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  1. Please tell me someone shed a tear or two after reading this chapter ;w;
    Or I’ll fail to be an ‘okay’ translator for failing to translate the emotions across to English.

  2. Thank you for the chapter~
    Ummm, I didn’t shed tears (rarely do)…
    please don’t hurt my kokoro… *My kokoro crying ;_;

  3. I shed lots of tears here especially because I just realized what Huai Zhen meant when he said he would die again. At first, I was wondering how romance would develop between them when he didn’t seem all that interested in the emperor. When it was revealed that he died to protect the emperor, it still hadn’t fully sinked in for me. While reading this, I realized that he meant that should the rebellion happen again he would sacrifice himself again. TT_TT

  4. Wow , I’m speechless,shit I can’t stop my tears
    I thought MC doesn’t like this emperor
    But he choosed dead again in his second life for save emperor T.T

  5. I didn’t expect much of this story but I teared up. This story wasn’t supposed to be so touching and made me /feel/. Chpater 5 and chapter 6 are my favourites now. I’ve been re-reading this again and again and I still feel so touched here.
    It took someone’s else comment for me to even realized that Rong Huai Zhen have been determined to sacrifice his life /again/ for the Emperor and that made me hurt even more now. Especially after all those reactions Huai Zhen made whenever he remembers how painful his death was. I really love it when the Emperor asked if it hurt to be stabbed by those arrows and if the moat was cold in the dead winter of December. Obviously it does but it kind of made it feel like the Emperor wish he could take on those pain/cold himself instead of Huai Zhen suffering those. And that the Emperor has been visiting his grave every year on his birthday. It reminds me of that saying of you’ll always remember your first love, even if Huai Zhen isn’t his first love, just this act made it feel like he was the Emperor’s true first love and someone really special.
    Thank you for translating and sharing this story! I enjoyed reading it. I had to hold back my tears. Thanks for that too.

    1. Many thanks for your kind comment (;w;)/
      The sad part was totally unexpected too, when I started reading the novel.
      It makes me really sad to read about the part where he won’t celebrate his birthday anymore.

  6. I don’t know how many times I re-read this story, but everytime I read this chapter it always successfully breaking my fragile heart… ㅠ.ㅠ

  7. 😢😭🤧 I just remembered what he thought after he visited the Male Consort at the cell about dying on behalf of your love one (or something like that) and here he is a prime example, even though he kept on thinking “I don’t want to die” after his reborn because of the trauma.

  8. So sad, but i’m glad this ended with happy end! Yaaay! I also read another 2 extra, but i read it from back to front… My mistakes, thats why i coment in this chapter! Thank you for traslating this fluffy, sweet, comedy love story!! Thank you very much 🙌🙌🎂

  9. unspoken love is so romantic and bittersweet, it’s the best kind of pain to read through
    my heart is stabbed, stabbed, prodded, and i sighed a lot of sadness away…. their love is so beautiful
    after rebirth HZ is still very humble and if not for DMZ also being reborn he will really just admire him from afar
    so selfless it hurts *bites hanky

  10. Lol, so that’s why ohr mc said don’t eat a yoghurt that concubine x liked….or something x,,D
    He’s really amusing haha
    So the emperor had survived, huh.
    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

  11. really really cried Q_Q im in a cafeteria rn reading this and literally trying not to get tears into my soup

  12. Saaaad. This is so saaad. I didn’t expect to suffer this much with a short chapter, but It’s really painful. I cried a river…

    Now we know why the emperor was so nice with him.

    Thanks for the translation!

  13. My heart hurt so bad. I never can handle well an aftermath scene after someone died. The grief The Emperor felt is being conveyed beautifully, you did a great job translating this chapter.

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