先撩为敬 Let me tease you – Chapter 4

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JiYuan was expressionless while lying down on the bed, staring upwards and not thinking anything.

If not for System, who set the rule that his default expression was ‘No expression’, then his current expression would be a lifeless one.

System comforted him, “The task is done anyway, it’s just a marriage. Who is afraid of who ah?”

Continued zoning out, JiYuan asked, “Can you guarantee that after Ye Junchi saw my two pomegranates chest and the little brother down there, he won’t strangle me to death, then proceed to the body owner’s home to strangle the whole family to death?”

System : “….” Not sure.

JiYuan : “….” Shut up.

All of a sudden, JiYuan slapped the bed and sat up angrily.

“It’s all your fault! What kind of stupid tasks?! What with the tasks keep asking to escape?! Now I couldn’t even get out of the room; it’s all Ye Junchi’s men out there waiting to send me to Hell tomorrow!”

System corrected him, “It’s sending you to bridal chamber.”

JiYuan said, “Is there any difference?”

System became silent after a thought.

Him fleeing to the mountain seemed to touch Ye Junchi’s nerves, this person no longer employ gentle attack method but directly locked JiYuan in the room and prepared him to be married. When JiYuan thought of the bridal chamber, he couldn’t help but felt that he was at death’s door and shivered. On the other hand, the taskbar was still not giving any tasks so he doesn’t know what to do to deal with this problem. Plus he couldn’t escape so he could only sit and wait for death. The more JiYuan thought about it, the sadder he became.

After sleeping like a corpse for one day and one night or was the second day, as the sky turned darker, he took the initiative to change into the wedding dress that has been sent in earlier. Wearing wedding clothing and celebrating it in the palace, Ye Junchi carried it1 out because he took into accounts the custom in the human realm. Otherwise, JiYuan would be directly stripped nekid and thrown onto Ye Junchi’s bed. Many of the complicated details of human marriage ceremony has been omitted. The moment JiYuan finished changing his clothes, he was taken to sit inside Ye Junchi’s room. They don’t even have to do the bowing ceremony, he just need to wait for Ye Junchi to finish drinking with his men out there.

JiYuan’s face was green, he poked System, “What to do?”

System was feeling helpless as well, “How about ….. you ‘bend’ him?”

JiYuan : “….”

One human and one system went silent for a moment, then the taskbar suddenly refreshed. JiYuan gave it a glance.

“Poke a finger and drip blood into the nuptial wine (0/1)”

Walking around inside the room, JiYuan broke a porcelain bowl to cut his finger and dripped blood into the wine pot. Just when the blood was dripped into the pot, the taskbar was updated again.

“Let Ye Junchi drink the nuptial wine (0/1)”

Still looking at his own bleeding finger, JiYuan clucked his tongue.

“Could it be the original body’s blood is poisonous? That’s not very nice, Ye Junchi didn’t do anything bad to me and he even saved me.”

System : “Do you want to complete the task, get strangled to death, or ‘bend’ him?”

JiYuan : “…. everyone has their own fate, bad people usually live longer, he probably won’t die that easily.”

System : “Who told you that your blood can fatally poisoned a well-known strong demon?”

JiYuan : “….”

JiYuan felt like his anger was going off the chart because of System.

Noisy voices traveled from the outside and JiYuan listened to it for a while. Then, he returned his attention to ponder how he can complete his task. With a ‘creak’, the door was pushed open. The footsteps he has grown to familiarize with sounded endlessly around the jade folding screen, then stopped in front of him in less than ten feet away. Why was he back so soon? JiYuan’s heart felt like leaping up to his throat. Pretending to coldly lift up his eyes to look at him, JiYuan saw the slender tall man who was usually clad in black clothing now donned a long red wedding robe.

That man leaned against the screen with a lazy posture, as if he was meditating. That face usually smiling and yet, there was nothing friendly about it. But now, without showing a pretentious gentle smile, he looked extremely charming. His looks were already there, plus his expressions were not bad. In his heart, JiYuan said, “As long as you don’t smile, it’s all good.”

