Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 17

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

罗伊德 Lloyd
菲尔 Phil (female)

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Chapter 17 A satisfying lunch

Lin Mu returned to his resting area and asked Casso to hunt 2 ‘colourful’ birds, which is similar to chickens in Lin Mu’s heart, and rushed to find Patrik. At the construction, Lin Mu found Patrik at once. He ran quickly and was anxious to let him know the good news.

“Patrik, Patrik!” Lin Mu ran to him, but because he ran too fast, Lin Mu almost couldn’t stop in time. Fortunately, Patrik reached out and stabilised his body.

Patrik couldn’t help but frowned when he saw Lin Mu didn’t pay attention to his own safety. He said seriously, “Don’t run so fast, what if you fall down?”

Lin Mu smiled in embarrassment. “I’m just too happy.” As Lin Mu said that, he took out the salt pieces and presented it like a treasure to Patrik. “Look, see what is this?”

Patrik inspected the salt piece in Lin Mu’s hand. Through the sunlight, Patrik can see that the thing is something pure, sparkling and translucent. “En, it’s pretty.” He knows that females like beautiful but useless things. However, even if it is useless, Patrik still wants to express his support to Lin Mu.

“Who told you to say it’s beautiful?” Lin Mu gently scratched some salt powder with his fingers and pointed at Patrik. “Have a taste.”

Lin Mu must be overly happy that his brain went haywire, causing his arc of reaction to be longer1, otherwise how would he do such a provocative thing?

Patrik was stunned, and he looked at Lin Mu’s eyes which were full of expectations. He couldn’t help but sigh, but he was very happy. At least he knew that he is special in Lin Mu’s heart. Then, he took Lin Mu’s hand and put his finger in his mouth.

Lin Mu finally reacted when he felt the warmth from Patrik’s mouth, and he wanted to pull his hand back. He could clearly ambiguous gaze pointed at them from their surroundings. Lin Mu blushed so hard. What’s wrong with him, doing such a thing! It must be because he was too smug! Unfortunately, Lin Mu couldn’t pull his hand back and was feeling anxious, then sounds of laughter reverberated around him.

“Patrik, let go.”

Patrik finally reacted towards that item in Lin Mu’s hand. He excitedly looked at Lin Mu’s hand, “Mu Mu, this is…”

“Salt, this is salt.”

“Where did you find it, how many, how did you find it?! You…”

Lin Mu felt a bit uncomfortable to see the usually indifferent Patrik to act out of the norm, “Patrik, calm down, calm down. I will tell you slowly.”

Lin Mu pulled Patrik into the shade of a tree. Patrik deserved to be called Patrik because very quickly, he returned to his usually calm expression and listened to Lin Mu’s explanation. Since there is already a result, he naturally no longer has to worry about the process.

Lin Mu told Patrik in detail how they knew about the salt spring, the salt-filled cave, and he(LM) gestured wildly to Patrik, telling how he would use the glowing stones.

Patrik smiled and looked at the energetic person in front of him. He pulled Lin Mu into his arms, rested his head on Lin Mu’s shoulder, and said his true thoughts in a low voice: “It’s good to have you here with me.” It’s really good to have you with me, so nice.

Lin Mu can understand Patrik’s mood, just like. . . how he would feel if his brother told him in his dream that he doesn’t hate Lin Mu that much, it was a kind of psychological relief. Now that they have salt, Patrik finally can put down his psychological burden, but for him(LM). . . . . .
Lin Mu doesn’t know why he cares for Lin Yu2, perhaps because the only person he cares for more than a decade has become hypocritical, and he can’t accept it; maybe because his heart felt too cold for 10 years, and when he finally felt warm, the warmth was fake. Could it be Lin Mu is worried that his past 10 years is also fake? Thinking about it now, submerged pure happiness (with Patrik), yes, those past 10 years are indeed fake.

Patrik’s arms make him feel warm and reassuring. Lin Mu sometimes wondered if he didn’t meet Patrik but someone else, will he still feel simple happiness like this? Lin Mu knows that females are precious in this world, so even if he encountered other beastman tribes, he could still live very well. But he also knows he could live happily only because they need him3. As for Patrik. . . . . . Lin Mu returned his hug and encircled Patrik with his arms. “It’s good to have you with me too.”

