Even The Lame Got Tricked By Me Into Standing Up – Chapter 62 Part 1

Chapter 62 Yu Guangtao (ETL) Part 1


Chapter 62 A Child’s Request for Help

Finally, the auction was over, and the people who were reminiscing with their friends had almost finished their conversations. In the auction event, no one managed to eat a good dinner, so those who were close to each other decided to have a midnight snack together.

After Gu Decheng had talked enough with his old friends, he finally remembered that he had taken his child out today. The father turned around to look for his son but found that his son was with Yu Ze. Gu Decheng admired Yu Ze so much and felt that his son could learn a lot of good things from him. Gu Decheng walked over, “Old Third, I’m going to have dinner with your uncles, you…”

“I’ll go with him.” Gu Ye hugged Yu Ze’s arm and said with a smile, “After dinner, Yu Ze will take me home, you don’t have to worry about me.”

Yu Ze nodded, “I’ll take him home, don’t worry.”

To start with, Gu Decheng didn’t want to take Gu Ye with him. It would be inconvenient for the adults to talk with a child around, so he immediately agreed, “Then I’ll trouble you.”

Yu Ze glanced at Gu Ye and smiled slightly, “No trouble.”

Looking at Gu Ye’s lively behavior, Gu Decheng glared at him in pretended anger, “You should learn from Yu Ze. At this age, you are still so unserious?

Gu Ye said obediently, “Okay, Dad. What you said is right.”

And so, Gu Ye was taken away by Yu Ze legitimately. After getting in the car, the first thing Gu Ye did was take off his coat, “This thing is too tiring. You wear it so straight-laced every day. Aren’t you tired?”

Yu Ze looked at him with a smile, “I’m used to it. ”

Hearing that, Gu Ye said admiringly, “You are a hero.”

The driver started the car, and Yu Ze asked, “What do you want to eat?”

Gu Ye answered with an aggressive tone, “Eat hot pot! Give me 10 plates of meat!”

Yu Ze looked at Gu Ye’s stomach and doubted whether he could eat it.

Gu Ye smiled and said, “If I can’t finish, you’ll help me to eat it.”

Yu Ze smiled and grabbed Gu Ye’s hand, interlocking their fingers, “Okay.”

After the charity auction ended, the video recording became available online.

The charity gala attended by people like Gu Decheng, a group of national dads, and Yu Ze, a group of national husbands, attracted a lot of attention from netizens. Soon, the comments exploded, and the reason was simple: [Papa Gu brought his son to participate this year! The son is so beautiful! What’s more exciting is that the son seems to have been kidnapped by Yu Ze!]

After seeing the interaction between Gu Ye and Yu Ze, netizens left messages and the comment area instantly reached 9999+.

The comments are generally of this type: [Oh my God, I actually saw a CP interaction at a charity gala, they are so sweet!]

[President Yu actually has so many words (to say)! Unscientific! Absolutely unscientific!]

[Comparing Yu Ze’s expression on other occasions with his expression when he was with Gu Ye, I laughed. President Yu looked at Third Young Master Gu like ‘Baby, I only have eyes for you.jpg’]

[It’s fine to just talk, why start grabbing hands? Papa Gu, turn around and look back. Your son has been kidnapped!]

[Gu Ye smiled so sweetly, how could there be such a clean smile? This child is so easy to deceive! Compared with the powerful President Yu, he seems like some kind of big bad wolf!]

[These two, if the background is photoshopped a bit, can be considered photos for marriage certificates already. I moved the Civil Affairs Bureau to you two here. You two should hurry up and get everything done!]

[When Gu Ye saw Yu Ze, the expression on his face was different, so sweet! How could this child grow up like this? The first wife’s genes are too strong. Also, the current Mrs. Gu is beautiful too. But it’s a pity for… Old Fourth Gu: Sorry, I look like my father~]

[Has anyone noticed a point? Whenever Gu Ye raises the bidding sign, Yu Ze will never compete, so much pampering!]

