先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 7

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JiSan was glaring at the incoming person with red eyes as the person walked forward in a not-so-slow speed. The lighting in the woods was dim so JiSan didn’t pay attention to the appearance of the man. He asked in a cold voice, “What did you said?”

It was obvious that the shock JiSan received was greater than JiYuan.

Though JiYuan maintained an expressionless face on the outside, in his heart was a myriad of feelings. He was not sure if he should feel happy or cry.

“……System, Big Brother has come knocking on the door. Do you think he just want to get his sword back?”

System : “I think he just want to strangle you to death.”

Ye Junchi looked very patient, with a three-point smile still on his face.

“Hmm? You didn’t hear it just now? This is mine, please step aside.”

JiSan sneered and turned his hand to pull out Gui Chi from his back. The precious sword was spiritual, it gave a gentle hum the moment it was unsheathed, looking very excited. JiSan was feeling happy in his heart because Gui Chi was a famous spiritual sword and wouldn’t easily reveal any spirituality to outsiders. The fact that Gui Chi reacted when he pulled it out, could that be it’s willing to abandon its old master to recognize him as the new one? Gui Chi hummed again, its body was vibrating. Excitedly raising Gui Chi up and pointed it directly at Ye Junchi, JiSan stared at the vibrating sword with passionate gaze.

“Where is this impertinent fool from, dared to make ruckus here? Today my mood is good so I’ll spare you your life. Quickly scram within the count of 3 breaths, otherwise don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

JiYuan : “…”

System : “…”

JiYuan and System came together to marvel at the rarest sight within 800 years. The sight of someone holding the demon lord’s sword, pointing it at the demon lord himself and threatened him to get lost. Although JiYuan was currently the demon lord’s must-kill target, he couldn’t help wanting to laugh out loud and ask Ye Junchi about how complicated was his feelings at this moment (being threatened by his own sword that is). But what JiYuan did not expect was Ye Junchi maintained his calm look, and just lightly glanced over Gui Chi as if it wasn’t his own sword.

“This little brother is really hostile.”

Then, he paused for a moment and showed a strange smile. Giving JiYuan a glance, he said, “I mistakenly took him for someone else.” Not a hint of recognition and he turned away.

…..why are you not acting according to the plot?!!!

Wasn’t this the time you send JiSan flying?!!!

JiYuan really wanted to kneel to Ye Junchi. [T/N : Kneeling like this -> Orz ]

Probably because Gui Chi vibrated in his hands that JiSan was feeling a bit excited. He waited until Ye Junchi’s shadow melted into the hazy night, then turned to give JiYuan a strange look. Wordlessly pulling him back to the escort team, JiSan stuffed JiYuan back to the cage and locked it.

To have escaped a hurdle and protected his dignity, JiYuan felt relieved and happy, like a 200 pounds child. System’s cold tone poured a bucket of cold water on JiYuan, “Child, are you forgetting that you are a weak chicken? If you don’t figure out how to escape before you reached South Lake, then upon reaching South Lake you will be a dead chicken.”

“…..then I can only wish you an early ‘Happy Year of Chicken'”
[T/N : If you don’t understand, it’s okay because this is rubbish talk between JY and System. They trash-talk each other a lot ^^;;].

JiYuan lifelessly leaned at the iron bars; looking at the bunch of rough men who doesn’t seemed like they have any intentions to give him food. He reached out his hands and pulled at the cowhide cover. Closing the gaps of the cage, he rubbed the two peaches of his chest. But he still doesn’t dare to eat his provisions. His stomach couldn’t stop growling, JiYuan sighed and decided to go to sleep. Being starved for a whole day and night, he was so tired that he could start to levitate to higher planes (like those Daoist immortals). But taking naps was a good thing, at least he doesn’t feel hungry when he was asleep.

System silently looked at JiYuan nodding in his sleep, it could only sighed and felt that ‘fools have their own blessing’. [T/N : Idiom – 傻人有傻福 / fortune favors fools].

Upon nightfall, all the man-made noises ceased. That makes the sounds made by insects and animals in the forest even louder in contrast. The night was a bit cold, JiYuan couldn’t fall asleep completely. He woke up after a shiver. The scenery outside the cage was shrouded in the night, plus the cage was covered by a cowhide so it was a complete darkness for JiYuan. At first glance, he thought he has entered a dream in a dream. But when he can feel sore, numb, cold and pain from his back, he started to rub his forehead. Leaning against the railings to sleep was really not a comfortable choice. JiYuan tried to move a bit but suddenly heard a laughing voice. The pressure from the voice was low and magnetic, “Woke up?”

