Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 72

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List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 72 Storing food

Today’s weather is good, hence everyone has been busy making and firing pottery these days, and they have no extra time to spare for other things. After the last batch of pottery products were fired yesterday, everyone held a bonfire party to celebrate. The next day, everyone return to their usual pace of life in the past.

Right in the morning, Sasha came and pulled Lin Mu to his house. Lais and the rest also came early to wait at Lin Mu’s house. After hearing what Lin Mu said about wine yesterday, they all wanted to follow along with the making process. Under such a passionate request, Lin Mu followed Sasha to his house, followed by the other females.

Everyone’s goals regarding how to utilize the potteries may be different. Lais mainly wants to learn how to make kimchi from Lin Mu. A few days ago, Lais ate the kimchi made by Lin Mu and found it very refreshing. Then he heard that Lin Mu can make pickles. Towards these new types of food, Lin Mu has always understood better than them. There are many types, and the food Lin Mu made is as good as ever.

Since the females are here, and everything needed was ready, Lin Mu didn’t waste time speaking nonsense and get right into teaching the females. Of course, the first thing to teach is making wine.

The method of making wine is simple and troublesome at the same time. They have to pick the grapes one by one from the bunches. In order to prevent the grape skins from breaking, Lin Mu asked them to snap the grapes together with the stalks. If they accidentally broke the skins, those grapes will be thrown into their mouths as snacks.

Sasha threw a grape that was accidentally torn into his mouth and said, “It’s delicious and juicy, so delicious!”

The rest ate grapes a lot at the beginning, but they gradually stopped after getting familiar with the collecting process, otherwise, they would have to be tired of eating grapes by the end of the day. They put the grapes in a woven shallow basket with holes. Because these grapes matured naturally and there are no chemical fertilizers or pesticides here, Lin Mu asked them to simply rinse the grapes with water and drain it after that. While the grapes were being drained, Lin Mu took the time to teach them how to make a simple kimchi dish.

At noon, Patrik came to Sasha’s house because Lin Mu had yet to return home. When Lin Mu saw Patrik come to fetch him, he smiled and said goodbye to the females. Before leaving, he made an appointment to continue later in the afternoon.

Ryan, Lloyd, and Jason are responsible for picking more grapes. They are also tasked to look for vegetables such as radish and cabbage that can be made into kimchi and pickles.

Patrik took Lin Mu’s hand and listened as he(LM) happily told him what they did this morning, and what benefits it would bring to the tribe. Patrik smiled and looked at Lin Mu, “As long as you are happy.”

Lin Mu felt warm because of Patrik’s words and said, “En, although doing these things will be a little tired, but I am very happy.”

When they got home, Lin Mu wanted to start cooking, but Patrik stopped him. His reason was – Mu Mu did so many things in the morning, so he doesn’t want to make Mu Mu too tired. Leave the cooking to me.

Patrik is really a good man, so Lin Mu didn’t fight to cook with Patrik, and went to the living room to sit and drink tea obediently. After lunch, they took a nap as usual, and when Lin Mu woke up, Patrik is still there with him this time; he didn’t go out doing things as he would normally do.

Patrik saw Lin Mu wake up and kissed him on the forehead, “Get up and wash your face, then I will take you to Sasha’s house.”

Their few days of labor are quite fruitful, and the females happily looked at the clay pots in their yard with a sense of accomplishment. Together, they made 10 jars of wine and 8 jars of kimchi. Then they divided the jar among themselves. Lin Mu didn’t join to divide the kimchi as he had made a few jars before this, which was enough for him and Patrik to eat for a long time. So Lin Mu asked for 2 jars of wine. Although there are already 6 jars at home, well in Lin Mu’s opinion, there can never be too much wine. After all, wine is not only nice to drink but also good for cooking.

The beastmen will carry these jars of course, and Lin Mu solemnly instructed before leaving, “Because the temperature is not very high now, you must remember to only open the jar after 30 days or more. Otherwise, the wine will not come out properly. That’s right, don’t ruin these wines just because of curiosity.”

The days went on plainly and busily. The reason for being busy is that the use of those fruits and vegetables has increased a lot because of the advent of pottery. Now Lin Mu is using different ways to make use of the fruits at home every day. The results were quite good. Lin Mu made a lot of candied fruits and preserved fruits. Although he does not like to eat sweets very much, but if the food is really lacking in winter, and they unfortunately encounter food shortages, these foods with high sugar content is a very good choice. At least it can provide them with enough sugar.

Lin Mu made not only grape wine, but also made other fruit wine, such as hawthorn wine, apple wine, lychee wine, mulberry wine, etc. Anyway, any fruits that can be made into wine, Lin Mu also made a jar with it. In addition to candied fruits, Lin Mu also made some candied dates. Misha and Qiuqiu like these small sweets. Phil and Sasha also expressed their liking for these foods. Although Lais and Huang Yuan don’t like them very much, they would still eat some when offered. One might feel sick of it if eaten too much, but candied food can be regarded as a snack in this world.

Whenever Lin Mu is in a good mood, he will make some fruit pies for everyone to taste, and everyone’s eyes shone with delight. It is a pity that Lin Mu doesn’t make it very often, and he doesn’t make much each time. Everyone couldn’t help but shout in their heart: Lin Mu really knows how to tempt them. He made them crave for it but refuse to feel them fully.

Lin Mu expressed that he hadn’t heard anything.

