Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 102 (The End)

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)
莱恩 Ryan (Lion) / 黄远 Huang Yuan (Female) + Ren (Lion)
巴奥 Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear) / 霍斯 Howth (Golden winged lion)
雷切尔 Rey (???) / 艾德琳 Adeline (Female)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf) / 球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father) / 里亚 Ria (Female) + Snowe (Female)

马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)
米莎 Misha (Female)

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Chapter 102 Extra – Wufan’s story

As soon as Wu Fan went out of the house, he saw a lot of fruit baskets in front of the door. In addition to that, there are also many strange little trinkets. But he is not surprised since this has occurred for quite some time already. After all, in his family, there are 5 unpartnered females including him. It’s natural that they became the target of many beastman’s pursuits.

His brothers and dad haven’t woken up yet. As for father, he must have gone hunting a long time ago. Wu Fan is sure that these gifts must have been placed after the beastmen are sure that his father has gone out. Otherwise, if seen by father(P), he would have picked up all these and thrown them into an unknown corner. Then his father will chase after the beastman who gifted the goods and give them a hard lesson. In Patrik’s opinion, the beastman who covets his little darlings is his enemy.

Wu Fan looked around but didn’t see anyone around. Then, he looked at the blocked gate. There’s no choice, he had to move all the gifts to the yard first. Comparing to his siblings, Wu Fan’s character is still relatively mild. If other siblings were in his shoes like his 1st, 2nd, and 5th younger brothers, they would simply throw the gifts away. Looking at so many baskets, Wu Fan sometimes found it funny. Seriously, the beastmen didn’t leave a name when they gave the gift, so how would they know who gave it? But in this way, Wu Fan and his siblings can eat the fruits with peace of mind1.

Seeing a purple basket, Wu Fan knew that the basket is given to him by that silly person. It must also be filled with fruits and vegetables that he likes to eat. Sometimes, there will be a wood carving in it. Wu Fan picked up the basket and head back to the house, ignoring the rest of the gifts.

Wu Fan, who is 17 years old, looked very beautiful. He was quite naughty when he was a child, but his temper became softer as he grew up. Wu Fan might have a tail which is something extra in comparison with other females, he still has many suitors after him. There is something about Wu Fan that the beastmen couldn’t explain, which caused them to be deeply attracted to Wu Fan. According to Lin Mu, that thing is called temperament. For beastmen, they don’t know what is temperament. What they know is they wanted Wu Fan as their partner.

Wu Fan took out the vegetables and fruits in the basket and washed them. He placed the fruits in the living room, before starting to make breakfast. Wu Fan’s cooking skills are completely inherited from Lin Mu. For some foods, he even cooked it better than Lin Mu. So ever since Wu Fan learned to cook, Lin Mu rarely cooks. But because the children liked the taste of fatherly love in Lin Mu’s cooking, they still crave for Lin Mu’s cooking. Of course, Patrik also likes Lin Mu’s cooking, so Lin Mu sometimes cooks at everyone’s request. And every time it happened, everyone will polish every single drop of the dishes, no leftovers. Of course, it is not just to please their dad, but the most important thing is that they really like the food their dad cooks.

When Patrik came back, he saw smokes coming from the kitchen and knew that his eldest son must have started cooking. Their family loves this son very much. Although Wu Fan is not his biological son, he is Patrik and Lin Mu’s first son after all so they loved him to bits. His younger sons also like to stick to their big brother. Their family lives in harmony every day and Patrik is satisfied with their current life. Patrik went into the kitchen and put down the prey, “Wu Fan, I caught your Gulu beast2 today. You can cook it later and eat it.”

Wu Fan smiled and said, “Thank you, father.”

Patrik rubbed his son’s hair, “It’s fine as long as you like it. I’ll go and see if your dad has woken up.”

Wu Fan smiled and nodded, as he watched his father leaving the kitchen. He is living his current life happily. Although Wu Fan knew that his father and dad are not his biological parents, they are the closest people in his heart, and Wu Fan could tell that they loved him. With a contented smile, he continued to cook for his family. Wu Fan likes to cook very much. He cooks for his family and would be delighted by just watching them eat the food he cooks.

At the dining table, Lin Mu’s family doesn’t have the rule of not talking during a meal. Everyone chatted as they eat, and the atmosphere is very relaxed.

