Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 47.2

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Chapter 47 Part 2 Detoxification

Xiào Mu left the hospital and went back to the Marshal’s Mansion. He asked the housekeeper if there is an empty room available for him to use. When the housekeeper learned that Xiào Mu is going to the room to store medicine-making equipment, he took Xiào Mu to the west wing, “The rooms here are all empty. You can choose whichever you want.”

Xiào Mu worried that the scent of his medicine would be smelled by people passing by, so he chose the one farthest from the main entrance. The housekeeper immediately instructed the household robot to clean the room selected by Xiào Mu. Next, Xiào Mu shopped online and spent almost all of his savings to buy a set of medicine-making equipment. He set up a single sofa in the room and spent the afternoon reading medicine-related books in the room. As he read the books, Xiào Mu would experiment with what he read, and slowly, he has a deeper understanding of medicine-making.

After Leo returned to the marshal’s mansion, he listened to the housekeeper report daily matters and strode to the medicine-making room. Xiào Mu seemed to be fascinated by the courseware that he didn’t turn his head until he felt a pressure on his shoulders. Leo looked at Xiào Mu disapprovingly, “Do you know what time it is?”

Glanced at the time, Xiào Mu bookmarked the courseware and closed his terminal. He replied, “It’s 5.30 pm, are you here to call me to eat?”

Leo: “I went to the military headquarters in the afternoon. If I come back later, are you going to stay here forever?”

“Of course not,” Xiào Mu slanted his shoulder to shrug off Leo’s hand, “I will be hungry.”

Leo’s gaze stayed on Xiào Mu’s shoulder for 2 seconds. Then he turned around and walked out, “Go to eat.”

After eating dinner, Xiào Mu went to the virtual net to make biscuits. He thought for a moment and realized he hadn’t made biscuits in reality for some time, so he ordered some ingredients online. While waiting for the delivery, Xiào Mu made some pills, packed them in the porcelain bottle, and put it in the system backpack. After that, he entered the homeland to harvest mature herbs, and also planted the new medicinal plants he obtained today. When Xiào Mu finally left the homeland, the ingredients had already been delivered. He took the courier and walked into the kitchen. Before long, a sweet smell wafted out from the kitchen. The smell is not strong and smelled very delicious.

Xiào Mu only made the sweet version this time. Considering that everyone in the Marshal’s Mansion is sentinel except for him, he deliberately made the taste very light. Although sentinels can control their 5 senses, the degree of control varies with external stimuli. For example, the harsher the sound, the more spiritual power is consumed to block it. Similarly, the stronger the taste, the more spiritual power is consumed if they want to be able to taste it. This is why sentinels are extremely prone to mental confusion. Almost all daily life scenarios which are normal for other people is a source of pollution for them. Only in White Tower that everything is completely isolated, but sentinel’s inherent strength means they are destined to fulfill their responsibility (as the defender of the empire). They can’t hide in the White Tower for a lifetime. The moment a sentinel is born, their instinct is to become stronger.

Leo followed the fragrance to the kitchen and leaned against the door to watch the busy little guide. The little guide’s black hair reflected brightly under the light, and his white neck glowed like white porcelain.

Xiào Mu is tiptoeing as he tried to get some plates from the cupboard above so he did not notice anyone standing at the door. The hem of his shirt is lifted by the movement of his hand, revealing a delicate waist.

Leo’s fingers moved and his eyes turned deep. His gaze stayed for a moment on the thin waist of the little guide before he strode forward. His left hand encircled Xiào Mu’s waist, while his right hand easily took out a stack of plates and placed it on the counter.

“Be careful.” Leo lowered his head to remind Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu was startled by the sudden appearance of Leo. He turned around, wanted to say something but accidentally brushed his face on Leo’s chest. Then Xiào Mu realized that they are standing very close together. Leo put his right hand on the plate but didn’t let go, and his left hand is wrapped around his waist, completely surrounding him. Xiào Mu flushed and lowered his gaze to the ground. Then he lightly poked Leo with his elbow, “Let go.”

Leo didn’t let go immediately, but said, “Don’t do dangerous actions like this in the future.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu became speechless, “I just want to get some plates.”

“But if you didn’t hold it firmly, it will crash on your head later,” Leo said solemnly.

As they are standing closely at the moment, Leo’s breath is brushing past Xiào Mu’s ear. Xiào Mu couldn’t help it and his ears turned red. He pushed Leo hard and Leo took a step back following the force. Finally, he took away the hand that is holding his waist. Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief and raised his head to glance at the cupboard above. He sulkily said, “Ain’t it because your family’s cupboard is too high.”

Leo: “You are too petite.”

Xiào Mu twitched his mouth and rubbed his arms, “Can you change the word? I would rather hear you say that I am short.”