This voice was very close, it was just beside his ear. He could even feel the warm breaths gently sprayed on his ear. JiYuan was shocked, he was so scared that he almost jumped up. His back was covered in cold sweat.

System spoke just in time, “Don’t be afraid, it’s a person.”

“Who ah? Could it be JiSan coming for a night attack?”

JiYuan just woke up so his brain was not clear at the moment, like a mixture of glue. He forcefully maintained his icy expression and silently shrunk a bit to his side. As he was slightly shifting away, JiYuan suddenly felt tight at his waist. An arm held on to his waist, then dragged him backwards to collide with a sturdy chest.

At the same time, System replied with a slow reflex, “…. your man.”

“…” Your mother.

JiYuan bleakly thought, Ye Junchi really won’t let go of him easily. Tomorrow when the freak JiSan uncovered the cowhide, found that the person he want to ‘freak’ at has died, and most likely in a grotesque form, JiSan would probably get so shocked that he returned to normal human being. Well, he(JY) could be considered doing a good deed then. (changing a g-hey back to normal)

System : “Don’t be afraid, I am almost finished reciting the reincarnation prayers for you.”

“….” Okay, don’t talk anymore.

Their interactions in his mind was just within the period of a few breaths but JiYuan didn’t intend to sit still. He exerted all his powers to struggle but the difference between two strengths was too large. After struggling for a while, JiYuan felt that the pressure hugging his waist has become tighter, almost causing him to roll his eyes.

“Shh, don’t make any sound. There are two people keeping vigil outside. Attracting them to come over wouldn’t be good, you wouldn’t want to be seen entangled with me right?”

Ye Junchi’s mouth was sticking very close to his ear when he said that. Every word he said, his soft lips would make a contact with JiYuan’s ear.

JiYuan felt that his ear was so hot that it could almost get cooked naturally. Gnashing his teeth, he asked, “Since the demon lord has chased me to this point, it’s up to you to kill or cut however you like. Why the need to disgrace me like this?”

Although what JiYuan really wanted to do was crying and begging ‘Daddy, have mercy!’, but the original body’s principle doesn’t allow him to do so. He could only say some provoking words with a cold face. After all, he could still reincarnate if he’s dead. But upon OOC, it would be miserable as the soul will be destroyed then game over.

Ye Junchi gave a low laugh and ignored him. His arm at JiYuan’s waist moved up to pinch at his fake chest.

“Why it’s not pomegranate anymore?”

The man’s low magnetic voice rang beside his ear. If he doesn’t know who was the person behind him, JiYuan could still ‘find joy in sorrows’ and find some tenderness in the voice. But since he knew who was behind him, he could only worry about the hand gr0ping the peach at his chest. Worrying that the hand could turn any time and pierce his heart. Hehe, Big brother. There were not much wild pomegranate in this world, so I could only suffered a bit and used peach instead. Is this answer satisfactory? In his heart, JiYuan answered it coolly but his face’s expression was freezing and his pursed lips didn’t speak.

Ye Junchi didn’t get angry, and kneaded JiYuan for a while. Then in a voice not salty but not light either, he said, “Little thing, what kind of poison did you gave me?”

…..I thought you said you were invulnerable to all kinds of poison?

System also doesn’t know what kind of poison/medicine that the original body has taken. JiYuan opened his mouth and whispered, “…..my blood.”

Ye Junchi’s action paused for a long while, then his fingers started to caress his nape. When JiYuan thought Ye Junchi finally couldn’t stand it and wanted to twist his neck, and System just finished reciting its prayers, he suddenly felt a pain at his neck. JiYuan sucked in a breath of cold air, not daring to scream out. Not sure where he gotten the strength but he abruptly managed to break away from Ye Junchi. He pounced forward away from the man, his face was green.

“2333! Ye Junchi’s horoscope is dog ah?!”


“…. then why did he suddenly bit me?!”

System went silent for a moment, “…. probably for detoxification purpose? I seemed to be wrong somewhere and managed to curb Ye Junchi’s power. It wasn’t because of something the original body ate but because the body itself has a special constitution.”

“What do you mean?”

“…. you will understand in the future.”

JiYuan immediately expressed that he doesn’t want to know it later nor do he wanted to understand anything. He only managed to crawl a tiny distance away before he felt heavy on his body. Ye Junchi pressed him down with his body causing JiYuan unable to move at all. With a faint “Endure it”, Ye Junchi bowed his head down at the place he bit on and lapped at it. It was so painful that tears were coming out from JiYuan’s eyes.

