink a cup of cold tea at the foot of the mountain.
The people from Zhao family went to South Lake a few days ago when they received ‘voice transmission’ from the Ji family saying that the culprit has been caught. They didn’t expect that JiYuan would be taken away in the middle of the journey. Not in a good mood, the people from Zhao family didn’t immediately return to their residence but stopped over at the territory of the alliance of practitioners instead; nursing a grievance with their sworn brothers.

JiYuan quietly listened to System telling about the formation and magic arrays of ChengYang mountain. Looking up to the almost towering mountain, reaching through the clouds, JiYuan have a thought that the Zhao family wouldn’t have any qualms to ‘send a lightning bolt’ down to split Ji family apart anytime. Acting so high and mighty, the Zhao family’s style was so arrogant. Doesn’t they worried about falling down from the high seat one day, crushed on the ground? But… such a tight defense, how to slip into people’s ancestral grave site to pry the coffin?

Ye Junchi calmly gave JiYuan two options : “Do you want us to fight our way into the ancestral site or secretly sneak in?”

JiYuan raised his head to look at him without any expression, “….” System, this person in front of me is even more arrogant than the Zhao family ah.

Seeing that he didn’t say anything, Ye Junchi said, “Fight our way into it?”

“…. sneak in ba.”

JiYuan saw that he has a face of seriousness and didn’t seemed to be joking. Fearing that Ye Junchi would really want to fight their way into the territory, he rubbed his forehead and helplessly voiced out his choice.

Ye Junchi looked at the pure and cold, taciturn youth who couldn’t help opening his mouth after being teased by him, and have a helpless look on his face. That makes him happy and he smiled while caressing JiYuan’s soft black hair. The latter tried to avoid the touch and retreated, narrowly falling off Gui Chi. Ye Junchi reached out to fish him back and smiled, “Be a bit obedient.”

As they approached the barrier, he pondered for a moment. He took the advantage that the patrol team has yet to pass by, and picked a black token out from the storage ring, gently pressing it on the barrier. A faint black smoke started to permeate the air. The barrier that commoners couldn’t usually see gradually emerged with ripples. Like a stone thrown onto a calm lake, layers of ripples waved out. Ye Junchi stuffed JiYuan into his arms, then leaned down and deftly entered the hole he make into ChengYang mountain. His actions were skilled and agile, leaving JiYuan stupefied. Outside the barrier, the weather was burning hot but upon entering the barrier, it turned into a comfortable temperature. The Zhao’s family ancestral burial site were situated within the residence’s ground and would have guards patrolling from time to time. Along their way to the top of the mountain, they keep getting into close calls with the patrol teams. JiYuan was feeling on the edge for fear of being found out.

There was contempt in System’s voice, “What are you afraid of? You have a ‘big brother’ beside you who usually come and go wherever he want. Now, even the big brother is accompanying you to sneak around, you have to question his strength?”

JiYuan : “I am just doubting the efficiency of Luo Xiuyi’s pills. In case something really happened and the pills don’t work, in the end I would be the one in bad luck, okay?”

System : “…. You are really farsighted.”

But System was right. With Ye Junchi here, it was indeed easy to slip into the burial site, no wonder the task requested him to team up with Ye Junchi. However, upon reaching the ancestral graves and found ZhaoYang’s tomb, Ye Junchi said one sentence that totally destroyed the good impression he just had of him(YJC).

Pointing at the seemingly new grave that has just been repaired, Ye Junchi raised his chin towards JiYuan, the corner of his lips was carrying a hint of smile, “Dig ba.”

JiYuan : “…”

System was a bit puzzled, “What is it?”

JiYuan went silent for a moment, then started trembling without expressions, “I am afraid of ghosts.”

The author has something to say:
Hamster Ye : You are afraid of ghost?
Ji Melon Seed : …. not afraid!
Hamster Ye silently summoned demons and monsters to scare that tight-lipped Melon Seed, a moment later…
JiYuan was scared to death.
Hamster Ye : …. Wife QAQ!!!
Oho, overdone it.

#BananaIsAfraidOfGhostToo T^T

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