Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 38.1

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Chapter 38 Part 1 Completely exposed

Leo’s reaction made Kain very satisfied. He said with a helpless tone, “Xiào Mu is my adopted son. His full name is Xiào Mu Greene, and he ran away from home to throw tantrums.” Kain paused before continuing, “I was going to leave him alone, but now the family is facing some problems. As a member of the Greene family, he will have to do something for the family.”

Leo finally understood Kain’s plan, and said coldly, “He is not your family. You shouldn’t forget who brought out the proof that he is not your son at the beginning, right?”

“He is! That surveillance video doesn’t tell anything. Since a guide can disappear suddenly, he also can drop off from the aircraft without a trace. I have pictures of my son since childhood until now.” Kain smiled faintly, with a fatherly look, “Seeing him acting resolutely, I thought to let him play as he like. It would be better after a while, as it’s normal for children to have a rebellious period.”

Leo stared at Kain closely, “What did you do?” Kain looked too confident.

Kain glanced out the window, “It’s nothing, I just ordered people to bring him back.” He paused. “As for the disobedient child, there is always a way to make him obedient, don’t you think?”

“Oh, that’s right,” Kain said, “This matter is actually inseparable from him. He is the one who made the medicine and the case has nothing to do with Eileen. He has always loved his sister and will soon surrender1.”

Leo’s expression suddenly became ugly. As he strode out, he said, “If something happens to him,” Leo’s voice was like icicles aiming at Kain, “Just wait for your death!”

Kain’s faint smile froze at the corner of his mouth, and he sneered, “You are too arrogant!” He stared at Leo’s back blankly, and sent another message to his men, “Bring him back as soon as possible. It’s fine as long as he still has the last breath2.”

There is a lot of rumors flying around regarding Leo’s love confession. Kain originally planned to let Eileen marry Leo. Hence, when he saw the news, he was extremely dissatisfied and wanted to see who Leo actually fell in love with. When he saw the post, he immediately realized that something is wrong. Kain doesn’t believe that those sentinels really changed their dormitories to experience the suffering of the commoners. He contacted Roa and asked about Xiào Mu. After learning that Roa had injected Xiào Mu with stimulants that night, Kain confirmed his guess that Xiào Mu is definitely a guide. Moreover, Xiào Mu is the medicine-maker guide that he kept Roa looking for. From that day on, Kain arranged for people to follow Xiào Mu secretly; ready to kidnap him at the first opportunity to the Greene’s residence, and take him in as Xiào Mu Greene. However, something suddenly happened to Eileen so he could only accelerate his plan. The story would be Xiào Mu awakened as a guide after leaving home and gave Eileen the medicine he made; everything will make sense. Xiào Mu has a special identity and can make medicine. There is basically no need to worry about punishment3, while Eileen and Roa can stay as the innocent party. The news that Eileen couldn’t make medicine will inevitably spread, but it doesn’t matter as the Greene family has another guide who can make medicine. So, no one would want to offend his family. Kain thought the plan over and went to Roa.

After Xiào Mu finished his major class, he headed to the PE hall with a backpack to attend PE class. As he was walking, 3 tall young men stopped him. Among them, a young man with short-haired smiled with a tease, “Oh, his look is really good.” He pointed with his chin in the opposite direction of the PE hall and said, “Let’s have a talk over there.”

Xiào Mu only threw a glance at them. Then he tried to get around them from the right but was quickly stopped.

The 3 young men formed a triangle to surround Xiào Mu, and the short-haired guy warned in a vicious voice, “If you are not obedient, don’t blame us for being impolite.” As soon as his words fell, his fierce complexion revealed a touch of complacency, and Xiào Mu suddenly felt a slight tingling in his neck. This feeling is not unfamiliar to him; it is the pain of an injection needle stabbing into his flesh. Instantly, Xiào Mu understood that the short-haired guy is deliberately attracting his attention. He turned his head abruptly and the bald young man who unknowingly stood close behind him grinned, “Oh, quite sensitive.”

Xiào Mu is about to say something, but the short-haired guy took the advantage of him turning away to wrap his hands around his waist and half-dragging Xiào Mu towards a place with fewer people. Xiào Mu found that his physical strength is declining rapidly, and his heart tightened up. The medicine injected into him is coming into effect.

