先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 9

[Banana – A bit flabbergasted that A.d.s.e.n.s.e said this chapter has restricted content… like what? I don’t anything sensitive at all ==]

Ye Junchi noticed that JiYuan has fell into a silence, he raised his eyebrows and said, “I’m not joking. What, are you afraid that the Ji family would be implicated with my involvement?”

Actually, the original body owner doesn’t have any deep feelings for the family. But now is not the time to consider this issue…

JiYuan poked System with a black face.

“The difficulty level in cooperating with Ye Junchi is too high. According to the original character, ‘I’ would definitely refuse Ye Junchi’s help. ‘I’ would not budge on my stance even when threatened with death, let alone cooperating to find the murderer.”

JiYuan continued, “Nope, that won’t do, System. This is already an OOC task to start with. I request to skip the task or let me slightly OOC (to accept YJC’s help).”

System : “You still want to bargain in this?”

“I don’t care! At worst, I’ll just won’t do this task!”

System thought for a moment. The task was indeed quite forceful.

System : “Alright then. But if you went out of the line and done some serious OOC, you would still be punished.”

Ain’t that just a matter of acting skills?1

Secretly feeling relieved, JiYuan sorted out his thoughts, controlled his facial expressions and lightly said, “That is just treating the symptoms but not the root cause. If you really wanted to help me, how about finding out who is the murderer instead? Then you and I will be able to prove our innocence.”

“Is innocence that important?”

Ye Junchi’s eyebrows rose up again; looking as if he doesn’t really care, “But if that is what you wanted to do, I will help you ba.”


JiYuan was feeling horrified, “Has his brain gone bad? Why is he so easy to talk with?”

System went silent for a moment, “Shouldn’t you be happy?”

JiYuan : “I am feeling even more afraid ah! Is he co[v]eting my body?!”

System coldly said, “Are you better-looking than him? At most, he just wanted to drink your blood.”

“….” JiYuan doesn’t want to talk to System anymore.

Gui Chi’s speed was not fast but not slow either. Right in front of JiYuan’s face was the biting cold night wind; the feeling of flying in the air was very wonderful. Above their head was a scattering of stars; the bright moon hung in the vast piece of night sky. Below their feet was an endless and distant, vast dark land. The night breeze blowing at them and the cold were biting into JiYuan’s bones. He came into a suspicion that Ye Junchi let him stood in front so to block the wind.


“But…” After some time of silence, Ye Junchi opened his mouth and said in a slow manner, “… you really caused me a big trouble, little thing.”

JiYuan was feeling confused and innocent, “What trouble?”

He doesn’t require Ye Junchi to answer anymore, as he immediately understood what had happened. Gui Chi suddenly swayed, like it abruptly lost the spiritual power to control itself and they plunged down to the earth.

JiYuan was expressionless, “…..” AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH AH GONNA DIE!

When the two people were about to hit the ground, Ye Junchi who has been maintaining a calm demeanor, held onto JiYuan’s waist and nimbly stepped onto the nearby branch. Breaking the momentum of their fall, he lightly jumped onto the ground.

JiYuan who has been scared stiff until his soul flew out, leaned into Ye Junchi’s arms. His hands and feet were still feeling soft; they were slightly trembling around Ye Junchi’s waist. Cold sweat were covering JiYuan’s back, it was some time later before he came back to his sense and he stiffly blinked.

Gui Chi laid quietly on the ground like an ordinary sword; looking very wronged.

Fear was still lingering in JiYuan’s heart. He said, “System, I almost thought I am going to die.”

“Don’t you still have Ye Junchi here?”

“It’s because he is here that I’m scared. What if he used me to cushion his fall?!”

System : “… you must have some confidence in him.”

JiYuan indifferently rejected the request for confidence. He wanted to let go of Ye Junchi but he was afraid that the moment he let go, his legs would give away and have him kneel down with a ‘thump’. So he could only hardened his face and pleaded with System a few times (to OOC a bit); to continue holding onto Ye Junchi.

Ye Junchi doesn’t mind that at all, and said, “You seemed to have changed a lot.”

System : “You see, I didn’t judge you as OOC but the other party already thought the same.”

JiYuan : “Shut up.”

“I am really curious, about what kind of a rarity between Heaven and Earth is your blood. To be able to restrained my demonic power, or I should say to be absorbing my spiritual power. Only by drinking your blood that I could calm down the restless flow in me.”

Ye Junchi’s voice was not fast and not slow. He talked about the matter lightly but JiYuan saw a fleeting coldness in his eyes. Suddenly feeling cold, JiYuan secretly shuddered and poked System, “Could you translate that to simpler term for me?”