Patrik and Lin Mu’s intimacy is still the same as before, always surrounded in sweet pink bubbles. The children have long been used to their parents’ lovey-doveyness. As time passed, the small ones aimed to search for a beastman partner who loves and tolerates them like how their father did to their dad. Of course, it’s a simple requirement if they simply wanted someone who loves and pampers them. But to search for a partner that is like their father3… En, is not easy. No doubt, the children didn’t plan to compare any beastman to their father, who always had an emotionless paralyzed face.

After the family finished their meal, the ones who didn’t cook will take turns to clean the dishes, while Wu Fan went out with his back basket.

Not far from the door, he ran into Rick who is waiting for him on the road.

Seeing Wu Fan coming, Rick immediately smiled silly-ly and went over to take Wu Fan’s back basket.

There isn’t any expression on Wu Fan’s face as he took out the contents in his back basket, “Silly bear, this is for you.”

Rick happily took the meat patty from Wu Fan and said, “The food Fan Fan made is the best.”

Wu Fan didn’t want to comment anything about the nickname Fan Fan.

Rick held the food in one hand, and Wu Fan’s hand in the other. Wu Fan knew that he couldn’t break away, so he let him hold it.

Wu Fan and Rick grew up together and Rick’s attitude is very clear. He pursues Wu Fan and devotes himself to making Wu Fan his partner. Wu Fan held a special spot for Rick. Although Wu Fan didn’t show a nice expression to Rick, it seems that he is alright with holding hands or something similar. Plus, Rick can eat the food Wu Fan cooked. Thinking about other people who wanted to pursue Wu Fan, Rick feels that his hopes are higher than theirs.

To be honest, Wu Fan also knows that this silly bear who has been with him since childhood has a special place in his heart. As for whether he wanted him to be his partner, Wu Fan feels that he shouldn’t say it out. When the time comes, everyone will know.

The two went to the mountains to pick some ingredients, whether it is medicinal plants or food. Females nowadays like to go out for a stroll, it’s better than being bored at home.

The annual exchange day.

Ever since the drifter beastman tribe is accepted by other tribes, Lin Mu and the others began to devote themselves to do item exchange between the various tribes. After all, the things they can harvest/get in their new place4 are still limited. Each tribe has its own special things, and it is a good practice for everyone to take out what they have to exchange for what they need. Most beastman are winged beasts, so it is quite convenient for them to go to certain tribes to exchange things. Even for the wingless beastman, their speed will not be bad. Even so, it can’t beat the exchange day’s popularity. Every time it is held, it is like a big festival for everyone.

The exchange day this year is held in the drifter beastman tribe.

Wu Fan and his siblings went out early and brought their own things, preparing to exchange for items they wanted. Although their tribe usually has a bazaar to exchange things, it can’t compare to the current scale. Wu Fan said to his younger brothers, “Dad likes seafood. Let’s exchange some seafood first. I will make it for him at noon. He will definitely be very happy.”

Several children who love their dad very much nodded happily in agreement.

When they came to the sea tribe people’s stall, they began to look carefully. The children knew that Lin Mu likes crabs and shrimps, and of course, other kinds of seafood also like to eat. After all, the sea is still some distance away from here. Even if the seafood is alive the first few days of travel, but after so many days later, they would definitely be almost dead. The children exchanged some live crabs and shrimps with the cloth they brought. They also exchanged a lot of dried seafood such as scallops. What makes them even happier is that they also saw many familiar people.

“Uncle Lisa, Uncle York, is Yin Yao coming?”

[Banana – In case you guys have forgotten about the sea tribe people’s name. Please see below]

[Yitz’s family]
Father – Yitz
Dad – Li Wen
Son – Butz

[Fony’s family]
Father – Fony
Dad – Wen Ni
Son – Burton

[York’s family]
Father – York
Dad – Lisa
Son (female) – Yin Yao

Lisa is also very happy to see Wu Fan. “Aiya, it’s little Wu Fan. Yin Yao wanted to come, but he is about to give birth so Rissel5 didn’t agree to let him come.”

“Oh, Yin Yao is going to have a baby? This is really a great thing. Could you please tell him that I will visit him when I have time?”

When Wu Fan left, he is given a lot of sea cucumbers, dried fish, and other food that Lisa enthusiastically insisted on. While walking on the street, he will look at his naughty brothers from time to time. On the other hand, Wu Fan is wondering why didn’t he run into that silly bear today? Didn’t that guy say that he wanted to exchange his honey at the market? Because Wu Fan was so deep in his thoughts, he accidentally bumped into someone.

