Interstellar Super Doctor 星际超级医生 Chapter 33.2

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Chapter 33 Part 2 Jealous

Greene’s residence in Area A

Kain’s always gentle face looked green at the moment, as he glared at his son standing in front of him, “Roa, you are so courageous. Dare to make a private decision on such a big thing, huh? If not because the news is so widespread, are you expecting to hide the truth from me?”

When Kain went to his military department this morning, someone came over to congratulate him. He didn’t understand what had happened until the man flattered that his Greene family had a genius guide in making medicine. When he got home, he called his daughter and learned the truth. Immediately, he called his brave son back after hanging up the call.

Roa didn’t dare to refute loudly, and whispered, “Father, I’m not going to hide it from you. I just want to surprise you.”

“Surprise?” Kain almost laughed out loud in anger. “Do you know if this matter is not handled properly, it will ruin the reputation of the Greene family?”

“No,” Roa said anxiously. “we won’t be discovered. I have told Eileen about it. She will be very careful not to show any flaws.”

Kain opened his terminal and pointed to the discussion post on the forum, “The medicine you bought is called a mid-grade healing pill, right? See this? People said it has a nutty fragrance. Don’t tell me that you have forgotten the scent of Eileen’s guide pheromone.”

“I know, it’s the fragrance of orchids,” Roa calmly replied and took out a small square box from his space storage. Opening it, he placed the box on the table in front of Kain, “This is the mid-grade healing pill.”

Kain looked at the neatly placed medicine in the box and his anger disappeared. Next, Kain was surprised, “How can it give off an orchid’s scent now?”

Roa explained, “The pill is coated with a guide inhibitor that is not harmful to sentinel to cover up the original scent. Then it has been kept in the box that has the smell of Eileen’s pheromones. That’s why the pill gave off a slight smell of orchid.” He looked at Kain, “Father, I’m serious, I have done a lot of preparations.”

Kain looked at Roa for a while, with a smile on his lips, “As expected of my son, but,” his expression became heavy, “have you ever thought about it, what if Eileen never able to make this pill?”

Roa replied, “Eileen is my sister. She wants to marry the most powerful sentinel so of course, I support her. Now everyone knows her skills and almost all single sentinels want to marry her. There are many top-ranked single sentinels in the 9th Army, and Father is familiar with them. You can definitely help her to choose the most powerful one.” He paused, “This batch of pills can last for a long time. At that time, Greene’s happy event1 has been held for a long time. Father doesn’t have to worry about the relationship between the sentinel and the guide2. At that time, we’ll just fabricate an accident. Eileen will then ‘forgot’ how to make the pill, logically speaking.”

Kain pondered for a moment, and said gently, “You forgot about the instability factor; the real medicine maker.”

Roa looked serious as he replied, “I have been monitoring the seller. It seems that the seller has contact with the medicine maker. If I tailed behind the seller, I will definitely find the maker.”

Kain frowned, “Tell me again in detail of the time when you bought the medicine.”

After Roa finished speaking, Kain asked, “Short and thin? Why didn’t you think that the seller and the maker are the same person?”

“My terminal that detects guides didn’t respond, and he didn’t smell like a guide. When Manager Zhao appeared, he released his spirit animal but the seller was not surprised or panicked. He was very calm.” Roa recalled.

“Have you forgotten about the inhibitor?” Kain asked lightly, “For a guide who lives outside the Golden Tower, it is not difficult for him to reach the level you said. Of course, it is also possible that he is just an ordinary person, but he is the maker which is in line with the norm.” Seeing that Roa is listening carefully, Kain continued, “The guide who made the medicine definitely does not want to reveal his identity. Using a middleman will increase the risk. The reason for selling the medicine in the black market is mostly to conceal his identity. So, the medicine maker personally selling it sounds completely feasible.”

“Father is right,” Roa tilted his head for a moment, then smiled quickly, “I know what to do.”

Kain looked at Roa appreciatively, and said solemnly, “Never let other people know the truth. Keep that guide with us, it is best if he can be used by us. That way, your plan will progress more smoothly.”

“Yes, Father. Don’t worry.”

Kain: “If you need anything, contact me.”

After Leo left behind an inexplicable word, it took a few days for Xiào Mu to understand the meaning. It turned out that he has left school the next day. The school forum has been discussing about the joint military exercises of the imperial armies in recent days, and Major General Leo, who is acting as a substitute for the imperial military school, asked for leave to direct the exercises.

The scale of this exercise is grand, and the whole process of the exercise will be kept confidential. At the end of the exercise, the exciting part will be announced to the public. Although no one knows about the specifics, it does not affect the enthusiasm of netizens. Supporters of the various army groups are arguing fiercely on the Internet, as they all believe that the army they support is the best. Hence, everyone engaged in an invisible smokeless war on the Internet. Some people even set up a poll in the forum for the supporters to vote. All of the supporters began to chant for their supporting army groups, and anyone who did not participate in the exercise is allowed to vote for the group army they supported.

Xiào Mu sat on the sofa and looked helplessly at Hawke, who was shaking his(XM) arm with excitement, “Just let go of my arms, I will vote for the 2nd Army, alright?”

Hawke smiled and nodded. He sat next to Xiào Mu, staring at him as he voted, “Major General Lyle is the most perfect person in the world. The 2nd Army under his leadership will definitely win!”

Xiào Mu clicked on the vote confirmation button and asked, “You said that you came to this school for your male god. You mean Lyle?”

“Of course it is him. No one is more perfect than him,” Hawke cupped his face. “I will definitely study medicine very hard and be a person worthy of him. I want to get marry him!”

“Cough cough cough…” Xiào Mu was stunned, “You want to marry him?”

