Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 16

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

罗伊德 Lloyd
菲尔 Phil (female)

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Chapter 16 Salt!

When Lin Mu returned, he went to look at the progress of the construction. He saw neat stone walls and had to admire the beastmen’s working ability. Because there was only a handful of beastman, everyone needs to help out in building the house except for Casso, who couldn’t transform yet and also two beastman every day who needs to hunt for their food; a dozen of beastman, glistening with sweat and busying under the sun.

Lin Mu boiled some water and added salt in it, then gave the water to Phil to distribute it. Looking at the big bowl of water in his hand, Lin Mu took a glance at Patrik, who was breaking down some stones and walked over to him. The wooden bowl was very big, so Lin Mu has to use both hands to hold it. He bumped Patrik with his body and whispered, “Drink some water.”

“En.” Patrik smiled, but he didn’t stop hitting the stones.

“You… are you drinking or not?” Lin Mu’s voice became even smaller.

“I want to drink.” But he still stood there watching Lin Mu with a laugh, not intending to take any actions.

Lal was drinking water beside them, he deliberately talked loudly to Cohen next to him.

“Cohen, this water is obviously salted. Why do I taste sour instead? Hahaha.”

Lal’s words made Lin Mu want to clench his teeth.

“En, it’s sour.” Lin Mu wanted to bite Cohen for his ‘no regrets’ words.

“Hehe, Lin Mu, why don’t you understand? Boss wants you to feed him. Hahaha…” The beastman along the side laughed.

Lin Mu felt very shy. How can two men become the object of ridicule? And why is this scene felt familiar? Shouldn’t the protagonists of this scene filled with JQ1 belongs to a man and a woman? Looking at Patrik, a tall man with firm muscles, does that mean he(LM) is the petite shy girl? And so, Lin Mu became furious and shoved the bowl to Patrik’s hand. “It’s up to you whether you want to drink or not!” Then he ran away.

The laughing sound became louder behind him, and Lin Mu mumbled under his breath, “Damn Patrik. Bastard.” He ran back to the creek in one breath.

The creek crossed through the valley, and from the place they are temporary staying in, the woods where their house is located is behind them.

“What’s wrong, Lin Mu?”

Phil watched Lin Mu running over while catching his breath, his face was covered in a blush. Lin Mu’s skin was delicate and pale, now tinted with a touch of pink, Phil felt that he looked very nice.

Lin Mu squatted down and picked up the wild vegetables beside him.

“It’s nothing. We need to be quick and wash these vegetables. The beastmen worked hard and has exhausted a lot energy. Plus we are adding new dishes today, we will be very busy.”

“En, the beastmen ate a lot, unfortunately we can’t help them with the roasting. However, the females of our tribe never cook, because the beastmen can’t bear to let us do it. How can Patrik make you cook?”

Lin Mu’s face, which has gone down in temperature rose again, and he muttered under his breath, “What is it going to do with him ah?”

“Isn’t Lin Mu going to be Patrik’s female? How can this has nothing to do with him?” Phil wondered, then as if he suddenly thought of something, he asked with big eyes, “Are you feeling shy, Lin Mu?” Well, Phil you got that right.

“I’m not shy, and I am not Patrik’s female. At my place there, I am a man. I am really a man.”

“Lin Mu, don’t be agitated. I know you are a man, I am also a man2. But you aren’t a male?” Phil was full of doubts. “Lin Mu, you are obviously a female, or you’re telling me you can transform into a beast?”

“No.” Lin Mu lowered his head in depression and continued to wash the vegetables. He can’t understand why is it so difficult to express himself as a man here in this world?

“Oh whoa, Lin Mu! Don’t tell me that you were forced by Patrik?”

Phil suddenly exclaimed loudly and shocked Lin Mu.

“What are you saying, Phil? What ‘forced’?”

“You said that you are not Patrik’s female, and yet you sleep with him every night. Then it must be because he forced you?” Phil said quietly.

Lin Mu was speechless to see Phil acting like they were discussing a secret, but he replied back in a small voice as well. “It’s not what you think. Although it kinda felt forced at first, but… in short, it’s not like what you think. ”


Lin Mu lowered his head and didn’t look at him. “Didn’t you slept with Lloyd as well despite not having a ceremony3? And I didn’t do anything with Patrik ah.”

“I didn’t do anything with Lloyd either.” Phil quickly clarified his innocence. Realising that his voice was a little loud, he whispered with a blush, “En… Lloyd and I wanted to be partners soon, is it the same with you and Patrik?”

Lin Mu became silent. Thinking of this world that is without any women, he seemed to be destined to get together with a man? But if that person is Patrik, it doesn’t seem unacceptable. He shook his head, ‘How can this suddenly become acceptable, just because of a few teasings?”

Lin Mu didn’t want to think about it right now, let’s wait until he wanted to marry4 for real. . . pei pei pei5, partners, he’ll think about it again if he wanted a partner.

