先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 8

Ye Junchi held JiYuan down on the floor of the cage. When he found the wound he inflicted yesterday, he opened his mouth and bit down on it.

When he left, JiYuan felt like he has turned into a waste/trash.

System felt a bit worried, looking at his lifeless form, “How are you now?”

Lying down ‘as quiet as a chicken’ for a moment, JiYuan slowly sat up into a cross-legged position.
[T/N : Searched the web for the meaning of the saying above but got conflicted answers. Must be some slang thingy, curse you JY online slang user.]

“Feeling like my body has been emptied. System, I am having a doubt that you are lying to me now. Actually, you knew everything, right?”

System : “Ah haha, how could that be? I’m just a mediocre AI.”

JiYuan : “You have a guilty conscience now.”

System was silent for a while.

“There are things that I cannot tell you in advance….in short, I won’t harm you. But I can reveal something to you. The original body’s physique is extremely particular and can’t cultivate on his own but there are some ways to cultivate. Hang on there for some time, you would be able to become stronger in the future.”

It could be considered pretty good for System to say that much. After pondering for a moment, JiYuan tactfully asked, “How many days left before we reached South Lake?”

“3 days.”

JiYuan sadly sighed. He doesn’t understand Ye Junchi’s behavior and doesn’t know if he(YJC) will lend a helping hand later. But even if he did helped, maybe it was just so he could lock him up in the palace for FOC blood donations. Then, it would be really a scenario of ‘out of the frying pan into the fire’.
How about begging JiSan…. right, even if System doesn’t judge it as OOC, JiYuan felt scared when his eyes met with JiSan’s passionate and obsessed eyes. Soon, JiYuan wouldn’t have to worry about this matter anymore.

In the evening, the escort team found a piece of flat area to rest. JiYuan prepared to eat his wild fruits alone but not sure what JiSan was thinking; he suddenly opened the door of the cage and let JiYuan out to sit with him. The area was surrounded with dark woods. There were a bunch of people sitting down, encircling the fire. The moment they saw JiYuan, complex feelings were flashing in their eyes. Some looked like pity, some looked like hatred while some just like a sigh. JiYuan could feel goosebumps rising on his skin from all the stares. He stiffly sat down with a paralyzed face.

JiSan opened his mouth and said, “Three more days and we will reach South Lake, help yourself with some snacks.”

From the campfire side, a burst of orderly ‘Yes’ rang out. When JiYuan heard that, he felt something was off. Silently glancing towards his left, his body abruptly turned stiff and his back was covered in cold sweat. He secretly counted the number of people in the group. There was an extra person. This group of people including himself was a total of 17 people, and that extra person was the person at his left. Just like those spirit games people played during high school, a bunch of people sat down together to talk about ghost stories. Then, all of a sudden there was an additional person in the group and yet, nobody noticed it. The person beside him answered ‘Yes’ in a lazy tone. After that he gently laughed, “Ai, so interesting.”

…oh, esteemed demon lord, why are you pranking them for?!

After making sure that he was the only one who heard the voice, JiYuan turned to look beside him with a stunned look. He saw that Ye Junchi was sitting there peacefully and at first glance, his mood seemed pretty good. The people from Ji family were secretly staring at JiYuan. So when they saw JiYuan turning around, they followed suit to check. It was then they realized their group of people has unknowingly gotten an additional headcount. The relaxed atmosphere suddenly stiffened.

JiSan’s expression went a big change, his hands reaching out to pull JiYuan to his back but Ye Junchi was a step faster than him. Easily pulling JiYuan into his arms, Ye Junchi smiled serenely and said, “Excuse me, I didn’t see clearly that day because it was too dark. This is mine and I’m here to take (him) back.”
[T/N : I’m bracketing the word ‘him’ because the author managed to avoid using the him/her word in the dialogue so I don’t know if I should use he or she.]

Being held tightly in a death grip, JiYuan helplessly asked System, “System, can you give me an accurate prediction on when I will be finally free?”

A normal person without any spiritual power in this xx cultivation world, it was really not looking good. Anyone could just come over and casually crush him like an ant.

System was also helpless, answering, “How do I know?”

JiYuan could be considered relaxed but the people from Ji family were not. The moment they saw Ye Junchi, the dozen of people jumped up and pulled out their swords. Staying alert and stared at that snow white face; carrying a faint gentle smile but sporting a pair of cold eyes, they couldn’t help sucking in a breath of cold air.