“I’m sorry.” Wu Fan quickly apologized, knowing that it’s his fault that they collided.

“It’s okay.” The voice of the person sounded somewhat suppressed.

Wu Fan looked up and saw that the other party is obviously a couple, and the female looked at him(WF) with strange eyes. Wu Fan is a little puzzled, but then he heard his younger brother calling him.

“Brother, let’s go home, those crabs are going to die.”

Thinking of cooking food for his dad, Wu Fan nodded to the couple and left quickly.

What Wu Fan didn’t know is the female stared at his retreating back with sad eyes. But then, even if he knew about that, he wouldn’t care. The couple is just strangers after all.

Though Wu Fan didn’t see it, Rick who rushed over to see him saw it clearly. Rick didn’t know what was going on, but he felt that it is definitely not a good thing in his heart. Hence, he didn’t say anything but decided to tell Patrik about it. Although Rick looked silly, he is not stupid. He knew how important it is to please Wu Fan’s father.

Lin Mu had a delicious seafood meal at noon so he is in a very good mood. Naturally, Patrik will be in a good mood too. Hence towards Rick, who is bumping a meal at his home, Patrik decided to use only 50% of usual his strength (in beating Rick).

And Rick, who was paying attention to Wu Fan, felt a bit of chill running down his back. He turned to look at Patrik and knew what is going on. After all, he always got beaten every time he came over. Rick still knew his fate (of being beaten), he just hoped that his opponent would be more merciful this time.

After dinner, Rick took a chance to tell Patrik what he saw in the morning. Then, upon seeing Patrik frowning and going to his bedroom, Rick immediately took the opportunity to run away. Of course, he also abducted Wu Fan out of the house by the way.

Wu Fan, who planned to take a nap after lunch is quite unhappy to be dragged out. So, his expression would not look good to Rick. But Rick has been with Wu Fan for a long time and he knows how to cheer him up. So he said to Wu Fan, “I saw a very interesting thing at the market today. We have to exchange it before anyone else or we will never see something like this again.”

“What kind of interesting thing?” Wu Fan is a little interested in what Rick said.

“Let’s go and see, you’ll know soon.” As Rick said that, he pulled Wu Fan with him.

The two left happily, but at Patrik’s side, he couldn’t help frowning.

Patrik is afraid that Lin Mu couldn’t fall asleep if he told him the news earlier. So, he waited until Lin Mu woke up from his afternoon nap before telling him about what Rick told him.

Lin Mu frowned after listening, “It seems that that couple may be Wu Fan’s parents.”

“En.” Patrik knew how Lin Mu cared about Wu Fan.

Lin Mu snorted, “So what if they are Wu Fan’s parents? Wu Fan is my son now. Since they have abandoned him, they shouldn’t even dream of getting him back. Even if it is not intentional, I will not give up on Wu Fan, he is our family!”

“En, Wu Fan is one of our family. We won’t give him to anyone. Don’t worry.” Patrik saw that Lin Mu is getting angry so immediately pulled him into his arms to comfort him.

“Patrik, don’t let anyone take Wu Fan away.”

“Absolutely,” Patrik assured Lin Mu.

Lin Mu felt relieved after hearing that because Patrik never breaks his promise. Then he sighed comfortably in Patrik’s arms. Although their children have grown up quite a lot, Lin Mu doesn’t look like an uncle at all. His appearance is still very young, just that his face looked much more mature than before. And so, Patrik couldn’t keep his hands to himself.

On the other side, Wu Fan and Rick went to see that ‘interesting’ item. Rick pulled Wu Fan to a stall. The owner of that stall is an incredibly very tall beastman.

Rick: “Take out that thing and let us have a look.”

The beastman was going to take a nap at noon, but Wu Fan and Rick happened to be here, just as he finished closing the stall. The stall owner had seen Rick in the morning, and naturally knew what he was talking about, so he took out a pair of emerald green rings.

“This is… ring?” Wu Fan knew about the thing called ring. His dad told him that back at his old home, people will wear rings when they got married.

Hearing that someone knew what the item is, the beastman happily said, “These two rings are formed naturally, and not carved out. I found them by accident. I don’t know what they can be used for, but they are indeed called rings… It seems to be emerald rings.”