A smile flashed in Leo’s eyes. At this moment, a reminder sounded from the oven. Xiào Mu took out the biscuits and placed them on the plates. It filled up 3 plates in total. Xiào Mu took out some small jars and asked Leo, “Does the marshal eat biscuits?”

“He doesn’t.” Leo leaned against the counter with his arms around him, turning his head to watch Xiào Mu carefully put the biscuits into the jar.

2 plates of biscuits filled up a total of 8 jars. Xiào Mu picked up the other plate and asked Leo again, “How many jars do you want?”

Leo stared at Xiào Mu, “Who else do you want to give to other than me? Isn’t it all for me?”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo in surprise, “Of course not. You can’t finish it alone!”

“I can finish it,” Leo said seriously, “Give them to me.”

Xiào Mu shook his head, “No. If you really like it, you take 2 jars. You can’t eat the biscuits as a meal.”

Leo’s expression turned unhappy. Xiào Mu walked out after speaking and he thought to himself, Leo seemed to like eating biscuits more than he thought. Xiào Mu gave the plate of biscuits to Ah Da, who looked surprised, and the other guards are also surprised and happy, and quickly thanked him. Xiào Mu is in a good mood when he saw that the guys liked it. On the way back to the kitchen, he saw Ren.

Ren said, “Did you just gave Ah Da and the others some biscuits?” Seeing Xiào Mu nodded, he pretended to be unhappy, “Since they have it, why didn’t I get one too? Do you have an opinion on me?”

Ren’s words caused Xiào Mu to be slightly embarrassed. He said, “Leo said you don’t eat biscuits.”

The norm here in this world is adults don’t eat snacks when they grow up. Ren is a bit old for snacks and it is normal not to eat biscuits, so he doesn’t doubt it when Leo said that.

“That brat!” Ren angrily scolded, “He needs to be taught a lesson!”

Xiào Mu felt amused by Ren’s reaction and returned to the kitchen. Leo just came out of the kitchen and stopped him, “The biscuits are all with me.”

Xiào Mu became dumbfounded. Bypassing Leo’s hand, he went into the kitchen to take a look. The household robot has cleaned up the kitchen, and there were no biscuits left on the counter.

“Major General Leo, you can keep 2 jars but give me the rest.” Xiào Mu stretched out his hand.

Leo frowned and stared at Xiào Mu, “Are you angry?”

Xiào Mu glared at Leo, “No.”

“If you are not angry, why did you called me Major General Leo?” Leo sneered, “Don’t say you are being respectful, I won’t believe it.”

Xiào Mu curled his lips, “Taking people’s things without asking, this is too much.”

“Then, tell me who are you giving the biscuits to, and I will return them to you,” Leo said.

Xiào Mu looked at Leo and for the first time, he felt that Leo is extremely childish. He replied, “Gu Miao, Hawke, and the marshal. I just met him, and he said he eats biscuits.”

Leo’s face remained unchanged, and he took out 7 jars, “I’ll give you 1 of mine1.”

Xiào Mu gave Leo a surprised look. Originally, he was planning to keep some for himself, but he didn’t know that there won’t be any left after the distribution. On the other hand, he didn’t care too much for the biscuits either. After returning from Planet Ba, he bought a bunch of nuts online and even specially occupied a grid of the system backpack to store the nuts. As long as he could eat nuts at any time, Xiào Mu didn’t care about other food. It’s just that Leo obviously liked to eat biscuits so much judging from before, but he still generously gave a jar to him. That surprised him. But then Xiào Mu thinks further and realized, the biscuits are made by himself! Xiào Mu stopped being polite and put 5 jars away. The remaining 2 jars, he gave to Ren.

The next day, Xiào Mu did not go out in the morning and still stayed in the medicine-making room to study medicines. But the housekeeper would come every 2 hours to remind him to go out and rest. Also, the housekeeper’s attitude is really strict.

“Master Xiào Mu, you should also pay attention to your body when you study. If Major General Leo knows that you don’t care for your body, he will be angry.” The butler looked serious as he said that.

Xiào Mu finally knew how the housekeeper could develop into a housekeeper aunty.

After having lunch at noon, Xiào Mu started to browse the forum. As expected, he saw people talking about him getting frightened and Delish closing for a day. Most of the comments were accusing those people who came to the office to see him. Many people promised that they would only support him silently in the future and would not do anything that would frighten him. They also used the yellow-haired sentinel as an example and denounced his behavior.

“As a god-level guide, he didn’t act high and mighty at all. He personally gave us spiritual treatments, and he did not conceal the technique to make medicine at all. He even shared the process directly. He is worthy of our love.”

“Whoever frightens him or hurts him again will be going against us sentinels!”

Xiào Mu felt very surprised by how things turn out, it is even better than he expected.

“Big news! For the sake of the god-level guide, Major General Leo publicly stated that he is open for challenges in the battledome!”

Xiào Mu is taken aback by the sudden change and opened the link in the reply.

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