As for JiSan, his expression was ugly, “Demon!”

Ever since the big commotion happened 10 years ago, which was the death of the ruler of the demons, the demon realm was split among three demon lords. They went their own ways to their own territory; not bothering with each other. The other two rarely make an appearance although their fame has existed for a long time, but this one in front of them kept walking out from the legend as a real figure.
[T/N : A bit tricky to explain it but long story short. The sentence above was saying the other two demon lords rarely came out so people don’t know if they are real or not. But for YJC, he came out often enough that people know he is real.]

Three years ago, Ye Junchi set off a reign of terror in the human realm and it was not far from YangNing. When Ji family led their people there, Ye Junchi has already left with his demon armies, leaving mess scattering everywhere. Coincidentally, JiSan was in the front line. So when he saw the horror of destroyed mess like a picture of human purgatory, he almost vomited out his bile.

Ye Junchi still looked very calm, he doesn’t look like what the rumors pictured him to be; a blood-thirsty demon who killed humans like scything flax.

“Hmmm, you are Ah Yuan’s cousin ba? How was it, Gui Chi is quite easy to use, right?”

Gui Chi in JiSan’s hand felt like it abruptly turned into a terrifying monster. JiSan’s hands shook and almost dropped Gui Chi on to the ground. He came to remember that a man suddenly came out from the woods that day. JiSan couldn’t see his face clearly but that man should be Ye Junchi. Towards the demon lord in front of his eyes, JiSan’s hatred overcame fear. His face was dark and he coldly threw a glare at JiYuan.

“You are indeed working with him!”

JiYuan was unable to move in Ye Junchi’s arms the whole time; he could only eat ‘popcorn’ quietly by the side but even that got him ‘shot even when lying down’.

Gui Chi suddenly vibrated. The originally icy cold sword became boiling hot all of a sudden so JiSan immediately loosened his hand. The sword gave a hum and flew back to his owner; circling non-stop around him like a child who just saw his parent.

Ye Junchi was obviously sitting there with a good-natured face and yet, there was an extremely horrifying pressure silently permeating the air. It was comparable to the pressures given off by strong cultivators but there was also an additional hint of dangerous aura. The fearful escort team from the Ji family; who was surrounding them keep trembling under the pressure of absolute strength. Apart from ‘shaking like a leaf’, each and every one of them showed despair in their face. JiSan stared intently at JiYuan, he clenched his teeth; refusing to let himself from showing fear. The air felt like it had solidified that even the dry woods had discreetly stopped making crackling sound.

In the midst of such a dead silence, Ye Junchi suddenly laughed. He looked at the person in his arms and said in a voice ‘not loud but not small’ either, “Ah Yuan, you decide it for me. Should I spare the life of these ‘shrimp and crab soldiers’ or your cousin’s life instead?”
[T/N : Here comes the second arrow to JY , lol. Anyway, the seafood term above means small fry (虾兵蟹将) , geddit? :v Sorry]

JiYuan was surprised for a moment when he heard that. He subconsciously raised his head to look at the people from Ji family.

When they heard what Ye Junchi had said, that dozen of people looked startled. Their eyes were looking at him(JY) with great anticipation.

JiSan was staring at him too, with a complex gaze. His lips moved a bit but he didn’t say anything.

JiYuan : “…. What to do, System? I am a good citizen ah.”

One death or a handful of deaths? It was a dilemma. To be honest, these people in this few days didn’t do any excessive things except they didn’t give any food for him to eat. And the freaky JiSan doesn’t deserve death either.

System scoffed, “A good citizen who brawled on the streets?”

“Those are matters long passed and I didn’t cause any loss of life. The ones I hit were the ones who bullied girls so of course, I am a good citizen.”

System : “You are really good good oh, go and try Ye Junchi’s level of tolerance towards you then.”

….do you play it like this?

JiYuan carefully looked at Ye Junchi’s expression, then at the people beside them. After a moment of silence, he said, “Just let all of them go ba.”

Ye Junchi squinted at JiYuan. JiYuan’s expression looked a bit similar to the expression back then when he threatened him(YJC) to leave the room with the dagger at his own neck.

JiYuan shivered a little, “System, I don’t want to be strangled to death.”

System comforted him, “Don’t be afraid, you won’t die for now.”

