Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 67

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Table of Content

List of characters :

帕特里 Patrik (Python) / 林沐 Lin Mu (Female)

科恩 Cohen (White tiger) / 拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion) / 萨沙 Sasha (Female)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra) / 莱丝 Lais (Female)
罗伊德 Lloyd (???) / 菲尔 Phil (Female)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Winged wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

Ryan (Lion)
Howth (Golden winged lion)
Ba-Ao (Brown winged bear)

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Chapter 67 Top and Bottom

Ryan’s injury healed in less than 10 days. Although there is a long scar on his leg, such a small scar for the rough guys like beastman is nothing. The scar is not small and looked ugly like a centipede, but it doesn’t prevent Ryan from being happy that his injury is finally healed. The food given to him during his injury was provided by Matt. Although the food Matt gave him is not bad, he couldn’t help feeling uncomfortable when he thought that the food Huang Yuan ate is not hunted by himself. In this regard, he eagerly hoped that he would get better soon.

Lin Mu is watering the vegetables in the backyard. Recently, he has been working on transplanting vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers. His previously empty yard is now full of vitality because of these transplanted plants. Lin Mu planted a jujube tree, a peach tree, and a persimmon tree by the wall of the front yard. These are the relatively common fruit trees found in small farms. Lin Mu thinks it’s sufficient to plant just these fruit trees. As for other kinds of fruit, they can pick it from the mountain whenever they wanted to eat it; hiking is a healthy activity. In Lin Mu’s mind, he feels he would end feeling lazy to go up the mountain if he grows all the fruits that he likes to eat in the backyard. Then, wouldn’t he be missing an interesting activity to do during his free time? This is not good.

Lin Mu watered the vegetables and looked at the vegetable plot he opened up next to the courtyard wall. Some vegetables that they usually eat were grown there. He felt a sense of accomplishment from looking at the lush green patches of vegetables. At first, he was worried that these seedlings would end up dead from the transplant. However, it seems that it went smoothly, so he thinks he could teach the transplant method to Phil and the others; to grow vegetables together.

Walking to the front yard, Lin Mu put the watering bucket by the kitchen wall. He is now using a new generation of wooden barrels. Instead of hollowing out the tree segments like the previous wooden barrels, Lin Mu made it from blocks of wood like how the ancients Chinese did. For this to be successful, it’s all thanks to the gum he found. Of course, he also wants to thank Matt; the first official carpenter in the beastman era.

Arriving at the courtyard wall, Lin Mu looked up at the few fruit trees he has. These fruit trees are all petite-sized, he will have to wait 2 or 3 years for them to bear fruit. The reason why he planted the fruit trees near the wall is not only it saves space, but also benefits others. He can imagine how the fruits spread out over the wall when it matures. Then, whoever passes by can pick the fruits if they want to eat them. How convenient is it? Lin Mu held his chin and thought about what other fruit trees he could plant in the yard. Turning to look at the shed they used for shade, Lin Mu suddenly thought that he could plant some grapes in the yard. In summer, it would be nice to keep cool under the grape trellis.

Thinking of summer, Lin Mu couldn’t help but think of the annoying nasty bugs, especially the big mosquitoes, which give him mosquitos bite bumps on his body every day. Lin Mu thought that he would definitely plant a lot of repellent plants in the yard. However, he didn’t know much of the herb’s functions. He probably can ask Huang Yuan for advice. The man is a high-level pharmacy student, and also reborn as a witch doctor. Although this ‘witch doctor’ status made him feel aggrieved, he did inherit the body’s perception of herbal medicine. It’s a very useful ability for Huang Yuan.

Just when Lin Mu is thinking of Huang Yuan, Huang Yuan’s voice could be heard approaching from afar. Of course, Ryan was also pulled in. Lin Mu looked at Huang Yuan acting like that, and couldn’t help sighing in his heart, it’s rare to see someone so shamelessly bumping meals from other people like Huang Yuan!

During the days when Ryan was nurturing his injury, Huang Yuan would never let Ryan cook. From a humanitarian point of view, it’s because injured people shouldn’t overwork. However, from a practical point of view, it’s because Ryan’s cooking skills were too bad. Hence, he went to Lin Mu’s house to bump food just like that and he would take some home. The reason he gave is very good. Huang Yuan said he might be able to eat to a full stomach, but there is still an injured beastman in the house who has not eaten.