Lin Mu happily cleaned the ‘chicken’ that Casso hunted for him. Although this colourful ‘chicken’ is much bigger than Casso, it was an effortless hunt for this little guy as a flying wolf. Lin Mu rubbed Casso and smiled in encouragement, “Since Casso did a good job, I have decided that both chickens belong to Casso. We will only drink the soup.”

“No, although I caught them, I want everyone to eat together.”

Lin Mu didn’t know what Casso was saying, but he could see its reluctance from its expression. “Haha, little guy, chicken meat after being stewed into soup doesn’t taste very good. Do you still want to eat it?”

Casso thought to itself that any food cooked by Lin Mu couldn’t be bad. “I want to eat. I caught it myself so it must be delicious.”

“Lin Mu, the chickens have prepared, what to do next?” Phil’s voice could be heard.

Lin Mu patted Casso’s head. “Remember to look after Misha properly. Today’s chicken is a reward for you.”

Lin Mu’s cooking stove was built by the creek, as it is unsafe to make a fire in the forest. The forest is providing cover for the house, and Lin Mu didn’t want to burn it.

“Phil, cut more of those… ‘spicy ball’ (I still feel that calling them ginger is better in my heart)4, as we will be using a bit more of it.”

“En.” Phil peeled the skin with bamboo chopsticks, diligently peeling them. His actions can be seen quite good.

Lin Mu is very satisfied upon seeing that, Phil is definitely a good helper for him. He(P) learns to cook very quickly, thus reducing a lot of pressure from him(LM).

Looking at the two chickens on the stone platform, Lin Mu decided not to cut them since he wanted to make soup with them. He put the chickens directly into the largest stone pot and added onion and ginger. Then he just starts to boil/stew it. Lin Mu looked at the stone pot that can be compared with a (small) tank. Ever since the beastmen realised the importance of using pots, the volume of the stone pot has been increasing. One can see how much is the beastman’s food volume from that.

In the 2 largest stone pots, one was used to make chicken soup, and the other was used to stir fry meat. In the past, Lin Mu would not use big stone pot to stir fry meat. After all, his ability is limited, and it is very difficult to stir the meat so no need to mention cooking with it. But now with Lloyd as a helper, it’s not a problem anymore. Now Lin Mu just needs to add ingredients and give an order to cook it. So easy.
The food in the 2 stone pots is naturally not enough for these ‘big stomach kings’5 to eat. So the beastmen would need to solve the problem by roasting their own food as well, otherwise they can tire him and Phil to death with the cooking.

After preparing the food for the beastmen, it’s time for Lin Mu and Phil to move to their small stove. Both Misha and Phil have different taste buds from the beastmen as they prefer to eat vegetables, like Lin Mu. Therefore, all beastmen understood the need for small stoves. It is compulsory for females to enjoy special treatment. Whatever females want to do is an absolute decision. One could say that all beastmen have unlimited potential to be a ‘wife slave’.

However, they also ignored the fact that there’s one beastman who could enjoy the special treatment – Patrik (as for Casso who tagged along Lin Mu, the beastmen agreed that Casso is a small cub, so Casso doesn’t count)6. It’s useless to be jealous because the chef is Lin Mu. How could Lin Mu make delicious food without Patrik’s share? You asked what about Phil’s Lloyd? Well, Lloyd can only take care of himself. Why you asked? Well, Phil’s reaction arc not long like Lin Mu’s7?

Lin Mu checked his harvest today; 5 eggs. He thought about the food he could make with it – egg drop soup is a must, fried eggs too. They have ginger and onion, so he could make a ‘cold wild vegetable’ dish’. Meat soup also has to be done. En, seeing that the beastmen worked hard, Lin Mu decided to make a big pot of meat soup so that everyone can have a share. When it’s about time for lunch, it’s also the time when the tempting scent from the chicken soup and meat soup wafted out. The beastmen could not resist, so they asked their boss to give the order to eat. Patrik looked at them getting anxious like ants on a boiling pot. Although his eyes looked indifferent as usual, Patrik actually felt funny in his heart. Seeing that the beastmen staring intently with a stiff neck, Patrik decisively let them go. In fact, he was also curious about what Lin Mu cooked today, so he went along with them.

Although the beastmen wanted to hurry to grab some food, they still endure it and went to wash their hands and face by the stream. There is no way around this; it’s Lin Mu’s rule. They don’t understand what it means by ‘disease enter from the mouth’, but they will obey a female’s requirements as long as it’s within their scope of tolerance.