System : “It means if he doesn’t drink your blood, he will be a trash demon lord.”


Relying on System’s explanation, JiYuan who couldn’t completely decipher the meaning of Ye Junchi’s gaze, finally understood what he saw just now was an icy killing intent. In the demon lord’s heart, he(YJC) must be feeling very wronged. Wanted to chop him(JY) but fear that he would become a waste after chopping. JiYuan felt a little bit of guilty conscience said, “… I don’t know what actually happened too.”

Ye Junchi didn’t say anything, he just stared at JiYuan for a long while. Then, his slender fingers reached out to gently brush away JiYuan’s hair at his neck. Squinting his eyes, he saw the bite marks and wounds on the tender white neck. Ye Junchi pressed JiYuan against a tree. Then, he wordlessly bowed down his head and bit on the wounds.

Having a pair of soft and warm lips pressing on his neck, it really give off a kind of an am[b]iguous charming feel. A moment later, it was not charming at all. JiYuan felt that from the way they keep hurting each other, someone is going to be a waste soon (either him first or Ye Junchi). Old wounds were being opened again, JiYuan could only talk nonsense with System with a pair of watery eyes to divert his attention (from the pain). He was not that delicate, to cry over injuries like this. Just that the body was originally very scared of pain, so his eyes started to tear up whenever the body felt painful.

Come to think about it…. the one who wanted to cry should be Ye Junchi. Ye Junchi obviously knew that drinking his blood could only suppress the poison’s attack for some time. After that, the attack would only be stronger, but he couldn’t not drink it. This feeling of his own blood being su[c]ked out by someone else was not wonderful at all, he even felt a bit horrified. Because as long as the person at his neck is willing to do it, the artery which was situated right next to the wound could be split open any time. The original body’s special constitution was really evil/sinful…..

When Ye Junchi stepped away from him, JiYuan was starting to feel dizzy. It was not that he lost too much blood but because his brain was overly scared by his own thoughts. The man originally has bright red lips; when it was dyed with blood, it became even more astonishing. In the dark curtain of the sky, bright moonlight scattered down in thousands specks of clear splendor. Here, the area was quite open (free of cloud) and the cold moonlight fell onto half of his face. One half of his face was bright while the other half was dark; when combined together, it gave out a feeling of hair-raising beauty. Ye Junchi’s tongue lazily reached out to lick the blood on his lips. Looking at the bright red tongue and lips, one could even feel it was se[x]y.

JiYuan stared for a moment, then immediately shifted away his gaze. He shivered, “System! Bad news!”

“What is it, baby?”

“Ye Junchi suddenly changed his style! And became my favorite type!”

“… grab the opportunity, try your best to ‘bend’ him. Good luck, you are the best.”

‘The best’ JiYuan was being restricted and single-handedly brought back to the demon realm by Ye Junchi. Compared to the human realm, the demon realm’s environment was quite backwards and terrible. The sky were often hazy gray in color. Even the air seemed to be unstable, filled with a restless and desolate atmosphere. The cultivation talent of the demons were much higher than humans but their major setback was procreation. They were sparsely populated in the broad, boundless demon realm. So … as a demon lord, the palace took up a vast surface area; a wastage of space.

JiYuan didn’t notice that before but when he was carried back this time, he witnessed a piece of endless land in the palace. Sighing, he said, “… this is the evil of capitalism. I am indeed the son of the ‘party and people’.”
[T/N : I’m not a chinese born in China so I do not understand the reason the authors keep mentioning their ‘party’ and ‘people’. Is it something related to China being a republic? Or they practice socialism? I wouldn’t know, I don’t study this in school 😛 I study how human body produce waste :v Joking, that chapter never appear in the exam papers…]

“The party and the people doesn’t have a son like you.”

System took a look at JiYuan’s information, and saw that ‘someone’ has a dozen of estates and a dozen of listed companies under his name. System couldn’t help but ruthlessly replied in disdain.

Ye Junchi didn’t intend to return to the palace, he just summoned a few men to make some arrangements. After that, he grabbed JiYuan with him and continued flying toward the depths of demon realm.

JiYuan couldn’t help asking, “…. what are you doing now?” Not going to investigate the murderer?

Ye Junchi was taller than JiYuan by almost a head, conveniently letting him to give JiYuan a ‘downward gaze’. He plainly said, “I have make some inquiries about the matter when I came to the human realm. Those moralist insisted that I was the murderer because it seems that the sword injury and residue of spiritual power on the body is the same as Gui Chi (‘s effect).”