The beastman began to collect food like hamsters that would be going for hibernation soon. They would sweep back all the flour balls, potatoes, and sweet potatoes they encountered, leaving only some seeds to germinate in the coming year. And they are more enthusiastic about the two things they have discovered recently, corn and rice. The discovery of rice and corn is naturally related to Lin Mu, but this time there is Huang Yuan’s achievement too.

Lin Mu and Huang Yuan were knitting together that day. Although Huang Yuan is a female, he had no consciousness as a female at all. And it had nothing to do with the body he transmigrated into1. So he doesn’t care about the fact that he can’t cook, doesn’t make clothes, or knit. After all, he has been here for more than 2 years. Although he can’t cook, he didn’t starve to death. For the clothing problem, he helped others to treat their illnesses in the tribe he stayed before. The other party would always give him something in return to thank him. Gifts, of course, in most cases, what others give would be food or the like. The food sent to the pharmacist will not be ordinary. Generally, they will send the tender meat that the female likes to eat.

But no matter what kind of meat is given to Huang Yuan, it will not be bad, and the tribe will also give him food as well (because he’s the doctor). So generally, if he really wants to eat something, he can always ask people to gift it to him. In most cases, Huang Yuan always asks the beastman’s female partner to make clothes for him, while for single beastmen, he will ask them to gather herbs for him or help to do some physical work. Therefore, Huang Yuan’s life is quite comfortable (even before he met LM).

But in this tribe, it’s different. After eating the food made by Lin Mu, how can Huang Yuan continue to eat the food that has been roasted to black by him? Moreover, as far as clothes are concerned, Huang Yuan still wants to wear clothes made of cloth. Although he is used to wearing animal skins, it does not mean he likes them. Hence, every time seeing the clothes that Lin Mu wears, Huang Yuan feels a strong desire to wear one. Because of that, he willingly started to learn to knit with Lin Mu. After all, Huang Yuan has experienced the winter here in this world before. The bitter cold makes Huang Yuan frown whenever he thinks about it. Now that he learned how to make cloth, he can make an inner shirt that can be worn underneath animal skin; it will be much warmer.

Back to the topic about rice.

Speaking of the day Lin Mu and Huang Yuan were knitting together, they were chatting and both of them sighed about what they wanted to eat the most recently.

Huang Yuan: “I really want to eat rice. Without rice, I always feel like I haven’t eaten a staple food.”

Huang Yuan is an authentic southerner, so it is torture for a southerner not to eat rice for more than 2 years.

Lin Mu can understand Huang Yuan’s feelings. Although noodles are considered a staple food, Huang Yuan is not used to it. Unlike Lin Mu who eats rice as well, but it’s an occasional thing for him2. He thought about Huang Yuan hasn’t seen rice for 2 years, and changed it to his case. If he(LM) hasn’t eaten noodles for so long, he would be very uncomfortable. Even if he is full, he would always feel a kind of regret in his heart. It’s like the feeling that although the belly is full, but the brain is still very hungry.

Lin Mu: “I don’t know if there is rice in this world, but we can ask the beastmen to find it. En, millet and corn can also be used as staple food. If we can find it, then we will have more food to eat.”

So Lin Mu did it that day. He told Patrik about it and described the appearance of rice, corn, and millet in detail, but that was what he saw on Earth. He doesn’t know if there is any mutation in this world, like how wheat appears as the Flour ball. The difference is so big, so Lin Mu still has no idea how to give more information in finding rice, corn, and millet.

Lin Mu didn’t place much hope in his heart, but the beastmen’s ability was very powerful. When Patrik asked the beastmen to find some food, and that the food has the same status as the Flour ball, the beastmen began to look for it very carefully. After all, they are very clear about the importance of the Flour ball. They have collected so many Flour balls that even if they don’t eat meat, they will not starve to death in winter. Of course, the more such food, the better.

In the end, the result was to Lin Mu’s satisfaction. They found rice and corn. After they confirmed to Lin Mu that they found the right thing, the beastmen began to bring back the rice and corn they encountered. The harvest filled 2 rooms to the brim. Of course, they will continue to bring back all the food they can store. For the long winter, the more food, the safer it is.

Since they have to store a lot of food, and Lin Mu wanted to be able to eat vegetables in winter, he researched together with Huang Yuan to see if they could build a cellar. After several experiments, they really built one.

[Banana: In case anyone gets transmigrated into primitive age and wanted to make a cellar, here’s a pictorial guide lol]

The tribe made a large cellar to store spare grain and food right behind Patrik’s house. Each household also dug a cellar suitable for its size according to its own situation.

Since the establishment of the cellar, everyone’s enthusiasm for collecting food has increased. And Lin Mu also likes to go out picking vegetables, digging for potatoes and sweet potatoes with his back basket every day. He also collected a lot of green onions, ginger, and garlic. These plants can be eaten and stored, so Lin Mu is happy to pick them whenever he sees one. There used to be no place to put these extra food, but now it’s different.

Huang Yuan went out to gather herbs one day. On the way back, he found a cabbage field and found a lot of carrots, radishes, and carrots. He went back to the tribe and told Lin Mu. Then, Lin Mu decided to spend more than 10 days collecting these vegetables. In fact, Lin Mu wants to harvest cabbage more in winter, but he was worried that some animals might come to scavenge and ruin them, so he thinks it’s better to take it back early. He would feel more at ease that way.

The drifter beastman tribe’s process in accumulating autumn reserves is proceeding effectively, and everyone is full of hope for this winter.

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