Lin Mu watched the chicken soup become milky white and said to the beastmen who are ready to eat. “You should drink the chicken soup first, but remember that the chickens inside belonged to Casso. It is a reward for him. You can’t eat it oh.” Lin Mu smiled and said to them.

Everyone laughed and gave their promise, they would not fight for food with children. Just as the beastmen started eating, Lal and Cohen, who went out to hunt, returned.

Lin Mu told Lal to put down their prey – the beastmen are used to handling/cleaning their prey outside before bringing it back home. “Good timing, the beastmen are going to start roasting the meat.”

Twitching his nose, Lal asked, “Whoa, Lin Mu. What did you make? So fragrant ah.” Lal smelled the food in the air and was intoxicated.

“Hehe, Uncle Lal, that’s chicken soup, it’s delicious yo. You should quickly grab a bowl, or there won’t be any left.” Misha smirked and laughed at Lal while sipping from his small bowl.

Lal immediately wanted to rush over but all of a sudden, a bowl handed to him.

Cohen gave him a smile and said, “I already help you grab a bowl.”

Lin Mu looked at Lal getting a little shy from Cohen’s action. Is this real?! Lal can get shy as well? What is this situation? Lin Mu was thinking about it when he got interrupted by Patrik.

“What new types of food are you making today?” Patrik has just washed his face, and the wet hair sticks on his handsome and charming face; exuding an indescribable appeal.

Lin Mu lowered his eyes and picked up a bowl on the side. “This is for you.” Lin Mu saved a bowl of chicken soup for him in advance. He couldn’t imagine it at all, to let Patrik grab the food like the others.

“I still need to cook some vegetables.” As he walked toward the stove, Patrik followed naturally behind him.

Patrik placed his wooden bowl down and offered, “I will help you start the fire.”

“Alright. You should heat the pot first.” As he said that, Lin Mu picked up a wooden bowl from the stone bench that contained the juice of an immature sweety fruit. Lin Mu tried it, and it was so sour that it made him frown. But as vinegar, it is very suitable. He added a little in the pot of meat soup but didn’t add much fearing that the beastmen won’t like the taste.

Some beastman could be seen already started making their own barbecue. There are also some who are making barbecue chops. They were using an invention created by Lin Mu, which is a thin stone slate with holes drilled in it. They applied a layer of oil on it, when it is hot enough, one can grill the meat on it. The oil they used is naturally animal oil. It was made by Lin Mu yesterday. The animal oil is necessary to cook vegetables and grill meat on the slate.

Lin Mu asked Lloyd to take a large wooden bowl with him. “Give them this ginger juice, and also salt.” He has already crushed the salt into powders.

Then Lin Mu turned to Phil, who was also grilling meat by the side and said, “We should brush some meat with sweet juice and some meat with ginger juice.”

“En, Misha must like the sweet one.”

Lin Mu glanced at Misha playing with Casso. Although Misha didn’t show it out, Lin Mu knew that the child missed his father very much. He also doesn’t know when they will come back.

Everyone was very satisfied with their lunch. Like their blood bar has been refilled to the max, the beastmen passionately continued with the construction. As for the discovery of salt, Patrik decided to announce it at night.

At night, Lin Mu lay in Patrik’s arms and thought back of that moment when Patrik told the beastmen that they found salt and a salt spring. No longer have to worry about their salt problem, every beastman gave an excited howl. Their excitement and cheers came deep from their heart; even until now Lin Mu could still feel their cheers as if it’s next to his ear. It will be a sleepless night. Still feeling very excited, the beastmen decided to decide not to rest and continue to build the house.

The only calm person in the pack should be Patrik, who is now sleeping while hugging him(LM). Looking at the person sleeping with him, Lin Mu has never see Patrik fallen asleep with a relaxed expression like he is now. He(LM) knows that even in his(P) dreams, he is still worried about their life. Lin Mu’s fingers gently traced Patrik’s eyebrows. People like Patrik are dazzling being that shines brightly wherever they are, and now this great man is wooing him. Lin Mu suddenly smiled a joyful smile. Then he closed his eyes in satisfaction to sleep. There are still unfinished tasks to do tomorrow.

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Cold wild vege

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