Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 49.2

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Chapter 49 Part 2 Broadcast

After hanging up the call, Xiào Mu opened the interstellar live broadcast channel and entered room 222. The barrage of comments on the screen has completely obscured the picture. He looked at the lower-left corner. The broadcaster nickname is ‘b’. The number of viewers has exceeded 100 million. While adjusting the position of the comments, Xiào Mu thought to himself that the broadcaster should be added with the word ‘stupid’ in front of his nickname, to live up the name1. Xiào Mu divides the screen into left and right screens, three-quarters on the left is the live screen, and the right is the barrage of comments.

“This is my test result sheet. This is a new product pill (intermediate low-grade healing pill).” b is a sentinel with a round face. He held sheet and pill each in one hand. “My current spiritual power level is Level B, 7,000 points and my remaining value is 5,500 points. The new product can recover 3,000 points. Right now, I will take the pill and I will be able to break through to Level A (8,000).”

“Stop dallying, eat it!”

“Yeah, don’t waste time, eat quickly!”

b’s round face smiled kindly, “Alright, I will eat right away. I’m just showing the proof to everyone so that no one will say that I cheated somewhere. Besides, there is a huge danger in breaking through, won’t you guys cheer me up?”

The comment area is immediately filled with notifications of gifts being sent.

“Thank you,” b smiled until his eyes became a line, “I am ready to eat it, and I will share my feelings with you in real-time.”

After he finished speaking, b swallowed the intermediate low-grade healing pill directly. “Oh yes, it felt refreshing!”


Xiào Mu didn’t have time to watch the barrage of 6 covering the screen. He stared at b and his heart couldn’t help beating quickly from the nervousness.

“It’s amazing.” 5 seconds later, b’s eyes brightened with excitement, “I can feel my spiritual power suddenly becomes higher, AHH…”

b’s face suddenly turned red, and he gripped his head with both hands while screaming in pain. His cry did not stop immediately after crying out but keep going on, and it sounded frightening. b’s whole body is curled up on the chair and he’s trembling. His face cannot be seen as it is covered by the arm holding his head. Blue veins appeared on his arm and looked like they are about to burst, and a layer of sweat soon appeared on his skin.

The comment area seemed to be stuck 2, and the next second it flowed rapidly and overwhelmingly.

“My God, it sounds so painful.”

“Does anyone know where the broadcaster lives? If this continues, I’m afraid something will happen.”

“It looked so terrible. At first, I wanted to take the risk, but now I don’t dare.”

b’s voice soon became hoarse, and the cry of pain caused people to feel suffocating. b couldn’t feel anything except the pain. As for the ‘sharing his review’ part, it is even more impossible. But he doesn’t need to share how he felt as all the live viewers understood pretty well by watching his reaction. b’s voice is getting weaker as time passed and Xiào Mu immediately stood up. If this continues, b will be broadcasting his death.

Xiào Mu contacted Zhao Sheng, “Have you found where b is yet?”

“Building 2 in Qingyuan Community.” Zhao Sheng said, “My people are rushing there and the police have been notified. I watched the live broadcast. He has a test result sheet, and he also knows that his actions are dangerous. Delish will not be affected.”

Xiào Mu: “En, I want to go and see him. Maybe I can save him.”

Hanging up the call, Xiào Mu immediately walked out of the office and said to Ah Da, “Go to Qingyuan Community.”

Qingyuan community is not far from the business building. 5 minutes later, the aircraft landed at the gates of Building 2. Xiào Mu had already told Ah Da on the aircraft what had happened, so Ah Da applied for permission to enter Building 2 in advance. After entering the building, Ah Da listened for screaming and determined b’s location, leading the way in front.

b is the only person in his apartment so he didn’t close the door of his room when doing the live broadcast. Xiào Mu walked in and saw b lying on the seat on the right side of the room. At this moment, he only had a shallow breath, and the hand originally holding his head is hanging weakly by his body, as if he would die in the next second.

Xiào Mu hurriedly walked over. No time to think about anything else, he directly uses Pin Hold skill on b. The remaining value of b’s spiritual power is 3,000 points, which is declining in seconds. The total value kept changing between 7,211 and 8,000 points and the lowest value is still slowly increasing. However, b’s physical energy is only 1,000 points, and the rate of decline is faster than his spiritual power, almost 5 points per second. Xiào Mu couldn’t help frowning, b is about to die, but his spiritual power is still breaking through. Looking at the rapid decline in physical strength and spiritual power, Xiào Mu did not doubt that after the value reached 0, b would really die.

