Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 68

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 68 Raising rabbits

In the dimly lit room, the oversized bed made the person who is still asleep on the bed looked even more petite. All of a sudden, the quietly sleeping person moved as if he is about to wake up. But after shuffling a few times, the person settled down again. It wasn’t until more than 10 minutes later that the person moved his head, and a pale arm stretched out from the sheet to rub his eyes.

Due to the cold weather, when Lin Mu stretched out his hand, he could feel the big difference of temperature between the cold air and the warmth under the quilt. Goosebumps appeared on his arm and he is instantly awake. This is a good way to get up in the morning. Lin Mu fumbled and pulled his clothes to his side, and then reluctantly started to get up. The sheet slid down from his body when he sits up and the ambiguous traces on Lin Mu’s body is exposed in the air. From those traces, it revealed how fierce is their ‘battle’ on the bed last night. Lin Mu got dressed and got out of bed. He didn’t have the extreme soreness the next morning as before. Perhaps because they ‘did’ a lot, his body has adapted very well to the ‘exercises’. Of course, the biggest beneficiary from his adjustment is Patrik, the one who likes to waste his energy.

Today’s room is particularly dim, and it is colder than before. When he walked to the living room, the curtain facing the living room had been pulled up, so Lin Mu could see the outside scenery clearly. The wet land and the dim sky mean that there was light rain last night. Lin Mu walked out the door and greeted with a chill. He couldn’t help sighing, “It’s really ‘each autumn rain makes it colder’. Not sure how soon winter will come. I’ll ask Patrik about this later.”

Lin Mu walked to the kitchen, intending to have breakfast first and then decide what he should do for today.

Before Lin Mu could finish his breakfast, Patrik had already returned. He picked some fruits and vegetables for Lin Mu, and also cut some grasses to feed the rabbits. Right now, Lin Mu treasured his 6 little rabbits very much so Patrik took over the task like getting grasses for the rabbits. Otherwise, Lin Mu will do these things himself.

Patrik doesn’t like seeing Lin Mu getting tired, but he also knows that he can’t let Lin Mu do nothing. Hence, he will usually do the more laborious tasks. Even if Lin Mu wants to do anything, he can do it in a playful mood1. Beastman loves their females very much. If their females like to do something and are good to the body, the beastman will not stop them. But even so, they will continue to undertake most of the physical labor. For example, whenever the females go out to pick fruits and vegetables, the beastman who is responsible as the guard will always be the one who carried the food back. As for females, what they carry with a basket is enough for the beastman to feel distressed, how could they be allowed to carry more. Of course, the beastman often concealed their intention to help and acted as if it’s the females who asked them to carry the food.

Lin Mu put down the empty porridge bowl and put away the fruits and vegetables in Patrik’s hand. He also saw the grasses in Patrik’s hand that are meant for the rabbits.

“Patrik, these grasses wet with rain cannot be fed directly to the rabbits, otherwise they will have diarrhea. Feed them after drying them. Anyway, there are still some grasses left from yesterday.”

Since Lin Mu said this, Patrik dispelled the intention to feed the grasses directly to the rabbits. So he carried the grasses to the backyard and spread it out on a wooden board that Lin Mu used to dry things, and waited for it to dry. After that, Patrik went to take a look at the rabbits.

Because Lin Mu wanted to raise these rabbits, Lin Mu asked Matt to make him a special cage for them. Although he said it is a cage, it is actually a long rectangular box with four supporting feet and is divided into four small grids. There are rabbits in each compartment. From the 6 little rabbits, there are 2 females so he will raise them with 2 male rabbits2.

Patrik saw that the little rabbits were either eating grass or closing their eyes to rest. There wasn’t any abnormality, so he gave them more grass and went to the front yard.

Lin Mu washed all the fruits and put them in the fruit bowl. As for the vegetables, he will wash them when he is ready to cook.

Because of the cold weather, Lin Mu wore a jacket over his clothing. Then he saw Patrik walking towards him and he is shirtless. Lin Mu asked Patrik before if he felt cold, and that he would make him a shirt or something if he is. Of course, he can’t guarantee that the shirt will be stylish, but it is wearable for sure. But after Patrik made it clear that he is not cold, Lin Mu felt that he didn’t have to rush to make his clothing. Being a beastman sure has some advantages. Who has seen snakes complaining about feeling cold? Although they will hibernate in winter.

At first, Lin Mu was worried that Patrik would really go to hibernation like a snake, how boring it would be to spend the winter himself? Hence, he worriedly asked Patrik about it and ended up getting irritated by Patrik laughing at his ignorance. But Lin Mu felt happy knowing that Patrik won’t go into hibernation. After all, he is a normal person, and hibernation is impossible for him. Thinking of the scene where he looked at the Patrik who is not waking is absolutely uncomfortable, but now there is no need to worry about this.

Lin Mu asked Patrik to sit down and asked, “Why didn’t you go out hunting as usual today?”

Lin Mu is not nagging Patrik to go out to find food, just that Patrik used to go out hunting very early when he didn’t have the guarding duty. Then he will come back early, spend the rest of the day with him. But today, Patrik didn’t go out and it’s unusual. Is it because of the weather?

“Jason said to go out a bit later today.” As a beastman, Patrik naturally understands the reason for this ‘lateness’.

Lin Mu nodded when he heard the reason. Patrik usually teamed up with Jason to go hunting. Since Jason asked to go later today, Patrik will wait for him. Although he understood the reason, Lin Mu was even more puzzled, “Is there anything wrong with Jason?”

