Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 35.2

A’ight~ Banana decided to release both parts at the same time because it’s a long chapter with cl.i_max1. Also, I felt like it’s not fair for Leo if everyone ended up hating him. Just a reminder, this is a guide-sentinel novel and you have to understand the strong link between a pair with high compatibility rate. Some might felt that Leo’s action is not good but Banana felt that it would sad if you hated him for behaving like how a normal sentinel would behave 😛

Lastly, there’s a minor cliff at the end lol. It’s not deadly if you are not super curious ^^;;

[Edit – Possible sensitive words have been cxnsored. God knows what’s wrong *shrugged*]

Chapter 35 Part 2 Exposed

‘Mhmm…’ Xiào Mu widened his eyes. He tried to avoid Leo, but his head is positioned at the side of the sofa; giving him no space to avoid Leo. Xiào Mu shook his head, but he couldn’t stop Leo’s movements at all. Leo didn’t let go of his lips until Xiào Mu thought he would suffocate. He p.a.n.ted violently. When he recovered, the hem of his shirt had been lifted, and Leo’s callous hands have moved up his waist. Xiào Mu shrank subconsciously, trying to avoid his touch, and hurriedly shouted, “I’m not willing! Leo, I’m not willing!”

Leo is a proud person, he won’t force anyone who is unwilling. However, at this moment Leo has been enduring the combined for several minutes, and he is totally different from his usual self. Leo paused when he heard Xiào Mu’s words and frowned in pain.

Xiào Mu looked at Leo nervously, but when he saw his red eyes, his heart tightened. Then, k_isses fell like a violent storm, his breathing almost stopped. His instinct to follow the flow clashed with his strong resisting thoughts, and that almost drove him crazy.

“Let go!” He reluctantly spat the words, but his voice was soft and light and Leo seemed to have not heard it. His(L) hand all over his body, and the k_isses moved downwards along the side of his face.

This can’t continue!

Xiào Mu raised his head and ga.sp_ed heavily. Biting his lip, he tried his best to control the urge to reach out and hug Leo. His unfocused eyes slowly regain its focus and Xiào Mu closed his eyes to concentrate on controlling his spiritual filaments. He twisted some of them into a bunch, restraining his guide instinct, ignoring the pain from his head, and slammed it towards Leo’s spiritual state.

“ARGH!” A painful cry came out of Leo’s mouth, then Xiào Mu felt him slump heavily on his body.

At the same time, an uncomfortable feeling flooded Xiào Mu’s mind like a tide. His whole body is trembling uncontrollably. His spiritual filaments almost instantly shrank into his mind, as if they have lost their life, without the slightest light.

[Master fell into a coma, enable defense mode]

A mechanical sound rang out, but Xiào Mu was so immersed in pain that he did not hear it at all. It took him several minutes before he could come back to his sense, only to realize that there is a feeling of wetness on his face. It turned out that he has been crying unconsciously. Xiào Mu looked down at Leo and saw that Leo fell on top of him, so quietly that it frightened him. He quickly got up and turned Leo over. After confirming that he is still breathing, Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief.

When he scanned for Leo’s spiritual power, Xiào Mu was taken aback. He hadn’t noticed it before, but it seems that Leo had taken his pills before this at some point. That’s why he could see the remaining value of his spiritual power at the moment. His previous spiritual power balance was more than 6,000, but now it is only more than 600, which is less than 10% of his overall points. It must be because of his mental attack just now.

Xiào Mu’s heart is full of guilt and misery, but this is not an emotion he can control. The guide’s nature is to help sentinel, and not only does he just hurt a sentinel, but that person is also his 100% compatible sentinel. All the uncomfortable emotions doubled in him, making Xiào Mu feel depressed. He silently moved to the corner farthest from Leo and sat down with his feet in his arms. His body felt hot and his head is throbbing with pain. Before this, Xiào Mu has checked a lot of information related to the guide. He knew that he is experiencing a combined heat. Like Leo, if he has no medicine or a sentinel to help him, he will feel very tormented. Fortunately, the initiator sentinel, Leo is now in a coma and will not make his condition worse, and his spiritual power is recovering.