Due to Xiào Mu is worried about b’s condition, he didn’t consider his surrounding for the time being and didn’t notice that the live broadcast has not been closed. The rumors that the live broadcast about level breakthrough has become a live broadcast of someone’s death caused the number of viewers in the live broadcast room to constantly rising, almost exceeding 1 billion viewers.

The moment Xiào Mu appeared, the entire live broadcast room exploded.

“Oh, are my eyes playing a trick on me?!”

“God-level guide! It’s definitely him!”

“Are you guys from Planet Yao’s? Your planet actually has a god-level guide?”

“Which broken planet is the guy upstairs from? Your news is too outdated!”

Xiào Mu didn’t know the commotion as he is paying attention to b’s situation with a serious expression. After using the Pin Hold skill, b’s spiritual power no longer dropping, but his total value is still constantly flickering. Every change will bring great pain, and in order to resist the pain, his physical strength will drop rapidly. This seems to be a little different from low-level breakthroughs, Xiào Mu thought. He took out a high-grade boost pill and gave it to b. Then, Xiào Mu turned to the guards who are guarding the door and window, “Establish a spiritual barrier (on yourself).”

The guards have been followed Xiào Mu for a while now and they have a certain understanding of Xiào Mu’s methods. They immediately understood that he is going to release his spiritual filaments, so the guards raised a barrier on themselves.

“Someone is coming.” Ah Da frowned suddenly.

Xiào Mu: “It may be Boss Zhao or someone from the police department. Help me to stop them by the door. If there is a high-level sentinel around, please remind them to raise a barrier around themselves.”

b’s situation is so bad that Xiào Mu doesn’t dare to delay. When Ah Da leaves the room, he releases his spiritual filaments and enters b’s spiritual state. b’ spiritual state is particularly in poor condition. Many filaments shine brighter and brighter and then explode suddenly. Many filaments suddenly appear and wither, the cycle repeats. He tried to appease b’s spiritual filaments. His filaments touched those filaments that were about to explode, and the light gradually stabilized. While for those that appeared suddenly, at the moment they appeared, Xiào Mu wrapped around the filaments and transmitted his spiritual power. As for the remaining filaments that tangled up like a ball of threads, Xiào Mu separated a part of his filaments and shuttled flexibly through the ball, which is quickly sorted out.

Xiào Mu’s spiritual power is sufficient, and he has many spiritual filaments. Different tasks are carried out at the same time without much effort needed. Soon, b’s spiritual state returns to a calm state. The moment Xiào Mu withdrew his spiritual filaments as if they are attracted to something, his filaments floated toward outside the door. Xiào Mu forcibly retracted his filaments and established a spiritual barrier around himself. Then he used the Pin Hold skill on b again and looked at the door.

“Master Xiào Mu, the boss is fighting with someone outside.” A guard saw that Xiào Mu is done with his treatment said quickly.

Xiào Mu is about to walk out when someone grabbed his arm. He turned his head and saw b kneeling on the ground, looking excited.

“Xiào Mu! Thank you, you are my savior! I will repay your grace even if I have to work as ‘your cow or horse’3.”

The corner of Xiào Mu’s mouth twitched and he pulled out his hand, “If you really want to repay me, please don’t do dangerous things in the future that involves Delish.”

b immediately said, “I was wrong, I will definitely take the correct medicine according to Delish’s test result… Huh,” he suddenly opened his eyes and jumped up from the ground.

“I broke through, I succeeded!” Disbelief, b released his spiritual power and said, “Level A, I succeeded!” He jumped again and knelt down in front of Xiào Mu, “You helped me, right? I was going to die. I know, I smelled the scent of death. Not only you saved my life, but you also recreated me. This big favor, I really don’t know what to do to repay.”

As b spoke, his eyes turned red and his eyes are moist.

Xiào Mu felt like a headache is coming. Why is this person so emotional? He walked out quickly after saying, “If you don’t cause any more trouble, you are already repaying me.”

b wants to keep up but got stopped by Xiào Mu’s guard with a cold face.

When Xiào Mu arrived in the living room, he saw Ah Da fighting with a sentinel with cropped hair in a uniform. On the other side, 3 men in suits and 3 men in uniform are facing each other.

“Chief Xiao.” The men in suits greeted.

Ah Da and the sentinel with cropped hair kicked each other. Borrowing the strength to flip back, Ah Da landed next to Xiào Mu, “This police officer is unwilling to establish a spiritual barrier.”

Xiào Mu could sense a sentinel with Level AA earlier so he is not surprised, “It’s okay, the matter is done. Let’s go.”

“Chief Xiao,” said a man in a suit, “we have to investigate the source of the medicine, so we won’t send you out to the door.”