Since Ryan is a fellow tribesman and Huang Yuan is a fellow earthling, Lin Mu doesn’t mind. However, Patrik minded it very much. Let’s not talk about how Huang Yuan comes to disturb his time with Lin Mu every day, he can’t tolerate his long conversations with Lin Mu every time. Just thinking about it gets his anger flaring. What is even more frustrating is that the other party is a female, and he can’t do anything to him. So every time Patrik sees Huang Yuan, Patrik would activate his ‘air-conditioning function’1 like it’s free. Not sure if Huang Yuan really dense and didn’t notice, or he’s pretending, his expression on his face remained the same.

Huang Yuan saw Lin Mu when he entered the yard. In a good mood, he asked cheerfully, “Your Patrik is not at home?”

Lin Mu smiled and replied, “Patrik went hunting. I asked him to bring me some fish by the way, shall we eat spicy poached fish today?”

Huang Yuan likes spicy food. Naturally, he likes spicy poached fish very much. Although there are no bean sprouts2 here, pairing with vegetables is also good. So, Huang Yuan smiled and nodded to express his satisfaction with Lin Mu’s suggestion.

Spicy poached fish

Amused, Lin Mu said, “You have to help wash the vegetables later though.”

Huang Yuan agreed, he can do whatever task except for cooking.

Lin Mu washed some fruits and put them on the stone table in the yard, then took out the cloth he has been knitting.

Huang Yuan felt awkward to see a man knitting. He said, “Lin Mu, you are so virtuous. These are the things women usually do.”

Hearing that, Lin Mu raised his head and said with a smile, “My dear, you forgot. Women don’t exist here. Technically speaking, you are a woman in this world, my dear.”

“Bull, this young master is a pure man. How can you compare me to those weak females?!”

Lin Mu stretched out a finger and shook it, “Your thinking is wrong. The one who can give birth here is a female. I’m sorry, you have this function, hahaha…”

Lin Mu smiled happily. Serve you right, who asked you to make fun of me. At least I transmigrated as a man and you reborn into a female body. Lin Mu can’t help but cheer when he thinks of this, he doesn’t need to give birth to children.

Hearing Lin Mu said that he(HY) could have a child, Huang Yuan couldn’t help darken his expression. Although he would never have a child with anyone, it’s undeniable that his body has that function. Oh my god, why can’t you let me be like a beastman who can transform? Then I can show off to Lin Mu now. Huang Yuan curled his lips and said, “Tsk, although I can have children, I won’t allow it. But you are different. You are the one being ‘pushed down’3 right now, hahaha. Try pushing down Patrik if you have the ability.”

Lin Mu’s face flushed at Huang Yuan’s words, “Humph, what do you little virgin know.”

“Who is a little virgin, how can this young master be a virgin!” That is a shameful accusation.

Lin Mu deliberately glanced at Huang Yuan from top to bottom with scrutinizing eyes, “Who else can it be? I’m talking about you.”

“You…” Lin Mu, that’s blatant contempt in your eyes!

Turning to the side, Huang Yuan saw Ryan sitting obediently, obviously don’t know what they are talking about. Not knowing what crossed his mind, Huang Yuan suddenly calmed down. Isn’t it just being a virgin? What’s so terrible about it? This world is different from Earth anyway. “Tsk, this young master is a virgin. So what? I’m proud to be one, which shows that I have not been pushed down before.”

Lin Mu curled his lips, “You feel proud that you didn’t get pushed down, but in the end that’s the only way for you4.”

“Hmph, I can just stay single. But in your case, you are destined to get pushed down by Patrik, you should think of counterattack if you have the ability.”

Lin Mu disagrees, “What is good about topping him? With his size, isn’t that a serious destruction of aesthetics?”

Huang Yuan said disdainfully, “Tsk, excuses. Just confess that you can’t top him.”

“What’s so good about being the one above, so tiring. I just like lying down and enjoying it, what can you do about that?”

Huang Yuan looked at Lin Mu with indisputable eyes, “Such an unmotivated person!”

Ryan doesn’t know what he heard, is the chat between females usually so revealing like this?

Lin Mu didn’t bother to discuss the top and bottom issues with Huang Yuan anymore. He looked aside and looked at the Ryan who acted like ‘I hadn’t heard anything’. He smiled inwardly to himself, ‘Hmph, I’ll see how can you stay single.’

Lin Mu decided to change the subject, “Huang Yuan, it is not a long-term solution for you to keep running to my house to bump 3 meals a day.”

Huang Yuan took a bite of the fruit and asked, “Why, I’m not welcomed?”

“I welcome your visit, but I’m worried that Patrik will throw you out one day.”

