Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 49.1

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Chapter 49 Part 1 Broadcast

After Xiào Mu moved everything into his new home, he immediately returned to the company. He apologized to the sentinels who are waiting for their spiritual treatment and started to treat them. Before 3.00 pm, Xiào Mu has finished his work in the office. Next, Xiào Mu hurriedly went online to buy furniture and various daily necessities. In the evening, Xiào Mu personally cooked a meal in his new home. As he is eating the food, Xiào Mu thought of how he now has his own home. He suddenly felt very stable in his heart and also felt a sense of belonging.

The next day, after Xiào Mu finished working out and ate breakfast, he heads out to go to the company. As soon as he opened the door, he saw Leo standing at the door holding a handful of bright red roses.

Leo was wearing a black military uniform, and his sharp facial features softened when he saw Xiào Mu.

“This is for you.” Leo held up the flower bouquet and handed it to Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu blinked, felt like he is having hallucinations. He couldn’t help asking, “Are you okay?”

A trace of awkwardness flashed across Leo’s face, but he quickly calmed down, “I’m fine,” he glanced at the flower, “I hope you like it.”

Xiào Mu looked at Leo several times, but he didn’t understand why would Leo suddenly give him flowers. He shook his head, “I’m sorry, I can’t accept them.”

Leo retracted his hand and looked at Xiào Mu seriously, “You don’t like it? What flowers do you like?”

“Uh,” Leo’s attitude caused Xiào Mu to feel a little unable to withstand it, “I like them all, but I don’t like holding them in bouquets.” Bouquets can only be kept at home for a few days at most, and he is not good at taking care of it. Xiào Mu prefers flowers that are alive and grow in the soil.

Leo nodded, “I see.” He stepped aside to let the door open for Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu locked the door and walked towards his aircraft. He looked up and saw Leo’s aircraft parked not far away. When his aircraft landed in front of the business building, Xiào Mu turned around to look back when he entered the building and saw the familiar black aircraft drifted away.

Leo today is very strange.

Xiào Mu shook his head, trying to stop himself from thinking about Leo’s abnormality, and proceeded to deal with the company’s matters. After finishing the official business, he sat on the sofa in his free time to read the relevant books of the Department of Medicine, and occasionally discussed some medical matters with Zhao Meng.

Xiào Mu got off work at around 3.00 pm as usual. He returned to the apartment and went directly to the medicine-making room. The room was on the first floor/ground floor, while his bedroom and study were on the above floor. This time, Xiào Mu did not use the system but directly used the spiritual power to make pills with the aid of instruments. He found that the higher the purity of the medicinal materials, the better the effectiveness. Xiào Mu kept doing variable tests, trying to make the effect of medicine made by medical equipment closer to the medicine made by the system and made some new discoveries. Xiào Mu didn’t come out of the pharmacy room until the alarm clock for dinner went off. He recorded the new findings and then went to the kitchen to make dinner. After eating, he started making medicine again, then exercised and read books.

When Xiào Mu went out the next day, Leo is standing at the door. Everything seemed to be back the day before, except that instead of a handful of roses in his hand, Leo is holding a pot of red flowers. Xiào Mu paused for a moment when his gaze fell on the flower. If he is not wrong, the flowers should be red chrysanthemums1.

red chrysanthemum

“This is for you.” Leo reached out and handed the flowerpot to Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu raised his eyes, Leo’s eyes are focused and serious, so he asked uncertainly, “Why are you giving me these flowers?”

“You said you don’t like bouquets so I think you might prefer living flowers. I have checked. Red chrysanthemums are easy to care for and the color is very beautiful.” Leo paused, “Do you like it? If you don’t like it, I’ll change another flower.”

Xiào Mu went silent for a moment, “I’m sorry, I seemed to say something that made you misunderstood yesterday. It has nothing to do with flowers. I can’t accept your gift.”

Leo liked him, he refused him, it is impossible to accept Leo’s gift.

Leo’s hand that is holding the flowerpot uncontrollably exerted some force. With a ‘ka’ sound, the edge of the flowerpot got crushed by Leo’s thumb. The edge of the notch is triangular and the tip is sharp. Leo didn’t pay attention and kept his thumb there. Hence, after a while, his thumb got cut, and blood flowed down the flowerpot.

Xiào Mu called out in surprise, “Your hand!”

Leo glanced casually at his finger, not paying too much attention, “It’s okay.” After he said that, he turned and walked out to his aircraft.

Xiào Mu stared at the blood spot at the door for a moment before closing the door and walked towards his aircraft. When he entered the office building, Xiào Mu turned his head and saw the familiar black aircraft leaving. He went to the company to set amount the of medicines to be sold online and then added a sentence to the announcement aimed for guide, which is to purchase their finished product: The store can help to identify medicine which you are uncertain about its efficacy. If your medicine-making process is found to be wrong, the store will try to help you fix it.

After publishing the announcement, Xiào Mu thought for a while and came out with a plan. Their current plan to wait for guides to contact them is too passive, they have to put more fire in this. He contacted Gu Miao and told him about his plan. Gu Miao excitedly agreed, and then said, “Wait, Ah Sheng has something to tell you.”

“I am Zhao Sheng. The 1st Army ordered 50 measurement devices this morning. Are you cooperating with anyone else other than the 1st Army? If yes, I’ll prepare more devices in advance.”

Xiào Mu: “You already know about Planet Ba, but they don’t need the measurement device. Except for them, I don’t have anyone for the time being. The supply of medicine is not enough. Even if we want to talk about cooperation, it will be useless.”

