[New Project] Transmigrated into a Beast Tribe / 穿越之游兽部落

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Banana created this~ Because the page in jj has broken image so I don’t know what is the exact picture. But ck seems to have saved the image in their site. Please see bottom for design credits.

Lin Mu was pushed down the cliff, but he did not die and arrived to a magical world instead.

A huge python with wings and can fly, alright, just think it as the legendary Mayan Snake God;

A gigantic centipede that can fly in the sky, alright, he kinda seen it before in ‘*Journey to the West’;

A mighty big wolf with a body as humongous as an elephant, en, just think it as a mutant;


Although the animals in front of him were a little strange, they are still animals but why did all of you suddenly turned into humans? Coming across wild beasts, Lin Mu still can accept it, but coming across ‘*yaojins’, Lin Mu became . . . . . . excited instead. What? You guys are the infamous notorious beastmen? I don’t know anything about that. You guys did a lot of heinous crimes? I don’t see that either.

And so, Lin Mu began a hard but satisfying life of building a home in a another world.

*Journey to the West is a famous chinese fantasy drama, Google it for more info.

*Yaojin/妖精 doesn’t have a proper English equivalent word. The nearest meaning would be supernatural being or Yokai(Japanese).

Design credits :
1. https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/flat-snake-background_4170886.htm
2. https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/selection-decorative-wings-with-blue-details_1140161.htm

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