“Tsk, I am a female, what can he do to me?” Although Huang Yuan doesn’t like his identity as a female, he will make good use of it.

Lin Mu smiled and shook his head, “You have great adaptability.” For a man from the 21st century to say ‘I’m a female, what can you do?’ shows how good is his adaptability.

“I know you hate me for disturbing your time together, but who asks you to cook such delicious food? For me, I can only make sure my food is fully cooked5. Ryan can’t cook food to my appetite, so I naturally have to come to your house to eat. Who ask me to be familiar with you?” Huang Yuan said with a righteous tone.

“Then you can come and learn to cook with me.”

“No, I don’t have the talent to learn cooking, but Ryan can. It’s the same if he can cook it for me.”

Ryan immediately stated that he is willing to learn cooking. He had heard that the food he cooked didn’t suit Huang Yuan’s appetite before, and he had already begun to think about how to improve his cooking skills.

Lin Mu looked at two people, one casually gave instructions, while the other willingly listened. Looking at Huang Yuan, who has taken Ryan for granted, Lin Mu suspected that Huang Yuan had never thought about what Ryan would do if Ryan ever finds a partner? But Lin Mu won’t remind Huang Yuan, the more Huang Yuan depends on Ryan, the better.

“Then it’s decided.”

The moment Lin Mu heard the footsteps, he happily greeted Patrik when he returned. Huang Yuan curled his lips while watching the scene. See, Lin Mu looked like a wife who welcomed her husband home. Regardless of what Huang Yuan thinks, Lin Mu went to take the fruit from Patrik’s hand.

Because Lin Mu said eating more fruit is good for health, Patrik would bring back some fruit every time he went out. It’s not many, only 4 or 5. Patrik thinks it’s better to eat fresh ones every day. Since Lin Mu confirmed that his idea is correct, he would pick fresh food for Lin Mu every day. He will give the best to his partner.

Though Huang Yuan can eat, drink, and not work in Lin Mu’s house without any concerns, Ryan can’t do the same. He would go up the mountain to hunt some prey and bring his own food. However, today is the day he stayed behind for guarding duty, he will have to wait for other beastmen to bring his portion. Ryan helped Patrik take the things to the kitchen and then told Huang Yuan that he is going out to hunt for more food.

When Ryan is about to leave, Lin Mu quickly requested, “Ryan, please help me to hunt some long-eared beasts along the way.”

Ryan nodded and agreed.

After Ryan left, Huang Yuan was taken by Lin Mu to pick vegetables in the backyard. Towards Patrik who didn’t like to see him, Huang Yuan felt relatively safe nearby Lin Mu and decided to follow Lin Mu.

“Patrik, kill the fish and clean it. En, we are going to eat spicy poached fish so please fillet the fish.”

Patrik smiled and nodded to Lin Mu. When cooking, Patrik wouldn’t let Lin Mu touch the knife if possible. The task to clean and cut the meat is naturally left to him.

Lin Mu and Huang Yuan picked some vegetables and washed them. Ryan came back when Lin Mu is about to start cooking. To Lin Mu’s surprise, Ryan unexpectedly brought back a litter of bunnies. Looking at the 2 dead big bunnies, and 6 young bunnies, it was clear that Ryan had taken down the whole family.

“Ryan, give me these 6 little rabbits. I am going to raise them.” Lin Mu said while stroking the little rabbits, which were trembling with fear.

Ryan looked at the little bunnies that he planned to roast and nodded. He knew that this kind of soft and small animals are the favorite of females.

Huang Yuan understands Lin Mu’s thinking of raising rabbits. He reached out as well to touch the soft rabbits, “So you are going to raise them and eat them later?”

Lin Mu nodded, “The rabbits here are very big. They are very fertile, and they grow fast. By winter, their offspring should be as big.”

Huang Yuan nodded, “I heard that you have raised several animals as well. It seems that I have to do the same. It is nice to be able to eat fresh meat in winter.”

Lin Mu tied the rabbits together with a rope and placed them in the corner of the yard. Then he took some vegetable leaves for them to eat. In the afternoon, he will get Matt to make him a rabbit cage.

Lin Mu made a big pot of spicy poached fish for lunch, then used the fish head and tail to boil fish soup. He cooked the 2 rabbits and made a braised dish and a dry stir-fry dish. On the other side, Ryan and Patrik made some barbecue and steak. Lin Mu also cooked a few vegetable dishes as a side. Everyone was satisfied with the meal.

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