“Lin Mu?”

“What?” Lin Mu looked up at Phil with a questioning gaze.

Phil pointed at the green leaves drifting away. “You have bald-ed the vegetables.”

Looking at the stalks in his hand, Lin Mu smiled in embarrassment. He has just zoned out for a moment, how can it become like this? Lin Mu looked at the branches in his hands without words. All of a sudden, Lin Mu reached out to hold a white ‘ball’ that was rushing towards him. Lin Mu lamented that because Qiuqiu attacked him several times, his reaction speed has greatly improved, his hands reacted subconsciously before he knew what actually happened.

“Didn’t you went to find Missha with Casso? Why you come back?” Just as Lin Mu’s voice just fell, Misha’s voice can be heard.

“Qiuqiu, Qiuqiu, why did you run away?” Misha ran over, but Casso was faster than him.

Looking at Casso’s obvious comforting action, Lin Mu funnily looked at the breathless Misha.

“Why did you bully Qiuqiu again?”

Lin Mu doesn’t know why Misha likes Qiuqiu so much. Didn’t he dislike Qiuqiu at first? Is this the legendary ‘bullying the person you liked’ scene? Lin Mu’s thoughts caused black lines to appear on his face. [- _ -lll]

“I didn’t. I just want to feed it some water. It’s true.” He shook his bottle. The plastic bottle originally belonged to Lin Mu. Misha liked it, so Lin Mu gave it to him.

Lin Mu looked at the clear water in the bottle and couldn’t see anything out of the norm, but Misha is a mischievous and weird child, so he believed there must be something wrong with it. However, Lin Mu won’t be petty with children. Lin Mu comfortingly rubbed Qiuqiu’s head, and Casso also comforted Qiuqiu by licking it.

“Qiuqiu, don’t be sad. Since your master won’t help you, I will help you. How about we don’t play with Misha in the future?”

A little white paw was placed on Casso’s face, but unlike usual, Casso didn’t feel any pain, so it was satisfied.

Misha felt embarrassed as well. He just wants to play with Qiuqiu and has no intention to bully it this time, but Misha decided to admit his wrong. Although he was quite reluctant and sad, he still took out the treasure he has recently discovered.

“Qiuqiu, this is for you. You can let Lin Mu help you make a hole in it for you to wear around your neck. It’s so beautiful, I am really not willing to give you.”

Qiuqiu didn’t move. Casso immediately picked it up with his mouth without hesitation, wanted to give it Quiqiu.

“pfft…” Casso spat it out the moment his tongue touched the thing. “What is this? Ugh, I feel bad.6

Lin Mu was surprised to see a large, palm-sized transparent crystal that was thrown on the ground. It looked like crystal, but Lin Mu felt that it must not be because it looked familiar.

“Casso, why did you throw my treasure on the ground?” Misha said as he went to pick it, but Lin Mu got up before him.

Misha looked at Lin Mu in confusion.

Lin Mu scratched some powder off with his nails and gave it an experimental lick. It’s salty!

“Misha, where did you find this?” Lin Mu grabbed Misha’s arm and asked, his tone was filled with surprise.

Misha felt that Lin Mu’s eyes were bright and scary, and woodenly replied, “I… I found it in my secret base.”

“Bring me there.” Such a large salt crystal, there must be a lot of salt.

Misha was somewhat reluctant. It was his own secret base, and he discovered it himself. He does not want to take someone else to his secret base.

Lin Mu saw Misha’s reluctance. He took the piece of crystal to Misha and asked, “Do you know what it is?”

Phil was very curious about what Lin Mu had in his hands and why it caused Lin Mu to be so excited. He looked at it carefully and felt familiar. Then he got it. “Salt?! Lin Mu, is that salt?”

“En!” Lin Mu smiled until his eyes cannot be seen. He finally found salt, he must go to see it right away.

“Salt?” Misha couldn’t believe it. The beautiful treasure turned out to be the salt they needed the most.

Don’t blame Misha for not recognising it. He had never tasted salt before Lin Mu came. And after Lin Mu arrived, he has only seen some salt that has been grounded into powder. Naturally, he didn’t know that these crystals were the salt they have been longing for.

“I will take you there!”

If those crystals are indeed salt, they will finally have salt for their own. They don’t have to live a life of drinking blood and can eat salty food every day. How happy will they be?

Lin Mu and Phil followed Misha, and they took a very tortuous path to Misha’s secret base. Looking at the unusually hidden cave entrance, Lin Mu asked Misha with some disbelief, “How did you find it here?” The road was so torturous, and the cave was so hidden, it’s already great that Lin Mu didn’t get lost.

Misha proudly raised his little chin. “Hey, that’s because I am amazing ah.” When he thought of the fact that he had found salt, his pride was multiplied. “Follow me.” He said while walking with his chest puffed up.

