16 thoughts on “雨露均沾 Sharing Rain and Dew – Chapter 7 : Extra – Present Life”

  1. Thanks for translating all this in one go. Like you said, although it can be confusing with what’s going on, I think by the end, everything made a lot more sense. Glad to see that they both actually “went back in time” together 🙂

  2. Ahahaha that was hilarious 😂
    The author sure knows how to make us laugh after pulling our heartstrings last chapter…..
    Truly your translation is amazing 👏

  3. Rereading this has got me thinking…was anyone else reincarnated? Like Le Ping? Or did the emperor maybe tell him about what happened in the previous life instead? 😮
    Anyway, that first meeting and the realization that the other has also been reincarnated as well felt like an arrow through the chest (so to speak) especially when the emperor barely managed to hide his reaction to that realization…T_T Thank goodness they were both rewarded with this wonderful second chance *sniffle*

  4. Lol, he have such good manners. Eating what was nearest of him x,,D!
    As always, thanks for the chapter! 🍀
    I really want to give you cookie for letting us discover this amazingly meng story 😳✨ 🍪🍪

  5. Sweet & fluffy chapter that made me grinned and can wash away the grief from previous one. Emperor really not holding back again once he knew that the two of them got reincarnated.

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