先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 10

Seeing Luo Xiuyi was not being tactful (still holding his hands), and seemed to be speechless from over-excitement, JiYuan remained silent for a moment.

He used his eyes to signal to Luo Xiuyi, “Big brother, whatchu doin? Let go.”

System too, went silent for a moment, “Kindly refrain from mixing dialects.”
[T/N : Googled 嘎哈 and found out that it was a Shenyang dialect for ‘what are you doing?’ XD ]

Ye Junchi crossed his arms, looking at the scene playing out by the side. After a while, he felt thirsty. So, he reached out with a natural movement to JiYuan’s chest and fished out a wild fruit. He casually rubbed the fruit with his sleeves, then slowly munched on it.

JiYuan : “…” Your mother, where the Hell your hands were touching.

Luo Xiuyi : “…”

Luo Xiuyi was stunned for a moment, he looked at the delicate and good-looking little beauty standing in front of him. Turning around to Ye Junchi, he said, “Speaking of which, I calculated on your future and saw the Red Phoenix star’s movement in it. Then, a Distress star appeared, clashing with the Red Phoenix.1 Could it be it’s this little girl….”

He seemed to have remembered something, and turned his head back to see JiYuan’s indifferent face. Then, he took a look at JiYuan’s half deflated chest. Abruptly swallowed, he dryly said, “…. little brother?”
[T/N : I usually leave the names by itself if possible, in pinyin but sometimes, too much chinese words that you don’t understand scattering all over the place is confusing. Hence ‘Red Phoenix’ and ‘Distress’ star.]

Ye Junchi’s expression was dull, “En.”

Luo Xiuyi ‘tsk-ed’ for a few times, shook his head and sighed again.

“Other people get unlucky when they bumped into Ye Junchi. This is the first time I see Ye Junchi getting into bad luck himself…. little brother, you are not bad ah.”

This little brother is also very unlucky, thank you very much.

Luo Xiuyi smiled at JiYuan’s eyes, at that pair of light-colored eyes which seemed to never have any mood fluctuations.

“You are actually a pure and cold human, your looks are not bad too….”

Finished eating the wild fruit, Ye Junchi finally showed some hint of impatience.

“Less nonsense, what actually happened? How to solve it?”

“What are you getting hurried for?”

Luo Xiuyi glanced back, his handsome bright eyes were full of ridicule smiles.

“You guys arrived at the perfect timing. I have just finished cooking; let’s talk as we eat.”

When cultivation reached a certain limit, the cultivators will start to fast/refrain from eating. Living in seclusion, Luo Xiuyi imitated the mortals from human realm to cook, but that was just to kill time. The food he cooked were often given to the dog(s) in the yard to eat – but even the dogs were not willing to eat so it was thrown away. At this moment, he just simply wanted to tease Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi’s face was a bit black, he threw a glance at JiYuan. Seeing JiYuan pursed his lips and inclined his head at one side, his hand unconsciously reaching out to cover his own stomach, Ye Junchi was reminded that this person’s body was delicate and feeble. This person was not fasting and if he is to be starved any longer, he might be gone (dead) soon. Thinking about it, Ye Junchi’s expression slowly returned to normal and he nodded, “Alright then.”

Having prepared to have a verbal battle with Ye Junchi, Luo Xiuyi’s eyes abruptly went big. He stared at Ye Junchi in a stunned look, as if the person in front of him was not Ye Junchi but a stranger who replaced his soul.

“…. Has your brain gone bad?”

Ye Junchi sneered.

In the end, Luo Xiuyi obediently carried the dishes out and put it onto the stone table in the yard. JiYuan was having gastric pain, so he didn’t decline. He sat down beside Ye Junchi with his eyes hanging down, but was secretly happy in his heart. Fortunately, System allowed him a little room to OOC. Otherwise, according to the original body’s temper, ‘he’ would rather starved to death than sitting down. Thinking about this, JiYuan was full of love for System in his heart.


“… what is it?”

“After I returned back, I will definitely make a memorial tablet for you and worship you.”

System was silent for a moment, then its tone was faint, “I think it’s more likely that I will be chanting the reincarnation mantra for you, to commemorate you as the first host to die in my hands.”

JiYuan : “…. you are so bad bad, I wanna use a small fist to hammer your chest.”

Feeling satisfied after boasting wildly with System, JiYuan looked down at the dishes cooked by Luo Xiuyi and his face promptly froze. If he hasn’t see it wrongly, inside the blue and white porcelain plate, was a pile of … eyeballs? What is the thing beside it? Tongue? And there are some weird half-dead insects? Also, a radish looked a human face? There is a live snake in the pot? He silently stared face to face with the pitiful, poisonous snake in the pot. His stomach suddenly assaulted with a churning wave, JiYuan’s fingers trembled. With an expressionless face, he put down the bamboo chopsticks, feeling that he need to calm down.