When this person laughed, it gave JiYuan the feeling almost similar to when System was speaking gently with him. Other than an unsettled feeling, there was also a feeling of them harboring malicious intentions.

Most probably because Ye Junchi has drunk wine with his men, there was a lazy tone in his voice when he opened his mouth to talk; delicate yet indifferent.

“I thought you have escaped again. Really don’t know how to differentiate good from bad, obediently staying in the palace is the safest option.”

JiYuan continued to adhere to the original body’s character, remained silent.

Shaking his head, Ye Junchi stood up and went to the table to pour two cups of nuptial wine. He then went to stand in front of JiYuan, showing a faint smile.

“I heard from the human realm that couples getting married need to drink this. If you don’t drink it, I could only freeze you (by pressing acupuncture points) and help you drink it.”

Seeing Ye Junchi’s gaze swept over his lips when he said that, it was very obvious what method he would ‘help’ him to drink the wine. JiYuan thought for 3 seconds then decisively took the cup and drank the wine. On the other hand, he asked System if there are any side effects for him to drink this nuptial wine with extra ingredient…..

With a cold voice, System replied, “That is your own blood, what do you think?”

JiYuan : “…..”

The corner of Ye Junchi’s lips curved up when he saw JiYuan drank the wine. He then drained his wine too. Tasting the wine with his tongue, he smiled and asked, “What kind of poison has been put inside?”

JiYuan almost bit his tongue, speechlessly stared at Ye Junchi with a green face.

Ye Junchi sighed.

“I forgot to tell Ah Yuan that I grew up tasting hundreds of poisons. I can almost say that I’m invulnerable to any poison. Ah Yuan has miscalculated.”

God his mother the Hell is invulnerable to any poison?! [T/N : JY was cursing and I found directly translating the word rather than using the F-word sounds more funny XD].

Then, was there any meaning at all for the task just now? At least let Ye Junchi collapse so he can escape ah. Ten thousands of horses were galloping in JiYuan’s inner heart as Ye Junchi stared meaningfully at him.

Ye Junchi’s finger gently caressed the rim of the cup. After some time, his eyes slightly narrowed. “Time to enter the bridal chamber.”

In JiYuan’s eyes, Ye Junchi looked like the executioner in the execution site; patting his(JY) head with a kind face seemingly saying, ‘Time is up, should get on the road (to die)’. JiYuan didn’t even get to ‘struggle before death’ but then, a light bulb suddenly lit up in his mind. He pursed his lip then said with an icy tone, “Since you and I are married, can you guarantee that you won’t harm the Ji Family?”

Not expecting JiYuan would suddenly say such words, Ye Junchi’s slender eyebrow rose. Calmly nodded, he said, “Naturally.”

“It’s your words as the Demon Lord, you can’t go back on it.”

Ye Junchi nodded again and leaned over to stare at the person in front of him. A bit of nervousness and fear was shown on that person’s indifferent cold face. Smiling again in silence, Ye Junchi took the advantage to push JiYuan down on to the bed. With an invading stance, he stuck his knee between JiYuan’s legs and pushed upwards until—


Frowning, Je Junchi asked, “Ah Yuan, what is between your legs?”

JiYuan replied without any expression, “Gun.”

System quietly said, “You actually dared to crack a yellow (in-de-cent) joke with him?”

Continuing with his expressionless face, JiYuan replied, “So you want me to tell him it’s a big ‘bird’?”

System : “….” Your win.

There was a strange look on Ye Junchi’s face. He keep pondering what kind of ‘gun’ that can be hidden there, it felt semi-hard and not soft. His hands slowly crawled to JiYuan’s waist, lightly pulling off his belt. Ye Junchi glanced at his(JY) taut body, his(JY) eyes were half-closed. A bit of pink shaded the pale white androgynous face of the beauty, Ye Junchi felt good for some reason. Originally he just thought to tease JiYuan, but he unconsciously moved by the sight. He leaned over to place a kiss on JiYuan’s forehead then lightly whispered, “I won’t hurt you, relax a bit.”