JiYuan was not a fool, he immediately came to understand what happened. Someone imitated Ye Junchi’s killing method and killed ZhaoYang, the motive was to frame Ye Junchi. JiYuan most probably had a case of bad luck and gotten implicated into the matter. Those people’s target was Ye Junchi. As for why they killed ZhaoYang to frame Ye Junchi, JiYuan couldn’t figure it out. System couldn’t figure it out either. Couldn’t be they thought Ye Junchi’s reputation not ‘smelly’ enough? Smearing more blood on it would just yield the same result. The only person who understood the matter doesn’t intend to explain, so JiYuan could only tactfully be as ‘silent as the chicken’.

“The other side came prepared, searching for the murderer might be a bit troublesome.”

Ye Junchi then threw a dirty look at JiYuan, his tone was cold, “Thanks to you, my current (body) situation is unstable. If I don’t settle this matter first, then going back to human realm equals to suicide.”

The amount of cultivators looking forward to Ye Junchi’s death was numerous. If a stone was to fall from the sky and killed someone, the possibility would be nine out of ten that person wanted to kill Ye Junchi. 2
Some wanted to do it for fame, while some were from jealousy; there were all sorts of reason out there. What more, something like this (ZY) happened, there would be even more people aiming at him. In case they stumbled upon enemies, and at that moment his(JY) blood were not ‘behaving’, causing the loss of spiritual power for Ye Junchi, then the scene would be very ‘exciting’. As the culprit, JiYuan shamefully closed his mouth.

Ye Junchi doesn’t intend to explain about their destination to JiYuan. After a night of journey, they finally arrived to a mountain at the break of dawn. He brought JiYuan down to the mountain after a pause. The mountain looked just like a land of dense trees from the sky. When they landed, JiYuan saw that there was a courtyard at the mountain. It looked like someone was living here in seclusion. There were wisps of smoke coming out from the house; even some dog (or something canine) barking could be heard. What kind of a demon with such a good ‘interest’?

Ye Junchi gave JiYuan a dirty look again and said, “Follow me closely.”

Directly pushing the door open and went inside, they ran into a young man coming out from the kitchen. The man raised his head and saw Ye Junchi with JiYuan. He didn’t display any surprised reaction but smiled instead.

“Why do you have the leisure time to visit my humble place? Got into some trouble, is it?”

Ye Junchi didn’t answer the question but turned his face sideways to JiYuan and said, “This is Luo Xiuyi.”

JiYuan : “?” It felt like he heard of this name somewhere before.

System sighed.

“One of the demon lords in the demon realm. Rumored to be an expert in divination. Possessed knowledge in medicine/pharmacology. Has half of human blood in his body. Moron, you should have memorized the common sense of this world. Let me test you a bit.”

JiYuan immediately raised his guard and refused.

“Please do not carry out inhumane force feeding teaching of exam-oriented education in this cultivation world, thank you.”

While he was exchanging nonsense with System, Ye Junchi has roughly explained the situation to the man. Ye Junchi’s words were just ended when Luo Xiuyi’s eye lit up. With an ‘ah’, he picked up JiYuan’s hands and held it in a tight grip. His breathing was slightly short, he excitedly looked at JiYuan like he wanted to ‘hu[g], [k]iss and hold him up in the air’.3

JiYuan : “…” Goddammit, another freak.

The author has something to say:
Today mantis shrimp not going anymore. I got hungry and ate it _(:з」∠)
I have given it the best final destination _(:з」∠)
I have been feeling weird how the word ‘cultivation world’ has poked the cen[s]orship of Jinjiang, stop changing it to 口口…..

#ButHowCanSmexySemeNotASadist ?

Translator : I think Xiuyi is not a mental like JiSan. I mean, Xiuyi seems like a doctor and JiYuan looked like a walking oddity in the medicine world. So Xiuyi most probably was fascinated by his blood instead. :3
System : I thought you said you have read a third of the novel? Why are you guessing here?
Translator : I did, but I forget small details all the time ;D
System : ….. poor child, you are even worst than JiYuan.
Translator : …. shut up.

  1. JY’s internet slang was too high-leveled for me. I don’t really understand the exactly meaning of this -> 不就是飙个演技么。 ↩
  2. Kinda hard to express that sentence properly in English. If I can modify it, then it will be similar to this – “The amount of people wanting YJC dead was too much, that the possibility of you randomly picking a person with that wish on the street is 9 out of 10.” ↩
  3. 亲亲抱抱举高高 – Another internet slang, unfortunately. I am unable to comprehend it completely, but I understand that it’s a feeling that you want to do to a baby or something cute. Here’s a picture. ↩

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