26 thoughts on “雨露均沾 Sharing Rain and Dew – Chapter 5 : I think, the Emperor … he is poisonous!”

  1. Aaah so that’s what happened….. Totally not expected 😁😁😁 awesome
    Thank you for the translation

  2. Gorram this twist! And gorram the next chapter DX I don’t think I’ll be able to reread that without bawling so I’mma skip to the next one instead…

  3. Oh, he really did appoint him as empress. Tis my wrong. Ufufufu! Whatever lol, I am just a cynical old hag haha. Oh well, onto the next chapter!

  4. Thanks for the chapter 😀
    I am surprised with the plot twist. It’s really awesome and sweet ><

  5. What is interesting is that he doesn’t want to have to die to save the emperor but the option of not acting as decoy was never even up for consideration.

  6. Aww…so he did like the emperor :’)
    And this bakaaaa!!! 😭 he complained so much at first but he’s actually so loyal right? 😂 this kid…
    I’m nearly at a loss….funny and kind people like him are a national treasures!
    It’s good that the emperor know that too
    Being so pampered all his life and revered by so many people, a ruler of a monarch like him usually depicted as the one who would sacrifice his aides to save himself. Maybe the kiss is really what sealed this fate 🤔, ah
    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

  7. I did as you adviced, and reread it again after finishing it the first time. I really loved this story. It’s so sweet and sad but it’s a happy ending and I’m crying. Thank you so much for the translation.

  8. So he saved the emperor and he remembered. All this time the protagonist was complaining about his death, but he’s ready to do it again! He really loved the emperor!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  9. MC is so good, no matter how he hate thinking he has to die again, he will take that route again to make sure The Emperor is safe. Ah, really love this story..

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