Seeing JiYuan’s face blanched white, Ye Junchi’s mood suddenly became good. A light smile hooked on his lips.

“Ah Yuan, these are some rare stuffs that could only be found here. You should eat more.”

JiYuan fished out the other remaining wild fruit from his chest, calmly munching a few ‘kacha kacha’ bites from it; finally opened his mouth and said, “My body, what is going on?”

Luo Xiuyi saw that the little beauty ignored his homemade dishes, regretfully sighed, “Little beauty ah….”

But which man could tolerate themselves being called in that manner (unmanly names)? JiYuan tolerated it for a while before reservedly saying, “Just call me JiYuan.”

Luo Xiuyi casually nodded uncaringly, the corner of his pink lips raised up, revealing a strange smile.
“Little beauty, from listening to Ye Junchi’s words, if I did not guessed it wrongly, your body’s constitution should be ‘that kind’ from the legend…”

The moment JiYuan heard the last sentence, he forgot to retort at Luo Xiuyi. His eyes slightly grew big and his heartbeat went faster. At that moment, he immediately recalled all those ‘f*cking awesome’ constitutions from the few novels he had read before.

Luo Xiuyi slowly completed his sentence, “… that infamous constitution. Actually it is easy to determine, just that it has not appear in nearly a thousand years so only a few people knew about it now.”

…smelly name (infamous)?

…could it be smellier than Ye Junchi’s name?

As if he read the meaning in JiYuan’s gaze, Luo Xiuyi broke into a laugh.

“Of course, compared to our demon lord the Great Ye Junchi, your constitution could be regarded as spotless, ‘as clear as ice and clean as jade’.”

“….” Looking at Luo Xiuyi openly bad-mouthing him, Ye Junchi simply picked up a few of the eyeball-lookalike thingy (with his chopsticks) and threw it into his own mouth; slowly chewing it and not saying anything.

Having chatted randomly all over the places, Luo Xiuyi tactfully stopped keeping the listeners in suspense. He stared at JiYuan with a pair of shiny eyes, “Really a rare treasure – Little beauty, were you constantly getting blocked whenever you tried to cultivate, ever since you were young? Every time the gathered qi tried to concentrate, the spiritual power will disappeared into the pulse of your spirit?”

JiYuan guiltily nodded.

“Indeed, just as rumored.”

Luo Xiuyi smiled.

“Little beauty, you are not a cultivation trash. On the contrary, you are a rare genius of the millennium. Whenever you started to cultivate, the spiritual power disappeared and integrated into your blood. According to what was recorded in the ancient books, people with constitution like yours was born to be unable to condensate the elements. The cultivation accumulated could only went into your blood. So when another person drank your blood, the spiritual power in your blood will clash with the person’s inner spiritual power.”

When Ye Junchi heard that, he couldn’t help frowning.

“There are only two options to choose for the people who drank the blood. One, disregard the blood and let it wreak havoc in the body. After a hundred years, the blood will be able to break apart through refining. Unfortunately, Ye Junchi’s power were restrained by your blood…. The second option is to accept the blood and drink it from time to time, and use own self body as a furnace. The spiritual power from the furnace’s cultivation are to be divided into half to the blood. When the blood were fully infused with spiritual power, then ….”

Luo Xiuyi paused for a while then smiled, “Will revert back to normal. Actually, there are a lot of methods could be used to revert back but it couldn’t be finished in just one turn. Well, apart from sexual intercourse, other methods would greatly damage the body of the furnace…”

JiYuan : “….”

JiYuan lost the guts to see Ye Junchi’s expression. This constitution was just like a parasite, living inside other people to steal their cultivation and ruthlessly earned a profit in the end. No wonder it’s infamous….

No wonder System refused to explain to him, God his mother damm special constitution.

“You mean I could only make myself as a living furnace?”

Ye Junchi faintly smiled at JiYuan.

Luo Xiuyi nodded, “I say ah, what were you doing drinking other people’s blood ….”

Pinching the area at his forehead, Ye Junchi interrupted Luo Xiuyi’s words.

“The time of his blood attacks is too short. I couldn’t always stick him to my side and bite down whenever it’s time – do you have any solution for this?”

“I do ah.” There was a hint of blood-thirstiness added inside Luo Xiuyi’s smile without any reason. “Just suck the little beauty’s blood to dry?”