JiYuan continued maintaining his facial nerve paralysis state.

JiYuan : “There should be a climax here.”

And then, the climax arrived.

Ye Junchi pulled away the beauty’s red wedding robe and saw the pomegranates rolling down, his expression was marvelous. Just that the air suddenly became still. The room fell into a confused silent and Ye Junchi stared at JiYuan’s flat chest with a complex expression. At a time like this, JiYuan didn’t feel afraid and he laughed out loud.

“Look, System. Don’t you think Ye Junchi looked like a hamster that dropped its melon seeds out of shock?”


System calmly said, “Even if he is a hamster, he won’t drop his melon seed. Because that is you, he wanted to swallow you whole— prepare yourself for reincarnation ba.”

Suddenly returned back to reality, JiYuan looked up to stare at the silent Ye Junchi and became terrified. He shrunk back his neck for fear of being strangled to death. It seemed like even the air has congealed to a deathly silent. The bright candlelight from the ‘double happiness wedding candle’ swayed from unknown wind, giving the handsome man’s side profile a thin layer of gold and also masked the expression of his eyes. JiYuan quietly edged himself backwards.

Ye Junchi saw JiYuan backing away and blinked. Suddenly, he straightened his back and reached out to tear away JiYuan’s skirt with a frosty expression. His legs being exposed all of a sudden in the air couldn’t help feeling cold even though it was summer right now. JiYuan quickly whipped around to shrink further back but Ye Junchi grabbed hold of his ankle and pulled him back to his body. Ye Junchi grabbed his underpants and pulled. Indeed there was a ‘gun’ between the pair of white slender legs.

JiYuan looked at the person who stared at his little brother like some rare strange creature. His mouth twitched and his tone dropped a few more degrees, “Seen enough?”

Raising his head to meet his eyes, Ye Junchi looked unexpectedly calm, “You are a man?”

Half sitting up and sneered, JiYuan revealing a ridicule look, “Didn’t you saw that already?”

Having said to this extent, can he calmly say Ye Junchi won’t kill him and will let him go? Wouldn’t this be a beautiful ending?

System calmly punctured his dream bubble, “Stop dreaming. Ye Junchi just smiled right now. Even I felt creepy.”

A strange smile hung on Ye Junchi’s lips. He reached out to pinch JiYuan’s chin and his(YJC) eyes swept over his(JY) delicate beautiful face. Then faintly said, “No wonder.”

“….” What does he mean by that?

JiYuan silently swallowed. Then he quickly recalled the original body’s life experience, continuing his act with an icy voice.

“My fate was not good so I need to be raised as a female in order to grow up safely. Since the demon lord knows that I’m a man, you should let me go.”

“Let you go?” Ye Junchi whispered that question, and repeated it for two or three times.

Suddenly, JiYuan was pressed down on the bed, two young bodies stuck together without any spaces between them. Before JiYuan could react, his own lips has been lightly kissed by another person. He was nearly nekid with most of his clothes stripped off and his chest was rubbing against the other person’s cold clothing. His lower body was tightly imprisoned in an iron hold. A layer of goosebumps appeared on JiYuan legs as his sensitive legs were being continuously rubbed against the other person’s skin. Caught off guard, a hand was placed on his waist and was tracing the lines of his slender smooth waist. The hand slowly knead his back while slowly inching down the tail of his vertebrae, inch by inch….

JiYuan quivered, in his heart he madly called out, “2333, quickly save me! The calm demon lord has gone crazy! He don’t discriminate between man and woman!”

System was powerless so it just comforted him, “You like men anyway….”

JiYuan angrily roared, “This old one is not that casual!!! Even though I has been a second generation wastrel for so long, I still haven’t pop my cherry!!!” [T/N : People call themselves old regardless real age when referring to themselves to express superiority/seniority.]