The effect of the stimulant gradually dissipated, and the recovery speed of his spiritual power gradually increased. Xiào Mu watched the time and took a high-grade healing pill. Instantly, he recovered 2,000 spiritual power. After another 10 minutes, his spiritual power is finally full. Xiào Mu breathed a sigh of relief, and the heat on his body gradually dissipated. His limbs regained strength, and he can now establish a spiritual barrier.

It’s just that his spiritual filaments are still feeling awkward. Although they have restored their luster, the filaments don’t float like usual, but stayed limp in his mind; seemingly unable to lift their energy. Xiào Mu pursed his lips, his body actually felt the same. He obviously has plenty of physical and spiritual power, but his emotion is very low. Xiào Mu is a sensible person and knows that this is just his guide side’s feeling, but he has no way to solve it.

Looking at Leo, Xiào Mu used ‘Pin Hold’ on him. In an instant, emerald green tea leaves floated from his palm to the space between Leo’s brows in the blink of an eye. Xiào Mu felt better now. As a guide, healing other people always made him feel satisfied. When Leo’s spiritual power returned to 20%, Xiào Mu stopped using the skill. He took out a high-grade healing pill and put it next to Leo’s head. At this moment, his spiritual filaments immediately floated out. Xiào Mu restrained the urge to touch Leo and walked to the window, which his spiritual filaments fell limply again. That makes Xiào Mu felt a little amused inexplicably. He felt like his spiritual filaments looked like Leo’s diehard fans.

It was dark outside the window, and there was nothing to see. Xiào Mu didn’t know where they are right now, let alone know when it landed here. So, he couldn’t estimate how far they are from the school. Thinking of school, he couldn’t help having a headache. There is a residual smell of a guide’s pheromone in his dormitory, so his identity is probably exposed. If the Golden Tower comes for him, he can only negotiate with his own ability according to the idea he first had in mind, that he has the ability to live independently.

Xiào Mu wanted to leave the mecha but he didn’t see any buttons to open by the door. Climbing into the driver’s seat, he saw the densely packed buttons on the control panel and got even dizzier.

[You villain, what do you want to do?]

An angry mechanical sound sounded. Xiào Mu was stunned and he looked around but he did not see any living creatures. So he asked, “You are?”

[I am Mecha Ying. You hurt master, where do you want to take him? Let me tell you this. Even if you are master’s 100% compatible guide and I cannot attack you, I will never follow your instructions to take master away!]

Xiào Mu has a moment of realization. He was not surprised though because he knew that smart mecha has independent consciousness. After listening to it, he secretly rejoiced inside. If he and Leo are not a 100% match, he afraid that the moment he attacks Leo, the mecha will attack him.

“I won’t take him away. I just want to leave, so can you open the door to let me out?”

[Can’t let you run away!]

Xiào Mu didn’t want to wait for Leo to wake up. After Leo woke up, the combined heat might not disappear yet. It would be too dangerous for him to stay here. Leo would be on guard so if the same situation happened again, he(XM) might not be able to stop him. He thought for a while, “If you don’t let me go, I will stay here and continue to hurt him. I am such a bad person and he is not safe with me here.”

The smart mecha’s IQ is equivalent to that of a child. It only has Leo as its master from the moment it was built. Leo only regards it as his mecha and combat partner. They have never communicated properly with each other. Ying has a strong fighting ability, but it knows very little about other things. Ying thought for a while and searched the Internet silently ‘how to ensure safety’ and got ‘stay away from danger’ as the answer. It felt that Xiào Mu’s words are right. For its owner’s safety, Ying made a decision. It opened the door and forced Xiào Mu out.

Xiào Mu fell to the ground. The black mecha fused together with the night so he couldn’t see the mecha clearly. However, thinking about the big guy that is over 3 meters tall, Xiào Mu could only comfort himself that it was fortunate that he didn’t get thrown out directly out of the window. He stood up by supporting his hands on the ground and looked at the time. It is almost 2.00 am, the time when people slept most deeply. Xiào Mu hesitated for a moment and decided not to call Hawke and Zhao Sheng. Except for his depressed mood, everything is fine now. It’s not very good to disturb people at this kind of hour.