Zhao Sheng: “No hurry, when the plan you just told Miao Miao is successful, there should be an improvement.”

“En, if there are enough medicines, I will contact the people of the 2nd Army next.” Upon saying this, Xiào Mu suddenly thought of something and asked, “Which army leaders are the loyal supporters of Golden Tower?”

“4th, 7th, and 8th Army. The companions of these 3 army generals are guides from the Golden Tower.”

Xiào Mu smiled and said, “In this case, we won’t be considering cooperation for the 3 armies for the time being.”

Hanging up the call, Xiào Mu turned on the system and entered the homeland since he is alone in the office. Although the medicinal materials that Suixin mercenary brought back are only a few, Xiào Mu planted them in cycles over the past few days and harvested a lot. He harvested the mature medicinal plants in the field and replanted them. After the 3 vegetable plots are fully planted, there are still remaining seeds in his backpack. Xiào Mu looked at the grassy patch in No. 4 plot and decided to go home early and reclaim the land.

Soon, the sentinel who made an appointment for spiritual treatment arrived. The technicians under Zhao Sheng have excellent professional knowledge. After setting the permissions of the 3rd floor, the sentinels can only go upstairs at the time given to them, and they are not permitted to arrive too early in advance.

Xiào Mu spent the next few days in a regular schedule, going back and forth between the company and his home. He would see Leo every morning but Leo stopped gifting anything or take the initiative to talk. He only leaned against his black aircraft and looked at Xiào Mu intently with blue eyes. When Xiào Mu got on the aircraft, Leo would also drive his aircraft to follow, and won’t leave until he entered the commercial building.

Xiào Mu met with Gu Miao the day before, and when he arrived at the company the next day, he added 100 more mid-grade healing pills to the usual amount, and at the same time added a new product called Baiyao 2. The healing effect is 700 points and the price is 3,000 star coins. The effect of Gu Miao’s pills that is made with ordinary medicinal materials recovers 700 points. With extracted ingredients, the effect can reach up to 1,000 recovery points, which is exactly the same as the effect of Xiào Mu’s mid-grade healing pill.3

About 5 minutes after 10.00 am, all the medicines are sold out. Xiào Mu opened the message area.

“Wow! I’m surprised, there are more pills than usual. I thought I couldn’t buy it!”

“Will the amount be the same every day from now on?”

“It’s a bit strange, the name Baiyao is completely different from the name of the medicine made by Xiào Mu.”

Xiào Mu smiled and replied under the comment, “Baiyao was made by another guide. He also made the 100 extra mid-grade pills. The effect of the medicine is consistent with the usual instructions. In the future, more guides will learn how to make medicine, and more medicine will be put to use.”

“Oh, the official channel has spoken.”

“Really? My slow hand speed really is pitiful, so I hope more and more medicine will be available!”

“That’s amazing. Who is the guide? It should be a high-level guide too!”

Zhao Sheng’s Miaomiao: “Hello everyone, I made the medicine. Thank you very much for the guidance from Xiào Mu. I am very happy to make medicine that can help sentinel. I will continue to study hard o(n_n)o”

When Xiào Mu saw this ID, the corners of his mouth twitched. He suspected it was Zhao Sheng the vinegar jar who created the ID.

“Wow! Boss Zhao’s guide?”

“It must be!”

“I know why the new medicine is called Baiyao. I remember Boss Zhao’s spirit animal is a white lop-eared rabbit!”

“As far as I know, Boss Zhao’s guide is Level B. He managed to learn how to make medicine so quickly. It seems that the official channel didn’t lie. There will be more and more medicines in the future.”

“I look forward to this so I don’t have to worry about mental confusion anymore!”

“When I finally managed to buy 100 pills, I will propose to my sentinel friend! Even though I am also a sentinel, I have the medicine now, so I’m not afraid!”

“Wait, the one upstairs. The person I like is also sentinel, but I am an ordinary person. Even so, I will try my best to grab the medicine every day, and I will definitely grab 100 pills before you4!”

“Wake up guys. You can already give thanks to your God if you can even grab a pill a day!”

Seeing this, Xiào Mu couldn’t help frowning. The medicine in the store needs to be bought with the test result sheet. Judging from the responses, many people saved up the medicine and didn’t take it immediately. The more they delayed their mental confusion state, the more serious they will be. Maybe some people deliberately keep their spiritual power value low in order to get the test result sheet they want. It is even possible that the person who buys the medicine does not take it by himself, but resells it. Someone will likely try to make a breakthrough. Their store already stated the instructions for using the pills and making restrictions on the purchase of pills. Hence, anything that happened from those misuse has nothing to do with the store, but it didn’t change the fact that the pills are sold by Delish.

Xiào Mu thought again, wondering if there is a way to prevent the breakthrough, even if the conditions are met, it will only recover the user to their full value of spiritual power. He turned on the system as he thought about it, but after reading the explanation from the system all over, Xiào Mu still couldn’t find a solution. He temporarily put this issue aside and thought, even in his world there are people selling pesticides. Meaning, if one wants to die, no one can stop it.

Just thinking about it, Xiào Mu’s terminal vibrated. It is a call from Zhao Sheng.

“Xiào Mu, check out the online broadcast channel, room number 222. Someone started a live broadcast to reveal their spiritual power breakthrough.” Zhao Sheng’s voice sounded solemn, “I have asked people to search for the user’s real-time location. We will stop the person as soon as possible and determine the source of his medicine.”

Zhao Sheng added in a cold tone, “Even if something happens, it has nothing to do with Delish.”

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