[Am I the only one who feels sorry for his father? Papa Gu talked to his son several times and his son didn’t hear it, his eyes were actually on President Yu. Papa Gu, don’t cry. Your son married a good man!]

[I’m laughing to death! How Papa Gu felt when he was forced to change seats?]

[If you tell me that they are not together, I will never believe it. Back then when something happened at the gate of the Capital University, Yu Ze’s expression looked like he wanted to kill someone. They are definitely together. Even their family has agreed!]

[Yeah! Their family must have agreed tacitly. Otherwise, how dare they act intimately so openly?]

At the moment, Gu Ye didn’t know that it had been decided that their whole family had already ‘agreed’.

The netizens were not satisfied with flooding the comment area here. So, many people went to Gu Ye’s Weibo to ask Gu Ye: [Are you and Yu Ze together?]

Especially Gu Ye’s fans, they furiously persuaded: [You silly boy! Yu Ze is a big bad wolf, leave him!]

Some enthusiastic netizens went to Gu Lin’s official website to ask: [Is your little Wangye together with Yu Ze, the golden bachelor? Don’t deny it, we all saw it!]

Some people even went to the Weibo account that Mrs. Gu had used before and left a message: [What do you think about marrying your third son to the Yu family, Mama Gu?]

Mrs. Gu angrily ranted to herself that this group of spectators was not afraid of trouble and playing around back and forth so late at night. At the same time, she angrily sent a message to Gu Ye: [What’s going on between you and Yu Ze? Haven’t you broken up yet?!]

Gu Ye had just finished his meal and was too full. He was rubbing his stomach to digest the food. When he saw the message, he subconsciously glanced at Yu Ze and replied to his mother: [We broke up.]

Little Mother: [Do you think your mother has no emotional intelligence like your father? You two are so affectionate and you dare to tell me that you are not together?]

Gu Ye: [We broke up from being friends and now are officially together.]

A string of exclamation marks came from the other side. Gu Ye counted and there were more than ten. He suppressed his laughter and sent a photo of Yu Ze to ask Mama Gu: [Is this daughter-in-law not good? Isn’t he handsome?]

Mrs. Gu was silent for 2 minutes, probably because she didn’t find any fault with Yu Ze. In the end, she replied: [Can’t have children!]

Gu Ye: [My eldest brother, second brother, and my younger brother can marry and have children. I have many nephews and nieces. How can I not have someone to take care of me in my old age? What am I afraid of?]

Mrs. Gu sent a string of ellipsis marks, probably because she was speechless. Then she calmed down after 2 minutes and then replied: [What you said makes sense, but you are not worthy of him. You can’t have children!]

Gu Ye’s mouth twitched: [You are really my real mother!]

Yu Ze asked concernedly, “Are your family urging you to go back home?”

Gu Ye showed Yu Ze his phone and pouted his lips in dissatisfaction, “My mother thinks I can’t have children and I’m not worthy of you.”

Yu Ze laughed and grabbed Gu Ye’s hand, holding it tightly in his hand, “Children are not important, I have many nephews and nieces too.”

Hearing that, Gu Ye’s hand trembled uncontrollably for a moment. Being held tightly by Yu Ze, he suddenly felt at ease. Gu Ye looked up and saw the seriousness in Yu Ze’s eyes. Raising the corners of his mouth, he nodded with a smile, “I think so too, people live for themselves. If they cared about what others say, then they are living for others instead.”

At this moment, Yu Guangtao, the boss of the clothing trading company that Gu Ye was curious about, also returned home. It was so late, and the lights in the house were still on. Seeing that, there was a little tenderness in his eyes. After opening the door, he saw a small figure lying on the sofa in the living room. It was a little boy of 7 or 8 years old. He was holding a little bear in his arms and had fallen asleep.