Turning on the flashlight function of his terminal, Xiào Mu discovered that he is in a huge outdoor stadium. The mecha was parked in the middle of the stadium, away from the surrounding area. An empty location is indeed a good place for him whose spiritual filaments are out of control. He walked quickly out of the stadium by following along the edge of the stadium, which was just a stadium inside a comprehensive stadium. After walking for almost an hour, Xiào Mu finally reached the entrance of the main stadium. He saw someone in the security room at the door from a distance. After thinking about it, he backpedaled and walked along the wall to find a lower place so he could climb over and leave. He soon lost his hope.

Xiào Mu is very helpless. He keeps yawning constantly and felt so sleepy. In the end, he simply sat down in a secluded corner and fell asleep against the wall. He decided to ask Zhao Sheng for help at dawn. Fortunately, the temperature is not low right now, so even if he sleeps in the open all night, it will not affect him much. However, when he opened his eyes again, he is no longer in the corner of the stadium.

There was a white ceiling above him, and he is sleeping on a soft bed. Xiào Mu looked around and got stunned. This is his room in Ren’s apartment! There was a soft noise from the door, and he turned his head to look over. Leo stood with his back facing him so Xiào Mu couldn’t see his expression.

Leo didn’t seem to expect that Xiào Mu would be awake so Leo was stunned. Then he walked quickly to the bed.

Xiào Mu shrank back subconsciously but was stunned when he saw Leo’s face. Usually, Leo is just like his spirit animal, his body seems to contain countless powers all the time. However, at this moment, he looked tired, his expression is gloomy, and he looked particularly mournful.

Leo’s thin lips were pursed heavily, and his tone was low, “You hate me that much?”

When Leo woke up last night, he almost collapsed2. If it weren’t for the faint familiar smell around his nose and he saw the pill, he might not be able to stay calm. Leo knows better than Xiào Mu that a guide always felt closely to the highly matched sentinel, even to the point of obedience. Since Xiào Mu has a 100% match rate with him, when he(XM) hurts him, the action hurts himself(XM) as well.

Xiào Mu’s strong reaction made Leo understand that not only Xiào Mu disliked him, he even hated him. This is the first time his heart is moved but he was completely rejected, which made him very uncomfortable. Apart from that, as a sentinel, the feeling of being hurt by a guide caused him to feel even more uncomfortable. Sentinel and guide complement each other. They both need each other’s emotions. If they can get it, the feedback will be doubled. On the other hand, the hurt will be doubled too.

The heavy pain in Leo’s tone stunned Xiào Mu. Thinking of his depressed mood at the moment, Xiào Mu realized that it was caused by their guide and sentinel’s side. He looked down and said, “Sorry, I don’t hate you, and I don’t want to hurt you. I just don’t like being forced by anyone.”

Hearing that, Leo’s eyes shone slightly. He looked at Xiào Mu expectantly, “You don’t hate me?”

Xiào Mu nodded and added, “I don’t like you either3.” He tilted his head to avoid Leo’s fiery gaze and said, “Major General Leo, I believe you are a determined person. You have not forgotten what you said before this, right?”

Leo thought of Xiào Mu’s words of sarcasm last night. He thinks back to the way he spoke toward Xiào Mu before and felt his face hurt. He squeezed his fist tightly; he would let Xiào Mu know about his heart.

“I won’t tell anyone about your identity.” Leo didn’t answer Xiào Mu’s question, instead, he mentioned what Xiào Mu cares about and gave his promise.

Xiào Mu smiled bitterly, “Thank you, but I may not be able to hide the secret.”

Leo thought of something, and snorted heavily, “Don’t worry, it’s not exposed.”

“How is it possible?” Xiào Mu’s eyes widened. Although he didn’t believe it, he still had some expectations.

The author has something to say:
Leo: My crush doesn’t believe that I like him. What to do? Waiting online, urgent!

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