魔教卧底每天都在露馅 / Evil Cult Undercover 12 [THE END]

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Chapter 12 : Husband is a great evil cultivator

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After Ji Wuxie took Lin Ran back to the evil cult’s compound, the first thing he did was to pull out a map from the bookshelf. Like an elementary school student who wanted to join a spring trip, he excitedly called Lin Ran : “Furen come, see where should we go first.”

Lin Ran was worried that he(JWX) will ask him about his earlier words ‘You too’, so he carefully looked at it and said : “Read it for me?”

Ji Wuxie nodded. His fingertips crossed the yellowed pages, his voice was very gentle : “The red maple of Junshan1, coincidentally it will be a good time to visit in a month, we can go here to enjoy our time for quite some days. Then, about 200 li from Junshan, there is a scenic spot called…”

Lin Ran listened earnestly and couldn’t help but nodded.

Ji Wuxie turned slightly to him and smiled. All of a sudden, he said with a smile : “Furen, earlier you said ‘You too’. Does that means Furen also exchanged soul with this body?”

Lin Ran couldn’t stop his thinking in time and nodded.

Ji Wuxie : “As expected.”

Lin Ran felt bitter : “… Aren’t you changing the topic a bit too fast?”

Ji Wuxie seriously replied : “Husband’s mind turns very fast.”

Lin Ran was upset : “I did came from another place. Using your term here, my spirit has entered this body…”

Later on, Lin Ran explained his original world to Ji Wuxie in words that he could understand. Ji Wuxie seemed to be quite interested, and keep asking questions from time to time. Lin Ran felt that he is a living version of the book “100,000 why”. He told his story until his throat felt dry, but seeing Ji Wuxie doesn’t look unpleasant, Lin Ran finally could let go of the worry in his heart.

His curiosity completely satisfied, Ji Wuxie then poured a cup of tea with satisfaction and asked : “Furen talked for so long, should be thirsty ba.”

Lin Ran uttered an ‘En’ and reached out to take the cup. But just as his finger touched the cup, Ji Wuxie quickly lifted the cup and drank all of the tea.

Lin Ran looked at him with accusation : “You like to tease me.”

The corner of Ji Wuxie’s lips curved up. He hugged Lin Ran’s waist and kissed him. He only stopped after a long while. With a tone like he is taking thing for granted, he said : “Husband will feed you.”

Lin Ran licked his lips and whispered : “Didn’t drink enough.”

Ji Wuxie laughed with a low tone : “I will ask you a few more questions, if you answered them well, there will be something for you to drink later.”

Lin Ran’s eyes were wide opened : “You, are too dirty.”

Ji Wuxie touched their forehead together with a smile : “What random things are you thinking about? Tell me about it.”

Lin Ran hurriedly waved his hands : “No, you ask first.”


Ji Wuxie : “That day, the person who used a broken mat to roll up Xu Huan on his shoulder, who screamed, cried and chased after my sedan chair to ‘sell [self] to bury father’. Was that you?”

Lin Ran swayed his head furiously : “Of course not.”

Ji Wuxie breathed a sigh of relief : “Fortunately, at that time I only wanted to have someone from Liushan Sect by my side2. In my heart, I felt that he was too terribly stupid and kind of disdained him. Then not sure what happened, he suddenly became interesting after a few days. So it turned out to be like this.”

Lin Ran thickened his face to ask : “So, you are saying that you only started to like me later on.”

Ji Wuxie laughed : “Who said that I like you?”

Lin Ran glared at him : “Oh, so you actually don’t like me.”

Ji Wuxie replied with deep affection : “I like”

Lin Ran shyly leaned his head on Ji Wuxie’s shoulder and played with Ji Wuxie’s hair while pretending not to care and asked a question he was very concerned about : “Those 17 male concubines in your backyard… What’s up with that?”

Ji Wuxie : “Furen is concerned?”

Lin Ran : “I don’t care.”

Ji Wuxie indifferently said : “The moonlight is beautiful tonight.”

Lin Ran jumped up and furiously grabbed his collar, then shook it : “Tell me!”

Ji Wuxie can’t help laughing : “Naturally not mine. Didn’t you see I arranged a special yard for them to live?”

Lin Ran coldly said : “Of course I know, I’m just asking.”

Ji Wuxie shook his head : “Husband has already gave them enough silver and they were sent back to their hometown.”