If it is someone else who delayed the hunt, Lin Mu would not be surprised at all, but Jason is different. He does things on time, whether to say he is punctual or just rigid, Jason’s life is definitely very regular. To break the routine, Lin Mu felt curious. But seeing that Patrik didn’t mean to say anything, Lin Mu began to make his guesses. Well, Lin Mu’s guess is correct because his conclusion is – Jason must have been a beast last night.

As Lin Mu is wondering if he needs to make some delicious porridge for Lais, Phil and Huang Yuan came to find him together.

When Patrik saw them coming in, his face turned from sunny to cloudy. Obviously, he is upset from being disturbed in his intimate time with Lin Mu. But even if he is upset, under Lin Mu’s soothing gaze, Patrik could go out for a walk. However, when he passed by Huang Yuan and Phil, his ‘air-conditioning’ aura was unconsciously released. Huang Yuan didn’t pay attention to Patrik’s aura. He has gotten used to it with his thick-skinned face, but Phil is different. He regrets taking Huang Yuan’s words to find Lin Mu at the moment. Phil couldn’t help but pray in his heart, ‘I hope the tribe leader can quickly forget the fact that he disturbed him and Lin Mu’s time together!’

Huang Yuan walked to the living room and sat down next to Lin Mu. Spotting the washed fruits on the table, he unceremoniously picked up a fruit that he looked pleasing to the eye and gnawed on it. Huang Yuan likes to eat but he is a little lazy to prepare them. If the fruits are not washed, even if he wants to eat them, he won’t wash them himself and ended up didn’t eat any.

Lin Mu smiled and looked at them, “Why do you two think of looking for me today?”

Because after Ryan got better, Patrik made it clear that he doesn’t welcome Huang Yuan’s behavior of coming to bump food and drinks. Hence, Huang Yuan stopped coming to his house to look for him again. Lin Mu doesn’t think that Huang Yuan would be angry because of Patrik’s words. In fact, Lin Mu believed that the reason why Huang Yuan didn’t come to his house to find him is because he was afraid that Patrik would throw him out.

Right now, Huang Yuan is not afraid because he thinks that coming with Phil, Patrik can’t do anything to hurt him. Although Patrik won’t do such things, but if he really throws him out, he still doesn’t have the slightest ability to resist. So even though he really wanted to continue to eat and drink at Lin Mu’s house, he thought that Patrik is too dangerous and didn’t come. When he saw Phil today, he managed to fool Phil to come with him.

Towards Patrik’s action, Lin Mu was also a little angry because Patrik was too direct with Huang Yuan. After all, Huang Yuan is still his fellow earthling and his friend. Though Lin Mu feels bad for his friend but seeing Patrik with an aggrieved look, Lin Mu was reluctant to be angry with him. To be honest, the first few days Huang Yuan didn’t come, Lin Mu was quite worried that Huang Yuan would be angry. After all, if he himself was treated like that, he would be very angry. But then he wouldn’t act like Huang Yuan to bump meals from other people and nonchalantly acted as a ‘big light bulb’3. Even though he felt that with Huang Yuan’s thick skin, he would not care, but just in case, Lin Mu still wanted to see Huang Yuan. That being said, Lin Mu is happy to see Huang Yuan coming to see him today.

Huang Yuan openly said his intentions, “Although Ryan has been learning cooking with you, it is not as delicious as your cooking. I really want to eat braised fish, braised chicken, spicy poached fish, and potato shreds stir fry… Suddenly I feel that I really want to eat a lot! Craving them to my death!”

Hearing that, Phil looked at Huang Yuan in surprise. He finally found someone who loved eating more than Sasha.

Lin Mu finds it amusing. Huang Yuan is typically a foodie, or we can say a foodie who just wants to eat and doesn’t want to cook. But seeing his pitiful look and looking like he’s about to drool at the thought, Lin Mu decided to satisfy him a little bit. Of course, he won’t cook everything he listed. Not talking about how Huang Yuan might get stuffed to bursting, at least at the cooking part will tire him to exhaustion.

As for Phil, he also said his intention for coming over – little rabbit.

The reason why he followed Huang Yuan to find Lin Mu was because Huang Yuan told him that Lin Mu is raising a litter of rabbits. Then, listening to Huang Yuan talking about how good it is to raise rabbits, Phil felt like he should raise some too, so he came to learn how to raise rabbits from Lin Mu.

Lin Mu is not the best person to ask about raising animals, but Lin Mu knows that the animals in this world are quite strong. So, as long as they don’t feed them randomly, they can generally grow well. Seeing that Phil had the thought of raising rabbits, and thinking about their current living conditions, Lin Mu felt that it would be better if they build a rabbit house instead and get more rabbits to raise together. Then during winter, it will be divided amongst everyone. People in this world are not so selfish4. Lin Mu thinks that this is a good idea. They can also raise a few large animals with docile personalities, just like the cattle and sheep he knew in his previous life.

Lin Mu expressed his intention regarding the rabbit house. Before this, he suggested digging a fish pond, and now, it is very convenient for the tribe to eat fish. If they raise some animals in winter, they could store the meat for a long time. And these animals only need to eat grass, so it’s convenient. Lin Mu’s idea naturally receives support from the 2 females, but the idea still needs to be discussed with Patrik to implement it. However, he is very confident that Patrik will definitely support him.

Just as Lin Mu said, Patrik fully supports Lin Mu’s idea. In fact, after raising the rabbits these days, Patrik has already had the idea of letting everyone raise them together. Now that Lin Mu said it, he gave his full support. His support made Lin Mu happy and that gave himself more partner benefits5. Patrik felt that for such things, the more, the better.

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