Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 54.2

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Chapter 54 Part 2 Celebration

Ren’s tone in his speech is not exciting, but the beautiful future he described is detailed and vivid, which makes people unconsciously believe that everything he says can be realized. After Ren finished speaking, other big bosses took turns to deliver their speeches. Next, the Q&A session began. At this point, the bosses who are sitting on the main seat changed their expression from serious to relaxed. The reporters’ questions gradually changed from major national issues to various gossips. Xiào Mu sighed secretly, isn’t this kind of format a bit too casual?

Ren is the first one to be questioned by the reporters. A reporter excitedly asked, “Marshal, what do you think about Major General Leo’s confession to the god-level guide? Are they already together?”

Ren smiled gently, “I support all of Leo’s actions. I think he has good eyes. As for their matter, I will not interfere. If you have any questions, you can ask them yourself.”

The reporters asked questions one after another. Not long after, someone asked Ren again, “Marshal, why didn’t Lieutenant General Louis show up together with you this time? According to records, after your marriage, you two will always attend the annual celebration together.”

After the reporter finished speaking, he immediately added, “I heard that your spiritual power is in such a bad state that you nearly gotten mental confusion. Did it make you realize that you can’t be together with Lieutenant General Louis for a long time, so you separated secretly?”

Ren still had a gentle smile on his face, but his eyes sharpened, “Do you think my spiritual power is in a bad state now?”

The reporter paused before answering, “Obviously, the god-level guide has treated you. Does this make you more aware of the importance of getting a guide as a companion?”

“No,” Ren sternly denied, “First of all, I want to declare that I have a great relationship with Louis. We have been together for more than a hundred years. I think your doubts are ridiculous.”

The reporter turned white, Ren then continued, “The appearance of the god-level guide and medicine made by guides make me even more convinced that sentinel has the freedom to choose a partner without considering their identity (beta, omega, alpha).”

“As for why Louis is absent today, he…” The moment Ren mentioned Louis, his eyes softened instantly.

Before Ren finished speaking, there was a sudden noise at the front. Ren looked up and his voice choked, then he stood up. The director zoomed the camera to the front and saw Louis striding forward. Louis looked at Ren resolutely and gave a meticulous military salute. Ren clenched his fist tightly and tried to calm himself down. He smiled at Louis and sat down again.

“Ahhhh, I didn’t see it wrongly right? Did the marshal choked up when he saw Lieutenant General Louis?”

“I heard it too, you absolutely right!”

“The marshal is so handsome when he smiles, ah, ah, is the marshal lacking a son? Not blood-related one!”

“Single dogs are very envious. The relationship between Marshal and Lieutenant General Louis has been like this for a hundred years, and will always be so good.”

Xiào Mu looked at the barrage and felt moved. When he met Ren, Ren’s spiritual state is indeed very poor. However, at that time, his relationship with Louis is still very good. A hundred years, huh? Xiào Mu silently thought that their relationship has lasted a long time, even a lifetime longer than relationships on Earth.

The celebration for the morning session is over, and a luncheon will begin in one hour. The envoys will gather in the luncheon for the first time. The highlight will be the gifts they brought for the celebration. The live broadcast of the celebration shifted to the carnival crowds on the street, and the live broadcast of the luncheon will continue in an hour.

Xiào Mu returned to his room to make medicine. After a short rest, he had lunch in advance. After eating, he sat on the sofa and continued to watch the live broadcast. He looked at the envoys on the screen and was stunned. In addition to beings that look the same as humans, there are many different shapes and sizes too. Although their outlines are mostly human-shaped, the skin features are very different. Xiào Mu even saw someone with horns and animal ears on their heads. On such serious occasions, these people are definitely not wearing props for some special hobbies to attend, and the flexibility of the ears is not any props could achieve.

Xiào Mu watched with relish, and from time to time, he will look at the barrage. The barrage of comments had a lot of people providing scientific knowledge. After reading it, he now has a general understanding of the envoys. Before the banquet starts, the envoys expressed their sincere blessings to the empire, then present their gifts. The moment the gifting starts, the barrage of comments went crazy. There’s the giant pearl from Planet Sui, the latest aircraft model from Planet Hao, S-class mecha from Planet Yan.. one is more exciting than the other.

“Oh, Planet Yan is so generous. They actually sent an S-class mecha to us. Our entire empire has no more than 10 S-class mechas!”

“I think they are just showing off. Who doesn’t know that Planet Yan’s manufacturing level of mecha is the highest in the interstellar league?”

“Huh, what are they so proud of? I dare say that our Planet Yao has the highest level of medicine-making now! What’s more, Planet Yao can also independently build S-class mechas.”

“Planet Yao is the strongest!”

