Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落 Chapter 13

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List of characters :
林沐 Lin Mu
帕特里 Patrik (Python)

拉尔 Lal (Centipede)
科恩 Cohen (White tiger)
洛克 Locke (Horned lion)
杰森 Jason (Black cobra)

球球 Qiuqiu (pet?)

卡索 Casso (Wolf)
达蒙 Damon (??? / Casso’s father)

米莎 Misha (Female)
马特 Matt (Silver wolf / Misha’s father)

罗伊德 Lloyd
菲尔 Phil (female)

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Chapter 13 Going into the valley

Lloyd woke up the next day, and Phil looked at him in tears. Lloyd glanced at Phil and then vigilantly looked Patrik, who was coldly standing next to Lin Mu. Strong beastman always gave a dangerous feeling; not to mention Patrik’s expression was not very friendly.

Patrik didn’t react from Lloyd’s actions. He was only pulled over here by Lin Mu in order to let this beastman feel at ease. Patrik didn’t comment, but when he saw Lin Mu keep signalling at him with his eyes, Patrik said with an emotionless tone, “I am Patrik, a drifter beastman.”

“I know that you are a drifter beastman.”

He was very familiar with this aura, and it was because Patrik is a drifter beastman that he was more worried. Pulling Phil under his protection, Lloyd glanced at the number of surrounding drifter beastman. Although the situation is not good for him, but he swore to protect Phil, so he will never let him get hurt.

Lin Mu didn’t know why Patrik’s words caused Lloyd to become more nervous. This was not his original intention. He smiled to Lloyd: “I am Lin Mu. How do you feel now? Although your fever is gone, your body is still weak.”

“A female?”

“Lin Mu, that injured beastman is awake? Your medicine is really effective.”

Yesterday, Misha was surprised to see Uncle Patrik bringing back a female and an injured beastman. So when he saw the beastman woke up, he naturally came over to watch. Casso and Qiuqiu tagged along together of course.


This group of drifter beastman obviously has females and children in the team, but drifter beastman never care for their own child. This group is very special, at least they are really special as of now.

Lin Mu carried the Qiuqiu that jumped into his arms. “Well, you saw we have female in this team.” In his heart, Lin Mu told himself that he is talking about Misha. “And children, so you should be able to see that this team is different. Although they were called drifter beastman, the beastmen abandoned by God, they are very kind, and we hope that you will join us.”

Lin Mu ‘offered an olive branch’ mainly because of Phil. Phil knows the herbs that can cure illness, although he doesn’t know much, but it is better than nothing. Moreover, if Patrik wants to establish a tribe, it is necessary for him to absorb those kind drifter beastmen into their group. A drifter beastman who has a female desperately protecting him should not be bad.

Lin Mu’s words did not reduce Lloyd’s nervousness. Although the team is very special, it doesn’t mean that it’s harmless to them. He doesn’t dare to take risks.

Patrik could clearly see Lloyd’s concerns, “You need to recover from your injury, your female needs a safe living environment, the rainy season is coming, and…” He glanced at the thin Phil, “I don’t think he can compare with Lin Mu.”

“Phil is the best!” How can a beastman tolerate others saying that their female is not good?

Phil turned red upon hearing Lloyd’s words. He whispered to Lloyd, “Let’s go with them. Lin Mu said they have found a good place to live and we don’t have to worry about being expelled by other tribes. Your injuries were very serious, you need to rest.” And Phil was quite convinced by this incredible female called Lin Mu.

Lloyd looked at Phil and finally nodded. He didn’t want Phil to suffer.

Lin Mu announced the time for lunch when the matter is resolved. What he didn’t expect was the problem arise when they were about to continue their journey.

Lloyd is not suitable for transformation, but he is not willing to let others carry him. It is a big insult for a beastman to sit on the back of other beastman, and Patrik who is eager to hurry on the road naturally is not willing to wait until Lloyd recovers. Hence, both sides have encountered a dilemma.

Phil was anxious, but he knew how important is the insistence to Lloyd. So he did not ask Lloyd to compromise for his sake, even if they will miss Patrik’s group. Finally, Lin Mu somewhat solved the problem by weaving a barely looking chair with rattan and wood.