Lin Ran calmly said : “Oh, alright.”

Ji Wuxie : “If you are happy, you can laugh.”

Lin Ran couldn’t hide his smile on his face : “Not smiling, hehe.”

Ji Wuxie sighed : “Furen really speaks differently from your heart… Oh yeah, I haven’t finished asking.”

Lin Ran : “What?”

Ji Wuxie : “Which name that Furen thinks is better, Fang Qingchi or Ji Wuxie? You will be punished if the answer is bad.”

Lin Ran immediately felt like he ‘fc[k]ed [u]p’ in his heart. After thinking for a while, he wisely replied : “I call you Hubby anyway, so it doesn’t matter which one is good.”

Ji Wuxie poked him on his nose and chuckled : “Furen is not honest.”

Lin Ran laughed : “You’re welcome.”

Ji Wuxie paused and asked : “Whose face that Furen thinks is nicer, Fang Qingchi or Ji Wuxie? You will be punished if the answer is bad.”

Lin Ran : “…”

Why do you keep asking questions like this, is this an excuse to ask for divorce?

Ji Wuxie casually pinched him on his waist : “Furen, quickly answer it, you are not allowed to slip away.”

Lin Ran helplessly said : “Both also looked good.”

Ji Wuxie with a wooden face : “Cannot.”

Lin Ran bit the bullet and stammered : “Your original face looked a little better… but now, your current face is more in line with your temperament.”

Although Fang Qingchi looked nicer, but he was born with a look of righteousness. So, coupled with a character containing evil charm and darkness, his original body’s appearance looked like he is schizophrenic, very terrifying.

As soon as he said that, Ji Wuxie jerked Lin Ran by his waist and placed him on the bed, then he(JWC) came pressing down on his body.

Lin Ran was taken aback and slightly pushed at Ji Wuxie’s chest : “What are you doing? I think I answered very well and shouldn’t be punished.”

Ji Wuxie’s lips hooked up : “Your answer is very good, but still have to be punished.”

Lin Ran raised his hand and touched his(JWX) lips with his finger, whispered : “You are being unreasonable.”

Ji Wuxie uttered an ‘En’ with a righteousness tone, then immediately kissed Lin Ran’s red cheeks for a moment, laughing in a low tone : “What reason are you talking about? Husband is a great evil cultivator after all.”


A few days later.

Lin Ran dragged a thick cushion and threw it on the steps. Then he slowly sat down with a bowl of chilled sour plum soup in his hand, and he watched as Ji Wuxie commanded his men to pack things up. Several carriages were already stuffed with things.

Ji Wuxie saw Lin Ran coming over and intimately helped Lin Ran tuck in a long stray hair that was not tied together.

Lin Ran smiled at him. Then, he heard Ji Wuxie said : “Has already prepared several fine silk cushions for Furen. What kind of fabrics does Furen like? Is the auspicious dragons and phoenixes good?”

Lin Ran suddenly felt like leaving footprints on his(JWX) face : “It’s all your fault! Still saying that!”

Ji Wuxie acted innocent : “Husband was being considerate, aiya, so sad.”

Lin Ran ground his teeth : “If it wasn’t for you not letting me get out of bed for three days, how can I be hurt like this?”

Ji Wuxie loudly replied : “Not sure who is the one tangling at Husband, unwilling to let go…”

Lin Ran jumped up and covered his mouth : “Shut up!”

Ji Wuxie raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a laugh.

The two looked at each other for a long time, Lin Ran loosened his hand and whispered : “We really are leaving just like that?”

Ji Wuxie said faintly : “Yes.”

Lin Ran wanted to say something but he stopped himself. After a while, he gathered his courage to ask : “Won’t you feel unwilling? You were originally a martial alliance Lord who was admired by thousands of people, but now…”

Ji Wuxie smiled and shook his head : “If I don’t have Furen, I might be a little unwilling, but fortunately… I will take you around to enjoy and visit places. When I can’t walk anymore, I will stop to find a place to rest. The sky and land are vast, so with my loved ones, where can’t I live?”

Lin Ran was silent. He dived into Ji Wuxie’s arms, and choking with emotion, he finally said a word ‘Alright’..

This was the last day of the late summer. The bright and radiant sunshine has risen to the courtyard and shone brightly. A bee bumped against the surface of a crystal celadon bowl and stirs up the broken ice in the bowl with a ‘ding’.

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