Xiào Mu couldn’t help being amused. The pride of the imperial citizen is too strong. Looking at the barrage, his heart became enthusiastic. However, the next moment, his smile froze. He leaned forward and his eyes fixed on the screen.

The banquet hall is in chaos. There are people everywhere holding their heads and howling in pain, and the pain seemed to be contagious. More and more people screamed in pain. Many of them looked flushed and even their eyes turned red. It looks like they are going into mental mania.

“What happened?”

Kai Men’s cold voice stated lightly, “In the beginning, the 4 Level AA sentinels had no signs of mania but they just suddenly break down. They couldn’t control their spiritual power and it leaked out, which affected the low-level sentinels. And now…” He glanced at the screen, “most of them fell into mental manic. This is abnormal. At first, the 4 sentinels looked really calm.”

Leo appeared on the screen, and then, the live broadcast is interrupted, leaving only the barrage of comments worrying about the celebration, or guessing what happened. Xiào Mu suddenly thought of the device that launched a spiritual attack at Leo on Planet Jiu. Though he thinks it’s that device, he is still puzzled, “If it’s really that device, shouldn’t everyone get attacked at the same time?”

Just after he said that, 3 people’s terminals vibrated at the same time. Xiào Mu saw messages from Ren and Leo. Ren asked him to help, while Leo reminded him to be safe and not to stray away from Kai Men and Ah Da.

Kai Men got up and said, “We are escorting you there.”

Xiào Mu realized that the situation must be very bad, otherwise Ren would not ask him for help.

Xiào Mu successfully arrived at the imperial hall under the protection of 4 aircraft guarding at the front and another 4 aircraft at the back. At this moment, the banquet hall is in chaos, and the few sentinels who are not affected are pressing down on the manic sentinels. They restricted them one by one, and then throw them into the corner.

Leo is guarding those problematic people in the corner with a blank face. When Xiào Mu arrived, his expression softened, “The pills you gave me before this, I gave them to my subordinates in charge of combat.”

Xiào Mu suddenly felt that if Leo had enough pills, he(XM) would not be allowed to come over. However, with so many people in the army, the hundred-plus pills he gave really didn’t work very well. Xiào Mu took out the pills he stored in his backpack to Leo, and pointed to the group of people fighting in the middle, “You feed them.”

Leo said to Kai Men and Ah Da, “No matter what happens, don’t leave his side.”

After Leo left, Xiào Mu used Pin Hold buffs on the sentinels in the corner one by one. After a while, they calmed down. Among them, 2 blue-skinned envoys are surprised.

“You are the god-level guide of Planet Yao? It’s amazing. I didn’t even notice your spiritual power and my spiritual state has returned to normal. How did you treat us?”

Xiào Mu smiled friendly and did not answer.

Kai Men blankly blocked the envoys who wanted to approach. After a while, the staff of the ceremony led the envoys to another banquet hall.

The process where Leo feeds the medicine is not very smooth. After all, there are many high-level manic sentinels so it’s hard to proceed. When Xiào Mu saw this, he used Pin Hold on Leo’s target from a distance and the feeding of medicine became smoother. Leo looked at Xiào Mu observantly, and Xiào Mu smiled at him.

With the cooperation of Leo and Xiào Mu, the high-level manic sentinel quickly restored their spiritual power to a safe state, and also recovered their composure. At this moment, Xiào Mu heard a familiar mechanical sound in his mind.

[Banana: Sorry to break immersion here but I need to explain something real quick regarding the following paragraph. Xiào Mu’s skills are referenced from the game 剑网3/JX Online 3. Due to no English guide on the game, I have no idea what is the skill structures. I’m making up words based on the raw so if anyone plays the game, please don’t hesitate to correct me.]

Example of acupoint skills

[Congratulations, host. You have activated the skill Pin Lift]

[Congratulations, host. You have activated 2 main recovery skills so you can activate an Acupoint skill. Please choose.]

1. Shaoyang’s point (to slow down the target);
2. Breeze Dew (to dispel debuff from friendly’s party);
3. Jueyin’s point (interrupt target from chanting/gathering power)

Xiào Mu is stunned. He didn’t expect to activate Acupoint skills. What he wanted most is the last life-saving skill in the Acupoint skills, but the system did not give him a choice. There are 12 acupoint skills for each profession in the game. Many of which are passive skills, and only a few are active skills. From his memory, these 3 skills should the first 6 skills in the list.

Xiào Mu thought for a moment. The skill to interrupt target’s chanting/gathering power is useless for him. While he needs to chant for 1.25 seconds to use Pin Lift1, there’s no one in this world other than him needs to chant/gather power for fighting or treatment. Xiào Mu hesitated between the other 2 skills. Looking at the countdown on the system panel, he finally chose the 2nd skill. If the opponent is too strong, the person would still be faster than him even after he used the skill. If the opponent is not strong, his other martial skills2 can probably be used to handle it.