Actually Ye Junchi only ruthlessly bit down once. When the wound started bleeding, he concentrated on licking it. The wound was not that big, and the blood stopped flowing after a while. Just that when he used his tongue to xx the wound, JiYuan felt painful and xx. JiYuan really wanted to pull Ye Junchi over and sucker-punch him. In a half-dead state, JiYuan asked System, “Is this world made up of mixed creatures? Then, Ye Junchi is a vampire? What should I be called? The Embraced?”
[T/N : Googled 初拥 and it gave me the word The Embracing. A process of draining a human in order to change it to Vampire. For more, WIKI]

With a sympathetic tone, System said, “Poor child, you have started to hallucinate.”

“…. I am serious.”

“Ye Junchi just need to drink a bit of your blood to suppress the poison in his body, like using poison against poison.”

“Then why did he hurt me like this? My neck felt very painful….”

“Silly child, would you treat someone who poisoned you gently?”

That sounded very reasonable. JiYuan chose to remain silent. When Ye Junchi finally left, JiYuan was in a half-dizzy state. Lifelessly leaning at the railings, he suddenly blurted out a sentence.

“What Ye Junchi said was correct.”

In its heart, System was thinking ‘Did you get Turned?’.

With a crying face, JiYuan lamented, “I should have stayed inside the palace, it was a safe place.”

“…. child, you should be glad. Looking at the situation, it seems that Ye Junchi still haven’t find the medicine to suppress your blood. He could only try drinking a bit of your blood from time to time to control the poison, so you won’t be strangled to death by him in the meantime.”

JiYuan doesn’t feel anywhere glad, he just lifelessly lay down. Night flew by and when the morning came, the escort team set out again. They continued the journey until afternoon, then stopped for a rest. JiYuan was so hungry that ‘his chest has shrunk to stick to his back’ and his eyes were rolling. He couldn’t stand it anymore so he took out the peaches from his chest to eat. Just as he finished munching on the peaches, the cowhide covering the cage was opened. JiYuan leaned by the side of the railing, guiltily throwing the peach pits away from behind.

JiSan’s face was still very gloomy, “What do you want to eat?”

Brother, you still remember me ah! In his heart, JiYuan was howling for meat but he has to take into account that the owner of the body does not howl. With a glance, he looked at the attribute of the original body and discovered with despair that the body owner was a vegetarian.

Sneering, JiSan said, “Ever since we are young, you are only willing to talk with that sickly person JiChen. You never look at me, not even now…”

Nobody was nearby the cage so JiSan went closer, his eyes getting dimmer.

“Ah Yuan, have you ever thought that even if you are innocent, people from the Zhao family would listen to your explanation? Upon reaching South Lake, you will die without a doubt and your father will be implicated. Don’t you want to save your father?”

JiYuan raised his head and gave JiSan a look like he was moved by his words.

JiSan : “You could beg me to take you to escape.”

JiYuan moved his lips with hesitation, under JiSan’s eager eyes he plainly replied, “…. then need cousin to help me pick a few wild fruits.”

He really wanted to eat meat but unfortunately his chest was empty so he must replenish it.

JiSan’s face sank.

JiYuan thought the freak will rage at him but who knew he just stared at him with a gloomy face for a moment, then put down the cowhide cover and turned away. JiYuan faintly said, “He said he loved me to death, but wouldn’t even give me a peach.”

“You need two.” System calmly pointed out the error.

“Oh, two.”

JiYuan was bored stiff sitting in the cage when the cover lifted open. JiSan opened the door to throw in a cloth bag. Then, he locked the door back and turned away. With a stunned look, JiYuan opened the cloth bag and found out that JiSan really picked a few wild fruits for him; the fruits were also carefully washed.

System sighed, “Germany….”

“Shut up.” JiYuan coldly interrupted System and put two wild fruits at his chest, the rest was set aside as ration.

Inside the dark cage, it was hard to distinguish the day from night. So after sitting for a while, JiYuan started to feel sleepy. He slept after nodding off for a while. Not sure how long has he slept but all of a sudden he woke up.

A familiar laughter sounded beside his ear, “Woke up?”

JiYuan : “…” I have an F-word not sure if I can say it out, why are you here again?!

The author has something to say:
Elephant trunk clam, let’s keep going _(:з」∠)


Translator : Hmm, do the chinese authors write sexy/romantic vampire stories? Seems hard though, since the chinese vampires (jiangshi) are different than western vampires.

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