Xiào Mu: “No problem.”

“Boss, b has recovered, he’s okay now.” A police officer quickly went to the room to check the situation, and then swiftly returned to report to the sentinel with cropped hair.

Hearing that, the sentinel with cropped hair shifted his gaze on Xiào Mu, “Did you help him to break through?”

Xiào Mu: “It’s just good luck.”

Even so, Xiào Mu also knew that the other party would not believe it. He can already predict that he will be hounded by people who want to improve their spiritual power in the future.

The sentinel with cropped hair is about to say something when someone walked in quickly through the gate.

“Major General Leo.” The sentinel with cropped hair and the police officers saluted.

Leo bowed back and looked at Xiào Mu, “Any problems?”

Xiào Mu shook his head, and Leo continued, “The whole process of your treatment was broadcast live, which caused a strong sensation. The military will add more escort for you, and I will send you back.”

Hearing that, Xiào Mu let out a cry full of annoyance. He was thinking of saving b, so he totally forgot about b’s live broadcast.

Leo soothingly said, “Don’t be afraid.”

Xiào Mu felt a little embarrassed by Leo’s words. He used to coax children with the same sentence. He shook his head, “I just find it troublesome.”

Leo sent Xiào Mu to his apartment and sent double the number of guards. Xiào Mu looked at the guards surrounding his apartment and felt very helpless. Maybe he should save more money and buy a bigger house.

“Is this too conspicuous?” Xiào Mu couldn’t help but asked after Leo finished arranging the guards. “People might not know where I lived before this, but now they definitely know.”

Leo: “You think no one knows where you live?”

“Huh?” Xiào Mu got stunned by the question, “You mean, they all know?”

Leo nodded, “Yes, it’s easy to infer from the route you take every day, but you don’t need to worry about that.”

Leo sounded confident and calm, “The 2 buildings next to your apartment belong to the military department, and there are remote guards on duty. There are strict inspections at the nearby entrance and exit checkpoints. The people patrolling in the area are all elite soldiers. I will conduct random inspections when I have time. Don’t worry about the danger.”

The arrangement caused Xiào Mu to be stunned. He didn’t know this at all. He just thought moving away will cause a few more guards to be assigned to him. Xiào Mu didn’t expect that it would involve so many people and suddenly felt a lot of pressure, “Why, why is this happening ah? What do I have to do?”

“It’s fine with everything you did,” Leo said with a soft tone, looking at Xiào Mu intently, “You created a new method of medicine-making, shared the process of medicine-making, sold the medicine you made, and…” Leo paused, “You also gave sentinels spiritual treatment. You brought hope to the sentinels.”

Xiào Mu’s face reddened, “I’m not that great? I just want to have the confidence to negotiate with the Golden Tower. I want the guides to be free, not to be constantly surrounded by people, and to be like ordinary people. I want to be unnoticed no matter where I go.”

Leo looked at Xiào Mu’s clear eyes and felt soft in his heart, “Your ideas can be realized, but… you can’t not attract attention/unnoticed. Even if you are not a god-level guide and can’t make medicine, you are still charming.”

Xiào Mu blinked and his face flushed, but this time it’s from another type of embarrassment. He couldn’t help but wondered out loud, “You, you, have you watched any romantic dramas recently?”

A trace of discomfort flashed across Leo’s face and Leo looked at Xiào Mu deeply.

“I thought about what you said previously for a long time. I probably understand what you mean. I will give you the right to choose freely and I will not force you, nor put pressure on you, nor will I make any decisions for you.”

“However, I think I also have the right to pursue you. It’s just that,” Leo felt slightly at a loss and embarrassed as he said, “I have no experience. My words always make you angry, so I want to learn more (from romantic dramas).”

After saying those words, Leo regained his composure, “What I said was what I said in my heart. I used to dismiss these words, but now I will overcome the habit and tell you properly.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo sitting straight across from him, and his expression was serious as if he is holding a military meeting. He felt a little funny and a little moved in his heart. Xiào Mu knew that Leo liked him, but only now that he really feels Leo’s feelings. Leo is changing for him. Xiào Mu started to face Leo’s feelings in his heart and thought of Leo’s recent actions. Xiào Mu knew very well that Leo did not lie.

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “Thank you, but I’m afraid I can’t give you the reply you want.”

“It’s okay,” Leo gazes on Xiào Mu, focused and affectionate. “I have enough patience and confidence.”

“I will make you like me.”

Xiào Mu’s heartbeat jumped abruptly. Leo’s gaze at him is filled with extra strength. It is obvious that he(XM) is the one who decided this answer, but Leo seemed to be more certain than him.

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