Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

罗伊德 Lloyd
菲尔 Phil (female)

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Phil lifted his sore arm and looked at Lin Mu, who was also swinging a scythe to cut the grass, “Let’s take a break, Lin Mu.”

Lin Mu raised his head and wiped his sweat from his forehead with the back of his hand. Seeing that Phil looked tired, he replied, “Alright, let’s take a break.”

Then he said to Lloyd, who was still cutting the grass, “Take a break as well, Lloyd. Let’s sit down and drink some water.”

Lloyd put down the stone knife in his hand and saw Phil sitting on the ground while kneading his arm. He felt very distressed to see Phil worked so hard. Lloyd went over and helped Phil knead his arm.

Lin Mu looked at Phil’s shy yet sweet expression and smiled. He handed some water to them, and he sat down under a shaded area. Drinking his water, he looked up to see the busy beastmen not far away from him. Some were moving stones, some were breaking down big stones, and some were piling/collecting mud. . . . . . their house building activity is going on full swing. The foundation was laid in just three days, Lin Mu have to admire the great power of the beastmen.

They have stayed in the valley for three days now, and they have discussed how to build their house on the first night. Because of time constraint, they finally decided to build a big house1; 75 meters long and 45 meters wide. According to Lin Mu, they have to set the perimeter first, then finally they can start to divide the rooms. As for the wall of the courtyard, they will come back to it when they have the time in the future. After all, they have to get the house ready before the rainy season, and during this period they will also have to prepare their food for the rainy season, as it is inconvenient to go out hunting during the time.

Lin Mu choose a relatively high and flat platform in the valley to build their house. The platform is large and full of lush trees. Lin Mu decided to cut down some trees to open a space in the middle of the woods, that will be where their house stands, and the trees that were cut down can be used as their building material.

Because they don’t have many people to work on this, they have to rush against the time, so everyone has a job to do. Lin Mu and Phil are responsible for providing grass to stick with the mud they collected. Due to Lloyd cannot transform because of his injury, he was assigned in Lin Mu’s group. That got Lloyd feeling depressed for some time.

While he is drinking the water, Lin Mu thought of their current construction. Building a house is just like ‘military tactics on paper2‘. He doesn’t have enough materials, and how to make the roof without tiles. Although they can use thatch, Lin Mu is worried that it might not last in the continuous rain during the rainy season. However, they have no other choice. Sighing in his heart, Lin Mu felt that he has rested enough, so he picked up the stone knife to continue working.

Phil saw that Lin Mu has resumed working, so he picked up his knife as well and started working with Lin Mu. Lloyd resumed his work not far from them.

“Lin Mu, I heard you talking about the house that night. It sounds like a good place to live, I am looking forward to it ah. I wonder when we will finish building it.”

“Look at the beastmen’s current speed, you will see it soon. The house with us together, it’s home.”

The beastmen work through every night in shifts, even the injured Lloyd is no exception. Lin Mu feels that he has the responsibility to let them eat better food, but the ingredients he has is limited. And he doesn’t know if there is something like seasonings in the world like onion, ginger and pepper. There is no time to look for it now. He looked up at the mountains around him. Since ancient times, the mountains have been treasures of nature. There should be many good things hidden inside. When they have the time, he will ask Patrik to take him on a treasure hunt.

Seeing that Lin Mu is looking up into the distance, Phil couldn’t help but ask, “What are you looking at?”

“I was wondering how I could make the meals taste better.”

“I’ll listen to your instructions, Lin Mu. The food you prepared is so delicious. I have never eaten such a delicious meal in my tribe before.”

Phil couldn’t help feeling a little sentimental. He doesn’t know how is his tribe now, or if they are still suffering3. When he thought of the females he was familiar with, he can’t help feeling sad and angry, but even more was fear, because as females, they were very weak. Fortunately, he has Lloyd with him; otherwise he can’t imagine what would happen to him.

Lin Mu saw Phil suddenly became saddened, thinking that he must have thought of his own tribe, where there are his relatives and friends. He did not know how to comfort Phil, and can only comfort pat on his shoulder.

Phil looked at Lin Mu, who looked at him worriedly. He smiled at Lin Mu and said, “I’m fine, I’m just worried about the people in the tribe. Although my father and dad4 are already gone, and I don’t have much friends (Phil don’t have many social connections in the tribe, why? This will be told in the future)5 but that was still my tribe, so I am still worried.”