Yu Guangtao gently closed the door and walked over lightly. Gently picking up the child on the sofa, he sent the child back to his bedroom. After that, he gently kissed the child’s forehead. Yu Guangtao, a grown man, was unusually gentle with his actions. After seeing the child sleeping soundly, he stood up with a pale face and staggered out of the bedroom. Little did he know that when he came out, the child on the bed opened his eyes like he never slept before. Hugging the little bear in his arms, the child quietly slipped out of bed and lay at the door to observe carefully, with a puzzled look and also a bit of fear.

Yu Guangtao headed straight to the bathroom without hesitation. Then he closed the door and looked at himself in the mirror with a strong contempt and disgust in his eyes. Next, a black light flashed, and a wisp of soul wafted out of Yu Guangtao and drilled into the mirror. Yu Guangtao’s body fell backward and straight to the ground.

The child followed quietly, pushed open the door, and saw his father lying on the ground. Instinctively, he wanted to hide away instead. He knew that the person who woke up again was the father who had a bad temper and liked to beat him. However, after a moment of hesitation, the worry in his eyes overwhelmed his fear, and he called out cautiously, “Dad?”

Yu Guangtao, who was lying on the ground, frowned, and the child took a step back before calling out again in fear, “Dad, the ground is cold, you go to bed.”

The person lying on the ground slowly opened his eyes, and a bit of fear flashed in the child’s eyes, “Dad, are you okay?”

“Get out!” Yu Guangtao sat up angrily, staring at the child sinisterly, as if he was not looking at his son, but at a darned enemy.

The child subconsciously took 2 steps back, turned his head in fear, and ran back to his room. Then he locked the door and never dared to come out again.

Yu Guangtao glared at the child’s door with hatred, lowered his voice, and said viciously, “Lu Ling! Come out! I know you are in this room! Are you haunting me? You occupy my body every day, you maniac! Madwoman!”

The bathroom was quiet, and no sound responded to him. All this seemed to be his own imagination.

Yu Guangtao was cursing and cursing, and then suddenly he collapsed to kneel on the ground. Holding his head, he cried desperately, “Lu Ling, what can I do for you to let me go? I have broken up with that woman and I will raise our child well. You have seen it, I have never hit him again! Can you let me go? Please stop doing this! I was wrong! I am sorry for you! Think about it, if I die, what will happen to the child? Can you bear to watch him become an orphan? The children in the orphanage are not well-fed and warmly dressed. Can you bear to let your son live like that?”

There was still no movement in the bathroom. Yu Guangtao sat on the ground dejectedly, and his whole body lost strength. After a long time, he took out his mobile phone and sent a message to the psychologist: [I have hallucinations again. I feel that my wife is still alive and her soul is in my body. I love her too much, and I still can’t accept the fact that she left me.]

The psychologist quickly replied: [Mr. Yu, this situation is not impossible. It may also be that you are too sad and schizophrenic. Come over tomorrow and I will talk to you.]

Yu Guangtao replied with a cold look: [No, just tell me how to eliminate this consciousness. I can’t go crazy. I still have a child.]

Psychologist: [Then you have to accept orthodox treatment. Your condition is already very serious. You have hallucinations and can’t delay any longer.]

Yu Guangtao muttered gloomily to himself, “Lu Ling, are you something from my fantasy, or are you really haunting me?”

The next morning, Yu Guangtao, who was lying on the bed, suddenly opened his eyes. His decadent temperament changed and he became a capable person again. He got up and washed, made breakfast, and knocked on the child’s door, “Yize, get up and eat, if you don’t get up, you will miss the school bus.”

Lu Yize opened the door a crack and looked at the father in front of him vigilantly, “Dad, which dad are you?”

Yu Guangtao touched the child’s head, “Silly child, your dad is your dad, who else is your dad?”

Lu Yize saw that it was not his father who had a bad temper and liked to beat him. Then only he dared to open the door, happily changed his clothes, and went to wash.

“Dad, please don’t become the dad who hits me again, okay?”

“Okay.” Yu Guangtao gently wiped the ketchup off the corner of the child’s mouth with a tissue, and said with a complicated look in his eyes, “Dad will work hard and accompany you to grow up.”

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