The two words ‘for now’ have no sense of security at all ah…

Thoughts were flying all over the place in JiYuan’s mind. Then, it was all darkness before his eyes and his lips were pressed against another pair of similarly soft lips. In a ‘not rushing but not slow’ speed, Ye Junchi’s tongue traced the petals of JiYuan’s lips. His eyes were still the usual calmness. But from an outsider’s perspective, that two people were hugging tightly and kissing intensely. JiSan’s eyes were already red.

JiYuan : “Forgive me for speaking bluntly, Ye Junchi wanted to anger JiSan to death, right?” (either monologue or asking System)

After the kiss ended, Ye Junchi smiled brightly like a peach blossom; his voice was gentle and warm, “En, will do according to Ah Yuan’s words.”

Casually picking up JiYuan in a princess carry style, Ye Junchi turned around and left. He came in arrogant, and left in an even more arrogant way.

The moment he left, the heavy aura pressuring their hearts slowly receded like a tide. All of them were taking mouthfuls of fresh air like they were just saved from being drowned and their back were soaked in sweat. After a brush with death, this group of people abruptly knelt on the ground, stiffly pondering about what had happened just now in silence.

The one with the worst expression was JiSan. He has an intention to JiYuan ever since they were young.
Just like a seed after a long time, it started to take root in the dark corners of his heart and grew up looking deformed and stubborn. If not for Ye Junchi suddenly appeared, he has already planned to secretly escape with JiYuan tomorrow.

After some time, these people gradually mustered the courage to speak out. Their voices were very hoarse.

“Quick… master, we need to immediately return to inform the family Head!”

“Ye Junchi really appeared! The eldest young lady is really together with the demon!”

“Zhao family won’t let go of us….”

“JiYuan really wanted to harm the family….”

The fragments of voices were getting louder and it was upsetting JiSan. He coldly scolded them to stop, then turned to the direction where Ye Junchi has carried JiYuan away. His face turned to a scary gloominess, “Return back!”


“Can you see that? All of them were blaming you.”

Ye Junchi smiled when he saw the people from Ji family slowly left. His words seemed to contain a hint of ridicule, “People are just like that.”

JiYuan glanced at him, with an expressionless face he said, “You seemed to have a lot to say.”

Ye Junchi raised his eyebrow but didn’t say anything. He simply carried JiYuan and flew to the sky on his sword. He didn’t seem to have any intentions to discipline JiYuan over the matter of poisoning him and stealing his sword to escape.

Both people were silent for a moment before JiYuan faintly asked, “ZhaoYang was killed by you?”

“Who is ZhaoYang?” Ye Junchi asked with an astonished expression.

“….” JiYuan’s heart began to waver. He looked at Ye Junchi’s blank face and confirmed that he really doesn’t know so he decided to help him remember.

“It’s the man who stuffed me into the wedding palanquin for a force-marriage, and you gave him a kick.”

Ye Junchi uttered an ‘Oh’, then proceed to squeeze the peaches at JiYuan’s chest. With a nonchalant tone he said, “Can’t remember, I haven’t been to the human realm for a long time. The moment I’m here, I heard of the rumors saying that I killed someone – (they) so sure that murders which the murderers cannot be found were done by me.”

JiYuan : “They thought I was the one who asked you to kill him.”

That was really a cold joke, who on earth in this world have the ability to instruct the demon lord Ye Junchi? Not wanting JiYuan to hear that sentence, Ye Junchi suddenly buried his head at JiYuan’s nape and chuckled.

“I know, do you want me to go to South Lake and rescue your father?”

JiYuan’s eyes shone brightly. Pressing down his excitement, he slowly exhaled and asked, “Really?”

Ye Junchi nodded.

JiYuan was overjoyed, he was about to open his mouth to ask him when two messages suddenly popped up. The first one was System’s cold reminder : “OOC warning, please take note.”

The second one was a task : “Investigate and find out who is ZhaoYang’s murderer with Ye Junchi (0/1)”

JiYuan : “…” So angry, fortunately no need to smile.

The author has something to say:
Today elephant trunk clam not going anymore. It will hit me if I want to keep going.
Then Mantis shrimp, let’s go _(:з」∠)

#NoGhostPlease T^T

Translator : Don’t you think YJC is more playful after he found out that JY is a dude? So many moments of peach-squeezing there XD
Ye Junchi : “I cannot squeeze a lady’s breast blatantly. That’s blasphemous! But you are a man so it’s alright.” *squeeze peaches* :v

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