Hawke glanced at Xiào Mu sadly, “Are you laughing at me for thinking above my class? I also know that I am not worthy of him. He is a high-level sentinel, so he must be looking for a guide who matches him.” Hawke clenched his fist and waved it, “However, as long as he is not married, I still have hope. My spiritual power is low and I cannot give him spiritual treatment, but I will definitely make medicine to recover spiritual power. Then, even if I am a guide with the lowest spiritual power, I am still worthy of him.”

Xiào Mu quickly explained, “I’m not laughing at you.” He just couldn’t accept the part that a young man declaring to get married3. If Hawke is saying that, wouldn’t that means he(XM) has to get married too in the future? Xiào Mu shook his head, forbidding himself to continue thinking.

He saw Hawke’s fighting spirit and couldn’t help asking, “You confessed to him already?”

Hawke shook his head, “Not yet, I haven’t learned how to make medicine to restore spiritual power, in case… in case I couldn’t learn it, I will not be able to solve his spiritual power problem in the future. I can only watch him suffer. There is nothing I can do, and I will be very uncomfortable.” He paused, “Although my dad never said it, I know that every time my father suffers mental confusion, he will be very uncomfortable. Every time that happened, he would stay in the laboratory longer and longer. My dad is afraid that I will end up like him so he always hoped that I could find an ordinary person as my partner instead.”

Xiào Mu was surprised to hear that. He always thought that Hawke’s family is very happy, but he also had troubles it seems. Xiào Mu changed the topic and asked, “So, you are studying medicine to restore spiritual power, not just for the freedom of the guide?”

Hawke clasped Xiào Mu’s arm, “No. My father said that this is the real freedom of the guide. With this medicine, sentinel does not need to rely on the guide alone. Hence, guide and sentinel can get together without the need to consider the level restrictions. Ordinary people, sentinel, and guide can become a companion.”

Xiào Mu thought for a while and nodded, “Your father is right.”

Hearing Hawke mentioned that his spiritual power is low, Xiào Mu thought of the night when he talked about cooperation with Zhao Sheng. He did not mention the proposal and asked, “I remember you said you can’t generate new spiritual filaments?”

“Yes.” Hawke was frustrated.

Xiào Mu: “Have you ever thought that it’s not about regenerating, but dividing the filaments? 1 split to 2, 2 into 4, and so on. Then the total number of spiritual filaments can also be changed, and spiritual treatment can be better carried out. It also helps towards making medicine.”

Hawke was stunned, and pounced on Xiào Mu after a moment of thinking, “You are so smart, why didn’t I think of it?!”

Seeing Hawke’s enthusiastic appearance, Xiào Mu hurriedly said, “Don’t try now, this is the school. Do it at home, and make sure to try in a safe place.”

Hawke couldn’t contain himself, he speedily stood up and ran out, “I’ll go first. If I don’t have time for class tomorrow, you must be careful by yourself. I will get make-up classes later.”

“En, rest assured. I’ll be fine.”

After watching Hawke leave, Xiào Mu turned his gaze to the screen, which is still the interface for voting. The first place is the 1st Army led by Leo, with almost half of the entire votes. No wonder Leo is so confident. In addition to the top abilities in his own life experience, he also has the self-confidence that these admirers give him! Xiào Mu glanced at the time, and saw that there is still more than half an hour until dinner time. He checked his online business and saw that the inventory is 0 already. There were a lot of requests for goods in the message area.

‘It’s super delicious, asking for the boss to restock!’

‘I’ve never seen such a lazy boss who only sells 20 jars a day. It’s not enough to stuff my teeth, so I begged the boss to restock.’

‘Restock +1’

Xiào Mu smiled. He likes the current state very much. He is used to making biscuits twice a day on the virtual net, making 10 jars each time. He is not planning to make more for the time being. Making biscuits is his way of transferring his money to the public, and it is also his hobby. He is not going to really make this into a profitable career. If he overworked on this, he may make more money, but he may lose interest in his hobby.

After logging on to the virtual net, Xiào Mu closed the door of the bakery and made biscuits as usual. Suddenly someone knocked at the door. Xiào Mu was stunned. It stands to reason that people can’t see from the outside if there is anyone inside! The person keeps knocking on the door so Xiào Mu washed his hands and went to open the door. The person standing outside is a strange-looking tall sentinel with oil paint on his face. The next moment, the sentinel suddenly hold him in his arms. Xiào Mu was stunned, but he immediately reacted by stomping on the sentinel’s foot and punching his chin at the same time.

Although this is not the reality, the 5 senses are almost exactly the same. Xiào Mu couldn’t bear the fact that someone came to take advantage of him so blatantly! He managed to stomp on the sentinel’s foot, but he didn’t seem to feel any pain. The sentinel didn’t move and caught Xiào Mu’s hand just when his fist is close to the sentinel’s chin. Xiào Mu tried to drew his hand back, but it was caught in a firm hold. So he glared at the sentinel and saw the man dropping a kiss on the back of his hand.

“Axx-hole, you…” Before Xiào Mu could finish his words, the sentinel suddenly disappeared, as if everything that happened were his hallucinations. The! Xiào Mu gritted his teeth and exploded in curses, as he wiped the back of his hands vigorously. Don’t go offline if you have the guts!

Leo looked at his adjutant coldly. The adjutant is under pressure as he reported, “Major General, someone in the 2nd Army has touched the 39th line4. Did we proceed to destroy or pretend not to see it?”

Who doesn’t know that Major General Lyle of the 2nd Army and his family Major General are good brothers? Hence, the soldiers of the First Army are really unsure what to do.

Recalling the fact that he had specifically inquired whether ‘someone’ voted for him or not, but ended up seeing that person’s name under the 2nd Army list, Leo got up from the holographic cabin and snorted coldly, “Annihilate all of them.”

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