Wu Fan knew the meaning of the rings, but he didn’t know if Rick knew it as well. His face felt a little hot when he thought of Rick pulling him over to see the ring. But seeing this person’s silly smile, Wu Fan thinks it’s impossible for Rick to know the meaning of this ring. However, Wu Fan really likes these 2 emerald rings very much. He picked up the smaller ring and put it on his finger, it fits snugly on him.

Seeing that Wu Fan really liked it, Rick asked the stall owner how to exchange the goods. The stall owner stated his request, and they managed to do the exchange with some cloth and honey. The two of them took the rings and left.

Rick took Wu Fan to his own house. He is an adult now, so he moved out of his father’s house and built his own house. His father Tru has a partner too.

If it is the usual time, Wu Fan won’t go to Rick’s house, but he is happy today so he didn’t refuse.

Rick’s house is pretty well built. Of course, he built it while imagining it’s his and Wu Fan’s future home. Rick pulled Wu Fan into the inner room, and then took out the rings.

“Fan Fan, this is for you.”

Wu Fan liked the ring at first sight so he accepted it, but Rick’s next words shocked him.

“Wu Fan, Uncle Lin Mu said that if you accept the other party’s ring, it means you accepted their proposal. Fan Fan, I like you. Please be my partner.”

Wu Fan didn’t expect this silly bear to set the trap here, waiting for him. He angrily accused while trying to the ring off but Rick didn’t give him a chance. Rick immediately pulled him closed and kissed him. God knows how long Rick wanted to do this.

“Unn… let… nn, let go.”

Rick didn’t reply and continued to kiss until Wu Fan stayed limply in his arms from the kisses.

“Fan Fan, be my partner.”

Wu Fan gasped for breath and ignored Rick, so Rick kissed him again.

Rick and Wu Fan kissed, one after another, and they touched a lot. Lin Mu and the family members wouldn’t know about it. If they knew that their son is taken advantage of, God knows how angry they would get. But at Lin Mu’s side, he is already not in a good mood now. It is the uninvited couple standing in front of him that makes him feel bad.

Lin Mu stared at the couple and asked in an upset tone, “What do you guys mean by this? You came to my home uninvited but didn’t say anything once you’re here. What do you want to do?”

The female opened his mouth, and finally said in a low voice, “I want to see that kid.”

Lin Mu snorted and looked at him with a sneer, “There are many children in my family. I don’t know which one you want to see. But no matter, whichever you want to see, they are still my children. It’s not up to you whether you can see them or not.”

The beastman felt angry when he saw his partner being treated like this, but he can’t do anything about it because the other party is a female. He can only show a cold face. Lin Mu is not interested in knowing whether they are happy or angry. What he wanted to do right now is kick these 2 people out. He is regretting his previous decision very much to let them in earlier. Isn’t this just voluntarily letting people make him unhappy?

Patrik sat next to his partner without saying a word. Seeing that Lin Mu is in a bad mood, he pulled him closer to comfort him.

The female looked sad, but Lin Mu will not be Holy mother anyway. It is impossible for him to give up his child just because the other party has tears in his eyes. It won’t happen, ever. Lin Mu angrily started getting the couple out, “I see you have nothing to say so please leave as soon as possible. You might be free but we are not. I still have to make snacks for my children. Goodbye, I won’t be sending you out.”

When the beastman saw Lin Mu started asking them to left, he said, “Let’s just say it straight. We are here to see our child, he has a tail. We have asked around and know that he lived in your house.”

The more Lin Mu hears it, the angrier he became, “Look for your child?! You two came to my house to look for your child? You are looking at the wrong place. My baby has a tail, so what? You said that it is your child, and I have to believe it? You are treating me as a fool, huh? Won’t I know if that is my child or not?! I advise you not to bother us anymore. Don’t disturb my baby, or don’t blame me for being rude to you! ”

Since Lin Mu said it out so blatantly, the beastman is furious. However, he had no choice but to leave with his female. Patrik immediately patted Lin Mu’s back to stop him from getting too angry.

“Patrik, our Wu Fan really looks a lot like that female, what do you think?” Lin Mu is still worried.

“It’s okay, even if they are Wu Fan’s parents, Wu Fan will not go with them. Don’t worry, Wu Fan loves you so much, so would he be willing to leave you?”

Lin Mu nodded, “I did my part as a father pretty good, Wu Fan couldn’t bear to leave me.” Although Lin Mu said so, he still couldn’t be sure and sat in a daze.