“…” System struggled with its words, “You are actually…a v ir gin?”

JiYuan who accidentally revealed his secret, “….”

Ye Junchi found that the person below him was zoning out. Raising his long beautiful eyebrow, he retreated slightly from him. The other person’s rapid breathing blended with his own. In close proximity, that charming clear face was no longer cold as usual. Not sure whether it was from shame or anger, his(JY) face was flushed with a layer of red. And the light-colored eyes were misty, giving the solid cold eyes a few charming points. Ye Junchi’s face was the usual calm, as if he was marking books, his tone was serene when he said, “You’re hard.”

JiYuan : “…..”

Any man would have reacted, being provocatively touched here and there.

JiYuan saw that Ye Junchi’s eyes were still the usual coldness, a deep pool of freezing water without the slightest hint of xx. It seemed that he(YJC) was just trying to embarrass and tease him. Feeling relieved in his heart, JiYuan wanted to persuade him to not hurt each other when Ye Junchi suddenly fell wordlessly on top of him. 2

System who was watching the scene with gusto, felt slightly disappointed, “Such short time for the effect to show ah, too bad. Tsk tsk tsk.”

Being pressed down by a body, JiYuan was almost out of breath. He quickly pushed Ye Junchi away and went to get a new set of clothing from the closet. While listening to System’s explanation, he slowly get into his new clothes. Then his heart gave a thump, feeling a pair of burning eyes behind his nekid back.

“…. so my blood restrained his power? He won’t be able to move temporarily?”

“Relax, he’s yours to do whatever within half a day time.”

JiYuan laughed with ‘heeheehee’ but the moment he turned around, he has already composed his expression. He locked eyes with the Ye Junchi who are unable to move at all. In that pair of eyes, there were only frost and astonishment.

JiYuan mildly asked, “Surprised?”

Yi hee hee hee, this big shot definitely wouldn’t understand why he suddenly suffered a defeat.

Staring at JiYuan for a moment, the cold in Ye Junchi’s eyes suddenly dissipated. He replied, “Your waist is very soft and slippery.”

JiYuan : “…..” really wanted to hit someone, what to do?

With difficulty, Ye Junchi’s tongue reached out to lick his own lips. In his dark eyes was a hint of mocking smile.

“Fragrant breath.”

JiYuan : “System! This rogue mo.l.ested me!”

System was very calm, “He can’t move now so he could only mo-lest you using words. You can counterattack and molest his physical body.”

JiYuan : “Why is it I felt like you are here to make troubles?”

Giving a dry cough, System turned away from the topic.

“The new task has been refreshed. Escape from the demon world…. you still have to climb that mountain. But there are tips given by the task. You can take Ye Junchi’s sword away. By carrying that sword, no demon or ghost would dare to get close to you.”

“And then I wait for Ye Junchi to recover so he could come and hack me to death?”

“You want to get torn to pieces and eaten by the demons or get hacked to death by Ye Junchi?”

“…..don’t want either.”

In the end, JiYuan went to get a cloth to cover Ye Junchi’s eyes. Then, he found some rope to bind him tightly and covered him with the quilt. Immediately feeling guilty, he took Ye Junchi’s sword ‘Gui Chi’ away. Following the previous route, he slipped out of the palace.

The author has something to say:
(???ω???) This is a relaxed and happy, without abuse HE story, really ah~
PS: Thanks to the fans for the cover, it fits the theme very well 23333
YJC : … I am hamster?
JY : I am melon seed?
Hamster Ye opened the shell of Ji Melon Seed, became silent for a moment.
Hamster Ye became so scared and ate Ji Melon Seed.
[Wait a minute, the fans clearly said little uke looked like hamster…]


Translator : If you read the whole thing purely from YJC’s POV, don’t you think YJC see JY as someone cunning? To run away ‘alone’, to somehow know that his own blood can poison YJC, know that YJC’s sword can protect himself from ghost and demons? XD

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