“I understand.” The tribe is their home, it’s normal for Phil to be worried.

Phil lowered his head and continued to cut the grass, whispering, “I don’t have the ability to save them. I can’t do anything but getting worried for them.” As a female, Phil is always on the protected side. He has no ability to save his own people and can only blame himself.

Lin Mu squatted down. “You have been attacked by Drifter Beastmen. Are there any other tribes that can help your tribe?”

“Other tribes probably don’t know, our tribes were remotely located from each other.”

“We have no way to save your people, but I can get people to inform the tribes closest to your tribe to save them.”

“Really?!” Phil grabbed Lin Mu’s hand happily, and Lin Mu nodded with a smile.

“Lin Mu, you are so good. All of you are very good.”

Lloyd on the side heard Lin Mu’s words. He looked Phil getting excited because of Lin Mu’s words, and there were worries in his eyes, ‘When the tribe is saved, will he leave?’

Lin Mu noticed the melancholy gaze Lloyd cast on Phil, and naturally understood what he is thinking about. However, he has no intention to help Lloyd. After all, the matter between the two people still needs to be solved together, so that the relationship between them can be stronger. So ignoring Lloyd’s concerns, Lin Mu happily discussed about dinner with Phil. Now that he has Phil to help, it is much easier to cook for Lin Mu.

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After the meal, Lin Mu felt like his body is going to fall apart. Lying on the thick animal skin, Lin Mu groaned softly. From the day Lin Mu came to this world, he has never felt this tired before. He was used to letting Patrik helping him, even during their travel, he was just being carried by Patrik. So when he suddenly work himself that hard, his body cannot handle it.

Patrik sat down next to Lin Mu and pulled his hand. His originally pale white hand was covered with red marks, there were some abrasions as well. It was very distressing.

“Actually, you don’t have to work so hard. Taking care of the female is a beastman’s responsibility.”

Knowing that Patrik cares about him, Lin Mu’s heart felt warm. Lin Mu sat up and smiled, “I don’t mind, I want to build this home together.”

“Home?” Patrik smiled at him.

Lin Mu was flustered. “I mean our big family.”

Patrik still smiles at him.

Lin Mu lowered his head and mumbled, “Don’t look at me like this.”

Lin Mu felt himself turning strange.

“Does it still hurts?”

“What?” Lin Mu looked up at Patrik with a puzzled expression.

“Your hand, does it still hurt?” His eyes were full of pity.

“It’s alright.”


Lin Mu: “You!”

Lin Mu didn’t think Patrik would suddenly lick his hand. As if he was scalded, Lin Mu wanted to break away, but Patrik persistently held tight. Lin Mu was glad that everyone’s sleeping area was scattered, and they are far away from the others. This situation is too embarrassing to be seen by others.

Looked down at Patrik ‘disinfecting’ his palm, Lin Mu would be lying if he said he was not touched. Back in those years, no one has ever cared about him, whether he’s hungry, thirsty, or hurt. No one ever cared.

“Patrik.” Lin Mu whispered.

Patrik heard that Lin Mu’s tone seemed wrong. He looked up to see Lin Mu’s eyes became red. He asked nervously, “What’s wrong? Was it painful?”

“Thank you, thank you for being so good to me.” The tears in Lin Mu’s eyes sparkled.

Patrik sighed and held Lin Mu in his arms. Then he gently patted his back. “Don’t say thank you.”


Patrik’s arms made Lin Mu feel at ease and peace, and his eyelids started to become heavy.

“Is your arm still feeling sore?”

“It is.” Lin Mu was feeling very sleepy, softly voiced out, “It hurts, give me a rub.” His tone was like a spoilt child.

Patrik knew that Lin Mu wanted to sleep, he gently put him on the blanket and began to massage him.

Woke up the next day, Lin Mu went to the construction site after a simple breakfast. Because the foundation has already been laid, he has to tell them how to build the wall with stones. When Lin Mu arrived, they were busy with their own task, and the beastmen had a good job division system. Lin Mu saw them using the sticky mud to stick the stones together like what was taught to them. Then Lin Mu monitored by the side and gave them something like Plumb bob so that the walls would be erected in a straight manner and not skewed.

“Mu Mu, let me monitor them. You and Phil can go to pick wild vegetables, but you must let Lloyd accompany you two. Remember to pick the vegetables at the foot of the mountain, and don’t go up the mountain.”