Sitting on the ‘chair’ carried by a beastman with his claws in the air, Phil gratefully looked at Lin Mu. Phil felt that he was really lucky to meet Lin Mu. Not only he saved Lloyd, but he also gave them a place to live. Lloyd also felt that Lin Mu was a very different female. He had eaten the food Lin Mu made, and he was surprised when he saw the cookware mentioned by Lin Mu because no one ever used it before this. He then looked at the chair he is sitting on; very strange. Lloyd looked at Phil, who was sitting next to him and pulled him into his arms, his heart was filled to the brim.

Lin Mu spoke to Patrik from time to time as he looked at the rolling mountains below them. At this moment, Lal’s exhilarating voice suddenly could be heard from the front, “We are reaching soon, follow me.”

Following that, a dozen beastman cheered and flew faster to express their joy in reaching their ideal home.

Lin Mu looked at the beastman who cheerfully sped up, and was affected by the joy as well. “Patrik, we should speed up as well!”

“En.” Patrik naturally agreed and accelerated his wings’ movement.

A dozen-plus people followed Lal to the front of a mountain wall. The mountain wall was covered with vines.

Looking at the mountain wall that doesn’t seem to have any entrance, someone asked, “Lal, where is the entrance you mentioned?” As expected from what Lal told them, the entrance was indeed well-hidden.

Lal glanced at all the people who looked at him with doubtful eyes, (Lal didn’t take Cohen as a person)1 and smugly pushed apart the vines in front of him. Cohen helped to push away one of the boulders, and the entrance appeared.

“This stone was placed here by Cohen and me. Very suitable right?” They took a lot of effort to make it so that the boulder would fit snugly at the entrance.

Lin Mu walked in with Patrik, and after a while, their path revealed an open space. Then Lin Mu was shocked by the sight. Such a beautiful valley!

The beautiful flowers bloomed just about right, and sweet chirping from the birds could be heard from time to time. All their eyes could see were full of green, and everything was so bright in the sun. At this moment, Lin Mu felt that his vocabulary is so poor that he could not describe even one-thousandth of the valley’s beauty. Everyone became quiet when they saw the scenery in front of them as if they were worried that their voice would destroy this beauty. The valley was like a fairy-like scenery; fragile and peaceful, and people can’t bear to disturb it.

“It’s so beautiful!”

Misha couldn’t help exclaiming, his words helped the rest to state their admiration. Being able to live in such a beautiful place, they are very happy.

Lal has already seen this place before, so he was the first one to return to his senses. He excitedly said to everyone, “This will be the place we live, although it is not very big, it is enough for us.”

Lin Mu looked at this ‘not very big’ valley in Lal’s words. He felt that his concept for sizes is very different from Lal. The end of this valley cannot be seen in one glance, and he could faintly hear the sound of a waterfall. Is this valley really small? Surrounded by endless-looking mountains and the mountain forest is dense, this valley is hard to be discovered from the top. He is very satisfied with everything here. Patrik, who also has satisfaction showing in his eyes, smiled at him. Lin Mu can feel the relaxation of Patrik’s mood at the moment.

Patrik then told some beastmen to check out the beasts from four sides of the forest. He wants to know very clearly whether the number of beasts would threaten their safety.

Phil thinks that this place is beautiful as well, but he was quite puzzled to see the beastmen looking like they are preparing to rest on the open space.

“Lin Mu, why didn’t anyone go to the cave? Shouldn’t we move things into the cave first?”

Lin Mu was observing the topography of the valley when he heard Phil’s question. He smiled and said, “We won’t live in a cave. We will live in somewhere better than the cave, it is called a house.”

“House?” Phil had never heard of a house before.

“House is a very warm and bright place, and we can build the house ourselves.” Misha’s voice chipped in. “Right, Lin Mu?”

“En.” Lin Mu smiled and nodded.

Phil didn’t understand what a house was, but he knew that it was the place where they will live in, and he doesn’t have to worry anymore.

Misha came to find Lin Mu after he finished setting up his sleeping area.

“Let’s make something delicious at noon. And we must add salt.”

He liked the taste of saltiness very much. Unfortunately, they only have the little bit of salt that Phil brought with him. Phil also likes the food Lin Mu made. In the past, females always eat meat like the beastmen, or occasionally added with some fruits, while Lin Mu’s vegetables are more suitable for females. So he also looked hopefully at Lin Mu. Of course, there are also two little foodies looking hopefully at him.

Lin Mu nodded cheerfully; the first day in the valley is indeed worth celebrating.

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Table of Content

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