“Let go of me!” Xiào Mu struggled violently. Thinking of the injection method4, Xiào Mu couldn’t help asking, “Who asked you to do this? Roa?”

The moment Xiào Mu said that, he felt an obvious pause from the short-haired guy. Then he heard the guy sneered, “Who is Roa? We just saw that you looked good and want to talk to you.”

The man’s words affirmed Xiào Mu’s guess even more. He couldn’t struggle to move away so he lifted his foot and stomped heavily on the toes of the young man behind him. There is a cry of pain. The black-haired man howled in pain and his hand on Xiào Mu’s waist loosened. Xiào Mu took the opportunity to use the skill ‘Crane Resting on Jade Platform’ and almost instantly moved 10 meters away. He didn’t stay put and ran with all his might towards the PE hall. His stamina is dropping extremely fast. Originally, his stamina bar is almost at full value, 1000 points, but now it is only more than 800 in 2 minutes. Apart from that, it is still dropping at a rate of 1 point per second.

The 3 people who were surrounding Xiào Mu were stunned for a moment. Obviously, they didn’t expect Xiào Mu to be so fast. The short-haired guy ran after Xiào Mu and said, “Don’t let him run away. He has been injected with a weakening agent, and soon he will lose his energy.”

The bald guy followed closely and cursed inwardly, “Who asked you to be in such a hurry? It’s not a good time to act at all.”

The short-haired guy scolded, “Shut up, you think it’s safe at noon? Don’t forget about the people showing up around him these days.”

The bald guy thought of those high-level sentinels who constantly appearing around Xiào Mu, and shut up his mouth. If it weren’t for those people, they would have finished their task long ago. Right now is the time when they all have classes, and it’s a good time that they can get.

Xiào Mu ran as fast as he could. He didn’t run towards the PE hall for the higher education department, but the university department instead. There are still 20 minutes before class. By that time, even if he takes a boost pill halfway through, his stamina will still bottom out. There is no guarantee for his safety before the class. He does not know any classmates in the higher education department, and no one will help him if he is bullied. After all, fights are common in this school, and there are no nosy people who will help out. But the university department is different. Kai Men is there, and also the people in the dormitory next to him (Dorm 602) are there5. They can at least ensure his safety.

Xiào Mu panted hard. His stamina bar is dropping faster because of his running. In a blink of an eye, there were only more than 600 points left. The 3 guys behind him are chasing after him. When the cooldown for ‘Crane Resting on Jade Platform’ is over, Xiào Mu turned his body sideways, modifying the right shifting into forward shifting6. He managed to dodge the hand stretched out by the short-haired guy several times.

“I don’t believe that I can’t catch you!” The short-haired guy has watched Xiào Mu moved 10 meters away in an instant several times, so he shouted angrily this time when he managed to catch up with Xiào Mu.

Xiào Mu lamented that his situation is not good because ‘Crane Resting on Jade Platform’ still has 5 seconds cooldown time, so he may not be able to dodge this time. The short-haired guy stretched his hand to his shoulder. However, at the moment he is about to grasp him, Xiào Mu suddenly jumped 10 meters away.

[Congratulations, host. You have activated the Jianghu light work skill ‘Chasing Moon on Cloud’ – Move forward to a certain distance, the farthest is no more than 20 meters. The specific maximum distance is 1% of the physical strength, distance is controllable]7

There was cold sweat on Xiào Mu’s back but when he heard the mechanical sound coming from his head, happiness flashed in his eyes. He now has 2 transportation skills. There are a total of 4 Jianghu light work skills in the Sword Heroes game, 1 for each direction. Xiào Mu felt like he could detect a pattern of skill awakening; it seemed to activate occasionally in an emergency.

With 2 transportation skills, Xiào Mu’s speed in escaping is faster now and his physical strength has dropped below 300 points. Without any hesitation, he retrieved a mid-grade boost pill from the system’s backpack and ate it; restoring his physical strength to full speed again.

Seeing the distance between them getting longer, the black-haired guy couldn’t help but explode in anger. Didn’t people say that the school weakling has the weakest physical fitness? How come the weakening agent hasn’t worked yet?