JiYuan was absolutely horrified, God his mother was really a freak, even more mental than JiSan. There were laughter in Ye Junchi’s handsome face. His eyes were indifferent, JiYuan broke into cold sweats under his stare. He thought that this person would rush forward to suck him dry, but his(YJC) gaze shifted.

“I am not joking with you, do you have any solutions?”

Luo Xiuyi muttered to himself, “I wasn’t joking”, then thought for a while and said, “There is a way, but will need to trouble little beauty.”

His method was to have JiYuan let out a few bowls of blood. He will experiment with it and make it into pills, so that it’s convenient for Ye Junchi to carry it around. There was no other reliable ways, so JiYuan could only bit down on his teeth and pretend it was a free-of-charge blood donation. After letting out a few bowls of blood with a pale face, JiYuan almost fainted. Ye Junchi picked up something looked like a tongue and stuffed it into his(JY) mouth, forcing him to swallow it. The taste was not as bad as he imagined it, just that it was very disgusting (to eat a tongue) that he wanted to vomit. JiYuan’s tongue tightly pressed against his upper jaw. After the urge to vomit subsided, he found out that he doesn’t have the feeling of coldness and vertigo from excessive blood loss anymore.

Ye Junchi lifted his eyes a bit, in a tone not salty yet not light, “Luo Xiuyi’s dishes on this table were all rare panacea of the heaven and earth.”

JiYuan indifferently sounded an ‘Oh’, but in his heart he was saying ‘You people from the capitalist class are really unruly. Do you need to be such wasteful just for a meal?’2.

System coldly smiled, “He he.”

It was 3 days later after Luo Xiuyi finished refining the pills; he strongly reminded Ye Junchi to drag JiYuan back to continue letting blood the moment he finished his supply. Before they leave, Luo Xiuyi said something without reason, “Ye Junchi, I heard that the blood of those with such constitution is useless for demon race.”

Ye Junchi showed a rare icy expression, wordlessly carried JiYuan and left the hill.

Witnessing the tolerance and care shown by Luo Xiuyi towards Ye Junchi, JiYuan was silently guessing the relationship between the two in his heart. He has yet to come with some ideas, when Ye Junchi who was sticking behind him suddenly bowed down his head. Leaning into his neck, he(YJC) sounded very lazy.

“13 years ago when the ruler of the demons died, it was chaotic in the demon realm. I inadvertently saved Luo Xiuyi’s life when I was escaping with him. Although this person is a rascal and weird, but ‘the favor of a drop of water has been rewarded with the gratitude of a fountain of water’, he would return back favors many times more.”

JiYuan was expressionless, “Oh.”

Ye Junchi rubbed his(JY) hair and said, “Don’t let your imagination run wild.” [T/N : As in ‘don’t think nonsense’.]

He paused for a moment, his hands casually went to JiYuan’s face. He asked with a surprised tone, “Why is your face so cold?”

JiYuan : “…”

Ye Junchi suddenly realized, “I forgot that you cannot cultivate, couldn’t construct a barrier to block the wind.”

JiYuan : “… System, why did I felt like it was intentional?”

System : “Condolence.”

After a long time, they crossed the boundary between demon realm and human realm, finally returned to the human world. They found a small town and went to sit inside a tea house, listening to the recent news. When Ye Junchi came out from the tea house, he said, “It seems that the whole world know about me bringing you along to cause chaos in the human realm.”


“Those practitioners are pursuing us according to the description of one man and one woman.”

Then, Ye Junchi lightly smiled, “Let’s go, you should change into a new disguise. Being a woman for ten years, do you want to be a man?”

Because it concerned his dignity as a man, JiYuan only coldly replied with one sentence, “I am a man from the start.”

Ye Junchi revealed a helpless look and a smile containing obedience and tolerance, “Yes, you are.”

JiYuan couldn’t help gnashing his teeth, “System, I really wanted to beat him.”

System : “Be nice, baby. If you don’t want to hear me chanting reincarnation mantra, don’t do silly thing.”

The author has something to say:
System’s smile revealed hints of poverty.
Dumpling, let’s go ●v●
What ‘Red Phoenix star’s movement’ stuff? It’s something I randomly say, don’t mind it…


Translator : How I imagined it when YJC wanna mess around with JY : CAT GIF

  1. What is Red Phoenix star? I have no idea. :v Got some long explanation in Google but it makes me dizzy. If you understand Chinese, you can try this PAGE. If you don’t, just note that it’s a lucky star in chinese mythology that usually related to wedding or happy events. [edit – oh, it’s just a bull from the author :v ]↩
  2. As in ‘It’s just a meal, do you really need to eat rare medicine?’ ↩

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