15 thoughts on “雨露均沾 Sharing Rain and Dew – Chapter 4 : I think, the Emperor is very dangerous”

  1. Haha if only he said what he was thinking about the emperor to him when he first woke up after being poisoned then it would’ve probably have sent the emperor through the moon hehe…
    Still tho, even after rereading, I still haven’t figured out why the male consort did that 🙁

    1. I thought the male consort did it for love?
      “A word of love, is not comparing who is taking it more seriously than the other, but to see who is actually taking who seriously.”
      Maybe before reborn, Emperor used to say he is the most special for him (well the only male). Hence they used to compare who is taking it more seriously with “You’re the most special”, “I like you the most”, “I placed you more special than how you placed me in yours”. However, now Huai Zhen come into picture. Consort Lu realised that Emperor doesn’t take him seriously (sweet talks only) since he still also got visited same like others while Huai Zhen received the Emperor at the very least once a day. The prideful himself wants the Emperor to die as the person that he loved, either if he succeed he followed him or he just wants to kill to ensure no one else get the Emperor.

      1. Not sure , it’s too short to infer anything. But for me, I can see that the Emperor has never sweet-talk anyone before.
        So I read the sentence as ‘I took him seriously but he never did the same for me’.

  2. Poor guy (Lu GuiQing) .. just wanted to be loved 😢 He probably was out of favor, that’s why he attempted to poison him and was pushed to make a move to get attention.
    I don’t know, although the MC is cute, I hate ML’s who are Emperors because of the harems and schemes in the palace. The MC can’t be the empress (? What is the male equivalent for empress) if the ML will not abolish his harem.. and harems are not my taste, if you will love somebody, stick to them forever! (Hopeless romantic me is shaking)
    Ugh so complicated 😣

    1. Due to political issue, Emperor usually take in the people into the harem without a single feeling towards them :v
      Probably called Male Empress or something 😛

  3. Hm.. Maybe he was jealous. Poor guy.
    How can he comprehend that the Emperor suddenly like another boy out of the blue?
    …But that man is too adorable, it can’t be help 😣😳
    Thanks for the chapter! 🍀

    1. Btw I was wondering if there are really no next chapter button since the first chapter? So far, I read this directly from novelupdates page.
      It’d be great if it was available but if not, its alright too. Thanks for translating this mini series! 😄
      My heart healed for today

  4. So this male concubine was jealous of our protagonist, so he wanted to kill the emperor for not being the favorite?

    Thanks for the chapter!

  5. Jealousy is scary. And our MC is back being tormented by the thought of having to repeat dying once again.

  6. Well if an emperor took a fancy to me, put me into his harem then grew bored of me, I too would (want to) kill the guy.

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