When he is not far from the hall, Xiào Mu wanted to breathe a sigh of relief. But the bald guy suddenly rushing out of the side path and pounced at him without any hesitation. Xiào Mu has been using his transportation skills as soon as the cooldown is done, so both skills are cooling down at this moment. With his current state, there was no way to avoid the bald guy. Xiào Mu knew very well that if he is caught this time, he would not be able to escape. Roa used medicine on him twice, which made Xiào Mu feel very dangerous. Sending people to capture him this time should be because Roa is suspecting his identity. That’s why the people assigned to capture him are ordinary people, probably because he is worried that Xiào Mu would use the sentinel’s natural protective desire for the guide to make them let him go.

These thoughts only flashed through his mind for a moment. The bald guy can grab him just by raising his hand in the next second. Without hesitation, Xiào Mu’s spiritual filaments twisted into a ball and slammed into the guy’s mind.

“AH!” The bald guy cried out and collapsed to the ground.

Ordinary people do have spiritual power. Although their spiritual power is not as good as sentinel or guides, their spiritual state is very stable and hardly gets into confusion state. As long as one has a spiritual state, spiritual attacks can be carried out.

Xiào Mu frowned. The discomfort caused by this spiritual attack is far less intense than when he attacked Leo, but it still made him uncomfortable. Guides are born with strong empathy and are too susceptible to emotions from others. What made him even more helpless is that there are at least 10 sentinels who sensed him from the attack just now. His spiritual filaments randomly spread to the front space and were attracted to many directions that there is no unified direction for a while. Xiào Mu also received great resistance when he tried to pull back his filaments. Fatty appeared at his feet and jumped forward as if something is attracting it in front. But soon, Fatty turned around in circles and fell down in dizziness.

Xiào Mu pressed his forehead, his spiritual filaments got attracted to so many people for the first time, and he is a little at a loss. All he could do is concentrate on taking back the spiritual filaments one by one.

At the same time in the PE hall, there are a lot of people playing sports scattered in the university department’s hall. Among them, the basketball court is the most crowded, and almost all the players are sentinels. Basketball passes and shoots require precision. This sport is very helpful to sentinel’s control, so it is very popular with sentinel. If the courts are not enough, the students will even go to the higher department’s side to borrow the venue. The game was going on in great spirits when suddenly, several Level AA sentinels on the court stopped on their track and rushed out almost at the same time.

“What happened?”

“What happened to them?”

“Look over there, that court also has people running out like crazy.”

The classmates sitting in the corner and watching the game were all surprised. Some classmates who loved gossip followed closely behind, while some classmates who admired the strong couldn’t help but exclaim.

“All the people who ran out are Level AA sentinels from our school. Oh my god, did something big happen outside that we didn’t feel it?”

As soon as this statement came out, more people ran out. They all felt that this guess is very reliable. After all, Level AA sentinel’s 5 senses are much higher than them. In such a short period of time, no one thought of refuting with ‘Is there anyone stupid enough to play in the hall without controlling their 5 senses?’8. After all, so many high-level sentinels running out at the same time, there is no better explanation.

More than a dozen Level AA sentinels ran out of the hall. In front of them, there is a petite guide standing not far away. With long black hair tied behind his head, the guide has delicate features, and his face is flushed. It made people want to take a bite from him.

“Oh, my destined guide is so cute!” Almost everyone thought so.

Xiào Mu knew that he would definitely be exposed, but he is not nervous. He simply focused on taking back the last few spiritual filaments. He is about to breathe a sigh of relief when a heavy gasp came from behind him.

“Can’t run anymore?!” The black-haired man panted, ignoring the classmates who came over to watch the commotion. Fighting in the public and being watched is the norm in this school. He raised his hand to grab Xiào Mu’s arm, but at the next moment, he is kicked into the air. Then he fell to the ground and fainted before he could scream in pain.

Kai Men pulled Xiào Mu away in time, without looking at the black-haired man. Frowning at Xiào Mu, he asked, “What’s the matter with you?” He knew very well that Xiào Mu didn’t want to reveal his identity. Major General Leo also ordered him to try not to let Xiào Mu reveal his identity. So he asked, “Is there someone bullying you? Don’t be afraid, I will protect you.”

“Go away, he is mine. My match rate is 90%.”

“Mine is 92%.”

“Mine is 93%.”


After a quarrel, a sudden silence descended in the crowd. The excited expression from the Level AA sentinels turned into confusion.

“That… that’s not true, right?”

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