Patrik knows that Lin Mu can’t just eat meat like them. En, especially Lin Mu, he likes to eat those wild vegetables, Patrik doesn’t want Lin Mu to suffer in his diet.

Lin Mu saw that the beastmen were doing very well. Thinking that his food storage is almost empty, he happily replied, “En, I am going then.”



Patrik pulled Lin Mu’s hand and said, “Here.”

Lin Mu looked at the red fruit in his hand and smiled. “I am leaving.”

Lin Mu went to the area where Phil worked. Just as he wanted to call him, Lin Mu suddenly exclaimed in shock and hurriedly turned away, wanted to escape.

“Lin Mu, don’t run.” Phil pushed Lloyd away and ran to Lin Mu, his face blushing.

Lin Mu felt like he is going to die from the embarrassment. He came upon Lloyd pressing and kissing on Phil. Lin Mu despised himself for overreacting. Isn’t it just seeing the two people kiss? What with the big reaction? He also kissed before, wait, that’s out of topic.

Lin Mu turned back. “Phil, I didn’t mean to disturb.”

When Phil heard Lin Mu’s words, his face became redder. He glared at Lloyd, who was casually leaning against a tree. Then he saw Lloyd throwing a bad boy smile at him; beastman really have a thick face. Phil didn’t want to continue this matter and shifted the topic, “Lin Mu, didn’t you went to guide them how to build the house? Why did you come back?”

When he heard Phil’s question, Lin Mu was reminded of his purpose, “Phil, let’s go pick some wild vegetables. We can help collect firewood along the way.” They need to prepare the firewood needed during the rainy season.

“En, let’s pick more wild vegetables. I think wild vegetables are best served with meat.”

“En. We can see if there are other good things as well.”

Phil likes Lin Mu very much. He thinks that Lin Mu is kinder than any females in his tribe, and Lin Mu always makes others feel warm.

“Let’s go.” He said, pulling Lin Mu to the side of the mountain. Lloyd followed slowly behind them.

While they were walking and checking out the greeneries by the roadside, a small white figure rushed towards Lin Mu.


Phil liked the lovely Qiuqiu as well and couldn’t help reaching out to touch Qiuqiu’s small head. Qiuqiu cooperatively let itself to be patted and displayed a look of enjoyment.

“Lin Mu, Qiuqiu is cute.”

“Hehe.” Lin Mu lightly caressed Qiuqiu’s back. “You little thing don’t have a conscience, now only you remember this owner.”

At this moment, the grass on the side suddenly rustled. After a while, Casso’s small head poked out. It shook off the grass debris from its head and looked up at Qiuqiu. One could see how much it felt wronged in its eyes.

“I was about to ask why didn’t Casso follow you, and here it is.” Lin Mu shot the two small ones with a sceptical look. “You two are good to me.”

Phil was amused by Lin Mu pretending to be angry. Lloyd looked at the Qiuqiu in Lin Mu’s hand with a puzzled expression.

Lin Mu placed Qiuqiu on Casso’s back, and this move succeeded in making Casso happy. Just that Qiuqiu became unhappy this time. It gave Casso a swipe and then jumped to Phil’s arms, so Casso felt resentful.

“How did Casso offended our Qiuqiu?” Lin Mu smiled and watched the show.

Casso was speechless. Actually, he didn’t do anything, so why is Qiuqiu angry again?

“Casso, why didn’t Misha come with you?”

Lin Mu asked as he walked. After all, these three small ones always played together. Because they were small, there was no task for them.

“Misha said that he wants to explore on his own, and didn’t let us follow.” Lloyd translated for Casso.

“It’s not safe for Misha to go alone.” Lin Mu frowned and looked at Casso. “How can you let him go alone? Now that everyone is busy, you should be responsible for his safety.”

‘Who ask him to always bully Qiuqiu’, Casso thought in its heart. But now it also felt that it’s not good for Misha to be alone and regretted not following him.

“Go find him.” Seeing Casso looking at Qiuqiu, he added, “Qiuqiu will go with us.”

Casso saw that Qiuqiu didn’t follow it so it could only go by itself.

“Let’s go.” Lin Mu said to Phil, who was happily playing with Qiuqiu.

“En.” Just that before Phil managed to take a few steps forward, Qiuqiu ran away from his arms.


Lin Mu looked at the direction Qiuqiu went and shook his head with a smile. “Don’t worry, it went to Casso. Let’s continue with our task.” He said and walked up.

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