[Congratulations, host. You received a new skill – Breeze Dew: Dispel debuff from friendly’s party. Instant usage, 3 seconds CD]

A new column has been added to the system skill panel called ‘Acupoint skills’. In the column, the first icon on the left is glowing faintly with green light – ‘Breeze Dew’.

“Master Xiào Mu.” Ah Da touched Xiào Mu’s arm to alert him.

Xiào Mu returned to his senses, only to find that almost everyone’s eyes fell on him. Leo arranged the follow-up with a cold face and asked the staff to lead the embarrassed sentinels to the lounge for treatment. After a while, the number of people in the banquet hall is much lesser.

Thornton was not affected by the attack so Noga and Novi had his protection. Although their faces are pale, they were not very troubled by the chaos. The three came to Xiào Mu, and Thornton smiled, “You really deserve to be a god-level guide. It’s a pity that I’m not affected just now. Otherwise, I can personally feel how is it to be treated by your spiritual power3.”

Novi’s face looked pale, he is unable to conceal his shock, “You can treat more than a sentinel at the same time?”

Xiào Mu did not answer but frowned at Novi. The gray translucent icon he saw in Novi’s status before has become a pure gray, which makes it uncomfortable for him to see. It gave a similar feeling to the way Louis’s red bar turned black before.

“Do you feel uncomfortable?” Xiào Mu couldn’t help asking.

Hearing that, Novi’s face is a bit ugly, “Although I am weaker than you, my spiritual power has already reached Grade A, so please don’t look down on people!”

Xiào Mu felt inexplicable by the rebut and explained, “You misunderstood. I just saw your complexion is a bit bad.”

“I’m fine,” Novi affirmed.

Leo strode over, maintaining his etiquette solemnly, “Guests, the luncheon will be held in the banquet hall next door. The banquet is about to start, so please take your seat.”

Thornton raised his eyebrows, “Major General Leo, I am very interested in the medicine you have just given to the sentinels. I wonder if you can give me one?”

“No.” Leo refused cleanly.

The corner of Thornton’s mouth curved up, “So stingy.” After speaking, he followed the staff to the next banquet hall.

“Are you okay?” Leo looked down at Xiào Mu and asked. Most of the affected sentinels couldn’t contain their spiritual power and spread out so it is easy to affect other people.

Xiào Mu smiled, “I’m fine.”

Louis walked in at this moment and ordered, “Leo, go to the banquet hall next door. Ah Da and Kai Men, send Xiào Mu back.”

Leo still felt a bit uneasy and said, “I will send Xiào Mu home, then come back again.”

The chaos just now is too abnormal, and it involved an attack using spiritual power. After thinking about it, Leo felt that the target is most likely Xiào Mu.

Louis nodded, “Also, due to the incident, the entire area is strictly forbidden to go in and out. If someone really caused this incident, that person should still be here at the moment. But just in case, you’d better send Xiào Mu personally.”

The return journey is unexpectedly smooth, and Leo went back immediately after giving some orders to the guards.

Xiào Mu sat on the sofa and continued to watch the live broadcast. The banquet went smoothly, the host and the guests are happy. The layout of the banquet hall is exactly the same as before, which made people feel that the chaos that happened before is just a trick. Xiào Mu secretly lamented that Ren’s ways of handling the situation are so fast. Obviously, as soon as something happened, he had already figured out how to deal with it. While watching the broadcast, his terminal vibrated. It is an unfamiliar number, but Xiào Mu still connected after a moment of hesitation.

“Is this Xiào Mu?”

Xiào Mu is taken aback by the call as he is no stranger to this voice, “Greene?”

“It’s me,” Greene sounded slightly nervous, with a very careful tone, “I found Dr. Xi Mu’s number in my terminal and so I asked him for your number. I’m sorry to disturb you without permission.”

Xiào Mu understood what happened. When he was still using Greene’s terminal previously, he contacted Xi Mu before so the number is left inside. He said, “It’s okay, why do you want to call me?”

Greene’s voice tensed up, “I have been watching the celebration broadcast. Before the banquet screen got cut off, I, I saw Mitte.”

Xiào Mu is startled. Mitte is the leader of the guide kidnapper team and the person who provided technical support to Jonassen.

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Banana: You can check Chapter 41.2 to read about Pin Lift. Or, I’ll just put it here la :v

The system explanation is this [No cooling time, chanting for 1.25 seconds to release. Recover spiritual power 1,500 points once. Spiritual power consumed is 10% of the recovery value.]


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