When their 2nd son returned home, Patrik asked him to get his brother, Wu Fan back. Lin Mu would feel more at ease when he sees Wu Fan by his side.

Wu Fan was on the way home with Rick when he was found by his brother. Wu Fan blushed so much that he couldn’t help kicking Rick when he thought of what Rick did to him.

“Dad is in a bad mood today, and father asked me to find you back quickly.”

Wu Fan asked nervously, “Do you know why his mood is not good?”

“I don’t know. I asked father, but father didn’t tell me.”

When Wu Fan heard that his dad is in a bad mood, he told Rick to let him go back by himself, and he followed his brother home.

The moment Wu Fan get into the house, his dad caught him in a big hug. Wu Fan is quite surprised by the intimacy. Although his dad is usually very enthusiastic, he didn’t hold him like this since a long time ago.

“Baby, you musn’t abandon Dad.”

“Why would I abandon my dad? I won’t.”

Wu Fan didn’t know what is going on. He turned to look at his father inquiringly. When he saw his father motioned to coax his dad first, Wu Fan began to comfort his dad and promised not to abandon him. Soon, Lin Mu went to bed with peace of mind and he also asked Wu Fan to accompany him. It was not until Lin Mu fell asleep that Wu Fan came out to look for Patrik. He wanted to ask his father what happened.

Patrik asked Wu Fan to go with him to his room with a serious look, and then told Wu Fan what happened. Wu Fan just bowed his head and said nothing.

“Wu Fan, what do you think? if you want to see the couple, I can deal with your dad’s side…” Patrik understands that it’s normal if the child wanted to see his biological parents.

Wu Fan shook his head and replied, “I am Dad and Father’s child. I will never leave Dad and I only have 1 dad.”

Pleased to hear the answer, Patrik rubbed Wu Fan’s hair. “Your dad must be very happy to know that.” In Patrik’s heart, he is a selfish man too. How could he be willing to share his son with other people? Wu Fan is their child who they raised for so many years. They won’t give him up even if the other party are Wu Fan’s biological parents.

“Father, don’t worry. I won’t make dad sad.”

“En. Your dad is so reluctant to part with you. I’m really worried that if any of you siblings fall in love with the beastman of another tribe and needs to leave, your dad will be very sad.”

“I won’t.” Wu Fan said.

“I know you are with Rick. If you really like him, I can promise to beat him a few times lesser.”

“Father!” Wu Fan felt helpless being teased by his father.

Patrik sighed when he saw his son blushing. His son got ‘abducted’ by that kid Rick. But it is much better to be married in their own tribe than to be married to a beastman from another tribe.

“Okay, I’ll go see your dad. You can take a break first. I see you didn’t take a nap since you went out to play at noon.”
After saying that, Patrik went out.

Wu Fan laid on the bed, thinking about the couple his father mentioned about. He would not recognize them as his real parents. No matter what the reason is, it didn’t change the fact that he was abandoned before, so he would not recognize them. He would not hurt his dad(LM), that man who showered him with love since he was young. Wu Fan promised that he will never make him(LM) sad.

Throwing these annoying matters aside, Wu Fan looked at the emerald ring on his left ring finger. Thinking of the silly beastman who has been together with him since childhood, he sighed, “Let it be that way ba.” As for what it meant, Rick, who knows Wu Fan very well, would be happy if he were there.

The couple still managed to see Wu Fan in the end, though they only said they just wanted to look at him. Wu Fan didn’t say anything to them and just let them see as much as they wanted to, as long as they didn’t appear in front of his dad. In Wu Fan’s mind, he decided that when they appeared in front of him, he will treat them as if they don’t exist. So, upon knowing that the couple is leaving, Wu Fan didn’t say a word to them, nor did he ask why they abandoned him. When he was young, he might think about the reason. But now, it’s not important to him anymore. He stared at the female who is about to leave, holding his hand while crying, and said sorry. Although Wu Fan felt a little sad by this, he didn’t intend to respond to the female.

Compared with them, Dad and his family members are more important. He won’t be moved by this.


After Wu Fan became an adult at the age of 18, Rick got his wish and became partners with Wu Fan. Although Wu Fan’s father and his beastman brother beaten him up like a pig’s head, Rick still smiled extremely happily.

Wu Fan looked at this beastman who is still smiling in front of him and knew he would be as happy as his dad.

[T H E . E N D]

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