The curious Casso and Qiuqiu cannot tolerate it anymore. When Misha said that they can go in, the two small ones quickly rushed in, leaving only their own afterimages. Misha saw the two of them rushing in, and stopped walking elegantly. He shouted while chasing after them, “Wait for me, I found this place first, you two guys rascal!” Phil and Lin Mu slowly walked behind them.

This seems to be a deep hole. The cave was not as dark as they think. Instead, it is covered with soft light, and this light was not from some gap, but the mountain wall is glowing.

“It’s so beautiful. Lin Mu, I didn’t see this wrong, the stone wall is glowing, right?”

Lin Mu touched the glowing stone and answered Phil, “You are not mistaken, the stone is glowing.”

Lin Mu looked at the stone wall in detail. Not all of the stones were shining. Only those with its surface covered with a white layer glowed. Lin Mu didn’t know what it was, he used the knife he carried with him to cut a small piece. He took it in his hand, as he thought, the stone in his hand exuded soft white light.

“That’s amazing, the stone is glowing. Lin Mu, do you know why?”

Lin Mu hehe-ed, gave off treacherous laughter, “I don’t know why it glowed, but I know that we now have lights to use; pure natural lights. If we cut a long strip of it, we can make a light rod.”

Finding natural lighting made Lin Mu excited, and he was deep in his thoughts on how to make full use of these glowing stones after the house is built, as he walked to his destination. The lamp is just icing on the cake because the salt is the real ‘gifting charcoal in the snow’7!

Following Misha’s voice, the two turned a corner and arrived at their destination. They were surprised by the sight. This is a big cave with a circular pool about three meters in diameter in the middle of the cave, and they are surprised looking at the soft light hitting the brightly visible ‘ice surface’. The entire cave was covered in this thick ‘ice’. Lin Mu didn’t know how the salt managed to form into this scene, but it was not something he needs to consider.

“Salt, these are all salt!” Lin Mu felt that he wanted to cry at this moment.

This is what the differ beastman desperately wants to prove, to prove that they have not been abandoned by God. Lin Mu’s eyes were red as he smiled to Phil, “We have the salt of our own now, Phil. Our life will get better.”

“I want to believe in you.”

Phil didn’t know why Lin Mu had such a big reaction. He knew that the beastmen lacked salt and that all tribes would not let the drifter beastmen obtain salt from their source. He only knows that salt is a must, but he doesn’t know what salt means for those beastmen.

Misha saw them coming while sliding around with the small ones. “Lin Mu, Phil, come and see. I found the salt here.”

Lin Mu calmed down and went to the edge of the pool. He looked into the pool and realised that it was crystal clear to the bottom.

“Is this a salt spring?” Lin Mu thought of a place in his world called the Dead Sea, and people will not sink in the water because of the high density of salt. He thought for a moment and threw the stone in his hand into the pool.

“Wow, the stone didn’t sink.” Misha shouted in surprise.

With the “plop”, Casso jumped into the pool. He immediately felt the strangeness of the pool. There was a force in the water holding him to prevent him from sinking, so he turned over happily with his belly facing upwards; relaxing. Casso shouted happily, “This is so fun! I don’t sink, haha, I’m floating.” Unfortunately, there is no translation.

Lin Mu smiled. He put his hand down and pushed the water in the pool with a smile, then Casso’s body shook along with the waves.

“It looked fun, I want to go down.” Misha saw how comfortable Casso looked and felt the itch to play as well.

Lin Mu stopped him, saying, “Don’t do it now. If you go down now, you will have to take a shower after you come out. It’s almost noon, let’s go back.”

Lin Mu just got up when he heard Casso’s yelp. It turned out that Qiuqiu saw Casso playing so happily on the water, and it launched itself onto Casso’s stomach like a white cannonball causing Casso to call out in pain.

“Ha ha ha ha…”

A cheerful laugh echoed in the cave. Although it is not good to build your own happiness on other people’s suffering, but who ask them to be so cute? However, thinking that ‘one is willing to hit while the other willing to suffer’, Lin Mu feels that life is infinitely good, and there are many fun things to experience in the future.

Lin Mu used a knife to cut two large pieces of salt from the side of the pool. When he went out, he carefully looked at the hidden condition of the hole. Although the entrance looked very hidden, Lin Mu decided to go back and think of a good way to hide it with Patrik, so that there won’t be any outsider coming across it and grab the salt. Looking back at the cave, Lin Mu thought of how Misha runs around in a hidden place and felt scared. He looked at Misha seriously.

“Misha, although it’s great that you found salt for us, I hope you won’t make us worry anymore in the future by going out to explore alone without care. It will be very dangerous if you come across any trouble. Remember, you must be accompanied if you want to go out to play in the future.”

“I know. I won’t do that in the future.” Misha knew that Lin Mu was thinking for him and nodded.

Lin Mu touched Misha’s head. “Be obedient. If you get hurt, Matt will be sad.”

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